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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.1


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Drama filled college years for generation 2, where decision must be made between cow or llama and more!

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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.1

  1. 1. Welcome back to a Loving Legacy! This is officially the first chapter of any college years with generation 2 and it is crazy! Last chapter Aimee and Charity got over the death of their father and then headed off to college where we are now. And now we can begin the story...
  2. 2. Aimee and Charity stood outside the Langrabb Dormitory ready to begin their college experiences. They were thrilled to be assigned to the same dormitory, but since assignments were done alphabetical it was bound to happen. "I'm so happy to finally be here!" Charity grinned staring at her sister. “Yeah, but these clothes are horrible, I have got to change!" "Hey they aren't that bad," Charity muttered staring at her pink shirt and white bermuda shorts that contained a matching belt. "Yeah, well your not the one stuck in riding pants!" Aimee snapped heading toward the nearest clothing store.
  3. 3. After returning from the store, Charity headed inside the dorm to claim her room and meet some new people. A blonde haired guy wearing a bandana walked up to her with a huge smile. "Hey, I'm Renaud, you must be new because I surely don't recognize you." "I'm Charity" Charity managed to say staring at Renaud with wide eyes. "Well nice to meet you Charity" he grinned holding out his hand for her to grab. Charity hesitated for a second until leaning out to grab it.
  4. 4. Before she could grab it though, he immediately pulled his hand back with a sly grin, "Ha, faked you out there" Charity stood with her hand still out staring at him curiously, not knowing what to think. Renaud grew a little worried wondering if Charity wasn't really into that type of humor.
  5. 5. Suddenly Charity let out delayed laughter, Renaud grinned back at her happy she had a sense of humor. "That was pretty funny Renaud, sorry I'm just a little nervous about meeting new people and didn't know what to think of it at first." "Oh no problem, starting at new place is hard. Hey if you want I can show you where the cafeteria is, there is always free food there, it's awesome." Renaud said, realizing how pretty Charity was. Charity smiled, "Yeah that would be great actually thanks."
  6. 6. "So yeah this is the cafeteria, the food is sort of not the best, but hey it's free which is a major plus." "Trust me anything's better than my moms cooking," Charity smiled eating her pancakes which she covered with syrup making the chewy pancakes taste reasonable, "But the syrup helps," she added sliding over the syrup container to Renaud. Renaud laughed staring at Charity pouring syrup on his pancakes, something was special about her that he liked, she wasn't like all of the other dormies around here and he surely planned on getting to know her better.
  7. 7. Charity wasn't the only one who was making friends at the dormitory, Aimee was making a few of her own as well, especially Phil, a red haired dormie who seemed to like dancing as much as Aimee. "You got some moves Phil" "What can I say, I'm amazing," Phil grinned staring at Aimee hoping to impress her. "Uh I wouldn't go that far dude, but you can grove!"
  8. 8. Along with friend making both of the girls spent just as much time on their studies working on their skills for their future careers. Charity decided to major in biology to help gain the skills necessary for her career in oceanography. Dorm life unfortunately though did not offer the most ideal setting for quiet study time, and Charity wa s often forced to have to try to focus on her studies over loud music and parties. "Don't you guys have your own classes to study for?" Charity asked her fellow dorm mates who seemed like all they did was dance and party. "Psssh no" Phil yelled over the loud music, "We are stuck as first semester Froshes until made selectable, meaning no exams or anything ever for us!"
  9. 9. Aimee also focused much time on her studies, as she had always had a ten year plan for success ever since she had been a teenager. Part of this plan consisted of her majoring in mathematics which would help her with her lifetime want of topping the criminal career. Aimee also with her 9 outgoing points often went to class in pajamas. Her professors often thought she was crazy, but Aimee decided a long time ago that she could care less what anyone thought of her because chances were that she would be more successful than them anyway.
  10. 10. Aimee and Charity also remained best friends despite having made many new friends at college. "If I eat another freaking pancake for breakfast, I am going to set the cafeteria lady on fire and hire a new one who actually makes some variety!" Aimee cried stabbing her pancakes with her fork in annoyance of the nasty things. "Harsh, I don't think we need to deal with anymore deaths from fire." Charity mumbled referring to their dad who had died in a fire when they were teens. Aimee felt a quick wave of sadness thinking of her father, but then got back to reality, the reality of how nasty these pancakes were! "But I know what you mean, I am quite tired of dorm life," Charity sighed, thinking of how she never seemed to be able to sleep or study over all the noise. "Then let's move after our finals for freshmen year," Aimee said, "We have the money!" "Yeah okay, sounds like a plan" Charity agreed standing up to throw away the second half of her pancakes which she couldn't bare to finish.
  11. 11. Unfortunately freshmen finals did not seem to be coming fast enough and Aimee and Charity were both growing even more fed up with dorm life, especially when Aimee walked in her room one night to find Vicki, one of her dorm mates, in her bed. "Hello! Vicki, did you not notice the giant picture of me on the door, meaning my room!" Vicki slowly sat up to get out, she looked horrible, Aimee noticed she was hungover. "Here I'll take you to your room" she said gently leading Vicki who slowly followed.
  12. 12. Charity also had an encounter with Vicki when she saw her crying in the hallway one afternoon. Charity looked at her worried wondering what had happened, she and Vicki were pretty good friends, and she never seemed like the type that would just randomly be crying in the hallway. “Vicki, what's wrong? Are you okay?” Charity asked her concerned.
  13. 13. Vicki looked up at Charity with a frown, "Look it's kind of stupid" she began somewhat embarrassed about what she was crying about. "You're talking to the girl who used to cry whenever she received a grade that did not meet up to her expectations so it couldn't possibly be that bad." Vicki sighed and began to speak, "Well I'm crying because well Tri-Var rejected me." Vicki had always wanted to become a member of Tri-Var because everyone knew that Tri-Var consisted of the prettiest girls who always got the cutest guys, "Because they said I wasn't pretty enough!" Charity grew angry thinking how horrible if was to reject someone because of looks, "You mean Tri- Var that sorority with those three bitchy girls who think they run Sim State?" Vicki nodded with a frown, they may be bitchy, but they are beautiful and contain power.
