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Indiamap Consulting, Online Marketing PPT

  1. 1. Rapid Fire Round Questions for Brand Managers • What is our branding strategy? • What message brand wants to communicate? • Do our promotional strategies follow our marketing objectives? • Are we finding new ways to spread brand awareness? • Can online marketing be an effective way to grow our brand?
  2. 2. Brands What a brand does and should do? • A brand should deliver message • Confirms credibility • Connects to your target audience • Motivates the buyer • Builds trust
  3. 3. Brands How to promote your brand? • Brand sells through its USP • Identify the differentiator • Strategic Planning Ways to promote • Traditional Media • Digital Media
  4. 4. Traditional Vs. Digital Medium Advantages • T.M reaches large audience • It can be target specific • Old and accepted method Disadvantages • Huge costs • No real time evaluation • Can’t be updated • Global Marketing is difficult
  5. 5. Digital Marketing-Advantages Advantages • Digital Marketing is cost Effective • Interactive • Real time evaluation • Target Specific • Measurable • High ROI Disadvantages • Still in a growing stage • Ecommerce-Security Issues
  6. 6. Is it worth talking?? LinkedIn crosses 15 Facebook crosses million users in Twitter crossed 13 50 million users in India, India being II Million user mark India largest user base in India after U.S Digital marketing off course is worth talking and investing.
  7. 7. Is it all about Facebook? Digital marketing uses various channels • Website • SEO • PPC • Email Marketing • Social Media • Blogs • Viral Marketing • Affiliate Marketing • Online reputation Management
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Model Digital Marketing can be applied to various business models • E-commerce based Model- Selling products online(B2B, B2C) • Lead based website- Generating leads through online presence • Affiliate Marketing- Selling/promoting other’s products for share.
  9. 9. Give me more facts 78% of Internet users 78% of business people use More than 3/4 of the total conduct product research their mobile device to population is expected to online. check email. be online during 2012 Facts : 2011-12
  10. 10. Some more The average tablet 57% of businesses user spends 13.9 have acquired a hours per week with customer through the device their company blog. The number of 67% of B2B marketers who companies and 41% say Facebook is of B2C companies “critical” or have acquired a “important” to their customer through business has Facebook. increased 83% in just 2 years. Facts : 2011-12
  11. 11. Some more 45% of the world's 2 billion internet users stay in Asia YouTube users watch more than 3B hours of video per month
  12. 12. Why us? There’s a reason to everything • We understand marketing and technology part of it • We showcase expertise on online marketing strategies and planning • We follow integrated digital marketing approach • Unique methodology
  13. 13. Integrated Digital Marketing Programme This program allows us to • Understand your brand completely • Devise digital marketing strategy to grow your brand • Play with various components of online marketing like Social Media, SEO, SEM, Email- Marketing, Viral Marketing, Blogs etc. • Using each component of online marketing in different proportions • Balancing those proportions appropriately
  14. 14. Methodology • Step 1 Add value to your brand through digital media • Step 2 Understand and analyze your brand • Step 3 Study dynamic market trends and explore new ways out to promote
  15. 15. • Step 4 Devise an online branding strategy for client • Step 5 Continuous progress track is maintained and taking valuable feedback for each stage
  16. 16. Integrated Digital Marketing Programme Benefits • Generating qualified leads for our clients • Creating Brand Awareness • Creating opportunities for businesses to increase market share • Building trust with customers
  17. 17. Time Required It’s time to grow your brands online • Integrated Digital Marketing programme is all about putting together various online marketing components to your brand’s growth • Dedicated 3 months + 12 months = 15 months initial programme • Initial setup includes strategy, design, technology, development and implementation • Ongoing programme has dedicated team working every day on growing your brand • Team supported with advanced technology platform and tools
  18. 18. Outcome • Brand awareness • Brand Visibility • Better brand communication • Business Growth • Better Leads • Online interaction with customers • Better Understanding of customer needs • Increased Brand loyalty
  19. 19. About us Get to know more about Indiamap Consulting • Founded in early 2000s when internet and mobile began their rapid growth • Focussed on the India story – Indian companies expanding in India or internationally and international companies coming into India • Specialised expertise that blends technology, marketing, communications and design • Strong infrastructure and technology foundation built over a decade • Well developed digital marketing methodology • Trained team
  20. 20. Thank you Visit us at View our blog at