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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 1.1

A Loving Legacy! Chapter 1.1



A Loving Legacy! Chapter 1.1

A Loving Legacy! Chapter 1.1



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    A Loving Legacy! Chapter 1.1 A Loving Legacy! Chapter 1.1 Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome to A Loving Legacy! Chapter 1.1 I knew that I really wanted to start a legacy to add to all of the other great ones out there, but I was having an incredibly hard time thinking of a good theme. That was when I met this girl who had the last name Loving, and I was thinking what a cute last name why not start a legacy with it, so I did. As far as handicaps and rules go, I am not playing for points, but I am still following all the legacy rules. The one rule in this family is there must be at least 2 bolts of chemistry (which I later changed to 3). But anyway after my long ramble here onto the legacy! .1
    • Meet our heir, Samantha Loving, as she stands in the typical first chapter legacy picture next to the mail box. I tried very hard to not make her typical face oneish. Anyway I rolled her aspiration and and she got pleasure with a lifetime want of 50 dream dates. Her personality is 4/6/4/5/6. Her turn ons are hardworker and blonde hair and her turn off is hats. So now we can offically begin. Side Note: Reason there is snow in this picture is because I shot it later sorry.
    • "So this is where I am supposed to live?" Samantha asked, "Is this some sort of joke?" Nope it's a legacy and since I family funded you down some, this is all you could buy. "Great that was so nice of you!"
    • The first visitor that arrived at her house was Mr. Humble, who left her a mysterious pink package before she could greet him and ask what it was he hurried off. She was happy to find though that it was a computer, unfortunately she did not have the money to buy a desk for it, but at least she could say she owned one nice object.
    • Samantha knew that she needed a job quickly and since her lifetime want was not job related she could pretty much have any job she wanted. She loved to perform though, so her two desires were either dance or entertainment career. She was lucky enough to stumble across an ad for a stand up comedian in the entertainment career, it didn't pay well, but she knew she could quickly move her way up.
    • Soon after finding a job, some neighbors came by to welcome Samantha to the neighborhood. Samantha quickly began conversation with them wanting to have some friends.
    • Unfortunately she soon had to leave them though, because her carpool arrived for her first day of work. She didn't want to be rude, but she also didn't want to miss her first day of work.
    • When Samantha got home she began to practice her charisma skill for work. Samantha knew if she practiced everyday, she would reach the top of her career in no time.
    • The next day Samantha had the day off, so she decided to head into to town and try to find a potential mate. She first headed to the park where she didn't find a man, but she did find a pretty cool break dancer who could move in ways that Samantha didn't understand. "It sure is a good thing I didn't decide to become a dancer because I don't think I could ever do that."
    • She then headed to the clothing store where the only person she met was some random blonde teenage girl named Meadow. "So your a legacy founder?" Meadow asked. "Yep that I am" "Well if you have any boys give me a call when their teenagers because well legacy boys can never resist me!" Meadow cried with a huge grin and then walked away. Samantha made a note that if she did have boys to never allow them near that girl ever.
    • Lastly Samantha headed to the pet store in hopes to find some cute dog loving man, but again she was left with no luck. She did though pick up the latest tabloids so she could keep up with all the latest celebrity gossip for her career.
    • After having an unsucessful day finding a mate, Samantha headed home and settled down to a typical romance novel where the girl and the guy just met by chance and fell in love instantly. "Now why can't it be that easy?" Samantha wondered in annoyance.
    • Despite having romance problems, Samantha finally got her first promotion. The job wasn't much greater than the first, in fact probably worse because she was forced to wear a clown suit and have to deal with snotty kids all day, but it did pay better and Samantha sure could use the money.
    • The next day after work Samantha sat alone on the sofa reading anothing romance novel wondering why it was so hard for Samantha Loving to find a love, that was when she looked up to see a brown haired guy walk by. Without thinking Samantha ran up to him. "You are pretty attractive" she cried with grin, then felt completely embarrassed remembering she was wearing a clown suit. "Well for a clown you aren't bad yourself" the guy responded staring at her.
    • Despite the clown suit, the two really hit it off. Samantha learned that his name was Sinjin and found that he loved to entertain as well. Eventually the two ended up dancing together on the street. People walking by stared at them like they were insane, but neither one of them seemed to notice or care being completely into each other. "Oh please lady, like you have seen a girl in a clown suit dancing with a guy on the street before!" Samantha cried.