  14. 14. Charity leaned closer to Vicki putting her hand on Vicki's shoulder with a smile, "Seriously Vicki, those girls are ridiculous for rejecting you because you are way cooler than any of them will ever be, and as for as you not being pretty enough, please that is a lie, because you are so much prettier than them. I mean really Heather Huffman has got to be the fakest looking girl I have ever seen in my life! She must spend at least three hours in front of the mirror daily!" Vicki laughed wiping a tear from her eye feeling better, "Yeah I guess you're right. It's just something I really wanted. Thanks Charity." "No problem" Charity grinned, it was then that she had an idea and knew what to do.
  15. 15. "So Aimee I just had a brilliant idea and the perfect way for us to get out of here!" Charity cried excitedly standing behind Aimee and Phil as they played SSX. "You are so going down Phil!" Aimee yelled to Phil clutching the controller with a death grip. "Please Aimee, I am like the king of this game!" Phil replied focusing intensely on the screen. "Hello Aimee!" Charity shouted behind her irritated. "Mmmh yeah sorry, brilliant idea" Aimee mumbled focusing on the game rather than Charity. Charity rolled her eyes annoyed, "We should start a greek house!"
  16. 16. "Oh look at that Mr. King, I just beat you!" Aimee yelled with grin. Phil frowned wondering how Aimee had beat him at HIS game, "You just got lucky" "Oh please, thats what they all say!" Aimee cried. "Aimee hello?" Charity called behind getting frustrated.
  17. 17. "Yeah sorry, I was listening," Aimee began, "And well aren't greek houses like super expensive and a lot work. I mean doesn't that require you to actually get involved in school events!" Charity laughed, "Ha no, thats real life greek houses, sim greek houses are completely different. All they require is paying $20 to get a charter and then its all free pizza, stuff, and parties." Aimee pondered the idea, $20 was nothing and free pizza that sounded amazing, sure why not what did they have to loose other than leaving dorms which was not a bad thing. "Yeah sure sounds like a good idea!" Charity grinned, "Trust me, it's going to be great!"
  18. 18. So, Charity and Aimee decided to leave after their freshmen exams like they had originally planned and soon enough that day came and they were going to move onto a property that they had purchased. "So you're really leaving today huh?" Renaud asked unfortunately already knowing the answer. He didn't want Charity to leave for they had grown pretty close the past year and he was finally beginning to grow the courage to ask her out. "Yeah," Charity began knowing he was sad and part of her was too, but she was more than ready to leave the dormitory, "But we can still enjoy one last nasty breakfast together!" she grinned. "I'd like that" he smiled back.
  19. 19. "I'm gonna miss you" Renaud said awkwardly as they began to eat one last meal of horrible pancakes. "Me too, a lot, but don't worry you can come over whenever you want and you sure aren't going to want to miss our toga parties!" Charity smiled. Renaud's face lightened up, "Really?" he said excitedly then realized he soundly a little too enthusiastic, "I mean yeah cool."
  20. 20. After breakfast Charity stood up and stared at Renaud, "So this is it" she said, "But don't worry we will still be seeing plenty of each!" Renald grinned at the thought of that, "Bye Charity." Charity leaned in for a hug making Renaud's heart flip with excitement. "Have fun eating more pancakes" Charity laughed. "Oh I will!" Renaud grinned still thrilled about the fact that he had just hugged Charity.
  21. 21. But before they left, Aimee claimed there was one last thing she had to do. "What are you doing?" Charity asked Aimee giving her an odd look as Aimee began to break out in random smustling in the middle of the cafeteria. "Smustle Fest!" Aimee yelled loudly trying to get the whole dorm to join.
  22. 22. And before they knew it the whole dorm was in the cafeteria smustling it up, no sim can resist a smustle fest! Even Charity joined getting rather into it. It was a great goodbye to the dorm that they had loved their freshmen year and all the dormies had a great time as well.
  23. 23. Soon enough they were at their brand new greek house. Unfortunately it had to be located right next to Tri-Var since that was the Greek area of Sim State, but that was okay they were going to have an awesome time regardless of their snotty neighbors. Due to scholarships and grade money, they were able to build a very nice home. It still needed a lot of work, but at least they weren't living off the lawn.
  24. 24. Aimee and Charity also took no hesitation in taking home their first free pizza which they both enjoyed greatly as they had been living off the horrible dorm food for the past year. "Nothing in this world is better than free pizza!" Aimee smiled grabbing a slice, "Starting a greek house has got to be the best idea you have ever had!"
  25. 25. Aimee also soon brought home the first Greek letter, Annya, for the house which she decided to place in the bathroom. Her logic behind it was that the bathroom was the cheeriest room in the house, being completely yellow, and nothing was on the walls. Charity told her that was stupid and quickly moved it to the front of the house.
  26. 26. Also Heather Huftman, from Tri-Var, decided to award the newly found greek house with her presence as she came by to check it out. "You call this a greek house! Please! Like goth chick over there could create a better house than this!" "Oh Heather!" Aimee grinned, "I would insult you back, but the thing is you probably wouldn't understand, so why don't you go back to your Barbie dream house, kay?" Heather shot Aimee a death glare and then turned around, "Fine your loserness is starting to rub off on me anyway!" Aimee rolled her eyes watching her go, that girl needed a life.
  27. 27. Charity also took the liberty of throwing the first toga party, but it didn't go very well since she decided to throw it mid morning and the only people who seemed to come were her professor and high school boyfriend Randy. "Charity really, you invited your professor and Randy to our first toga party! You have got to be the lamest person ever!" Aimee cried disappointed with the party, she had stripped down to her black lingerie for nothing!
