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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3 3


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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3 3

  1. 1. Hi! Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Rosaline here has not received a cover in awhile and has never gotten one to herself which all changes now as she practices ballet in the kitchen. RECAP of last chapter.... Alexandra got caught performing a spell in public by a guy named Jimmy who she was forced to befriend, but found he was actually really nice. Rosaline went to a party where she found out that Ethan now has a girlfriend. Renaud got mad at Victoria when she tried to make a move on him at the same party claiming that she wasn't going to use him any longer. Also Romeo grew up and settled into college life. Soon he found himself fallin for a girl in his dorm named Layla who was interested in him the second she heard he was a legacy heir. This relationship hurt Zoe, a friend of Romeo's from the dorm who had developed a crush on him. Okay moving on......
  2. 2. “I think my brain is going to fry if I study any longer!” Juliet cried feeling her head ache from taking in too much information for the past hour, finals were going on meaning that everyone had been studying non-stop. “Then stop,” Rosaline told her strictly beside her, deep into her studies. “But then I'll fail!” Juliet whined sick of studying. “Then study,” Rosaline snapped annoyed by her sister. Juliet frowned, “Maybe I'll just take a break,” she closed her book and stood up. “Whatever,” Rosaline mumbled. Things between Rosaline and Juliet were still just as tense as when they were teenagers and the stress of exams wasn't making their relationship all the much better.
  3. 3. Other members of the Annya Fruhmn greek house took much different approaches to making sure they would get good marks on their finals. Being a romance sim, Vicki got quite a lot of “private tutoring” from her professor guaranteeing that she would pass with no problem.
  4. 4. She didn't limit herself to her male professor either, she received much “private tutoring” from her female professor as well. At first everyone was shocked by this, but Vicki told everyone to relax and that it was no big deal because she was bi. Rosaline was more annoyed at the fact that Vicki would be receiving the same grades as her without having to work her butt off like Rosaline was.
  5. 5. Alexandra spent her time studying things that wouldn't be found on her final exam. She knew she should be studying for finals, but studying magic was just way more interesting to her. She had finally learned how to remove someone's sickness and she was so close to learning how to lift someone's moods. She knew that finals were important, but she knew enough that she would pass them and found studying magic to be more important to her.
  6. 6. Even with spending her time studying magic, Alexandra was still studying for than her sister Victoria who was completely unfazed by the fact that it was the time of finals avoiding any form of work what so ever. Rather than doing work, Victoria spent her time blowing bubbles, dating, and going to parties. The house had no idea how she could be so calm and not study, but Victoria claimed she had it all under control and would pass just as well as the rest of them.
  7. 7. Victoria did have a method for passing and that method was making others do her work for her, and no one was eliminated from this even family. “Victoria do I really have to write your term paper?” Romeo groaned, “I thought you liked me.” “I do like you Romeo, but your a pledge and I have a term paper and you are doing it for me,” Victoria smiled. “I don't really have a choice do I?” Romeo frowned. “No, you really don't,” Victoria grinned.
  8. 8. Romeo grumbled by the computer wondering what to write, “Hmm” he pondered, “How about How I Never Write my Own Term Papers and Spend my Time Partying by Victoria London, that should get her an A” he smiled.
  9. 9. In the end Romeo managed to finish Victoria's term paper while managing to pass finals himself, and since he had spent an entire semester in the dorms it was time for him to move into the family greek house. When the day came his new girlfriend Layla was there to wish him goodbye. “Romeo I'm not to sure I'm okay with you moving into a house with 5 other girls,” Layla rubbed his shoulder in the dorm lobby. Romeo dazed at her, “Layla you have nothing to worry about, four of them are family and Vicki well trust me she's not my type,” Romeo smiled at her. Layla narrowed her eyes, “Okay but I'm going to checking up on you a lot alright?”
  10. 10. Romeo didn't say anything and Layla glared at him, “Sure Layla you're always welcome at the greek house,” he said quickly. “Good,” Layla smiled wrapping her arms around him, “I'll miss you schnookums” Layla cooed. “I'll miss you too” Romeo smiled. Layla separated herself from him, “Aren't your forgetting something?” she asked her eyes wide. Romeo shuffled, “Oh uh sorry, I'll miss you too...pookie.” Layla smiled at him amused.
  11. 11. There was one other person who was also watching Romeo leave though she didn't speak to him. Zoe carefully watched him step into the taxi not helping but feel sad. She was trying to get over him, but that statement was easier said than done. Part of her though was relieved that he was moving out though because then she wouldn't have to see him and Layla together everyday making her feel even worse, now she could fully focus on school and not be caught up in stupid crushes.
  12. 12. Zoe was doing just that when she was interrupted by a tall blonde who glowering at her intensely, “Hey Zoe,” she said giving a fake smile. Zoe looked up at her uncomfortable, “Uh can I help you?” she asked. Layla ignored her, “So I saw you watching Romeo leave.” “Uh yeah I was sort of just walking back from class,” Zoe lied not wanting to deal with Layla. Layla laughed, “Right like I really believe that!” she snapped.
  13. 13. Zoe didn't say anything just looking into Layla's face that scared her, “Look Zoe let me make this clear okay?” “Okay?” “Romeo is mine now alright so your pity little crush on him is over along with your friendship alright?” Layla narrowed her eyes at Zoe. “Uhh sure,” Zoe muttered feeling uneasy. Layla grinned, “Good I'm glad we have that settled, I'll see you around Zoe!”
  14. 14. Zoe watched Layla leave perplexed wondering what was Layla's problem. There was something off about Layla that didn't see right, but she couldn't get involved because she had to separate herself from Romeo plus Layla just plain out gave her the creeps, all she could do was forget about it and just move on with her life which was exactly what she was going to do.
