A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.3


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Chapter 2.3 of A Loving Legacy! with childhood of generation 3.

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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.3

  1. 1. Welcome back to Chapter 2.3 of A Loving Legacy! which includes cute kids who love to hug, well actually only some do, but we will get into that. Last chapter Charity finally married Randy London, the love of her life, and gave birth to Victoria, who is pictured above on the left, and Alexandra who is still a baby right now. The heir, Aimee, got married to former evil cow mascot Weldon and they gave birth to Juliet, who is pictured above on the left, and Rosaline who is a toddler. Weldon was very new to fatherhood not knowing how to handle it, but Samantha helped him through and he is getting better at it. Samantha also completed her lifetime want of 50 dream dates with her odd boyfriend Jace. WARNING: For a little less than the first half of the chapter the pictures will be blurry because I changed my picture size by mistake, but the second half is normal though, so sorry I hope you can handle a little blur. Now onto the chapter....
  2. 2. Juliet entered the kitchen excited with an empty stomach, the smell of omelets immediately filling her nose . Today was her first Saturday since becoming a kid and she was super excited to play and spend a day away from school. “Mmmh Grandma those omelets smell awesome!” She cried sniffing the air. Samantha smiled at her Juliet, “Good, eat up because today we are going to head over to your Aunt Charity's house so you can meet you're cousin Victoria.” “ Wow really?” Juliet asked her face lighting up, she was dying to meet her cousin who had recently grown up. “ Yep, so we better both hurry up!” Samantha responded heading toward the dining room with Juliet.
  3. 3. “ Juliet, mom come in!” Charity smiled opening the door, they were earlier than she had planned, but she was still happy to see them, “Victoria's in her room it's the door at the end of the hallway.” Charity told Juliet. “ Okay” Juliet answered heading upstairs. “ So where's little Alexandra?” Samantha asked Charity, “I've been dying to spend more time with her.” “ She's in her crib, she's actually due for her morning feeding if you want to do that?” “ Certainly” Samantha grinned heading up stairs. Charity smiled, happy about the fact that she did not have to do it for once.
  4. 4. Samantha quickly brought Alexandra down looking at the baby girl. “Why aren't you a hungry one.” she grinned holding the bottle up while Alexandra gulped the milk down quicker than any baby Samantha had ever seen. Alexandra was the current baby of the family and getting plenty of attention because of it.
  5. 5. Meanwhile, Juliet entered a very pink room and saw a girl standing in the corner of it with a serious expression. Juliet walked up to her with a shy smile, “Hi I'm Juliet. You must be Victoria, grandma told me we are cousins.” Victoria looked a the sweet looking girl whose outfit matched her very pink room, “Uh hi nice to meet you” Victoria mumbled still inspecting Juliet not knowing what to think about her. They both stood in awkward silence for about a minute until Juliet said, “I like your room, pink is my favorite color! I wanted to do my room pink, but my mommy wouldn't let me since the nursery is already pink!”
  6. 6. “ You like this room?” Victoria asked in surprise, “I hate it! My mommy did it without asking me and now I'm stuck with it!” “ Oh well, I really like it!” Juliet said awkwardly staring at her cousin. “ Soo...” Victoria mumbled rocking back and forth on her feet, “We could play dolls, my daddy just gave me a doll house!” Juliet's face lit up, “Yeah, that sounds like fun!”
  7. 7. And they did play with dolls all afternoon having a blast with each other despite their differences. “ Hey Victoria why are you making you're family all be mean to each other? Aren't families supposed to get along?” Juliet asked who was playing with her picture perfect family on the other side of the house. “ Yeah but thats boring, not everything can be happy all the time!” Victoria cried. “ Oh well I wish they could be” Juliet sighed with a frown. Victoria smiled, “Don't worry Jules, we can make sure things are happy more than not!” Before Juliet could respond they both heard Samantha yelling from downstairs, “Juliet it's time to go home!”
  8. 8. “ Aww I don't wanna go!” Juliet whined standing up. “ Don't worry we will see each other again!” Victoria smiled. Juliet wrapped her arms around Victoria with a huge smile. “Uh what are you doing?” Victoria asked uncomfortably. “ Giving you a hug silly! We are going to be best friends, I just know it!” Juliet cried excitedly. Victoria gave an awkward smile, “Okay Jules, I think I can manage that!” “ Juliet!” Samantha called. “ Coming Grandma!” She yelled back, “Bye Vic!” “ Bye” Victoria responded watching her pink cousin leave.
  9. 9. Later that night, before she went to sleep, Juliet went to visit Rosaline in the nursery. “Hi Rosaline!” Juliet cooed leaning down smiling at her little sister. “ Jules!” Rosaline clapped excitedly, she was unable to say Juliet yet, but Jules she could manage. “ I met our cousin Victoria today!” Juliet grinned, “she was fun!” “ Fun!” Rosaline repeated, that was a word she knew well as it always meant she could go play with her blocks and crayons. “ Yeah fun!” Juliet cried, “You know what else is fun?” “ What!” Rosaline asked practically screaming.
  10. 10. “ The tickle monster!” Juliet leaned down to tickle her sister all over causing Rosaline to scream in laughter. “ Ahhhhhh” Rosaline screamed with a wide smile wiggling against her sisters tickles. Juliet smiled at her finally stopping and standing up, “Well I have to go to bed” “ No!” Rosaline demanded her smile turning into a frown. “ Don't worry, I'll see you tomorrow.” Juliet told her, “I love you Rosaline!” “ I wove you Jules.” Rosaline yelled in response. Juliet laughed patting her sister on the head before leaving the room.
