Nikolaus Renner - Welcome Address : Challenges of international disaster relief: the AOTrauma network


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  • Nougat: Add AOTrauma Logo on top
  • Nikolaus Renner - Welcome Address : Challenges of international disaster relief: the AOTrauma network

    1. 1. The AOTRAUMA network A possible gateway for global disaster relief support Nikolaus Renner Chair AOTrauma International Board 2nd Disaster Surgery Workshop Davos, December 6th, 2013
    2. 2. Who are we? Home to Trauma & Orthopedics The biggest Clinical Division of the AO Foundation
    3. 3. The AO Foundation Mission = The AOTRAUMA Mission Our mission is to foster and expand our network of health care professionals in education, research, development and clinical investigation to achieve more effective patient care worldwide.
    4. 4. Value statements
    5. 5. Global structure Five AO regions
    6. 6. AOTrauma 5 Regional International Chairpersons Board (AOTIB) + 3 Global Commission Chairs (Research, Community Development and Education)
    7. 7. Education Strong emphasis on education from the beginning of AO AOTrauma Priority #1 1960 First AO Course in Davos 66% of total funds
    8. 8. EDUCATION Three underlaying basic concepts 1. Backwards-planned educational activities 2. Competency-driven curricula development Curriculum – defines all learning activities & outcomes - Faculty development - Resources (learning material) Competency - Knowledge - Skills - Attitude 3. Outcomes measurement driven planning
    9. 9. Community Development Foster & expand the network
    10. 10. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT How to attract an active member community and maintain it? Communicate the AOTrauma portfolio and create awareness within the trauma and orthopedic community Foster knowledge exchange and share best practices (face-to-face and digital) To improve patient care through access to a range of knowledge services Expand skills and knowledge base; build expertise Circulate ideas at the national, regional and international level Motivate members for active involvement
    11. 11. Over 7,800 members * end of November 2013 * COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Global AOTrauma Network
    12. 12. Closing Remarks Who we are and what we have What makes us exceptional
    13. 13. Who we are and what we have • A network of surgeons, researchers and operating room personnel dedicated to improving patient care in musculoskeletal trauma and orthopedics • A voluntary, independent community of medical officers, faculty and committed surgeon members • Thinking globally - acting locally through regional boards and country councils • Well established process in developing competency driven educational modules tailored to the needs of our community
    14. 14. What makes us exceptional • Passionate faculty and healthcare professional members • Efficient across all cultures by acting on local knowledge and needs with demonstrable experience in emerging markets, especially Asia Pacific and Latin America
    15. 15. What we will have • A database of prequalified, austere-environment disaster responders enabling us to more quickly connect AOTrauma members with the respective government, military, or nongovernmental organizations that ask AO for assistance • Getting underway in Asia Pacific in 2014 (AOTAP), other regions to follow • Competency driven curriculum for disaster surgery
    16. 16. Driving excellence in trauma surgery Home to Trauma & Orthopedics