The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 6


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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 6

  1. 1. Welcome to chapter six of The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures! In the Bookacy house we find an elderlified founding couple, and five generation A teenagers. The current heir, Adrian, has just shipped off to college. Count Curtis, also known as Curty, has always stayed oblivious to the fact that "his fifth son", Aadam, doesn't look anything like him. The situation goes on even in Aadam's teens. If Aadam himself is suspecting something, he isn't telling, so the two are having a peaceful coexistence.
  2. 2. The only girl in generation A, Aurora, has long wanted a boyfriend, so I decide to give her one, in the easiest way there is - via the matchmaker.
  3. 3. As Aurora only needs this one time service, I decide to invest some money in it - just to see if it pays off.
  4. 4. And it seems it did, at least this time. Meet Andrew, Aurora's to be boyfriend. He is what I got for about 2,000 simoleans. He is rather cute, and he and Aurora have two bolt chemistry.
  5. 5. Ah. What is a better way to get to know a new sim than a few hours of playing kicky bag?
  6. 6. And this must be the tradition that started in chapter one: me missing an important event because I haven't figured out how to switch the cinematics off. In this case a first kiss. I'm working on it, I swear! Well, kind of. Almost.
  7. 7. Around those times Aadam was feeling slightly lonely. Aurora's good luck reminded him that he had no girlfriend yet. He went downtown late one night, just to hang around. He was just browsing in the racks, playing coin games, minding his own business. And well, right then he saw a head-turning sight by the pinball machine. A beautiful blonde girl in an old-fashioned dress.
  8. 8. She was just leaving, and the awestruck Aadam couldn't but run after her. He couldn't find the courage to go grab her by the sleeve and strike a conversation, but he just stood there and watched her walk away. When his mind cleared again, he memorized which way she had gone, so he could follow the tracks later and find her. Right now he was unable to act, so he headed home.
  9. 9. Aurora and Andrew's dating is going nicely. We get another remote control car, which I immediately sell. It's a pity. We would have gotten more money from a piano.
  10. 10. The second oldest of the generation, oldest still in the house, Adson, gets enough of his zit- filled youth and orders a cab to start a new life in college.
  11. 11. "Goodbye, son. Remember to behave in college, will you?"
  12. 12. Also Adson's younger brothers would obviously like to go to college, but ah, yet is not the time.
  13. 13. Especially Aadam was sorry about the departure of Adson. After all, he was the one of his siblings he had the best connection with. But long ago he'd decided to go to college as well, so it didn't really matter all that much. He'd be in college with Adson in no time, he assured himself.
  14. 14. Bye then, Adson. See you soon enough. By the way, Adson snatches the scholarships for logic, cooking, dancing and grades.
  15. 15. There he is, in the beginning of a new life. But he still has to wait for the rest of his siblings.
  16. 16. Back at home Author is feeling emotional after the departure of her second child for college, and she is pouring her thoughts in her diary. Why she is writing about the restaurant host, I have no idea. Maybe she is memorizing her dates with Curty - which would be likely, since they constitute a big portion of her memories.
  17. 17. "... and the chess board. My dear Curty has always been so in love with the chess board. Sometimes I feel like he's married to it and not me." Author, Author. I don't think you're being entirely fair there. "What do you mean?" Oh, nothing, nothing. *cough* Bubble blower *cough*
  18. 18. I've finally gotten enough of Author's... err... interesting dress and I send her to buy new clothes. Of course she has to be as open as she always is. This time with the store clerk.
  19. 19. And now they got into a fight and... No wait.
  20. 20. Ah, thought so. Just a random townie catfight. These two must be enemies by now. They fight every time they happen to wander on the same lot.
  21. 21. Meanwhile, elsewhere. Aadam did some detective work and found out who his mystery girl was. Her name was Rebecca, and to Aadam she was the prettiest girl in the whole wide world. He finally found the courage to ask her out, and to his amazement, she said yes. "So you're potty trained? Wow. You must be one of those 'player sims', then?"