    • By the end of the night Samantha found herself kissing Sinjin and almost in love. Though they had just met, she knew he was the one and she didn't care if they were moving too fast. Any guy who still found her beautiful while wearing a clown suit was the one for her.
    • As time passed Samantha and Sinjin grew pretty serious. She was thrilled to find one morning that he had left her roses along with a nice note saying how much he loved her. "I think it is time Sinjin and I get this legacy rolling!" Samantha said with a huge gushy smile.
    • That night Samantha called him over, insanly nervous because she was going to ask him to move in. "So Sinjin, I know we havn't known each other very long, but I just know you are the one for me and I love you so.." Samantha paused nervously staring into Sinjins bright green eyes, "..will you move in with me?" A huge smile came across Sinjins face, "About time you asked!" he cried wrapping his arms around Samantha in a warm hug.
    • Shortly after moving in, Samantha told Sinjin that he needed to get a hair cut and though he really didn't want to out of love he finally gave in and let Samantha cut his long brown hair. Sinjin turned out to be a romance sim with the lifetime want of having 20 stimulus lovers. Since he greatly loved Samantha, he decided that he wasn't going to be doing that anymore. His stats are 2/3/5/7/8 and he and Samantha have two bolts.
    • "I'm so glad we are finally living together" Samantha said that night as her and Sinjin cuddled beside each other in bed. "Me too" Sinjin smiled, “and I know what we can do to make this night even more special." he added being a typical romance sim.
    • Sinjin only moved in with $2,000, so this was all that could be built. Luickly he does have a high paying job in the poltical career, so the house should be in better shape in no time.
    • Eventually the house did get some wall paper and Samantha and Sinjin continued to have dream date after dream date to help complete Samantha's lifetime want. With Sinjin being a romance sim, he didn't seem to mind at all.
    • In fact on one of these dates he finally decided to pop the question. "Samantha Loving, you are the only girl who I have ever loved and will ever love, and I am willing to give up my romance ways for you, will you marry me?" "Oh Sinjin!" Samantha gasped in shock staring at the shining ring, "Of coarse I will marry you!"
    • It was a good thing too that Sinjin and Samantha relationship was finally secure because the next morning Samantha found to her suprise that she was pregant.
    • Samantha was really worried about what Sinjin was going to think because being a romance sim, she knew that he would not be completely thrilled on the idea of having a baby. "So are you really okay with this, I mean a baby is a big deal and all." "Of coarse I am okay with this, this is a legacy after all, I would be crazy to think we were not having kids, in fact Samantha will you marry me right here and now?" Sinjin asked leaning into her. Samantha stared at him speechless for a second and then grabbed his hand, "Of coarse I will marry you Sinjin!" That night Sinjin officially became Sinjin Loving.
    • Samantha had read how horrible pregnancy was going to be, but in fact she did not find it to be that way at all, and found herself to be even more happy than normal. "Come on Sandy let's get our grove on!" Samantha cried.
    • "Wow there mother to be" Sinjin said stopping her, "I'm not sure all that dancing is good for the baby. We have to make sure him or her stays in good health." He added rubbing her stomach. "Relax Sinjin" Samantha smiled, "I'm pregnant, not on my death bed."
    • Eventually the time came for the baby to be born and it happened at about 2 in the morning. "Sinjin!!!" Samantha screamed calling for her sleeping husband, "I could really use your help!"
    • "What's that hunny?" Sinjin yawned slowly getting out of bed still have asleep. "The baby is coming" Samantha yelled annoyed at her husband "Oh goodness the baby!" Sinjin cried suddenly being completely awake and running over to Samantha.
    • Instead of being one baby though, it ended up being two, two beautiful twin girls! "Oh they are beautiful" Samantha cried holding one of them in her arms. "I can't believe I am a father" Sinjin muttered quietly rocking the other one in his arms
    • Meet Charity Loving, the older twin, who has brown hair, blue eyes, and skin tone one. The name Charity derives from Latin word carus meaning "dear, beloved". It also means "Christian love." Charity looks much like her mother minus the hair.
    • Then meet Aimee Loving, the younger twin. The name Aimee means beloved and is an Old French and Latin name, deriving from French aimer meaning "to love" and latin amare.
    • Unfortunately after the happy arrival of the twins, an unfortunate even followed. Gordan King, the head burglar in town, decided to rob the Loving household as it was the only house in the neighborhood at the moment.
    • He managed to take the Loving's new sofa, chair, changing table (which I have no idea why he would possibly want that), and chess table escaping easily as the Loving had not yet installed a burglar alarm.