  28. 28. Even though Aimee may not of had fun, Charity did, mostly with Randy, "Gah it's so weird being older than you!" "I know Charity, I really wish I could of gone to college or can grow up or something, I miss you lots!" Randy smiled missing his high school girlfriend who was the first girl he had ever fallen in love with, and thinks ever will. "I miss you too Randy, I'll figure out something out trust me!" Charity said, she really could never imagine herself being with anyone other him, he was the one that had always been there for her and she loved him.
  29. 29. Soon enough they were able to afford a bubble blower to add to the living room. Charity and Aimee immediately checked it out finding that they greatly enjoyed it. "Do all the sudden you feel like super happy?" Charity asked laughing, suddenly everything seemed to be hilarious. "Mmmh I'm not sure, but all I know is I can't stop thinking about pink lemonade!" Aimee giggled doing a back flip in the air.
  30. 30. Eventually Renaud came by to see the house which he had yet to see. He was going to come earlier, but he told himself that the next time he saw Charity he would ask her out, and he still didn't exactly know how to do it. "Hey Renaud, Charity's at class right now, but she should be back in an hour if you want to wait." "Actually Aimee, I'm here to see you." Renaud said happy that Charity wasn't home. "Me?" Aimee questioned, it was obvious that Renaud liked Charity so she wondered why he would want to talk to her.
  31. 31. Aimee grabbed a slice of pizza and headed into the kitchen to talk with Renaud, she began chewing still wondering what he needed to talk about with her, "Do you want a slice?" she asked him. "Nah, I'm here to talk about Charity" He said. "Oh okay, I knew it couldn't have been just to randomly talk to me, so what's the deal?" Aimee asked him.
  32. 32. "Well.." he began nervously, "I don't know if you've noticed, but I really like Charity and..." "Pssh, of course I noticed, the whole dorm noticed! They only person who didn't notice was well Charity, but that's cause she's kinda slow about those kind of things," Aimee interrupted loudly. Renaud felt uneasy about the fact that he had been so obvious. He was glad at least Charity supposedly didn't know, but he continued on, "So well I kind of want to ask her out, but I'm nervous about it."
  33. 33. "Nervous about Charity?" she asked laughing inside, "Ha! Charity is so nice and somewhat not very good with the whole relationship aspect of life, so you really should have nothing to worry about, trust me." "But I'm just scared she's going to say no and make me feel like an idiot!" Renaud mumbled worried. He had never had much luck with girls and he always assumed the worst from them. "Aren't we all!" Aimee cried, "Look thats the risk of asking a girl out, but I know Charity really likes you and she sure isn't dating anyone right now, so I'm sure you will have nothing to worry about!" Renaud sighed, he needed to finally just do it, "Yeah you're right, okay next time I see her, it's going to happen!" "Good" Aimee grinned, "I wish you the best of luck!" She liked Renaud and found him to be a good match for Charity, she just hoped that Charity would think so as well.
  34. 34. So the next day Renauld finally decided to do it coming over to see Charity this time. "Renaud! I've missed you how have you been?" Charity grinned, she wondered why he hadn't stopped by sooner. "I've been you know good, been at college at stuff..." he mumbled timidly, "But uh there is something Charity that I have been wanting to ask you for awhile." "Yeah of course, what is it Renaud?" Charity smiled, completely unaware of what was going on at the moment.
  35. 35. Renaud's stomach flipped, he was going to finally do this, he began to lean in closer to Charity. "Renaud what are you doing?" Charity asked him feeling uncomfortable, she had never felt this way about him and it was making her feel awkward. "Charity, I've liked you for awhile and uh well I was wondering if you may you know want to go out sometime?" he asked feeling like he was about to throw up out of nerves. Charity shuffled her weight uncomfortably, "Uh Renaud look, I'm sorry, you're a great friend, but I just don't think of you that way," Charity said trying to reject him nicely, she really wished that this wasn't happening.
  36. 36. "Geez, every time! Every freaking time!" Renaud yelled madly wanting to kill someone or something, why didn't girls like him! Why? Charity stared at him worried feeling bad, she had never seen him like this. She want to like him, she really did, but there was someone holding her back, "Look Renaud it really has nothing to do with you at all. You're a great guy, it's just.." "You want to stay friends!" Renaud interrupted angrily, "Trust me Charity, I know I've heard it before, there is no need to apologize. I get it okay!" He then walked away upset deciding that love was just something that was never going to happen for him! "Renaud!" Charity called after him feeling horrible about what had happened, he ignored her though. Charity watched him leave not wanting to loose him as a friend.
  37. 37. Later that night, Aimee decided to confront Charity about the whole situation because she had seen it all and wondered why Charity had been so stupid as to reject such a nice guy like Renaud. She glared at Charity as she walked in their room and began to speak, "Charity! How could you of rejected Renaud, the guy is crazy about you and along with that is perfect for you!" Charity sighed staring at her angry sister, this was the last thing she wanted to deal with, she felt horrible already and the last thing she needed was Aimee to give her grief about it as well, "I just don't like him like that Aimee and well..." she paused. "What Charity? What could possible be preventing you a nice single girl from wanting to date a nice guy like him?"
  38. 38. Charity didn't say anything, nothing at all, for she didn't really want to say it out loud. Suddenly it dawned on Aimee, "NO! Not Randy!" she yelled.
  39. 39. "Yes, look okay I still have feelings for him!" Charity cried in response. "Charity, he's still a teenager and probably will be forever!" Aimee yelled, annoyed with her sister for still loving her high school boyfriend. "I know that and it sucks, but hey wait a second Aimee, here you are being all hypocritical because well last time I checked you don't seem to have a boyfriend and never have for that matter!" Charity snapped knowing that she now had Aimee.