  15. 15. Over at Annya Fruhmn finals were finally over and Romeo began to adjust to greek life. The hardest part of it all was the fact that he was living with 5 other girls who liked to interrogate him. “So Romeo do you have a girlfriend?” Juliet asked her brother at breakfast that was more like lunch because it was around 12, “We all want to know who the next legacy princess is going to be.” “Legacy princess?” Rosaline asked disgusted. “Uh yeah,” Juliet grinned dreamily, “She is going to be marrying the heir after all making her a legacy princess!” “Or just the wife of a legacy heir,” Rosaline muttered chewing on her pancakes.
  16. 16. “Yeah yeah whatever so do you have one Romeo?” Victoria asked bluntly. “Uh yeah,” Romeo answered casually continuing to eat his pancakes. “Oh my plumbob what's her name?” Juliet cried excited. “Is she nice?” Rosaline asked. “Is she hot?” Victoria added. Romeo blinked flustered by all the questions, “Her name is Layla and she uh,” suddenly he paused feeling confused and then blinked remembering what he was going to say, “She's very nice and very pretty” he said almost robotically.
  17. 17. “Huh?” Rosaline asked weirded out by his voice tone. “She's very nice and very pretty,” Romeo repeated this time more casually. “How did you meet?” Juliet asked interested. Romeo stared at her, “Uh just in the dorms.” “Ooo you were living together,” Victoria grinned. “So do you think she's the one?” Juliet asked seriously. “Uhhh,” Romeo mummbled.
  18. 18. Romeo was interupted by Vicki who came over and placed a plate of pancakes on the table beside him, “Hey guys what's going on?” she asked, “Interrogating our only male member?” “Yeah we're talking about Romeo's new girlfriend Layla,” Juliet smiled. “Ooo,” Vicki cooed interested sitting, “Wait are you dating Layla Monroe?” she asked. “Uh yeah” Romeo answered, “You know her?” Vicki shook her head, “Not really but I've seen her, and damn Romeo that girl's hot!”
  19. 19. “Uhh,” Romeo stuttered uncomfortable by that comment looking down awkwardly at his pancakes. “So Romeo you never answered me do you think she's the one?” Juliet asked again. “Don't listen to her,” Victoria interrupted, “You don't need to know that just have fun that's what I do.” “Yeah we know,” Rosaline muttered across from her, Victoria just glared at her. “Look I don't know right now,” Romeo finally answered wanting to change the topic.
  20. 20. “Oh well okay you'll know soon enough,” Juliet smiled across from him. “Uh yeah sure,” Romeo sighed sick of this topic, “So uh where's Alexandra? I have barley seen her since I moved in.” “I don't know she always seems to disappear,” Rosaline answered. “She's probably just doing something weird,” Victoria cried, “You know Alexandra”
  21. 21. Alexandra was indeed upstairs in the back of her and Rosaline's closet doing something that Victoria would definitely consider weird. Standing behind her was Jimmy who was the only person other than her witch mentor Jane who knew that she was witch. She and Jimmy had begun to hang out a lot and Alexandra loved having someone to talk about all her witch things with other than Jane. “Hey Alexandra as fun as it is to watch you read from that book for an hour, I'm sort of bored and my feet kind of hurt and..” “I have something that can fix all that,” Alexandra interrupted turning around to face him. “You do?” he asked.
  22. 22. Alexandra walked closer him holding her wand, “Yeah I just learned this mood lifter spell and I can totally test it out on you,” she grinned. “Wow wait test?' Jimmy asked apprehensive, “You know I'm all for the magic thing, but I don't want you to like turn me into a frog or something.” Alexandra laughed, “I wouldn't even know how to do that, and I know what I'm doing. You do trust me, right?” “Uhh yeah,” Jimmy answered, “But you never know” “Just relax, I have this under control” Alexandra said focusing closely as sparkles began to fly from her wand. “Uh okay.”
  23. 23. Alexandra smiled once she had finished passing the spell watching Jimmy as he began to glow. Jimmy looked down “Ahh Alexandra my foot is like some giant sparkle,” he lifted up his foot trying to shake it off. “Yeah, it's supposed to be, you should be feeling awesome in no time!” She stared at him with a big smile. “But my foot...” “ supposed to be like that” Alexandra finished, “Just relax.”
  24. 24. Within seconds Jimmy stood up straight with a huge grin, “Wow I feel awesome like I feel like I could do just about anything right now!” Alexandra smiled, “See I told you, I did a mood lifter spell meaning all your moods are maxed out right now.” “Yeah geez this is awesome! Can you do this to me all the time?” he asked. Alexandra laughed, “Ha maybe but I think you would begin to become immune to it.” “That's possible?” he asked. “I don't know, but I would assume so.” Alexandra grinned. They then both stood in silence staring at each other.
  25. 25. “I love all this witch stuff,” Jimmy suddenly said with a small smile. “It is definitely interesting,” Alexandra looked up at him with a grin. Jimmy looked down feeling shy all the sudden, “You know I really enjoy spending time with you Alexandra.” Alexandra giggled nervously, “I like hanging out with you too.” Jimmy took a deep breath and began to slowly move closer to her, “You're also really pretty” he said awkwardly having wanted to tell her that for awhile now. Alexandra looked over to the side looking down shyly and placing her hand on her nose, “Wow thanks you''re cute too” she managed to mumble. Jimmy smiled beginning to move even closer into her to make a move.
  26. 26. But just as he had moved his head closer, Alexandra lifted her head at the same time causing him to knock right into her nose. Jimmy looked at her in complete surpise as she rubbed her nose gently, “Ouch,” she murmured. “Oh my boolprop, Alexandra are you okay? I really didn't mean to do that I was just trying to uh... are you okay?” he asked nervously. “I'm fine just my nose hurts a little,” she muttered rubbing it still. “I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to do that!” Jimmy cried in shock feeling horrible. “Don't worry about it.” “I'm so sorry I really didn't mean to at all, I was just...” “I know what you were trying to do,” Alexandra interrupted “You do?” Jimmy asked surprised
  27. 27. “Yeah,” Alexandra said quickly grabbing him and leaning herself in to kiss him, Jimmy in surprise happily accepted it.