  11. 11. “ So let me get this straight” Charity began standing by the pool table while Aimee and Weldon took their turn at the pool table. She and Randy were spending some time with Weldon and Aimee while the kids were at school and Alexandra with a nanny, “You're pregnant again?”
  12. 12. “ That would be correct” Aimee responded lining up for up a shot. “Unfortunately” Weldon added behind her. “ Weldon!” Aimee snapped turning around to give her husband a glare. “ I was kidding” Weldon grinned, even though part of him wasn't, “You know I love Juliet, Rosaline, and whoever the future baby would be. I hope it's a boy though cause I could really use some male companionship around here.” Aimee rolled her eyes knocking a ball in the corner pocket.
  13. 13. “ Heh heh, I know what you mean” Randy said who was standing on the other side of the pool table with a hand on his hip thinking about how he also lived in a house full of women, “Maybe we should have another one too.” he stated staring at Charity who stood across from him.
  14. 14. Charity's eyes widened going into a daze at the thought of having another baby, Victoria had already spilled paint all over the nicest carpet in the house and Alexandra was always getting into other types of mischief “I don't think so Randy, Victoria and Alex are quite a handful already, I can't even imagine throwing another one into the bunch.” Randy sighed, “Oh alright, it just would be nice to have a boy though.” “ Yeah well if they have a boy, you can hang out with him all you want.”
  15. 15. “ Yeah, I wouldn't be opposed to that!” Weldon lined up for a fairly easy shot of getting the red ball in the corner pocket, “Maybe you could you know change his diapers and all that other fun baby stuff!” Randy laughed staring at Weldon, “Ha you wish Weldon, but I do hope you guys have a boy it would be nice to add one to the mix of girls this generation.”
  16. 16. Aimee yawned listening to the conversation briefly, she suddenly felt like she was about to crash, “Well this has been fun guys, but my back hurts and I suddenly feel the need to take a very long nap!” Charity smiled completely understanding how Aimee felt, “Yeah no problem Aimee, you should get some sleep.” Aimee grinned at her sister leaving the room having a little blonde girl just enter.
  17. 17. “ Is that Rosaline?” Charity cooed walking over to the little girl beginning to tickle her. Rosaline giggled joyfully. “ Cwarity!” she gasped happily looking up at her Aunt. “ Yep, I'm your Aunt Charity only the best Aunt in the whole neighborhood!” “ Riiiiight” Weldon mumbled walking past them. “ Hey Charity it's you're turn!” Randy called from the pool table. “ We're still playing?” Charity asked seeming as Weldon and Aimee both had left. “ Yeah we have to finish” Randy said.
  18. 18. “ Okay” Charity responded heading over to the pool table about to take her turn, but she was interrupted by an overly happy brunette girl who ran through the front door. “ Wow squirt slow down!” Randy said looking over at Juliet who was sprinting through the living room holding a piece of paper in her hand. “ Where's mommy?” she asked quickly. “ Uh she's in her room but...” Charity started but then noticed Juliet was already out of the room, “she's sleeping” Charity added quietly. “ You know we should probably get home and relieve the nanny.” Randy stated.
  19. 19. “ Mommy mommy! I got an A+!” Juliet yelled running up beside her oblivious to the fact that Aimee was fast asleep. “ Mmmh?” Aimee mumbled waking up to her daughter's high pitch voice. “ I got an A+! Isn't that great?” Aimee yawned rubbing her eyes, “That's great sweetie, but mommy's tired right now, so how about we talk about this later okay?” “ Okay” Juliet said leaving the room to let her mom sleep.
  20. 20. Over at the London's, Randy and Charity arrived home soon enough to find out that Victoria also received an A+. “ Dad! Hello, I got an A+ which is kinda more important than holding a baby or whatever!” “ I am very proud of you Victoria, but Alexandra is just as important.” Randy said calmly. “ Fine daddy, but I'm gonna go tell mommy!”
  21. 21. Meanwhile, after her nap Aimee was spending sometime with Rosaline whom she hadn't been able to see much of due to her pregnancy. “Hi Rosaline, I'm sorry mommy hasn't been around much, but that's because you are going to get a new brother or sister!” “ Like Jules!” Rosaline cried smiling. Aimee stroked the back of Rosaline's little head, “Yeah, just like Jules except this time you are going to be a big sister!” “ Big sis!” Rosaline grinned. “ Yep and you will get to have them look up to you!”
  22. 22. Rosaline also enjoyed being a little sister to Juliet as they played blocks together often. “You know Rosaline, if you actually build with the blocks instead of chewing on them we could build something really cool!” Roasline didn't say anything in response continuing to chew on her block. “ Or you can continue to chew on the blocks.” Juliet laughed stacking them up by herself.
  23. 23. “ Kids, glad to see you playing together chyaa?!” Weldon called walking by them one early morning as they played together before Juliet had school giving them the finger gun. “ Hi daddy!” Juliet smiled looking up at her dad as he walked by. Suddenly they all heard screaming coming upstairs. “Uh oh” Weldon cried looking up. “ Daddy what's wrong?” Juliet asked worried. “ Look just watch Rosaline will you?” he asked hurrying upstairs.