  40. 40. "Well actually Charity that is not completely true because well I actually have two boyfriends! One is super sweet always sending me love letters and stuff telling me how amazing I am all, not that I can blame him!" Charity rolled her eyes.
  41. 41. "And the other one, well he is kinda a jerk, but insanely hot, and he really, unlike most people, completely gets me which is well awesome of him!"
  42. 42. "What! You have two boyfriends?" Charity asked in shock, she didn't even know that Aimee dated or liked anyone for that matter, and here she is telling her that she had not one but two boyfriends! "Yeah, isn't that awesome!" Aimee cried. "Uh, it sure is bold of you," Charity said wondering how serious Aimee was with both of them and who they were, "Who are they?" "That shall remain a mystery" Aimee smiled heading toward her bed tiredly.
  43. 43. The mystery didn't exactly remain a mystery for much longer though, since Charity soon walked in on Aimee and one of them. "The cow!" Charity cried in shock, "You are dating the cow!" "He has a name!" Aimee said annoyed, this was why she kept this relationship quiet because everyone would just freak out at her if they knew she was dating the cow, because for heavens sake he's the evil mascot! "Yeah it's Weldon" the cow said turning to Charity. Charity stared a them not really knowing what to think, I mean the cow! The cow! The biggest jerk on campus! "Uh I guess I'll leave you two alone," she mumbled walking out awkwardly.
  44. 44. Charity soon also discovered Aimee's other boyfriend, the llama. You have got to be kidding me she thought staring at them, "Uh Aimee?" "Charity hey!" Aimee grinned, "Meet Corey" "Uh hi" Charity mumbled not caring, "Aimee can I talk to you a second?" "Yeah sure" Aimee smiled, "Hold on" she said to Corey.
  45. 45. "Aimee, you are dating the cow and the llama are you kidding me!" Charity whispered somewhat loudly. Aimee grew nervous and looked back at Corey who seemed unfazed, "Shhh! Charity can we talk about this later when he's not here!" "Yeah sure whatever" Charity mumbled not believing her sister.
  46. 46. Later on the sofa Charity and Aimee sat staring at each other. Charity didn't even know how to begin the conversation, "Aimee really how are you dating the cow and the llama?" she asked. "Uh what do you mean?" Aimee asked confused she really didn't see the big deal, she thought the whole ordeal worked out rather nicely. "I mean Aimee first off they hate each other, if the other one knew they would be really mad and second cheating itself is just wrong!" Charity said her face worried looking into her sisters wide blue eyes.
  47. 47. Aimee stared at her sister and smiled, Charity really didn't understand these sorts of things, "See Charity actually thats the beauty of it! The fact that they hate each other means they never talk to each or hang out with the same people, so it avoids conflict between the two and lessons chances of them finding out. Also I decided with each of them to keep the relationship on the down low, so not many people know about it." Charity frowned, "Look Aimee thats all fine and dandy, but it still really doesn't change the fact that cheating on both of them is wrong!" Aimee sighed, Charity could be such a prude sometimes, "Charity please, do you realize how many people cheat at college, I mean come on settling down is like for people moms age! When the time comes, I will choose who I want and it will be fine, unlike you I want to date more than one person in my life!" Charity didn't say anything and looked at her sister, she loved her sister, but she still thought that cheating was wrong.
  48. 48. Aimee wasn't the only one with lovers, Randy came over one night to visit Charity and see if she had thought of any ideas of how they could be together. He walked in to only see Aimee though sitting on the sofa staring at him. He didn't really know Aimee, but he always got a cold feeling from her like she didn't like him. "Hey Aimee is Charity here?" Aimee looked up at Randy annoyed by him, why was he here? He really needed to get a life and get over his high school girlfriend. "She's not home" Aimee lied, the truth was Charity was studying for a big exam in their room and told Aimee not to bother her all night. "Oh, okay do you know where she is or when she will be home?" Randy asked. "Uh she's on a date!" Aimee lied again, Randy needed to get a clue and she was going to help him with it. "A what?" Randy asked slowly not really being able to believe that.
  49. 49. "Look you heard me Randy, she's on a date!" Aimee snapped walking up to him. "I sort of find that hard to believe, I mean she said she was going to find a way for us to be together again!" Randy cried, he didn't trust Aimee. "Well believe it kid! The truth is Charity just doesn't have a mean bone in her body and can't bare to break your little heart, but honestly she really has just wanted to move on for awhile a now, so why don't you scatter kid and do you both a favor by leaving her alone!"
  50. 50. Randy stood frozen, maybe it was true he pondered. Charity had been a lot more distant lately and she was in college for heavens sake, what would she really want with a high school kid. "Wow I didn't know she felt that way," he mumbled. "Yeah well she has for awhile, she just doesn't have the audacity to tell it to your face!" Aimee said. Randy felt hurt and lost, for some reason he thought Charity was different, but then he realized the facts and thought maybe it was time for him to move on, "I guess I'll be leaving now then." "Yeah, that's probably a good idea," Aimee said watching him go. She was doing Charity a favor, getting rid of Randy for her will be the best thing for Charity, now she can finally move on and actually have life.
  51. 51. Instead of causing Charity to move on though, it made her worse and even more obsessed with Randy, "Randy! Hey, voice mail again, great. Well look, I haven't talked to you in awhile and I mean you haven't really seemed to be responding to my emails or calls or anything, so I just wanted to say hey and that I miss you. I'm still trying for us, I promise! Well anyway I really hope you get this, but yeah I miss you!"
  52. 52. In fact Charity reached the point where she really didn't want to talk to anyone anymore. She just sat on her bed and read or did nothing, it was not good. She loved Randy and the fact that he wasn't talking to her anymore killed her, it was like a part of her was gone and without it she couldn't function. "Charity please you are being ridiculous!" Aimee said walking in her room, "It is time to move on and enjoy the lovely aspects of college!" Charity sighed and stared at her sister, "Look Aimee I can't, I love Randy and I know you think it's stupid but I do, and me knowing that he's ignoring me for some unknown reason is wrecking me!"