  28. 28. Once they separated they just stared at each other grinning. “Wow,” Jimmy finally muttered still staring at her. “I've never had a boyfriend before,” Alexandra blurted out quickly. Jimmy smiled, “That's okay because I've never really had a girlfriend before either.” Alexandra grinned just staring at him, she never thought she would ever be into relationships but Jimmy definitely made her feel otherwise, “You know maybe we should leave the closet.” “Probably a good idea,” Jimmy answered still with a huge smile.
  29. 29. They did just that only to see Rosaline standing in the room watching them, “Wow now I know where you've been disappearing off to so much,” she smiled. Alexandra was still smiling but could feel her cheeks redden, “It's not what it looks like.” Rosaline laughed, “Sure I can tell right from the silly grins on both of your faces that it is completely not what it looks like.” Alexandra cheeks reddened even more and she quickly grabbed Jimmy's hand to leave the room before Rosaline could give her any more grief.
  30. 30. “Alexandra has a boyfriend?” Victoria asked in shock after Rosaline had told her the next day. Rosaline nodded, “Yeah they were totally walking out of the closet together yesterday.” Juliet smiled, “That's so cute, I always knew Alexandra would find someone.” “Yeah from what I saw he seemed like a pretty nice guy,” Rosaline responded.
  31. 31. “He must be weird!” Victoria cried . “Victoria!” Juliet scolded beside her. “Oh come Jules, its Alexandra!” “Yeah but I mean there is someone out there for everyone,” Juliet smiled thinking of Corey. Victoria shook her head, “Enough with the soul mate and love crap Juliet, I feel like that's all you ever think about!”
  32. 32. And Victoria herself continued to steer as far away from any form of commitment as possible continuing to date any guy that traced her path. She had even learned from Vicki that dating your professors was the best way to guarantee good marks.
  33. 33. “Hey Vicki don't you care that Victoria is over there all over that professor guy you've been seeing?” Juliet asked Vicki as they stood in front of the conspicuous couple. “Umm no..” Vicki shrugged, “Why would I?” Juliet looked at her baffled, “Because Vicki aren't you seeing him?” “So? He's a romance sim like me we don't care. Plus I've sort of been seeing someone else right now who I like a whole lot better.” Vicki told her. “You have? Who?” Juliet asked surprised by this. “Lexy Mason,” Vicki smiled. “The lead singer of that band?” “Uh huh,” Vicki nodded still holding a huge grin.
  34. 34. Vicki had indeed been seeing quite a lot of Lexy Mason, Ethan's twin sister and lead singer of the popular band on campus Supersonic Shadows. Lexy was the first person that Vicki actually found herself really liking rather than just using them for something else. “Hey Vic? Don't you see that we are sort of busy here?” Vicki told Victoria as she moseyed on by the couple. Victoria rolled her eyes, “If you wanted privacy maybe you should have thought of not having your date in the room where the stairs are.”
  35. 35. Vicki had realized that she really liked Lexy when she had been hanging out at the Student Lounge one day. Supersonic Shadows had been practicing there and Vicki found herself watching them closely, well more like she found herself watching Lexi closely.
  36. 36. “You are such a good singer,” Vicki told her once they had finished practicing, finding that for once she found herself nervous around someone. Lexy smiled, “Thank you ......” “Vicki,” Vicki had completed for her. “Oh Vicki,” she grinned, “I like that name a lot. Once I had a fish named Vicki, it was really awesome, but then it sort of died because well you know fish don't last very long and all, but wait I really did not mean to be comparing you to a fish because well you're way prettier than a fish.” Vicki just laughed, “Well you're prettier than a fish too.”
  37. 37. “Thanks I sure hope so, because well I really wouldn't want to look like fish even though fish are cute and all, but you know they still aren't the best looking of all creatures and stuff,” Lexy rambled. Vicki nodded, “Yeah but don't worry you are way prettier than a fish or any other creature for that matter.” Lexy blushed, “Do you want to go get some coffee over at the coffee place over there? I mean it's okay if you don't want to I guess but I mean just in case you did I decided to ask. I think they have pretty good coffee though maybe not as good as the kind at the coffee shop but..” “I would love to,” Vicki interrupted causing Lexy to just smile.
  38. 38. The two girls had spent the rest of the day at that coffee place eventually getting kicked out by the manager. It was very clear that Vicki had found someone that she really liked though Lexy seeming that Lexy is pleasure sim and her being a romance sim, they had decided that they were just going to keep their relationship fun for now, but it was clear to spectators that their relationship looked way more than just one “for fun.”
  39. 39. Layla and Romeo's relationship was also reaching the point where it was becoming more than “just for fun” well Layla wanted to get past that point anyway. “So Romeo when are we actually going to do something fun?” she asked. “You mean like go bowling?” he asked her with a grin, he was really good at bowling. Layla scrunched her nose, “Ew no, I mean something like fun fun!” Romeo looked at her confused, “Like putt putt?” “No Romeo!” she cried annoyed his obliviousness.
  40. 40. “I mean like this kind of fun,” she smiled leaning in to kiss. She slowly moved her lips to touch his in what turned out to be a very awkward kiss not at all what she had in mind.
  41. 41. “Oh you mean that kind of fun,” he stated suddenly realizing. “Uh yeah and and what was up with that!” Layla cried, the kiss had felt like a kiss a parent gives their child before bed, not at all what Layla had had in mind. “What was up with what?” Romeo asked not having any idea what she was talking about. “That kiss! It was so awkward, it was like you've never kissed anyone before in your life!” “Well maybe that's because I haven't” Romeo responded quietly, he wasn't embarrassed by that fact, but he had a feeling Layla wouldn't take it lightly.
  42. 42. And much to his prediction Layla suddenly burst out laughing in loud deep chuckles that seemed to last forever. “Uh Layla?” Romeo suddenly asked a little annoyed by this. “Are you serious?” she managed to gasp trying to gain control of herself, she let out one more small giggle and then grew serious again, “Sorry Romeo but really I mean you're in college.” “So?” he protested, “I never saw the big deal about it, I was just waiting for the right girl.”