  22. 22. "Oh yes, I am. And you know what? I'm not just any player sim, I'm a Legacy spare. Those are way more powerful than other sims." "They are?" "Oh yeah, baby! Or some of us are, depending whether the Creators like us or not. If they do, anyway, we get to marry who we like and we might get this really cool thing called motherlode, too. But you have to be careful, because if they don't like us, we might end up drowning in the pool or being eaten by a cowplant. So playing nice is important." "Wow, you know all this cool stuff!" "Well, yeah, I know a little." *blush* "It's really all about the environment you're in. In a Legacy family you get to know all sorts of stuff. Anyway, I was thinking, me and my friend Marsha have these plans, I think you might be interested and..." Oh dear. I have to keep an eye on this boy.
  23. 23. The date goes on, and it seems that the two are getting along really well.
  24. 24. What are you supposed to eat in a 50s diner if not hamburgers? And yes, I did send them there just because the outfits somehow match that place.
  25. 25. The evening goes on, and the connection between the two grows stronger. There is clearly romance in the air.
  26. 26. Very clearly. And it's...
  27. 27. ... two sided.
  28. 28. Of course, there's smustling in the air as well.
  29. 29. Rebecca turns out to be a little goofy at times. Or a lot, you decide.
  30. 30. Smustling turns to slow dancing. And Aadam suddenly gets this sneaky look on his face. He honestly scares me at times.
  31. 31. The two enjoy the evening and the dancing. By the way, I wonder if that guy in the background is a real cook or if he's just a townie in a working outfit. Well, one way or another, too late. Didn't exactly have time to socialize with him anyway.
  32. 32. The date is a success. The young couple ends up kissing.
  33. 33. Finally Aadam couldn't help it. He grabbed Rebecca tightly and kissed her again. This was the connection he had been looking for. He was happy.
  34. 34. Also Rebecca seems to be happy with the date. She shows up and leaves one more bouquet to clutter our doorstep.
  35. 35. Author gets a makeover that I've wanted to give her for long. The new look isn't as exciting as the old one, but... well, that was kind of the meaning as well.
  36. 36. This is something I've never understood about these two. Author tends to just boldly take up the matter of her adultery in the dinner table. She does have a lot of those memories, I understand, but... Doesn't she have any common sense?
  37. 37. And what is even funnier, of course, is this. They always seem to agree on the matter. An open relationship, huh? "Hey, I now have the lifetime want of 50 first dates myself. I understand. And I love my wife."
  38. 38. "I'm not blind you see." I might disagree about that a bit, but I'm not saying that to him of course.
  39. 39. Curty! Hands off! That is for your daughter, you silly! You know the law forbids reading other people's mail.
  40. 40. Despite his mysterious nature and his mysterious plans with his friends, Aadam is also like any other Legacy kid. Meaning he works hard on his college scholarships. After all, it is true: more money means more fun. Even if he can't gain enough money to earn any points for me.
  41. 41. Rebecca seems to care a lot about Aadam. She sneaks on the lot in the middle of the night...
  42. 42. ... just to leave him a pinball machine. How nice. So yes, they've been dating again to boost Aadam's aspiration.
  43. 43. And they aren't the only ones dating, either. Author and Curty are slowly working on Author's second lifetime want, 50 dream dates. And well, if they want to smustle, who am I to say no?
  44. 44. So, smustle time it is.
  45. 45. ... and on it goes.
  46. 46. Although Aadam's relationship with his mother was troubled, he kept on a happy face. He couldn't punish his mother for some reason he didn't understand, could he now? But there was something he couldn't understand about it all. Now that he was a teen, he was old enough to see that he looked nothing like his brothers and sister. The smart kid he was, he did have some doubts about how things really were with his relations to the rest of the family, but he never went and asked about it. In some way he didn't want to know.