  24. 24. “ Oooo OWWWWW” Aimee yelled grabbing on her stomach yelling in pain going into birth in Samantha's room who was asleep beside her. Aimee had been so tired that she had crashed in Samantha's bed last night not having the energy to head over to her room which was on the other side of the house. “ I'm here Aimee, you can do this!” Weldon cried running in. “ I am so not doing this again!” Aimee screamed full of pain beginning to twirl around.
  25. 25. All the pain was worth it though because soon enough Aimee held the very first boy of generation three in her hands with brown hair and blue eyes. “Welll look at you, you sure have a bunch of female cousins and siblings to deal with.” Aimee smiled. This little boy is named Romeo after Romeo from Romeo and Juliet. In the play Romeo and Juliet were lovers but in the Loving household they are siblings.
  26. 26. Aimee and Weldon quickly entered the nursery to place Romeo in his crib. It was just then that Samantha was waking up realizing that she had a new grandchild. “Yay! Is it a boy?” she asked cheering at nothing soon realizing that neither Aimee or Romeo were still in her room. Geez I must be getting old she thought heading toward the other room to see Romeo.
  27. 27. “ Hey Juliet. come meet your new little brother!” Weldon yelled down. Juliet stood up excited, “I'll be back Rosaline.” She walked passed her thinking about the new baby so I have two little siblings now she thought looking at Rosaline play with her blocks awesome!
  28. 28. Weldon particularly bonded with Romeo as he finally had a male companion. “Hey buddy you are gonna have to deal with a lot of women in your life, but we got each other now and we will work through it okay?” Romeo gurgled looking up at Weldon, “Yep buddy you and me!”
  29. 29. Weldon also spent a lot of time with Rosaline whose birthday had arrive, “Guess whose birthday it is today?” Weldon asked her. “ Mine!” Rosaline shrieked giggling. “ That's right” Weldon answered tickling her neck, he always had had a soft spot for Rosaline as she had inherited his blonde hair looking the most like him.
  30. 30. Weldon took the liberty of bringing her to the cake surrounded by friends and family on a snowy afternoon. Rosaline held a huge smile as everyone cheered her on. All she could think about was that when she grew up, she would be able to grab cake all by herself.
  31. 31. Rosaline transitioned into an adorable kid, “Wow look at these green overalls!” she grinned inspecting herself. Aimee laughed looking at her daughter's outfit, “I have some nicer clothes for you upstairs hunny.” “ Okay mama, but first I want cake!” Aimee laughed again, “Of coarse you can have cake first!”
  32. 32. After she had cake and changed her clothes, Rosaline headed downstairs to see Juliet. “Hey Rosaline look at you all grown up!” Juliet grinned looking at her sister who had changed into a nice black dress that matched her headband. “ Wow I'm as tall as you are now!” Rosaline said looking at her sister who was now at her eye level. “ Yep meaning we can do this” Juliet stated leaning into Rosaline for a huge hug who happily obliged having 10 nice points. “ You sure do like to hug!” a voice cried beside them. “ Oh!” Juliet gasped excited, “You can meet Victoria now!”
  33. 33. Rosaline turned around to see Victoria who had been standing right behind her, “You better not be as obsessed with hugs as your sister!” she spat quickly looking at Rosaline. “ Oh uhh I don't think so” Rosaline muttered not knowing how to react to the quick comment. “ Good cause that sister of yours seems to never wanna stop with all the hugging, but I'm glad you're all grown up now so we can all play together!”
  34. 34. “ Yeah me too” Rosaline smiled happy to finally be able to join her sister and Victoria in all their fun activities. “ In fact mom told me that you and Jules can come over this weekend to go swimming in our pool since its gonna be warm outside now.” “ That sounds like fun, I've never been swimming before!” “ Well duh! You have never done anything before you just grew up a couple of minutes ago!” “ True” Rosaline laughed.
  35. 35. “ But anyway you guys should come because it's going to be fun!” Victoria cried. “ Randy, did you just put Romeo on the floor?” Samantha called from the living room noticing Randy standing over Romeo who was lying on the cold hard kitchen floor. “ I was just picking him up!” Randy yelled back quickly picking up the baby to bring back to his crib. Rosaline turned her attention back to Victoria, “We will be there!”
  36. 36. “ Hey Victoria thanks so much for having Juliet and Rosaline over today.” Aimee told Victoria that weekend kissing her lightly. “ Eww Aunt Aimee just because you have the last name Loving doesn't mean you have to be a mushy all the time!” Victoria spat wiping her mouth. Aimee laughed, “Sorry Victoria I'll keep in mind to not kiss you anymore.” “ So where can we change into our swimsuits?” Rosaline asked watching them. “ Oh uh we can go to my room come on guys.” Victoria said leading the way.
  37. 37. The girls quickly changed, Victoria was mad about the fact that her and Juliet matched, but neither of them had another bathing suit. Juliet thought it was awesome that they matched. After they changed they headed to the nursery to see Alexandra playing, “Wow when did she grow up?” Juliet asked looking down at the little girl who was wearing a very nice blue dress playing with her bunny happily. “ Oh uh like a few days ago I think” Victoria answered. “ She's cute” Rosaline said looking at the girl who was closest to her age,
  38. 38. “ Yeah she's okay, except daddy won't really let me talk to her all that much!” “ So Alex you see the whole committing to one person thing and doing what people say I just find ridiculous because there are so many people and fun things to..” “ Victoria! What on earth are you telling Alexandra?” Randy asked loudly walking in on his daughters have an interesting conversation. “ I'm just giving her my views on life daddy!” Victoria answered with a bright smile. “ Uh hunny I think Alexandra is too young to learn those things and also you and me need to have a talk one your views young lady!”