  53. 53. Aimee walked out of their room feeling a little bit guilty, instead of helping Charity it seemed to be making her worse instead, but I mean really,Randy, she needed to get over him. Sure he had helped her get over their father's death but that didn't mean he necessarily was the one for her. I mean how does Charity even know that he's the one for her, it's not like she had ever dated anyone else or given them a chance. Aimee sighed she knew what to do...
  54. 54. .... throw a toga party where people instead decided to wear their outerwear! Aimee made sure to invite many guys in hopes that Charity might be interested in one of them, but it really didn't seem to be happening. "Charity see isn't this party the best!" Aimee yelled over the loud music. Charity looked around at all the annoying guys who were once her dorm mates and sighed, she hated this. "No, not really" she yelled back. She had never liked parties and especially now when she wasn't happy they were just ten times worse. Seeing everyones happy faces around her just reminded her how unhappy she was.
  55. 55. Aimee had her own issues to deal with though, as one night Officer Demi Love came storming in angrily up to Aimee. "You Aimee Loving are under arrest!" "What?" Aimee cried loudly, "Is this about the cow and llama thing?" she added quieter.
  56. 56. "What? No!" Demi yelled, "But you are coming with me." She began to pin Aimee's arms behind her back and place them in handcuffs. "Woo arrest her! Arrest her!" Warren cheered behind then, "This is so cool, it's just like CSI!" Aimee glared at him, "You better shut up buddy or your going to be arrested to and not by the police!" she snapped being forced out of Annya-Fruhm against her will.
  57. 57. Luckily for Aimee she wasn't in trouble, but instead the newest member of the Langgrab Secret Society! "Woo welcome Aimee!" Dorrie cried in front of her thrilled, they hadn't had a new member in ages and she was sick of all the same old typical boring people around here. Aimee grinned looking around, the place was huge and it looked like they had some really nice stuff.
  58. 58. She took no hesitation in looking around at the nice expensive objects and other things. Being a fortune sim, she was greatly amused by the glowing money tree grabbing the dollar bills off of it with a huge greedy grin. She was excited until she realized that the money went to the Secret Society rather than in her own pocket, "Well thats lame!" she muttered annoyed with the whole thing.
  59. 59. Her favorite object that she found though was a nice antique camera that was lying at the end of the hallway. It looked like it hadn't been used in years and Aimee knew that she would get great use out of it. She looked down the hallway to see if any of the other members around, thrilled to see they weren't, she swiped it leaving like nothing happened.
  60. 60. Back at Annya-Fruhum Charity was having adventures of her own meeting my newly created simself who decided to stop by and check up on Charity and Aimee. "Hey Charity it's so nice to finally meet you, I'm Crystal!" I said over enthused. "Mmmh? So your the person that controls everything like who can grow up and stuff?" Charity asked. "Yes, what are you getting at?" I responded. "Randy" Charity said, "You can grow him up!" "Uh Charity..." I started, "I'm not sure I can do that." "And why not!" Charity snapped. "Because he's a townie and he would have to go through all of college and I really just can't bare to play him all that long time!" "What!" Charity yelled, "You are the worst creator ever!" She stormed off obviously not very happy to meet me.
  61. 61. As junior year came to a halfway point Charity knew the time had come for them to declare a heir to continue the legacy. "Okay Aimee we really need to figure out a heir!" Aimee sighed, "Okay fine Charity, and I'm super excited to declare that it's you because well I would love to be spare with motherlode and all that." Charity paused taken back, "Wow wait Aimee, I really don't think I would make a very good heir, I think you are better suited for the job.”
  62. 62. "Me?" Aimee questioned, "Thats not a very good idea." "And why not? You're stronger than me and defiantly more persistent which are two really important traits needed for a legacy heir," Charity stated. "Thats all fine and dandy, but Charity you are way nicer than me and you will always have the family's best interest a heart," Aimee replied. "Aimee so what? Look okay, if you're heir maybe Crystal will grow up Randy for me!" she grinned. Aimee sighed, "Of course this would be about Randy." "Look Aimee please, regardless of Randy, I really think you are better suited for the job. I'm not strong enough!" Charity pleaded.
  63. 63. "Fine" Aimee sighed, being heir could be cool she considered, you get to live in the biggest house and have parents to help take care of the kids. "Yipee!" Charity yelled jumping up with a huge grin, maybe there was some hope for her and Randy now. Aimee stared at Charity with a frown, this whole Randy thing had gotten out of control and it was her fault. She sighed there really wasn't anything she could do about it now, it's not like she had Randy on speed dial.
  64. 64. Aimee knew now that since she was heir that meant that she was going to have to eventually choose between Corey and Weldon , and that was not going to be an easy decision, not at all. "Aimee" Corey said smiling through his mask at the end of one of their dates, "I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I think that you are the most amazing girl at Sim State." Aimee grinned at him, Corey was by far the sweetest guy she had ever met, "Thanks Corey" she then hesitated and decided to go for it, "I love you too and you're not to bad yourself."
  65. 65. "Weldon I had a great time on our date, I always do," Aimee smiled, "You get me ya know?" Weldon stared at her not saying anything grabbing her hands, "I never in my life thought I'd be saying this to a girl, I mean come its weakness, but Aimee I'm whipped. I love you." Charity laughed, "I love you too." This time saying it she felt guilty though thinking that here she was having two guys crazy about her and they didn't know that they weren't the only one, and that fact was finally starting to hurt Aimee.
  66. 66. Charity was thrilled when she finally got in touch with Randy, but not happy about the reason why he hadn't been talking to her in the first place. "What do you mean Aimee told you that I wanted to move on!" she asked raging with vexation, "Of course I don't! You should know that! I love you and always have!" "Yeah okay, I'll talk to you later" she cried slamming down the phone she couldn't believe Aimee, her sister, who knew better than anyone how much she loved Randy.