    • Samantha was devastated and demanded the installation of an alarm the next day, with the loss of of the items, the Lovings were now having serious money problems and Sinjin and Samantha worried that they would not be able to provide for the twins effectively
    • The only upside to the robbery was that in a twisted way it did help with Samantha career. "Isn't it ironic that my next role is a burglar"
    • Despite the twins being born and the robbery, Sinjin and Samantha continued to have dream dates almost every day.
    • Except now they were many times interrupted by the sound of a baby crying. Sinjin loved his girls though and almost always autonomously picked them up to give them attention. Aimee and Charity were too very spoiled little babies.
    • Ultimately the time came for Aimee and Charity's birthday. First up went Charity being the older twin.
    • After Samantha helped her blow out her candles, Charity grew up into an adorable little girl taking much after her father.
    • Soon after came Aimee, Samantha smiled rocking the baby back and forth as Sinjin blew his noisemaker awaiting the transition.
    • Aimee also grew up into an adorable little girl taking more after her mother, unfortunately she grew up bald in a jailers suit, but with a quick trip to the mirror and changing table that could be fixed.
    • After Aimee got some hair the twins played with their new activity table quickly becoming friends. Together they ending up building a complete masterpiece. Charity's stats are 8/8/2/5/6 and Aimee's are 3/9/4/6/5, a very outgoing set of twins.
    • Sinjin and Samantha began to teach the toddlers their skills. Sinjin took the role of teaching Charity how to talk. "Chaaiir" Sinjin said slowly hoping the toddler would repeat. "Cwhair" Chairty repeated with a cute smile. "Yes exactly, oh your first word!" Sinjin cried with a huge fatherly smile.
    • While Sinjin taught Charity, Samantha took the role in teaching Aimee to talk. Like her twin, her first word was also chair. Samantha smiled at her being a proud mother.
    • The twins were exceedingly close spending every waking moment together. "Lets be best fwiends forever!" Aimee declared standing up to hug her sister. "Forever!" Charity agreed returning the hug with a huge smile.
    • While the twins continued to play together, Samantha began to refocus on her career by getting in shape. She had to have the perfect abs for her next role as it involved many scenes wearing a bikini.
    • Unlike Samantha Sinjin wasn't doing too well in his career, due to a bad chance card he immediatly got fired. "Look its your fault because you never actually read the chance cards and just click some random answer!" Sinjin yelled angrily at me. Look I'm sorry, we will get you a new and better job in no time!
    • Sinjin quickly lightened up because it was the twins birthday and he promised them that he would throw a party. First up was Charity who had a huge grin in her fathers arm ready to grow up.
    • She grew up quickly into a super cute child and immediatly began the running kid birthday glitch and grabbed a piece a cake. "Yeah I may be cute, but this outfit is horrible!" Yeah look sorry about that kid, but we are insanely broke and I can't afford to get you new clothes.
    • Since sims does not allow you to share birthday cakes and we are super broke, Aimee was forced to grow up without one. Luckily she didn't seem to mind and was just itching to grow to taller.
    • She grew up in a much better outfit with a huge grin.
    • Sinjin continued to have have bad job luck as he was demoted the first day of his new job in the business career. "You are your stupid chance cards" he scowled angrily
    • Immediately following the first day of school Sinjin and Samantha took it upon themselves to teach the girls how to study. "So you're saying that in order to do these fractions I have to reverse the numerators with the denominators and then subtract?" Aimee asked confused staring up at Samantha. Not very well I might add due to the fact that Samantha knows nothing about school work.
    • Even with clueless parents the girls still did manage to get A+'s with the help of their teachers. "Mom, Mom I got an A+, I am so smart!" Charity cried running into the doorway. "Thats great hunny" Samantha puffed in the middle of her workout.
    • The twins spent most of their childhood dancing by the stereo as it was the only fun object in the house. They both developed into pretty good dancers though in spite of it.
    • While they were not dancing they focused on other activities. Charity espcially loved to skill and was very good at it. "So can you tell me again how hitting a little white ball into a hole is supposed to help with my charisma?" Yeah, I'm not really sure either.
    • Aimee on the other hand spent her free time making serious speaches about the stock market. "With the stock market being low at the moment, it is incredibly important for our family to invest in many different companies rather than one, so we can spread our money out in different places and not just have all of it in one single company to secure out financial future."
    • It was a quick childhood and the time came quickly for the girls to grow up into teenagers. This time Charity grows up without the cake since she got it last time.