  39. 39. While the girls played with Alexandra, Aimee headed toward the kitchen to get a drink where she caught Randy sloppily drinking directly from a milk cart. “Hey Randy!” she cried quickly behind him causing him to jump spilling milk on his shirt. “ Geez Aimee you scared me, what are you doing here on a Saturday morning?” “ Uh the girls came over to swim with Victoria, I didn't mean to interrupt your morning breakfast” Aimee laughed. Randy stared at Aimee a little embarrassed, “Um it's okay, I'm gonna go uh get dressed now.” “ Okay Randy” Aimee grinned, she laughed watching him quickly leave.
  40. 40. The girls enjoyed a fun day together playing in the pool for hours three straight playing epic games of marco polo where Victoria would climb out of the pool causing Juliet and Rosaline to swim around the pool franticly wondering why neither of them couldn't catch her. Juliet's favorite part of the pool was the water slide which she went down over and over again. “You're gonna get sick!” Rosaline told her, but Juliet didn't care continuing to go down it over and over again. Rosaline enjoyed the day being a little shy at first because Juliet and Victoria were already really close friends, but they both let her in even though Victoria wasn't always so welcoming, but it ended up being a great day where all three girls whined when it was time to go home.
  41. 41. They all got to go back to the London household soon enough because Alexandra was due to grow up after having a pretty uneventful toddlerhood. “Don't worry bear when I grow up, we can still be fwiends kay!” Alexandra told her bear giving it a hug. _________________________________________________________________ Alexandra's stats are: 8/2/1/10/10 She's a capricorn looking pretty much identical to her sister Victoria, but she does have a very different personality being nicer and much more shy than Victoria.
  42. 42. Charity held the little girl over the cake still wearing her work clothes. All around family was cheering Alexandra on as Charity placed her on the ground to grow up into a kid. Alexandra stood up excited to grow up.
  43. 43. Alexandra turned into a very cute kid with crazy hair, she clapped delighted with her new form. “ Love the outfit!” Juliet called to her as she had grown up in an outfit that all pink. “ Um no you are changing right now!” Victoria snapped grabbing her sister by the arm and dragging her upstairs there was no way her sister was going to look like a little pink freak.
  44. 44. After she changed, Alexandra quickly headed over toward her bear to give it a hug. “See bear we can still be friends even with me bigger now!” Alexandra was a shy child who was a little odd, but she didn't care what others thought about her. “ Are you talking to a bear?” Victoria asked her some disgust in her voice. “ Yep we are friends” Alexandra answered solemnly continuing to hug the furry object. “ He's not real!” “ He is to me!” she responded quietly unfazed by her sister's attitude. “ You're weird” Victoria sighed leaving the room.
  45. 45. At the Loving household, they finally got to have the chance to have a family dinner, which was a rare occasion as either Samantha, Aimee, or Weldon normally had work or one of them was away having to take care of Romeo, but that evening they were all together for once eating Samantha's special salad. They all enjoyed each others company listening to Juliet talk about her school day. “ Then my teacher told me that because I was so kind to everyone that I could be the group leader for our reading project!” Juliet beamed informing her family of her accomplishment. “ That's great hunny!” Aimee told her daughter. Juliet smiled at her families praise.
  46. 46. After Juliet was finished talking about her school day they sat in silence for awhile until , “Hey with Romeo just coming to the world, I was wondering where he came from?” Rosaline asked completely out of the blue. “ Well he came from mommies tummy sweetie” Aimee told her. “ Yeah but how did he get in mommy's tummy?” Rosaline asked with wide eyes, Juliet also looked toward her parents curiously. Rosaline was a very curious child who asked questions often. “ Uhhh...” Aimee started at loss for words not knowing how to begin this conversation.
  47. 47. “ Well” Weldon interrupted staring at his two daughters, “You see when two people love each other very much...” then he paused, “...no wait a second scratch that, they don't necessarily have to love each other, they could just be two people wanting to have some some fun...”
  48. 48. “ ..Weldon!” Samantha interrupted glaring at him, “You cannot be telling two little girls that, you need to set a good example!” “ I was just telling them the truth, they are going to learn it sometime or another, I mean look and you and Jace. I wouldn't call that commitment.” “ Yes, but we love each other, but regardless they don't need to be learning that at the age they are now.” Samantha cried. “ Personally I don't see the pain in telling them now.”
  49. 49. “ Look girls” Aimee said interrupting Weldon and Samantha's argument, “Babies happen when two people are married and love each other a lot wanting to have kids, you can learn more about it when you are older okay?” “ Okay” the two girls answered together being perfectly satisfied with that answer.
  50. 50. “ But anyway girls” Aimee started quickly changing the subject, “since Victoria and Juliet are both due to grow up soon, what do you guys think about Victoria and Alexandra coming over this Saturday so you guys can all hang out one more time while you are all kids?” “ That would be fun mama” Juliet smiled. “ And you Rosaline?” “ Yeah that would fine” Rosaline said though something was weird in her voice. “ Okay good I'll call your Aunt Charity and make it happen.”