  67. 67. Filled with anger, Charity sat down thinking of all of the different ways she could kill Aimee or ruin her life! "Hey where's Aimee?" Corey asked Charity, he had just walked in. Charity looked up at Corey and grinned, "So Corey you really love Aimee don't you?" she asked him. "Yeah a lot, I hope for her to be the one I spend the rest of my life with."
  68. 68. Charity smiled standing up to walk over to him, "She really loves you too, its just that you're not the only one." "What are you talking about?" Corey asked confused. "Those rumors you know about Aimee and the cow, well the thing is they aren't really rumors but rather facts." "Wait what! Are you saying that Aimee is cheating on me with the cow!" Corey cried, he never believed those rumors even though he heard them often. "Look Corey," Charity began then paused, "Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying, she has the roses in our room to prove it!"
  69. 69. Aimee then walked in and Charity grinned, "Well you know I'm gonna head out," she said leaving Aimee and Corey alone. "Hey Corey," Aimee waved, "Sorry I'm late, I had some things to do" Corey glared at Aimee in anger, "Yeah some things to do with the cow!"
  70. 70. "What?" Aimee asked quietly trying to remain clam, he couldn't know about that. "Don't act dumb Aimee!" Corey spat, "Charity told me all about your little cow affair and geez Aimee I really thought we were more than that, and out of all the people at Sim State, the cow! The person I hate the most!”
  71. 71. Aimee filled with rage, "She what!" she yelled. Corey shook his head, "Oh please Aimee, don't blame Charity! She was just doing the right thing unlike you! Really Aimee how could you do that to me, cheat with me on the cow?" Corey was beyond mad glaring at Aimee.
  72. 72. "What! Those llama rumors are true!" another angry voice chimed in. Aimee closed her eyes knowing the voice, this couldn't be happening this was just a dream. She began to pinch herself, wake up Aimee, wake up Aimee, but when she opened her eyes Corey still stood angry in front of her and Weldon behind. "Aimee what the hell!?" Weldon yelled, "I told you I loved you! Do you realize how big of a deal that is for me!" Gah! Aimee wanted to scream and run away forever, she felt trapped in a drama show unable to get out.
  73. 73. "You are so going to pay for this preppy llama boy!" Weldon screamed jumping on his back. Before Aimee knew it Corey and Weldon were having a full out fight in the middle of her living room. She flinched unable to look, this could not be happening. She listened to the screaming and punching knowing that this was all her fault, that if only she hadn't been so stupid as to date two people at once it would never have come to this. She looked up not being able to take this anymore, "Stop it!" she screamed.
  74. 74. "Gladly," Corey cried pushing Weldon to ground leaving him helpless having lost the fight. Aimee stood staring in horror, how could Corey the sweetest guy she knew do that? And Weldon for starting the fight in the first place? "You'll be sorry for that!" Weldon yelled at Corey slowly standing up beginning to leave, he glared at Aimee on the way out.
  75. 75. Aimee ran over to Corey crying, "How could you do that?" she asked. Corey rolled his eyes, "Please, Aimee how could I do that! What a dumb question! Why don't you look at what you did Aimee and then give me the answer!" he snapped. Aimee frowned not saying anything. "Look Aimee, you can't have both of us, life doesn't work like that! But if you really are willing to actually have a relationship and I mean you must be really willing, then call me!" Corey stormed out leaving Aimee alone to cry and think about how horrible of a person she was.
  76. 76. "Hey Aimee!" Charity grinned walking in the door just having passed an angry llama and cow, "What's up? Did I miss anything exciting?" Aimee narrowed her eyes scowling at Charity, "Yeah Charity, lets see you missed the fact that my own sister betrayed me, practically ruining my life!" Charity didn't say anything just placed her hands on her hips giving Aimee a smug look. "How could you do that to me?" Aimee yelled.
  77. 77. "Me?" Charity questioned irritated, "What about you betraying me by pushing Randy away, you know how much I love him!" Aimee didn't say anything her body filled with anger, "I was doing that for your own good!" Aimee finally said, "You need to get over him!" "My own good! Aimee you knew how much that would hurt me and yet you did it anyway!" Charity cried not believing her sister. "Whatever Charity what you did was worse, causing major mayhem and ruining everything!" Aimee yelled.
  78. 78. Charity sighed and looked at Aimee thinking how selfish she was, "I can't do this anymore." she said beginning to walk away, "from now on all we are is two people who live together, nothing more than that." "Fine" Aimee snapped a little taken back watching Charity walk away. Guilt began to flood through her, where had she gone wrong?
  79. 79. Charity stuck very strongly to her comment avoiding any sort of interaction with Aimee what so ever. She would clean her own messes, made her own food, and always went to bed before Aimee. Aimee tried talking to her a couple of times, but Charity always blew her off giving her cold one word answers and then walking away. Aimee hated herself for all the things she had done the past couple of years and wished that she could take it all back.
  80. 80. The only interaction that Charity had in weeks was when Charity caught the kitchen on fire not paying attention to her pancakes. "Aimee, GET HELP!" she screamed trying to protect herself from the burning flames.
  81. 81. Aimee was on it immediately running to the phone calling 911, "Hello, yes there is a fire and I already lost my father to a fire and can't bear to loose my sister so please come now!" she screamed franticly in the phone.
  82. 82. Thanks to Aimee's call Charity made it out safely. The only bad thing was that she was now forced to eat burnt pancakes for breakfast as she didn't have time to make more before class. She told Aimee thanks and nothing more than that, but the thanks did have a smile which gave Aimee hope that one day she could fix this mess that she had created.
  83. 83. As college began to come to an end for Aimee and Charity, Charity knew that a placeholder was needed to keep the house running until the next generation and she knew just the person to ask. "So Vicki how would you like to become Annya-Fruhm's newest member?" Vicki's face lit up with a huge grin! "I would love to!" she shrieked leaning into Charity for a huge hug. Charity smiled knowing that she had defiantly chosen the right person.
