Building a Multi-Country Social Media Program (AdTech Singapore)


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How do you balance quality and consistency with a need for local authenticity? This session will examine how Shangri-la Hotels offers the highest possible customer experience, as they approach a revamped digital strategy with the assistance of brand stewards Ogilvy Digital. See how they plan to bring personal, local service and know-how with the prestige and polish expected by their loyal customers.

Leave with practical advice on executing regional social programs and getting the most out of your local experts and agency expertise.

Key Takeaways

Developing strong brand pillars that allow for localization
Becoming teachers and enablers
Creating Global/Local systems and processes for marketing and service

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  • QUANT HARD NumbersIncrease RevReduced Cost: We are seeing more customers start to quantify the cost savings of reduced call volume and enhanced real time customer service through social. Relevant Ex by Customer/Preso here:Utility companies managing outages and driving communication via social, leverage social engagement to drive EE behavior change and assess attitudes toward Smart Grid. Boulder Energy Smart ARRA-funded no mass marketing Non-profits and higher ed use social to drive fundraising and donor engagementOther companies are linking social media benchmark metrics to CSAT scoresFor customers already on the Salesforce platform, this is an value worth exploring.
  • SLIDE 1a). StrategyEvery brand strategy has a unique flavor as social, the channel, plays and unique role in their channel mix e.g. SLA: the brand proposition in social ‘welcome a stranger as ones own’Intel: lightweight entertainment / fun in-social, in-storeLC: educating consumers, data, omni-channel lifestyle destination b). GoalsAs such goals flex to that strategy: SLA: building connections with guests / lookalikes around who we are and where we areIntel: campaign participation and drive to storeLC: data acquisition and multiple doorsway to the brand / to shop
  • SLIDE 3a). Talent / Skills / IntegrationIntegration, the BIG word, is as important in the engine room as it is in the channel mix. We find across Ogilvy’s multiple disciplines that having a linear social and digital practice enables us to mix the best talent, skills and knowledge. Traditionally large creative agencies are comms savvy not social savvyIntegrated campaigns are relatively easy, social campaigns harder Using the same three client examples, different strategies and objectives, means a different talent mix: SLA: OMA and socialIntel: OAction and socialLC: OOne and social
  • a). MeasurementIt’s true to say that social has / is growing up. It’s no longer ruled by unquantifiable metrics of fan growth and PTAT. We’re now in a linked world of dollar returns, attribution and value to the bottom line. Single customer view using social to unlock future value: SLA: GC connectivity with FB fans simple return modelingIntel: social demand generation and in-store sales across campaignsLC: DB building, first online sale conversion and omni-channel tracking
  • Grassroots relationships, Move Norish BelieveOn instagram alone 50,000 tagged imagesLast year, one competition 60,000 entries
  • 2 ears and 1 moutha) See how people engaging around active livingb) Learn from others in the industry, what has worked, what didn'tc) Systematically Collect Word Of Mouth from Staffd) Identify influencers and activate super-fans
  • Move - Norish - recipes, beautyBelieve - positivity and happiness
  • Fan Opinions on Fashion - make the pieces conversationalFan Advocacy (50K photos on instagram)Fan Participation in Product* inspirational singlet, UGC to submit their own slogans’ designs, profit share. 60K submissions (40,000product sizes, maternity, larger sizes
  • 10% purely on a last click basis, more on Multi-touch Store based social KPIs, growth, engagementCombined with sales dataMove the focus to long term relationships not quick sales
  • Building a Multi-Country Social Media Program (AdTech Singapore)

    1. 1. Building a Multi-CountrySocial Media ProgrammeDerek LaneyDirector Product Marketing@derektweets#adtechsg
    2. 2. Derek LaneyDirector Product Marketing ManagementSalesforceMarketing Cloud@derektweetsWidhadhWaheedDirector of Social Media Marketing, Shangri-La@widhadhScott McBrideHead of Digital, Ogilvy & Mather Group, Hong Kong@ismcb
    3. 3. Skills of the Modern MarketerKeeping up to date is challenging
    4. 4. Skills of the Modern MarketerKeeping up to date is challenging
    5. 5. Business Case is No Longer Elusive51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product orbrand after liking them on FacebookConsumers 40% more likely to spend money withbrands that engage on socialCompanies that don’t engage on social see customerchurn 15% higher than those that do“JetBlue can handle five customer related tweets for every one callhandled through a call center.”– Bain & Co: Putting Social Media to Work
    6. 6. Asia Has Unique Challenges for Social BusinessLanguageCultureUnique Networks
    7. 7. Today’s ObjectivesToday’s Learning Objectives:Choose the right formation for global localChoose the right strategy for your goalProduce content that builds relationships
    8. 8. Shared LearningResearchMonitoringMeasuringReportingDigital EngagementGuidelines and AssessmentsEngage and ReactBuild Brand Awareness andIncrease Brand AffinityKey Stakeholderstake assessmentsEngage and ReactLocation InsightsValue Adds
    9. 9. Personalized Services Originate from Data
    10. 10. Local ListeningLocal Measurement
    11. 11. DisseminateSupportEngagement and ResponseSupportEmpowerCollaboration
    12. 12. Scott McBrideHead of Digital
    13. 13. Every brandstrategyhas a unique flavor
    14. 14. Collaboration is aboutthe people not the company
    15. 15. Social savvy not just Agency savvy
    16. 16. Social has grown upin terms of returns
    17. 17. Scalable Strategy – Local Goes Global
    18. 18. Listen at Scale
    19. 19. Create Scalable Content PillarsMove, Nourish, Believe
    20. 20. Reusable Engagement MechanicsSeek Opinions Activate Advocates Involve in Design
    21. 21. Measure and Replicate SuccessSocial Goals Sales Goals
    22. 22. Derek LaneyDirector Product Marketing ManagementSalesforceMarketing Cloud@derektweetsWidhadhWaheedDirector of Social Media Marketing, Shangri-La@widhadhScott McBrideHead of Digital, Ogilvy & Mather Group, Hong Kong@ismcb
    23. 23. Just in case…Today’s Learning Objectives:Right FormationRight StrategyRelationship building Content