  43. 43. “So I guess this means you have never woohooed anyone either!” Layla suddenly blurted out. “Well yeahh,” Romeo mumbled A smile slid across her thin lips, “Well that sure is going to change right now!” “Wait what!” Romeo cried in shock. “Come on Romeo it's going to be fun!” “Umm,” He mumbled uneasily thinking how he hadn't know Layla long and something about doing this now didn't seem right.
  44. 44. Layla was not going to toleration his perturbation, “Romeo,” she purred quietly looking straight into his light blue eyes. He looked back her completely locked by her gaze as if he had gone into some sort of trance.
  45. 45. “Yeah okay Layla let's woohoo,” Romeo agreed with a nod, all his apprehension was now gone. A thin smile spread across Layla's lips, “Good.”
  46. 46. “See Romeo wasn't that fun?” Layla expressed delighted afterward. “Um yeah sure,” Romeo responded thinking how that had not at all been the magically experience that movies made it out to be.
  47. 47. Corey and Juliet's relationship on the other hand did seem magically well to Juliet anyway. She and Corey had been hanging out a lot more ever since the band party, he even completely stopped wearing his llama outfit for her. She knew that she had finally found her one and was more than ready to graduate and begin a family with him, but before that could happen she still had three words to say to him.
  48. 48. “I had a lot of fun tonight,” Juliet smiled grabbing his hand, they had hung out at one of the clubs downtown. “Yeah me too except for when Ms. Crumblebottom caught us in the corner!” Corey cried. Juliet laughed, “Yeah but you were so brave when you took those purse slappings.” “Ha brave or not that lady still scares me,” Corey smiled. “Well you were still brave,” Juliet said sweetly staring at him, Corey just smiled back, “Hey Corey?” she asked. “Yeah?” “Uh...” she began than paused and took a deep breath, “I love you” she finally said.
  49. 49. Corey's eyes widened as he stared back at her sweet face, “” he managed to say in shock. Juliet continued to stare at him feeling a little hurt by his reaction, she had expected him to automatically say it back. She had thought he had always just been nervous to say it first. She frowned a little. “No uh Jules I uh,” he began nervously seeing her reaction, “I was just shocked, but I....I love you too.” “Really?” Juliet asked noticing his hesitation. “Of course, why would I lie?” he muttered.
  50. 50. Juliet smiled, “I don't know,” she stared at him him face beaming, “I'm so glad we've finally said it.” “Yeah me too, I was uh really nervous about it” Corey responded quietly avoiding eye contact with her. Juliet continued to look at him happily, “I know, but it's finally out there and I'm so happy to finally say out loud that I love Corey!” Corey shuffled back and forth on his feet awkward, “Yeah and uh I love Juliet,” he cried forcing a smile. Juliet grinned, “I would invite you in but Victoria has dibs on the double bed.”
  51. 51. “Oh uh no it's fine don't worry about it, I sort of wanted to head home anyway,” he mumbled still avoiding eye contact with her. “Okay, well I'll talk to you tomorrow alright,” she paused delighted, “I love you” she gushed loving to finally say it to him. Corey swallowed, “Right back at ya.” Juliet smiled, “Night.” “Goodnight,” he called after her as she headed back inside.
  52. 52. Once Juliet had closed the door, Corey began to walk away from the greek house slowly feeling weird. The thing he had been working towards for the past many months had finally happened, he had managed to get Juliet Loving to finally fall in love with him. He should be feeling awesome right now, for now all he had to do was break her heart and he would finally get revenge on Aimee and Weldon who had hurt him so long ago, but he didn't feel awesome, he felt weird, he felt bad and all he wanted to do right now was go to sleep.
  53. 53. By the time he headed back to his dorm, it was around 2 in the morning and he was feeling worse by the second. His dorm was creepily quiet, the only sound he could hear was the air conditioner buzzing quietly. He was surprised that there wasn't a party going on as it was a Friday night, but he didn't really care in fact he was happy because now he could just go to sleep in peace.
  54. 54. “Someone's back late,” a voice called the second he walked through the door. “Rosemarie?” he asked is surprise seeing the red headed cheerleader sitting in a chair in the dorm lobby alone in the dark, it was as if she had been waiting for him for hours, “Geez what are you doing in here?” “Uhm waiting for you,” Rosemarie answered as if it was obvious. Corey stared at her confused, “Uh why?” “Because,” Rosemarie grinned, “I wanted to see how your date went seeming how late you came home it must have been great” she winked. “Uh yeah it was fun,” Corey answered not wanting to talk to her.
  55. 55. “Mmhmm so what's your status?” Rosemarie asked raising an eyebrow. “Status?” Corey asked confused. “Uh yeah,” Rosemarie cried loudly, “Like is she in love with you yet because its been long enough!” “Oh,” Corey answered, “Well uh she is, in fact she said it tonight.” Rosemarie's face lightened, “Really?” “Um yeah,” Corey mumbled regretting telling her.
  56. 56. “Well then this is perfect!” Rosemarie smiled. “It is?” “Umm yeah, we can finally operate our plan!” she cried. “Plan?” “Corey what is wrong with you, our plan where we can finally break that Loving girl's little heart!” “Oh yeah that plan,” Corey muttered. Rosemarie glared at him carefully for a second in silence, “NO” she finally yelled.
  57. 57. “Shhh Rosemarie you're gonna wake up our entire dorm,” Corey glared at her nervously. “Corey,” she said slowly, “You better not be falling in love with that Loving girl!” Corey looked at her puzzled, “Love? Rosemarie why would I be falling in love with her?” “I don't know why would you Corey?” she snapped, “Because in case you forgot her parents both pushed you to the curb a generation ago!” “I know,” Corey responded thinking, “Which is why I'm all for this plan,” he grinned suddenly remembering the true reason for this plan and gaining some motivation for it. Rosemarie smiled delighted, “Good, that's exactly what I thought.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  58. 58. Winter soon arrived at Sim State University quickly bringing thick layer of snow that covered the entire campus. Due to the huge mass of snow classes had been temporarily canceled allowing everyone to do whatever they please for a couple of days though most people chose to stay inside.