  47. 47. Even though an elder already, Author hasn't reached the top of her career yet. Here she is working hard on that goal. Sort of. Or at least she's getting practice on eating candy.
  48. 48. I wonder what she puts on those candies - salt?
  49. 49. Ah, the dominating three nice points. Let go of your brother right this instant, Aurora!
  50. 50. Even though everything seemed to be well for Aadam on the surface, in reality it wasn't. Even among his family and with his girlfriend Rebecca He felt lonely at times, without knowing why. He connected this with his doubts about the family, but again... he didn't really want to know.
  51. 51. Aurora is the only one of the kids who doesn't really care about college. All the others have rolled the want to go early on, but she still hasn't. Not that it'd change anything - she is going all the same. But in reality, she only cares about the small joys of life, like juggling for instance.
  52. 52. For Aurora it isn't the time to go yet, but for the twins it is. Time to order the cab, kids!
  53. 53. And as twins, Arthur and Abraham order their cabs simultaneously.
  54. 54. "Hooray, soon I'll be one step closer to having babies!" Well, if you want to think of it that way, Arthur.
  55. 55. "With all these scholarships, learning more should be easy." Well yes, it should. Don't worry.
  56. 56. Alright then, Arthur. See you soon. Keep thinking about the babies until then. Or something. Arthur snatches the scholarships for charisma, creativity, dancing, cleaning, cooking and grades.
  57. 57. And you Abraham, all those term papers and skillpoints. You'll enjoy it I'm sure. Abraham, in turn, gets the scholarships for creativity, charisma, dancing, mechanical, cooking and grades.
  58. 58. And there they arrive, in the dorm with Adrian, Nicole and Adson. Not that long until I get to play them again.
  59. 59. And this, my dear readers, is when I installed Open for Business. The first thing I do with the Bookacies is get them a robotics bench and get Curty practising on it. I so want a servo!
  60. 60. Around the same time, Author finally maxes her cooking, so she has the chance to become Celebrity Chef and earn more.
  61. 61. Now there's only four of them left. Hooray! Well, now that I think of it, four pleasure sims... Not so hooray. Not that I wouldn't like those. But I guess four is a bit of exaggeration really.
  62. 62. Aadam and Rebecca become closer all the time. By discussing makeup. Probably his. Oh yes, he does have a little eye makeup. It made his eyes look sharper somehow, so I liked that. He doesn't seem to mind, either.
  63. 63. And well, this is true love, it seems.
  64. 64. Also Aurora and Andrew are doing great, as you can see.
  65. 65. Well, you can make best friends by kissing, I suppose. Author and Curty did that as well. I guess that's how they like it.
  66. 66. Hooray, finally a bronze badge in robotics! Keep going, Curty!
  67. 67. Obviously I can't wait to try out the new features in OFB. I have to go and found the very first business of the Bookacy Family: The Bookacy Family Bakery. Author purchases a community lot and becomes the first owner of the family business.
  68. 68. And so begins the first day in business for the bakery.
  69. 69. Doesn't really begin too well. Author manages to set the stove on fire. Luckily, the bakery is currently closed and no customers see this.
  70. 70. And well, at least we get to meet the fireman. And Author gets to be open about her adultery again.
  71. 71. Finally we get to open up too. And this is my first gold star!
  72. 72. Using the cash register isn't as easy as you'd think.
  73. 73. Not easy at all, in fact. Poor Curty.
  74. 74. Curty! Stop thinking that way about customers right this instant!
  75. 75. Aww. Poor thing. I'm sorry, Curty, I kind of... well, forgot you as I was busy with Author.
  76. 76. Yeah, that helps a lot. Thanks.
  77. 77. Hey! First you laugh at my poor Curty's accident, then you go to our fridge. Not fair! Go burn the stove while you're at it, will you?
  78. 78. Back at home, Aurora is sneaking out with Andrew. Nice car there, Andrew.
