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Social Media Measurement for Product Development, Non-Profits & Influencer Marketing

  1. Social Media Measurement for Product Development, Non-Profits & Influencer Marketing Class 7: New York University Social Media Analytics I @BrianHonigman
  2. @BrianHonigman Social Media Measurement For Product Development
  3. @BrianHonigman The Four Stages of a Product Life Cycle Stage 1: Introduction Stage 2: Growth Stage 3: Mature Stage 4: Decline Source: Irwin/McGraw-Hill
  4. @BrianHonigman Product Development Goals: *Product Cycle Time *Product Performance
  5. @BrianHonigman Goal: Product Cycle Time
  6. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Product Cycle Time Cycle Time Lead Time Speed to Market Competitors Performance Time Saved Between Stages Revenue Number of Products to Market Social Sentiment Social Engagement: Comments, Shares
  7. @BrianHonigman Example: Proctor & Gamble
  8. @BrianHonigman Example: Apple IOS 9
  9. @BrianHonigman Goal: Product Performance
  10. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Product Performance Social Engagement: Comments, Shares Social Sentiment Revenue and Profit Impressions Product Quality Cost Reduction: Manufacturing Costs etc.
  11. @BrianHonigman Example: Netflix
  12. @BrianHonigman Example: Diamond Candles
  13. @BrianHonigman Social Media Measurement For Non-Profits
  14. @BrianHonigman Non-Profits Goals: *Fundraising *Brand Recognition *Recruitment *Impact on Cause
  15. @BrianHonigman Goal: Fundraising
  16. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Fundraising Donations/Gifts Cost Per Dollar Raised Donor Retention Rate Donor Growth Conversion Rate Average Gift Per Donor Frequency of Contact with Donors Social Engagement: Comments, Shares Social Referral Traffic
  17. @BrianHonigman Example: Movember
  18. @BrianHonigman Goal: Brand Recognition
  19. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Brand Recognition Social Mentions Inbound Links Market Share Social Engagement Impressions Audience Growth Influencer Engagement Social Referral Traffic Assisted/Direct Conversions
  20. @BrianHonigman Example: Charity Water
  21. @BrianHonigman Goal: Recruitment
  22. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Recruitment Number of Applicants Number of Volunteers Sign-Ups Employee Retention Volunteer Retention Growth of Workforce Social Mentions Social Engagement Social Referral Traffic
  23. @BrianHonigman Example: Pencils of Promise
  24. @BrianHonigman Goal: Impact on Cause
  25. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Impact on Cause Reduction of Issue People Reached Countries, States, Cities, Towns, Villages Served Social Mentions, Engagement Cause Specific Metric: Schools Built, Skills Taught Media Coverage
  26. @BrianHonigman Example: ALS Association
  27. @BrianHonigman Social Media Measurement For Influencer Marketing
  28. @BrianHonigman
  29. @BrianHonigman Influencer Marketing Goals: *Drive Awareness *Generate Sales *Increase Engagement
  30. @BrianHonigman Goal: Awareness + Engagement
  31. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Awareness + Engagement Social Mentions Inbound Links Media Sentiment Social Interactions: Likes, Shares etc. Referral Traffic Audience Growth Leads Generated Impressions Assisted/Direct Conversions
  32. @BrianHonigman Example: Swiffer
  33. @BrianHonigman Goal: Generate Sales
  34. @BrianHonigman Metrics: Generate Sales Net Promoter Score Revenue Intention to Repurchase Customer Acquisition Cost Life Time Value Assisted / Direct Conversions
  35. @BrianHonigman Example: Gap
  36. @BrianHonigman Example: Gap
  37. @BrianHonigman Example: Gap
  38. Questions!? @BrianHonigman