  59. 59. Alexandra though was one not one of those people because she saw that the snow brought many fun activities and reason to hang out outside. She took much pleasure in the snow, never really having played in it much as a child. She immediately began to a build a snowman the first second she got. Jimmy walked up to the greek house seeing her outside, “Hey what ya working on ?” he asked her seeing the three giant balls of white snow stacked on top of each other.
  60. 60. “Building a snowman silly,” Alexandra answered not even looking up at him, she was a very deeply involved in her work. Jimmy looked over to the side and then back to her, “But there's already one over there.” Aimee smiled still not looking up at him, “I know which is why it needed a friend, plus mine is going to be way cooler.” Jimmy just laughed.
  61. 61. “There I'm done,” Alexandra smiled examining her work after she had put on the final touches. “Looks great, does it have a name?” Jimmy asked her. Alexandra thought for a moment until thinking of one, “Sir Frosty-Buns,” she answered seriously. Jimmy chuckled, “I don't even want to know how you managed to come up with that.”
  62. 62. “The name just came to me,” Alexandra grinned. Jimmy walked up to her grabbing her hand, “Well I think that is the best snowman I have ever seen.” He moved himself closer to her trying to kiss her, but Alexandra stopped him, “What?” he asked confused. “Not in front of Sir Frosty-Buns!” Alexandra scolded, she dragged him behind the snowman.
  63. 63. Once they were safety behind Alexandra grinned, “Okay now can kiss me all you want.” Jimmy just laughed planting a kiss upon her lips safe from Sir Frosty-Bun's view as the snow around them slowly stopped falling and the sky began to turn the bright shade of blue again.
  64. 64. Other couples also enjoyed the cold winter weather finding warmth from each other in matching sweaters. Lexy and Vicki had quickly began to become inseparably spending almost all of their time with each other, it was clear that Vicki had settled.
  65. 65. Then of course there was Victoria who continued to date as many guys as possible despite the snow, including Romeo's friend from the dorms Shawn who she tossed rather quickly for him wanting commitment. “Hmm how many guys does that make?” a dormie named Adrianna mumbled walking past them thinking how every time saw Victoria she was with something different.
  66. 66. Romeo and Layla remained inside strictly with each other perusing much pubic affection around the greek house. Romeo continued to follow Layla around constantly obeying her every command. It was somewhat hard to find the couple cute as they seemed to do anything other than grope each other.
  67. 67. “Those two are disgusting!” Victoria cried to Juliet as they stood in front of the couple who completely ignored their existance. Juliet looked over at them with a smile, “I think they are cute, it's obvious Romeo loves her.” “Yeah it's really quite obvious that he's whipped!” Victoria muttered looking over at his cousin who was entirely invested in Layla. Juliet shook her head with a small smile, “One day Victoria you will see that love is a beautiful thing.” “Ummm yeah, I don't think so,” Victoria walked away.
  68. 68. Of course Juliet thought love was a very beautiful thing as found herself deeply in it. She found that she was even closer to Corey ever since she said the three special words to him. Now all she was waiting for him to do was pop the big question to her so their relationship would be fully secure.
  69. 69. This was why the night he asked to go out on a fancy dinner downtown, she took longer than she ever had prepping for it because she just knew it was the night. Juliet looked at herself self consciously in the mirror examining every angle of her body in the pick dress that she had picked up earlier that day. “Hey Vic do I looked okay?” she asked still unsure. “Yeah you look great,” Victoria answered too quickly. “You sure?” “Absolutely,” Victoria responded out of breath.
  70. 70. Juliet turned around to her jumping rope and paying absolutely no attention to her, “Victoria!” “What?” Victoria cried continuing to jump. Juliet glared at her, “You aren't even looking at what I'm wearing!” “Jules I'm sure that whatever pink dress you have thrown yourself in looks great!” “Victoria,” Juliet whined, “I would really appreciate if you could maybe at least look.” “Jules I already know what you look like, I still don't understand why this date is such a big deal!”
  71. 71. “Because Vic,” Juliet began, “This is the night” she held her hands together looking over at her cousin dreamily. “The night for what?” Victoria asked confused. “The night Vic!” Juliet continued to daze off dreamily, “The night where he is finally going to propose!” Victoria coughed, “What?” “Yes Victoria tonight I am finally going to become engaged!” Victoria grinned. Victoria didn't say anything continuing to jump, finally she said, “Well you have fun with that.”
  72. 72. “So Corey are you ready?” Rosemarie asked the llama mascot who tonight was all dressed up waiting for Juliet in his dorm room. “Ummm...” Corey began staring into the cheerleader's face, “What's the plan again?” he asked already knowing the answer. Rosemarie placed a hand on her hip, “Um she barges in, you kiss me, broken heart, revenge, done!” “Riiight” he muttered. “Yep so are you ready?” she asked with wide enthusiastic eyes.
  73. 73. “About that,” he began feeling uneasy, “Maybe we shouldn't do this anymore, I mean I think Aimee got her punishment when she married a cow.” Rosemarie raised an eyebrow, “Corey what? We are doing this plan just think about the sweet taste of revenge.” “Yeah but we are breaking Juliet's heart in the process,” Corey sighed. Rosemarie nodded, “I know which makes this even more fun, so seriously are you ready?” Corey narrowed his eyes at her realizing that Rosemarie was anything but nice, “No Rosemarie I'm not ready” he suddenly cried, “I can't do this alright!”
  74. 74. “What!” Rosemarie yelled in response angrily, “Corey we have been planning this forever and you are just going to back out now!” Corey nodded, “Yes in fact I think I've been wanting to for a very long time now.” “Corey!” she snapped, “You aren't doing this, you can't back out now!” “Yes I can Rosemarie and I am, I'm done!” Corey glared at her. “You're in love with the stupid Loving girl aren't you!” Rosemarie cried. Corey just stared at her and then nodded realizing the truth, he was in love with Juliet for she was the best thing that had come in his life in years, he gave her hope that he wasn't going to be a mascot forever.