  79. 79. And of course she has to get busted. Just as she had the fear to.
  80. 80. And then the police car drives away - with Aurora still on the back seat. For a moment I was pretty worried there. But then she shows up behind the house, sobbing about getting busted.
  81. 81. There there. You can go jump on the couch for comfort.
  82. 82. Hooray, Author maxes creativity as well. Not long and she can get that promotion.
  83. 83. The dating goes on. Aurora and Andrew are in love.
  84. 84. And Rebecca is so content about her latest date with Aadam that she decides to block herself on our patio with a plasma tv.
  85. 85. Argh! A bad chance card! And just as she was going to get promoted. Why didn't I just press ignore? Why? Now she has to skill those hardest skillpoints again. Sigh. Well, getting fired at this point would have sucked even more.
  86. 86. Oh yes, Aurora, you're going to college as well. Right now, please.
  87. 87. Curty is there to wave as he always is.
  88. 88. Bye then, Aurora. See you soon. Really soon, I promise. Aurora got the following scholarships: creativity, charisma, dancing, mechanical, cooking, logic and grades.
  89. 89. So there she is. Not a bad outfit, actually. The dorm is seriously getting crowded. Only Aadam to go!
  90. 90. And speaking of Aadam... Well, he is working hard on that body skill. That scholarship he still has time for.
  91. 91. Back to the family business, then. Why I took a picture of this guy, you may ask? Well, he deserves a spot in this chapter for a certain reason: he happened to be a disguised reporter, and he gave the bakery a good review. So thanks!
  92. 92. Author is slowly learning the tricks of filling the shelves. I don't really know what tricks there could possibly be in taking an object out of her inventory and sticking it on the shelf... But whatever works for you...
  93. 93. Curty is showing off with his newborn muscles. This is typical of my playing style: only in elderhood do my sims have enough time to work out really. Otherwise they tend to get fat.
  94. 94. I think it was Aurora who wanted to buy the bowling alley right before heading to college. As she didn't have the big college want, I took her to platinum with a bowling alley instead. Well, at least Author gets to work on her body skill with it. I don't really know how bowling builds your body (there are loads of things I don't know it seems), but I'm not complaining. And Author's having fun.
  95. 95. Hey, random teen Aadam brought from school, get off my dance sphere!
  96. 96. Oh please, Author, you're supposed to have maximized cooking - you're not supposed to make the stove catch fire! Sigh. If you absolutely must jump around and scream about the fire, then could you please at least back down a bit so the fireman can get to the stove? Thanks.
  97. 97. Aadam invites Rebecca over. This time not for a date, but to dance. Oh yes, I want him to get the dancing scholarship. And for some reason my teens haven't been able to dance with their parents. Don't know why. But anyway, luckily there's Rebecca to help him with that.
  98. 98. Umm... Curty! Behave! That's all I'm saying about this picture. And yes. They've been on a date again, of course. (Well, it was almost all.)
  99. 99. Finally it was time for Aadam to say goodbye to Rebecca. But only for a short while, he promised. Only until he'd get settled, and she'd go to college as well. Only until then.
  100. 100. Why the long face, Aadam? Cheer up, you're going to college! "This is my basic expression now." Alright then.
  101. 101. Umm... Curty darling? Aadam is going the other way, behind your back.
  102. 102. "Oh, right. Aadam!"
  103. 103. "Bye, kid. Be good." And there Aadam went, without looking back, to his new life.
  104. 104. Bye, Aadam. I'll be coming right after you, so see you really soon.
  105. 105. And there he was, Aadam, standing on the dorm yard with all the other Bookacy kids, ready to start a new life and determined to make the best of it. And unaware of the events that would soon take place, unaware of both his past and future. But soon enough he would find out. So, this is where I leave you this time, dear reader. Wondering what Salahuddin is up to? What is his great plan? Well, too bad. You have to wait until chapter 7. All the same, see you next time, until then, happy simming!