  84. 84. Vicki quickly moved in getting a new look which she greatly appreciated. She quickly adjusted to Greek life bringing home her first pizza within just a few minutes of moving in. It was a little awkward for her living there since Aimee and Charity were not talking to each other, but she dwelt with it okay and just made sure to talk to each of them separately.
  85. 85. With senior year quickly drawling to a close Aimee knew that if she was still heir that she needed a spouse. Since she assumed she still was, she knew that decision was going to have to be made and she needed someone to talk with about it. Since Charity wasn't an option, she decided to ask Vicki who she had grown quite fond of.
  86. 86. Vicki looked at Aimee confused, "So you're asking me to help you choose the guy you want to spent the rest of your life with?" she asked sitting in the new dining room with Aimee. Aimee nodded. "You do realize I'm a romance sim right? Meaning that commitment is something that really doesn't work for me." "Yeah I know, but I don't care, I need to talk to someone and you do know a lot about guys." Vicki shrugged, "Well, okay then tell me all the good and bad about them."
  87. 87. "Well okay" Aimee began, "First there's Corey" "Is he the llama or the cow?" Vicki asked. "Llama, and well anyway we met at a party we were throwing and he was super sweet to me, telling me how pretty I was and everything. By the end of the night he asked me out and I said yes because well he was so nice and everything."
  88. 88. "We began to see a lot more of each other and he was always just so nice making me feel like I was always so special. I don't think we have ever gotten in a fight either which is always a good thing. I always feel amazing around him and have a great time on all our dates, he's also a very good kisser." "Yeah um I was wondering, how do you kiss him through the mask?" "Vicki that is beyond the point, but yeah he's just really sweet and I love being with him."
  89. 89. "Aw, he sounds like a really sweet guy and perfect for a legacy family. He sounds like he would make an amazing father and make a good impression on your mom." "Yeah he would, he always talks about how much he wants to have kids and everything. He would be the perfect husband and father"
  90. 90. "But" Aimee began thinking about what wasn't right with Corey, "I feel like he doesn't know me all the time, like doesn't understand my goals in life or something. I feel like we just don't have this connection that you should feel with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with." "Well that's not good!" Vicki cried.
  91. 91. "Yeah I suppose not, but then again he is literally the nicest guy I have ever met, and those guys are very hard to come across, you don't see them walking around everyday. Also like you said he is the perfect guy for a legacy." "Very true, but I want to hear about the cow."
  92. 92. "Weldon" Aimee smiled shaking her head, "The first time we met, he burped in my face trying to gross me out!" "Eww!" Vicki shrieked.
  93. 93. "Yeah maybe for some people, but I just burped right back in his face. I love that stuff, I have two neat points and burps are just plain hilarious!" "Aimee that's disgusting!" Vicki cried shaking her head. "Yeah maybe, but it made me realize that I really liked Weldon!"
  94. 94. "So we began to hang out more, and I realized that he is a huge jerk! He would break up with me constantly telling me he was over me and then come back running with lame apologies. I mean you know cows they love to push and shove and find it funny, and he found it funny breaking up with me!"
  95. 95. "Uh Aimee he really doesn't sound like a very good guy, I mean hurting you on purpose. I really think this decision should be obvious, I mean a cow is not an adequate legacy husband!" "Wait Vicki, I haven't gone over the good stuff about Weldon."
  96. 96. "Like the fact that he understands me and has similar goals. He may be a jerk sometimes, but he can also be really sweet..." "Yeah just when he wants to be!" Vicki interrupted Aimee rolled her eyes, "Yes, but Weldon I don't know I just have that connection with them that with Corey I don't."
  97. 97. "He's not nearly as smooth as Corey like he just random walks up to me and bluntly tells me I'm hot while Corey will do it in a way that just makes me feel special and loved. But like you said I do worry about him being a father and everything because well he doesn't seem like a family guy to any extent."
  98. 98. "Geez Aimee I don't know you just made that decision really tough, because they both seem to have their pros and cons." Vicki said pondering between the two guys, she personally would choose Corey because well cows were jerks, but it's up to Aimee not her. "Well thanks for the help Vicki!" Aimee cried still just as confused as she was before. "Look Aimee I can't make this decision for you, but heres my advice just sit and think who do you picture being able to spend the rest of your life with and the person you see is the one!"
  99. 99. So Aimee did take her advice and went to her room to think about it. She closed her eyes and placed her hands in her lap thinking about who she could see herself spending the rest of her life with. She thought about both of them how sweet Corey was and how Weldon understood her. She thought about Charity and how much she wished she could help her with this right now. She thought about how she was a bad person for having hurt all three of those people and then it clicked she knew. She knew not only who she loved, but she also knew how to fix it, fix her mistakes or try to anyway.
  100. 100. Aimee stood in front of the fountain waiting. She had called him and he had agreed to meet her, which she was happy about. Her stomach was in knots she had never felt this nervous in her life because she knew that he was the one that she wanted to spend her whole life with, and that thought scared her. She looked over and could see him walking up, she grinned at him, he didn't do anything just stared at her. "Hi" Aimee said, "I'm so glad you agreed to meet me here." "Yeah" he said emotionless just staring at Aimee.
  101. 101. Aimee began to speak, she had practiced this in her mind, but now that it was happening she pretty much completely forgot everything she had planned on saying, "Words can't even express how sorry I am for hurting you." she started, "They both just started out as flings and before I knew they were serious and I didn't know what to do anymore, but I do now because I know that when I look at my future I can't picture it without you."
  102. 102. Aimee leaned on one knee and opened the box never feeling so nervous in her life, "So Weldon Gothier will you marry me? Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you!" Weldon stared at the box shocked, he hated Aimee, she had cheated on him with the one guy he hated most, and here she was proposing for marriage? What did she think that he was just going to forget about the whole thing and take her forever?