  75. 75. Rosemarie snorted tossing her hand to the side, “Right okay so what do you expect now Corey to run off and live happily ever after because if you don't remember the only reason you even started dating her was to break her heart, and I'm pretty sure she won't be to thrilled to hear that!” Corey frowned haven't given much though to that, he knew he was going to have to tell her because he couldn't lie to her but she wouldn't like it one bit, “We will work it out,” he muttered. “Corey?” a voice called from the hallway. Corey looked over to the door knowing it was Juliet. “Well I guess you will have to do that now,” she grinned glaring a him hearing Juliet's footsteps grow closer to the door, she looked over at the door seeing the door knob begin to turn.
  76. 76. The second the door opened Rosemarie forced herself on Corey too quickly for him to even think to push her off. Juliet stood in the doorway blinking twice. Was she really thinking what she thought she was seeing? “Corey?” she croaked her mouth hanging wide open, her insides freezing up.
  77. 77. Corey quickly pushed Rosemarie off of him who just stood there now with a big smile. Corey stared over at Juliet in absolute horror, “Juliet!” he cried. “What?....How?” Juliet muttered holding back tears best she could not believing any of this, trying to convince herself that this was a dream, but every time she blinked it was still happening. “It's.... it's not what it looks like,” Corey looked at her carefully knowing that this was the lamest excuse in the world, “I promise Juliet I...”
  78. 78. But it was too late before he could finish Juliet was running out the door feeling the tears now begin to fall from her face. Corey watched her in shock. What? How did that just happen? Rosemarie laughed, “Oh look at that Corey your little love is running away from you.” Corey didn't say anything, “It was bound to happen anyway Corey,” she continued, “I was just trying to make it easier for you!”
  79. 79. “Shut up Rosemarie!” Corey screamed madder than he had ever been, “I can not believe you just did that!” Rosemarie rolled her eyes, “Corey you know it would happen anyway.” “No Rosemarie,” Corey fumed, “It wouldn't have and you just made things a hundred times worse. I can't even look at you at right, in fact I don't even know why I'm wasting my time yelling at you right now!”
  80. 80. Corey sprinted out of his dorm room as fast he could and as far away from Rosemarie as possible only having one thing on his mind, Juliet. “Juliet!” he shouted after her trying to catch up to the running girl. Juliet didn't slow down for him continuing to run as far away from him as she could. “Juliet!” he panted grabbing her shoulder to slow her down, “Please!” he begged out of breath.
  81. 81. “No,” she pushed him off her holding her arms out and turning around to face him. Corey could see the tears on her face now. “Juliet please,” he pleaded wanting her to listen to him more than anything in the world, “Let me explain.” “No Corey,” Juliet told him sadly, “Just no”
  82. 82. It was then that she ran again escaping his presence. All he could do was just watch her go, “Juliet,” he called one last time, but it was too late, there was no way she was going to turn back now. He continued to watch as she faded in the distance. “I love you,” he whispered to himself remaining in the same place even after she was long out of his view.
  83. 83. *CRASH*
  84. 84. “This game sucks!” Victoria yelled glaring at the the sticks that she just caused to tumble. “Oh come on, Don't Wake the Llama is a very fun game,” Rosaline joked beside her, she actually hated this game as well. “NO it's not!” Victoria yelled at her, “It's stupid, who cares if I can add a freaking stick without making some others crash, cause I sure don't!”
  85. 85. “Victoria you just hate it because you kind of suck at it,” Alexandra grinned across the table beginning a new game. Victoria scowled, “You're only saying that cause you've won the past three games!” Alexandra laughed, “Yeah probably.”
  86. 86. “Well whatever I don't even know why I'm spending a perfectly good night playing this stupid game with you three anyway, I could be at a kickass party right now!” Victoria snapped. “Oh come on Vic, family board game nights are the best,” Romeo grinned being a little sarcastic. “Oh be quiet family sim, this is not fun and you know it, I'm sure you would much rather be with Layla right now!” Romeo looked down, “Uh not really.”
  87. 87. Just then Juliet ran up the stairs at lightening speed not even noticing the four of them. Romeo looked up at her with a smile, “Oh hey Jules can you help me tell Victoria the importance of family time?” “You mean the non importance of it,” Victoria muttered. Juliet didn't answer Romeo in fact did not even acknowledge him and ran past all four them not even glancing over once blinking back tears, it was clear that something was not right.
  88. 88. “Dude what the hell?” Victoria looked up at the door Juliet had just slammed behind her. Romeo looked up as well, “Somethings not right.” “Well obviously,” Victoria muttered, “I guess her little dream date didn't go so dreamy!” Rosaline looked behind her, “Someone needs to go talk to her.” It sure wasn't going to be her. “I will,” Victoria began to stand up. “No,” Romeo stopped her, Victoria looked at him skeptically, “I'll go cause no offense Vic but you aren't good when it comes to feelings.” Victoria rolled her eyes, “Fine knock yourself out, but be prepared to become a human tissue.”
  89. 89. Romeo had knocked on the door with no response so he ended up just entering the room on his own. He walked in to see Juliet standing as if she were frozen in front of her closet. “Jules?” he asked, she didn't say anything, “Are you okay?' Again there was no response, “Jules?” he asked again. She twitched barley able to make herself move it was as if she had no control of her body anymore. “Juliet what happened?” Romeo's voice was loud now realizing that something was truly wrong.
  90. 90. She managed to turn around feeling tears building up behind her eyes, it was taking every ounce of energy in her body to avoid them from falling, she glared at Romeo, “I'm fine! Just needed to change out of that stupid dress!” Juliet retorted though it was obvious from her shaking voice that she wasn't. “Juliet what happened?” Romeo stared at her concerned. Juliet just glared at him trying her hardest still not to cry, they stood in silence for about 5 seconds just staring at each other.