  51. 51. True to her word, Aimee did make it happen as the four cousins found themselves hanging out in Juliet's room that Saturday sitting in a circle hanging out. They had been talking for about a half hour about various things, but they were all getting restless.
  52. 52. “ Can we please doooo something?” Victoria whined rocking back and forth, “I'm sick of sitting on the floor doing nothing!” “ Well I don't know what to do, all we have is toys and I know we are all bored of them.” Juliet sighed wanting to do something as well. “ Well we can think of something.” Rosaline said looking around the room for an idea, “Anyone have an idea?”
  53. 53. “ We could pretend we are all cool mystical creatures and use our powers to save the world from an evil dragon who wants to destroy all of mankind and rule the world with his evil minions.” Alexandra suggested with a serious face. “ What!” Victoria snapped beside her staring at her sister like she was the weirdest person she had ever met, “That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard!” “ Well I thought it would fun” Alexandra said calmly placing her hands on her knees.
  54. 54. “ Look guys lets not fight” Juliet cried with a worried expression, she loved Victoria but hated the times when she could be mean, “today is my my last day being a kid and I want us to all have fun. I'm sure we can all think of something fun that we can all enjoy.” “ Well don't look at me cause I have no idea!” Victoria said. “ Yeah me neither all I can think of is hide and seek, but thats boring.” Juliet sighed, “What about you Ros, do you have any ideas?”
  55. 55. Rosaline sat with her hands behind her and her legs crossed, she had been fairly quiet due to the fact that something was on her mind, “Well I have one idea, but I don't know if it will be fun.” “ Spit it we're desperate!” Victoria cried beside her not being able to handle another second sitting on the floor in the purple room. “ Okay well I noticed that daddy brought home all these instruments yesterday.”
  56. 56. “ Oh yeah, I wondered what those were for.” Juliet said beside her listening. “ Yeah well they looked fun, so maybe we could play with them.” Rosaline suggested staring at her cousins for approval. “ That sounds fun.” Alexandra smiled. “ Yeah, but will daddy let us?” Juliet asked worried about getting in trouble.
  57. 57. “ Who cares!” Victoria interrupted, “It sounds like fun let's go!” “ I just don't want to get in trouble” Juliet told her cousin who always seemed willing do anything regardless of consequences. “ Relax Jules, Uncle Weldon is awesome he won't care!” Victoria cried, she had always liked her uncle as he always said things like they were. “ Okay” Juliet mumbled, “I guess it will be okay.” She was still a little unsure. “ Cool let's go!” Victoria yelled bouncing up and leaving before anyone could say anything else.
  58. 58. The girls went downstairs into the living room seeing all the instruments that were set up. “This is so cool!” Alexandra cried looking around. “ Yeah I know, I wonder why daddy bought all this stuff” Rosaline commented. “ We need to figure out whose doing what!” Victoria protested turning around. “ I would like to be singer.” Alexandra said.
  59. 59. “ Wow Alex, there is no way you are going to be singer!” Victoria commanded walking up to Alexandra. “ And why not?” Alexandra asked. “ Because you can't even sing, I mean you're not creative which is why I should sing!” Victoria lectured with a snotty tone. “ And who says you're creative?” “ That dude!” Victoria cried. “ What dude?”
  60. 60. “ You know that dude with the brown ponytail who randomly barged in our house to tell me how creative I was and that I was good enough to join some loser club of his or something.”
  61. 61. “ So what that doesn't mean anything and I know I can sing, you've just never heard me before!” Alexandra gave her sister a stern look there was only so much of her bossy attitude she could handle. “ It doesn't matter, I'm older meaning I'm singer!” Victoria snapped rolling her eyes at the fact that her sister claimed she could sing. “ Don't play the age came, I can sing!” “ Nuh uh!” “ Uh huh!”
  62. 62. “ You guys maybe Juliet should sing.” Rosaline cried interrupting Victoria and Alexandra's argument. The two girls stopped noticing Juliet who had begun to sing, her sweet voice filling the living room with a beautiful sound. Juliet had never sung before, but she seemed to come across it naturally singing “Mary had a Little Lamb” in a perfect tone.
  63. 63. “ Wow Juliet you are awesome at that!” Victoria walked up in front of her cheering Juliet on, she had never known her cousin was such a great singer. “ Yeah Juliet you sure know to rock people's socks off!” Alexandra cried dancing around, Victoria gave her an odd look. “ See I told you guys, Juliet is amazing!” Rosaline beamed at her sister as her perfect voice belted through the living room. “ I guess I'll do the sound machine” Victoria stated walking toward it. “ I like the violin” Rosaline said heading toward the classical instrument. “ Fine I'll do piano” Alexandra headed toward the remaining instrument.
  64. 64. “ Okay let's jam!” Victoria yelled beginning to press random buttons while Alexandra pressed random keys on the piano and Rosaline moved the violin bow back and forth in no rhythm what so ever. Juliet's singing was the only sound that actually contained any musical rhythm, together they all sound like a bunch of loud screeching instruments of key with the voice of an angel.
  65. 65. “ You got lucky!” Weldon demanded staring at Aimee whom he had just lost to in what they claimed to be “fun game of chess” but with both Aimee and Weldon's competitive nature turned into a huge out battle. “ No I didn't Weldon I beat you fair and square, you just can't handle the fact that you lost to girl!” Aimee protested thinking how guys always claimed she got lucky when she beat them, there were only so many times a girl can get lucky. “ You did not, I know that time I left for the bathroom you changed some pieces around!” “ No I didn't you just can't....”