  103. 103. He shook his head, "Yeah whatever." Aimee jumped up and wrapped her arms around him. "You won't regret this I promise, cause I will never cheat on you every again Weldon!" Weldon smiled under his mask, "Somehow Aimee I know that, but I still am sort of mad at you."
  104. 104. "As you should be Weldon, but I am going to make this up to you, I promise!" Aimee smiled, "Because I love you!" Weldon grabbed her hand and placed his other arm on her shoulder, "I love you too Aimee Loving for some odd reason." Aimee laughed, "Well look Weldon, I hate to so this but there is something I really need to do right now!" "Yeah okay Aimee, but it better not be having to do with a llama!" "It's not a swear!" Aimee grinned walking quickly away, she had never felt better in her life.
  105. 105. Aimee ran inside needing to fine Charity who already seemed to be at the door waiting for her. "So who did you choose?" she asked emotionless staring at Aimee with her arms crossed. "What?" Aimee asked confused that was the most Charity had said to her in months. "Cow or llama. Who did you choose?" she asked again. "Oh uh, cow" Aimee said grinning with her shoulders up.
  106. 106. "Eh I thought you would" Charity said staring at Aimee with a tiny smile. "Look Charity forgetting about me, I really need to have you know how sorry I am. I am seriously the worst sister ever and I had no right to push Randy away like that. I respect the fact that you love him and I had no business telling him other wise." Charity smiled, "Yeah Aimee I know, I'm sorry too for doing the same thing right back to you. What you did was wrong, but I was just as wrong to sink to the same level and also for ignoring you for so long. Really we sort of both stink as sisters."
  107. 107. Aimee smiled, Charity was the best sister anyone could have. "So can we be you know friends again?" Aimee asked. Charity hugged Aimee with a smile, "Of course Aimee, I never thought other wise, and I know you are going to make a great heir because even though you make mistakes you always know how to fix them!"
  108. 108. "Speaking of me fixing mistakes, Charity I have a surprise for you!" Aimee grinned excited. "Uh okay, it better not be another party because well I'm really not a party person!" Charity said worried about this. "Nope it's way better" Aimee smiled.
  109. 109. "Come in" she then yelled to the door and in walked Randy London except this time he wasn't a teenager but a full grown adult having the ability to get married and have kids.
  110. 110. "You didn't!" Charity screamed looking at Aimee with a huge smile, Aimee had never seen her so happy. "How?" "I talked to Crystal and pretty much begged her to grow him up and since she likes you, she agreed," Aimee smiled. "You are officially now the best sister in the world!" Charity screamed.
  111. 111. She quickly ran over to Randy and jumped into his arms, "I have missed you so much!" she yelled wrapping her arms around him as tightly as she could missing his embrace. Randy let out a huge smile suffocating under her grip, "So have I" he managed croak. Aimee smiled watching them, she had no idea why she would have ever not wanted them to be together in the first place because they were the cutest couple she had ever seen. She was so happy to have finally gotten it right.
  112. 112. Before she knew it after Randy had put her down, he leaned down on knee in front of her opening up velvet black box with a shining ring in her face. "Charity there is no girl on earth I will ever love other than you! You are the light of my life! Will you marry me?"
  113. 113. "DUH!" Charity shrieked jumping into his arms, she had waited for this moment forever and was ecstatic because it was finally happening.
  114. 114. Aimee and Weldon sat on the bubble blower behind them. "Haha so Weldon ya ready to get married and have kids and stuff?" Aimee asked him laughing. Weldon laughed, then paused, "Wow kids, what?" "You do know I am a legacy sim!" Aimee smiled at him. "Oh yeah of course" Weldon lied having forgotten about that.
  115. 115. Despite all the happiness, Aimee knew there was one last thing she had to do and it wasn't going to be easy. She had to tell Corey he wasn't the one and she did. "I really hope we can still be friends Corey because you are a great guy and any girl who gets to have you is extremely lucky." Corey stared at Aimee heartbroken, for some reason he had a feeling this was happening though, "No Aimee, I really don't think we can, but I hope you and Weldon have a good life."
  116. 116. And with that she watched him go, even though he wasn't the one she would still miss him terribly, but she completely understood why he couldn't stay friends with her. It was hard to see him go, but she knew he could find someone because Corey was so sweet and any girl would be lucky to be with him.
  117. 117. And with a somewhat happy ending, for now that is, Charity and Aimee's college years came to close both having graduated with 4.0s. "Smile for the camera!" Vicki grinned taking a picture of Aimee and Charity in their gowns. "Aimee must you stand like that!" Charity instructed through a big smile.
  118. 118. Charity was also happy that Renaud had decided to come to her graduation party. "Congratulations Charity" he told her. "Thanks Renaud and have you been okay? I still feel horrible about what happened!"
  119. 119. "Yeah Charity I'm over it and I hear you're engaged so congrats again! You better invite me to the wedding!" Renaud cried. Charity hugged Renaud beaming, "Oh I will, don't worry!"
  120. 120. "So Aimee are you ready to go home and get married and have kids and stuff!" Charity cried with excitement "Yeah" Aimee began a little sad to be leaving, "But let's just hope are kids will be a little more reasonable than we are!" "Agreed!"
  121. 121. And Aimee and Charity's college years officially ended, with first Aimee growing up. "Do you see that I am wearing flame pants? Flame pants! I am not Melissa Fancy!"
  122. 122. Then with Charity quickly following her, "Well this is an ugly outfit, if I've ever seen one!"
  123. 123. "Bye" Vicki waved watching the two of them, "I'll be waiting for next generation!" And this where I will leave you. I had a lot of fun writing their college years, so I hope you enjoyed it. I am also really excited to go back to the neighborhood and begin with kids, first generation with cousins! So until next time, bye!