  91. 91. But before Romeo could ask her again Juliet ran out the door as fast as she could. “Juliet!” Romeo called after her, but again it was too late for Juliet was long gone not only from her bedroom, but from the greek house as well.
  92. 92. “Weldon this is by far the worst movie I have ever seen!” Aimee Loving laughed looking over at her husband who sat beside her, “I mean he is swooning a statue! Who swoons a statue?” “Oh come Aimee this is some good quality stuff, the part where he talked to the statue was pretty intense!” Weldon joked. “What is this called again?” she asked. “Bubble Bath,” Weldon answered. Aimee shook her head, “I still don't understand why.”
  93. 93. Aimee looked over at the television for a second and then back at Weldon, “Oh now I get it, so he's taking a bubble bath, but still what is the plot to this movie? Who decided to write a movie about a guy taking a bubble bath?” “Juliet?” Weldon questioned looking over to the side where he saw a door close. “Huh?” Aimee asked confused. Weldon looked over at the door again, “I think Juliet just walked by.” “Wait what?” Aimee looked over, “You mean like our daughter?”
  94. 94. Weldon nodded, “Yeah and she didn't look happy.” “What would she be doing home?” Aimee shrugged, “It's like the middle of the semester.” “I have no idea, but I think we should go find out because she didn't look good.”
  95. 95. When Aimee and Weldon walked in Juliet's old bedroom to see her curled up in the middle of bed looking like a young girl, it was very evident that she wasn't at fine or happy. “Juliet?” Aimee questioned, her voice soft. Juliet didn't look up at her mom continuing to look sadly down now letting the tears stream down her face. Aimee stared at her more worried now, “Jules what happened? Are you okay?” Again she was left with no response. “Juliet please tell me what happened.”
  96. 96. It was then that Juliet looked up at her mother, tears cascading and her face the saddest its ever been, “I thought he loved me,” she began her voice hard to understand due to it shaking. Aimee squinted her eyes, “Who?” “ boyfriend, but apparently not,” she paused looking down and rubbing one of her eyes, “because he cheated on me!”
  97. 97. “Oh Juliet,” Aimee sighed sympathetically looking at her daughter cry, she wasn't sure what to do to make her feel better. Behind her Weldon glared angrily, “Who the hell is this guy because I'm going to nail him so hard that he's...” “Weldon!” Aimee interrupted knowing that wasn't going to help, “Juliet who is he?” she asked, maybe she knew him from her college days. Juliet had told her that she had a boyfriend but they had never specified on the specifics all she knew was that apparently he was “amazing.” Juliet sighed, “He is the llama mascot,” she quivered, “His name is...Corey.”
  98. 98. It was then that Aimee's mouth hung open in complete and utter shock. Behind her Weldon grew confused, “Wait he wasn't....” “How many other llama mascots name Corey could their be!” Aimee interrupted loudly. “What, what are you talking about?” Juliet looked at both of her parents surprised faces. “Oh Juliet,” Aimee sighed how was she to begin with this, “Did I ever tell you the story of how I ended up with Weldon?” Juliet shook her head wondering what this had to do with anything. Aimee frowned, “Well back when I was in college I sort of cheated on Weldon, but he never knew it and well I cheated on him with....” she paused, “a llama mascot named Corey who never knew I was with Weldon either and whose heart I ended up breaking to be with Weldon.”
  99. 99. Juliet's mouth hung open as she listened to her mother's words, she was kidding right? “Juliet I think you may have come across the same guy,” Aimee frowned not believing this. Juliet just continued to stare at her mom in disbelief, it all made sense now the way he was all on her the second he heard her last name, how fast he went for her, it was all just a lie, “No,” she managed to say.
  100. 100. Aimee exhaled slowly with a huge frown, “Juliet I'm so sorry, I don't even really know what to say. I can't believe he would do that to you.” Weldon cracked in knuckles in anger, “I am going to freaking beat up that llama harder than he did to me years ago!” “No, this can't be real!” Juliet pleaded. Aimee just sighed, “Juliet I'm so sorry, I never intended for this to ever happen.” Juliet then curled up a ball feeling 10 times worse than she had before, now not only had he cheated on her but their whole relationship had been a lie, a complete and utter lie that had meant absolutely nothing, her heart just broke.
  101. 101. Once Aimee and Weldon had managed to get Juliet to go sleep after about an hour of soothing her, they headed into their room still in disbelief “I can not even believe Corey would do this to her!' Aimee cried, “I mean Corey was such a nice guy, I always thought he would just find some other girl and move on! Never would I have thought as him to be the revenge type of guy!” Weldon just shook his head.
  102. 102. Weldon glared at her angrily, “I'm serious Aimee I'm going to freaking nail that llama into the ground where he'll never be able to show himself again!” Aimee shook her head, “That's not going to solve anything, though I would have no objection to it.” “We can't just let him get away with it!” Weldon snapped. “I know,” Aimee looked down thinking, and suddenly had an idea.
  103. 103. “Weldon I'm going to go see him right now,” Aimee cried raising her arms in the air. “Wait, what?” Weldon asked then grew serious, “No Aimee there is no way in hell that you are going to see that llama!” Aimee widened her eyes, “Look I have to Weldon, this is personal it's not something I can just wait and do over the phone.” “Yeah but do you need to go now? You won't get there till like 5 in the morning! And can we wait till a time where I can come with you!” Weldon told her. Aimee shook her head, “No I need to do this alone and yes I have to go now, I just have to.” Weldon sighed not thrilled about this, “Fine Aimee, but you better kill that llama!” Aimee let out a small smile, “Oh you can count on it!”
  104. 104. Just like Weldon had said, Aimee arrived at Sim State University around 5 in the morning. It was one of the few times on campus where things were completely dead silent. She wasn't exactly sure where Corey lived, but she assumed he had stayed in the same dorms and she remembered exactly where they were. She walked in the dormitory snapping her fingers angrily, all she wanted to do was blow up at him right now.