  66. 66. Then Aimee paused, “Do you hear that?” she asked listening to a horrible noise that sounded like it was coming from downstairs. “ Hear what?” Weldon asked still mad about loosing. “ Listen!” Weldon listened carefully hearing the terrible sound of the instruments belting together, “Oh crap, the kids must be playing with those instruments I brought home yesterday!”
  67. 67. Aimee and Weldon both hurried down to the living room to see all of the kids playing with the instruments. “Oh geez you guys sound horrible! I mean geez Alexandra have you ever even played piano before?” Weldon yelled covering his ears. Aimee looked at the children who all seemed to be playing their instruments very proudly even though the only one who who actually sounded good was Juliet who was belting “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”
  68. 68. “ Don't listen to Weldon!” Aimee cried over the sound, “You guys are are totally rocking on!” She began doing an air guitar pretending to rock out to the beat. Victoria took her hands away from the sound machine and stared at her aunt, “Hey Aunt Aimee can you stop doing that?” Aimee stopped and grinned at her niece, “Sorry Victoria, I was just getting my rock on!” “ Never say that again!” Victoria demanded giving Aimee wide eyes of disapproval.
  69. 69. Alexandra slammed the piano keys and began to get up from her seat, she had thought they had sounded pretty good and did not appreciate her uncles comment. Alexandra was not one to care what people thought of her, she could handle her sisters attitude and the teasing at school about her interests and thoughts, but something about an adult, especially family, telling her bluntly she sounded horrible affected her, she was just a kid after all.
  70. 70. “ Aunt Aimee were we really that bad?” she asked with a worried expression looking up at her aunt who stood before her. Aimee sighed giving Alexandra a small smile, “Of coarse not, don't listen to Weldon, you guys are just kids and for kids you sound pretty darn good.” Alexandra was not satisfied with that answer she wanted the truth not some coverup to make her feel better, “But the piano was it really as bad as Uncle Weldon said it was?”
  71. 71. Aimee looked down into Alexandra's sad eyes who looked at her with a pleading expression, she was mad at Weldon, you can't tell a kid that sort of thing because they really take it at heart. In fact even people her age take comments like that at heart so for a kid it's really 10 times worse. “ Sweetie you were great I promise you and with even more practice you could be fabulous.” “ You sure?” Alexandra asked.
  72. 72. “ I'm one hundred percent sure, now come here.” Aimee wrapped her arms around Alexandra giving her a warm hug, “Never let anyone else bring you down okay, you can do whatever set you mind to.” Alexandra returned the hug feeling much better, “Thanks Aunt Aimee.” “ No problem sweetie.” Aimee smiled looking at her youngest niece whose blue eyes now sparkled.
  73. 73. The four girls stood in a square waiting for Charity to come and pick up Victoria and Alexandra. They had a fun day despite Weldon's insult. Aimee made him apologize and the girls felt much better afterward. “ It was a good last day!” Juliet smiled. “ Last day?” Victoria asked confused. “ Of being kid” Juliet answered. Rosaline shuffled uncomfortable across from her. “ It was fun though I still think it would have been more fun if we had played my idea of being mythical creatures.” Alexandra said thinking about how the instrument idea did not turn out how they had planned.
  74. 74. “ No it wouldn't have, no one wanted to play that loser idea of yours!” Victoria spat rolling her eyes at sister wondering why she got stuck with such a freak of a sister. “ Victoria!” Juliet gritted through her smile uncomfortably, “We had fun thats what matters okay.” “ Mmmh” Victoria muttered thinking how happy she was that soon she would be a teenager so she wouldn't be forced to hang out with her sister.
  75. 75. Soon Charity walked in interrupting the girls conversation, “Did you girls have fun?” she asked. “ Yeah” they all chorused together. “ You didn't destroy Aunt Aimee's house did you?” “ Of coarse not mamma” Victoria answered with a smug grin, they actually hadn't which was sort of surprising seeming as when Victoria got bored it normally meant disaster.
  76. 76. Not trusting her rebellious daughter, Charity walked up to Aimee, “You sure they were good and didn't make a disaster of your house?” Aimee laughed, “No they were actually pretty good, they played in Juliet's room and then played with Weldon's new instruments.” Charity suddenly grew worried, “They didn't break those did they?”
  77. 77. “ No, no they didn't, they only thing is Weldon may of hurt their feelings when he came down to them banging on his instruments telling them they were horrible especially Alexandra, she seemed to take it kind of hard.” Aimee sighed. “ Oh well, they will probably forget by tomorrow just thanks for taking them for the day, Randy and I really appreciated the break.” “ No problem you're taking them next time though.” Aimee grinned. “ Well by then Juliet and Victoria will be teenagers and can watch them themselves.” “ True I forgot about that, I'm now looking sort of forward to this birthday.” Aimee smiled.
  78. 78. “ Okay girls time to go!” Charity turned to the four girls who seemed deep in conversation, “But we will be back tomorrow for Juliet and Romeo's birthday!” “ Bye Jules” Victoria smiled, Juliet gave her hug causing Victoria to moan in annoyance, Juliet and her dad were the only people she ever tolerated hugs from. She wouldn't even tolerate them from her mom who was rather fond of them. “ Bye Alex” Rosaline gave a small smile, soon it was just going to be her and Alexandra as kids so she would they have to learn to get along, but they did so it was okay.