    • Charity grew up into a beautiful teenager and roles knowledge which fits her perfectly seeming as she loves to skill. Her lifetime want is to reach the top of the oceanography career and her turns ons are blonde hair and high art skill and her turn off is no job.
    • Following after Aimee steps up to the cake getting ready to blow out the candles. "I wish for financial security!"
    • Aimee turns out to be gorgeous rolling fortune of coarse, so she can deal with all the serious money issues of the Lovings. Her lifetime want to reach the top of the criminal career, which I am sure Samantha will just love, and her turns ons are blonde hair and underwear and her turn off is makeup.
    • Here they both are after makeovers. Samantha and Sinjin managed to get enough money to buy them each some new clothes fro their birthday. They are both very pretty with different looks.
    • Instead of celebrating her birthday and joining the party, Aimee heads straight to the computer to get a job and then heads off to bed. "I need to supply financial aid for the family."
    • It was a good thing too that she headed off to bed because the party was soon busted by the police for being too loud. Sandy, Ben, and Kennedy sure know how to party hard!
    • “ Why are you so bad at chance cards?" Samantha takes her turn at getting a demotion, thanks to another wonderful chance card that I failed to read.
    • In spite of being a knowledge sim, Charity brings home a boy her first day of high school who she finds quite attractive. "That Randy is fine!"
    • Randy turns out to be a pretty good match for her because he too is somewhat of a bookworm reading a book he just couldn't put down as he walked inside .
    • He eventually puts down his book to do something that is equally as exciting. Despite some awkwardness at first Charity scores her first kiss and second and third and forth and probably fifth for that matter .
    • In stead of "wasting" time on teenage romances, Aimee quickly reaches the top of her teenage career in business becoming an over achiever. "Now all I need is to get into private school and I will be sure to get into any college I want so I can get a good high paying job."
    • "So dad I called the headmaster today and he is coming over for dinner tonight, it is SUPER important that we impress him because I must get into private school. I will take care of schmoozing, so I need you to give him a tour of our house and cook an amazing dinner, I set out a recipe for you on the counter. It is sort of hard, but I know you can do it dad because this is really important." "Okay Aimee I'll try, but keep in mind that I am not a very good cook." "Come on dad this is super important, I know Charity wants this too being a knowledge sim and all, it so happens that her and mom are at work when he comes over!"
    • Sinjin did a very great job with the tour showing the headmaster every room in the house, he especially loved the newly installed purple bathroom. "Yeah! Purple is my favorite color!" The headmaster cheered .
    • Then while Sinjin went to cook dinner, Aimee impressed the headmaster. "So yeah basically that is my ten year plan, oh did I mention that I am a straight A student and top in my career!" "Yes, many times in fact." "Oh well yeah basically I am well on my too a.." Suddenly Aimee heard yelling from the kitchen.
    • She ran into the kitchen to find Sinjin surround by fire. "Dad!!" she screamed grabbing the fire extinguisher to hose him off. "The recipe didn't seem that hard dad!"
    • Suddenly she noticed that Sinjin was fading and falling to the ground despite her efforts to put of the fire. "DADDY" she screamed watching him fall to the ground not being able to feel anything at all.
    • Suddenly the grim reaper appeared and Aimee realized what had happened and she knelt to the ground in crying pain. "Please, please I'll do anything please don't take my daddy away from me!" she pleaded screaming tears running down her face. "Okay okay calmm down pick a hand, one has a blue ball" the Grim Reaper sighed sick of dealing with these people, why can't people just accept death like he does.
    • "Wha what do you mean I picked the wrong hand!" Aimee yelled in shock staring at the creepy figure, this had to be a mistake! "Sorry for your loss kid" the Grim Reaper said creating a grave and then disappearing leaving Aimee to stand alone in silence next to the grave of her father.
    • She went into the bathroom to get a drink of water and burst into tears. "This is all my fault, if only I hadn't picked such a hard recipe! I have got to be the worst daughter ever!" Aimee didn't even know how long she stayed in the bathroom, but it didn't matter nothing seemed to matter because her father was dead and it was her fault .
    • Okay I am leaving you here, sorry for ending on such a sad note, I honestly did not anticipate this happening at all and I was really upset that Aimee lost to the Grim Reaper. Sorry for any typos and hope you enjoyed the legacy. I feel like the first chapter is always sometimes hard to write because they are not many characters and things to develop on yet so it should just get better. The next chapter should be up some time soon.