  105. 105. She barged in his dorm room with no problem for he had left the door unlocked. She glared at the figure lying in the bed sound asleep looking so peaceful, he sure wouldn't be peaceful for long, “Get the hell up!” Aimee yelled.
  106. 106. It didn't take long for Corey to respond to the extremely loud yelling, groggily getting out of bed feeling his head spin from the loud noise wondering if this was a dream. “How could you!” Aimee yelled glaring at him angrily trying her hardest not to just punch him right here.
  107. 107. “Aimee?” Corey questioned in shock suddenly feeling wide awake realizing that this was indeed not a dream. He hadn't seen Aimee in years and here she was standing in his dorm room around 5 in the morning glaring at him angrily “Yeah Corey happy to see me, cause I sure as hell am not happy to see you!” Aimee yelled. Corey's eyes widened, she knew, “Aimee I can explain.”
  108. 108. “Explain!” Aimee yelled exasperated, “Explain how you broke my daughter's heart, my family sim daughter's heart who all she has ever wanted is to fall in love and get married!” Corey stood silently feeling more horrible than he already did, “I...I didn't want to do that,” he stuttered. “Yeah? Then why did you?” Aimee snapped glaring at him. Corey rubbed his eyes not knowing how to answer that, “Well I did want to do that at one point, but then I didn't.” “What!” Aimee screamed.
  109. 109. “Look Aimee aren't you being hypocritical?” Corey asked her remembering why he even did this stupid plan in the first place. “Really Corey you're gonna play that card?” she asked angrily, Corey didn't say anything frowning, “Yes Corey I am being hypocritical because yes I did do the exact same thing to you a generation ago, BUT you are just as bad in fact worse for repeating that mistake, to get what revenge? I mean do you feel great now? Are you satisfied? Do you finally feel fulfilled now that you have finally gotten me back?” “No,” Corey frowned looking down, “Not at all, in fact I feel worse than when you cheated on me.” he paused feeling Aimee's angry glare, “Look Aimee here's the thing, I thought that revenge was what I did want because well you hurt me a lot, more than you may of realized and Juliet seemed like the perfect way to do that.”
  110. 110. “But then I met her,” he smiled, “And she was well amazing, so sweet and so loving and well I sort of ended up falling in love with her.” “Then why did you cheat on her?” Aimee asked glowering at him. “Because I don't know, it sort of happened, I didn't want it too but it ended up being too late and look I'm not going to play the blame game because the point is I regret it more than anything I have ever done. I know you probably don't believe me Aimee, but I love her a lot and I will do whatever it takes to get her back.”
  111. 111. Aimee continued to stare at him more calmly now thinking how cheesy he sounded and how messed up this entire situation was, “What do you want me to do? Say this okay? This isn't a movie Corey.” “I know” Corey frowned, “But Aimee it's true, I love Juliet more than anything and I can't imagine not having her in my live anymore. Aimee sighed, “You really screwed up Corey because I know my daughter and she's not going to forgive you easily.” “I know,” Corey frowned. “Which is why you need to do something ridiculous and huge,” Aimee found herself say. “Wait what?” Corey asked confused, “Are you actually trying to help me?”
  112. 112. “Look Corey I'm not happy with you trust me, what you did was horrible and I may never be able to fully forgive you for it, but I can see that you really do love her and I know how important it is to follow your heart, so I think I may be able to tolerate this,” Aimee rambled on. “Wow Aimee,” Corey responded in shock never having heard her say anything like that. Aimee sighed, “But Corey if you really want this work you have to promise me that you will NEVER hurt her again.” “I would never dream of it,” Corey responded quickly. She nodded, “Okay Corey well the rest is up to you then.”
  113. 113. “I promise you that I am going to whatever it takes to her get her back and make sure to never hurt her again,” Corey told her earnestly, he had some hope now though, now all he needed was for Juliet to see it.
  114. 114. “So I just got off the phone with dad and apparently Corey used to date mom and like beat up dad and was only dating Juliet to get revenge or something” Romeo rambled, “I don't really know, but all I do know is that Juliet is going to be home later today and apparently she is a mess which she has all right to be. I can't believe he did that to her!”
  115. 115. “What!” Victoria cried turning completely away from the movie they had been watching, “That is so messed up! Ugh, just the fact that Corey used to be with Aimee and then Juliet, messed up!” “Well its not like Corey has grown up any,” Renaud told her thinking about dormies are frozen in time until made playable. “So?” Victoria shrugged, “It's still messed up! I mean come on Renaud don't tell me you were with my mom or anything cause that would be even worse!” Renaud pondered placing his finger to his chin, “Umm no... but I did ask her out once, but she said no due to the fact that she was so in love with your father.” “What!” Victoria shrieked, “Eww are you kidding? Not only is that too messed up, but how could you like my mom?”
  116. 116. “Look Vic that really isn't the point, I just really hope that Juliet is okay,” Alexandra interrupted “Yeah me too,” Renaud agreed. Victoria sighed, “I remember her telling me last night that it was “the night,” “Oh gosh,” Alexandra muttered, “Poor Juliet.” Victoria frowned, “I will kill that llama, I promise you.”
  117. 117. And this is it for now. I will leave you with a shot of Aimee yelling at Corey back when she had been in college just cause. I hope you enjoyed this chapter despite the whole Juliet getting her heart broken part. I'm not exactly sure when the next chapter will be out seeming as I won't be able to get on the computer at all for a little while due to some social experiment I agreed to do for one of my classes (it's going to rough). Luckily I think it's for only week which actually shouldn't affect the progress of the next chapter too much, though the entire week is going to seem like a lifetime long to me. Anyway enough of my rambling.....
  118. 118. Also Alexandra, Jimmy, and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Seeming as February is here and all and this legacy's theme is love I thought I should do something. I always told myself I would do a V-Day special, but that's not really going to happen so instead you get a snazzy picture of Alexandra in some pretty awesome heart glasses. Anyway thanks for reading and see you later.