  79. 79. Once the two girls left, Aimee and Weldon began a late lunch together as they didn't have time earlier worrying about four little girls running all over the place. Aimee was perturbed by Weldon's inconsiderate manner earlier and knew that it was something they needed to discuss. She knew Weldon wasn't the kindest person and she was fine with that, heck thats part of why she loved him, but with children it was different especially your own, “Weldon, we need to talk.” “ Okay” he grinned across from her.
  80. 80. “ Weldon you really hurt the girls feeling earlier” Aimee began, “I mean they are just kids and they really take comments like that hard, it's not like telling me I suck at the piano.” “ You do suck at the piano” Weldon said calmly. “ That's really not the point, Weldon the girls look up to you and they strongly value your opinion so when you tell them so bluntly that they are horrible, they really get negatively affected by it.”
  81. 81. “ Aimes I really didn't mean too, I sort just walked in and heard all that banging and said it without thinking. Of coarse I know better than to insult a bunch of kids, I may be mean, but I'm not that mean, at least I hope not though once I stole an ice cream cone from a kid, but that was a long time ago when I was a teenager,” “ Weldon that's horrible!” Aimee spat. “ I'm not that person anymore and I hope you know that, I love Juliet, Rosaline, and Romeo, and Charity's kids, and I would never hurt any of them intentionally.” Weldon said with a solemn expression.
  82. 82. Aimee smiled at Weldon grabbing his hand remembering why she loved her husband so much, “I know that Weldon just try and be more careful okay?” “ I will” Weldon grinned at Aimee. “ But seriously how much more of jerk can you get than to steal a kids ice cream!” Weldon flushed, “I had issues, I had a traumatized childhood.” “ Okay, okay” Aimee answered still smiling.
  83. 83. That night Rosaline couldn't sleep something was bothering her and she couldn't keep it inside anymore. She tiptoed into Juliet's room lightly tapping her arm, “Juliet, Juliet” she whispered to her sleeping sister. Juliet started to shuffle and Rosaline stepped back. “ Rosaline?” Juliet asked sleepily stepping out of her bed to her sister standing there with wide worried eyes. “ I can't sleep” Rosaline told her anxiously standing uncomfortably. “ Why?” Juliet asked her yawning, she loved Rosaline, but it was really too late for this. She had a big day tomorrow and she needed her rest.
  84. 84. “ Because Jules nothing is going to be the same anymore after tomorrow!” Rosaline held a troubled expression looking in her sisters eyes. “ What do you mean?” Juliet asked confused, she had no idea what Rosaline was talking about. “ Tomorrow you're going to be a teenager and then you are going to want nothing to do with me anymore and I'm not going to have anyone to play with anymore because Romeo's too little and Alexandra just doesn't like to play like we do and I'm going to be all alone at school and your not going to want to play with a little kid!” Rosaline rambled quickly barley taking a breath.
  85. 85. “ Wow Ros slow down” Juliet interrupted gazing at her sister's concerned face, “What do you mean I'm not going to want to play with you anymore? Of coarse I am. Rosaline nothing's going to change except that I will just be taller. Rosaline I would never ignore you, you're my sister and I love you, I could never do that to you.” “ Yeah you say that now, but when it actually happens you aren't gonna feel that way!” Rosaline cried. Juliet shook her head, “No Ros stop, I won't! I promise! I love you and nothing can change that!”
  86. 86. “ In fact think of it this way” Juliet began, “We can do a bunch of cool stuff when I'm a teenager like we can go to the playground without mommy and daddy and go to Victoria and Alexandra's house whenever we want!” “ Really?” Rosaline asked pondering what Juliet had just said thinking how awesome it would be to go to anywhere whenever they wanted to. “ Yeah Rosaline, we are going to have loads of fun when I become a teenager!”
  87. 87. “ You promise?” Rosaline asked looking at Juliet with wide eyes. “ I promise, pinky swear!” Juliet grinned at her sister giving her one of her famous hugs making Rosaline feel much better. Rosaline giggled nervously, “Sorry for being silly.” “ Don't worry about it Rosaline, everything is gonna be okay, okay?” Juliet smiled at her younger sister. “ Okay” Rosaline answered kissing Juliet goodnight and then heading back to her, she suddenly felt very tired.
  88. 88. “ Seriously, how can something that little smell that horrendous!” Weldon cried scrunching his nose the next morning as Samantha changed Romeo's diaper in the nursery. Samantha shook her head placing a fresh diaper on Romeo's bottom, “Oh Weldon, this is the last day of babyhood in this house, so embrace it, well until your grandkids that is.” “ Well then their parents can deal with it and I'll be the cool grandfather who plays with it.” “ Mmmh just like you're doing right now!” Samantha held Romeo having finished changing him. “ Hey I offered to change him Samantha, you just seemed so willing.”
  89. 89. Aimee grabbed Romeo from Samantha holding the baby up in front of her, “You ready to become a big boy today?” she asked him. “ Yep and become potty trained!” Weldon added behind her. Aimee laughed, “I think you are.” she cooed to the baby rocking him in her arms.
  90. 90. Meanwhile, Samantha found Juliet in the kitchen downstairs. She walked up to her granddaughter looking down at her sweet face, “Are you ready to grow up today?” she asked her. “ Yep, I think so” Juliet grinned. “ And your okay with the fact that you have to share your birthday with your brother right?” Samantha asked. “ Of coarse grandma, I love Romeo, in fact I think it's sort of awesome!” Samantha smiled at her granddaughter, “You're a good kid.” “ Well, I won't be a kid much longer!” Juliet cried, Samantha laughed.
  91. 91. The time for the party soon arrived, Charity let Victoria come over a little early to spend some more time with Juliet before she grew up. “Dude you're gonna be a teenager!” Victoria cried as they played one last game of redhands as kids. “ Yep, and then tomorrow it's your turn.” Juliet smiled, she loved having a cousin so close to her age so she didn't have to be a teenager alone for very long. “ Yeah I know, it's going to be awesome, I can't wait!” Victoria grinned, “We are gonna get to do whatever we want!”
  92. 92. Soon enough, the rest of the guest arrived and first up went Romeo due to the fact that Weldon and Aimee could not handle his fussing any longer. Aimee held him over the cake as it began to snow outside. Everyone cheered around them and Aimee smiled at the little boy blowing out the candles.
  93. 93. To no ones surprise, he grew up into a darling little boy dressed perfectly for the cold snowy weather. His extreme personality is 3/10/0/10/8. He pretty much takes everything after his father minus his 8 nice points which I still don't understand why all three of the Loving kids have very high nice as Aimee and Samantha have average nice points and Weldon as we all know has none. Romeo unfortunately has the slouch.
  94. 94. After gaining some hair Romeo found himself on the dining room floor intrigued by his surroundings and all the people that stood before him. A young blonde girl with very pink pajamas walked up to him with a big smile. “ Hey Romeo, I'm you're big sister Rosaline, we are gonna have a lot of fun together!” She began to tickle his neck and arms causing him to burst out in sweet giggles of joy. “ Raline!” he laughed.
  95. 95. The three siblings all played together for one time before it was Juliet's turn to grow up. Rosaline and Juliet enjoyed the new company of their brother who happily played along with them knocking down their block towers and then giggling as they were forced to rebuild it.
  96. 96. Their cousins were also playing together, but in a more violent manner. “I'm gonna kill you Alexandra, you just wait!” Victoria cried holding an imaginary gun up to her sister. “ Oh yeah, well I have magical powers that reflect bullets!” Alexandra protested dodging her sisters fake bullets. “ What! You can't have that, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!” Victoria demanded. “ Girls let's be nice!” Charity told her daughters, she grinned at Randy shaking her head. “ Kids will be kids” he sighed looking at the two girls who were violently trying to kill each other thinking how their behavior actually seemed a little abnormal for children their age.
  97. 97. The sun set, and Juliet found herself standing over her birthday cake surrounded by friends and family. She stood over the glowing candles thinking of a wish. “What are you gonna wish for?' Victoria yelled to her. “ If I told you it wouldn't come true!” Juliet told her cousin then blowing out the candles and turning around to grow up.
  98. 98. Juliet developed into a beautiful teenage girl wearing very appropriate clothing for her personality. She immediately grabbed a piece of cake smiling at her family and friends. She rolled family which fit her perfectly with her loving and caring nature toward her family. Her turn ons are cologne and jewelry and her turn off is logical sims.
  99. 99. After she finished her cake, she quickly found Rosaline to give her a big hug, “I still think you're just as awesome!” Rosaline looked at her sister with a huge smile, “I love you Jules!” “ I love you too kid!” Juliet grinned. “ Hey you were just a kid a second ago you know!” Rosaline insisted. Juliet laughed and patted Rosaline on the head, who frowned at the fact that her sister was now much taller than her.
  100. 100. The next day, Victoria was about to join Juliet in teenagehood at a very glitchy house with many cars, actually only the police and gardening truck are stuck there. Victoria was more than excited having been bouncing of the walls all day, she practically sprinted off the bus after school wanting to grow up right away.
  101. 101. She had to wait that night though for her party which to her seemed forever away. Aimee and Weldon quickly escaped the party discovering the London's hot tub which they greatly enjoyed. “ Mmh, why don't we have one of these?” Weldon asked as he and Aimee began to make out. “ Mmh I don't know, but maybe we should go back to the party.” Weldon groaned, “Ugh do we have to!”
  102. 102. Eventually Aimee and Weldon made their way back to the party both wearing wet bathing suits, “How nice of you to join us Aimee.” Samantha stated to her daughter who just walked in as Victoria was about to blow her candles. “ Hey I made it time” Aimee responded standing to the side to cheer Victoria on. Victoria stood over the cake itching to grow up, she had no time for a wish all she wanted was to have the freedom of being a teenager.
  103. 103. Soon enough it happened and Victoria grew up very pretty rolling pleasure which was something she always seemed to be interested in as a kid so it fit perfectly. Her turns ons are logical sims and face makeup and her turn off is strength. She also immediately rolled the want to sneak out. “ Time to go out and party!” Victoria cried. “ Uh I don't think so young lady, you have your first day of high school tomorrow and you need to be prepared!” Charity lectured. Victoria rolled her eyes annoyed by her mother's restricting attitude.
  104. 104. This where I am going to be ending. I will leave you with an adorable picture of Romeo eating, I love this kid. Tune in next time for teenage adventures with Victoria they are bound to be exciting and birthdays, you know all that typical legacy jazz. I have been playing Sims 2 since it came out and have never loved a family as much as these guys so I am really excited about what the future holds for them. I don't have much free time on my hands these days, but I will have an update out eventually. Thanks for reading!