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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.6


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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.6

  1. 1. Welcome back! Last Chapter Alexandra finally told everyone she was a witch and revealed that Layla was a witch as well. She put a spell shield on Romeo and he finally saw Layla's true colors and broke up with her leaving her furious. Layla of course blamed Alexandra and they began to have a magic fight. In the end Alexandra somehow consolidated all her anger into one giant spell that caused Layla to go elsewhere. Romeo was left feeling lost about his future and where he was going to go from there. Present...
  2. 2. “Geez how long is he going to take!” Alexandra complained impatiently by the door, “I thought it was the girls who were supposed to take longer.” Despite all of the tragic events that had happened recently, Juliet and Corey's wedding was still going on as Juliet had been planning for it for quite awhile. The remaining members of Annya Fruhm were not too thrilled about having to go to a wedding right now, but they all wanted to be there for Juliet. Beside her Rosaline brushed some lint off her black dress, “I'm sure he's coming,” she responded referring to Romeo. “Whatever I mean Jimmy's late too, who by the way I am really nervous to see seeming as he hasn't seen me since this,” she pointed to her black eye. “Well does he know about it?” “Umm not exactly, I didn't really know how to be all like hey some headless ghost thing attacked me over the phone.”
  3. 3. Though soon enough Jimmy walked through the front door unsurprisingly in complete shock the second he saw Alexandra, “What happened?” he gasped his mouth hanging wide open. Alexandra turned around and smiled at him, “What? You don't like it? I thought it matched my dress pretty well,” she joked lightly. “Alexandra you better tell me who did that to you so I can at least try to punch them back!” he cried. Alexandra let out a small laugh, “Yeah um about that I don't think that's exactly possible.”
  4. 4. “Huh? Why?” Jimmy asked confused his jaw still hanging. “Yeah um let's just say I have a lot to tell you,” Alexandra responded with a nervous smile, how was she even going to begin? Rosaline sighed not wanting to listen to this, “I'm going to go check on Romeo,” she told them walking away.
  5. 5. When she arrived at his door, she noticed that it was slammed shut. She held her ear to the door to check if she heard anything, but all she heard was silence. “Romeo,” she called gently knocking on the door. There was no response. “Romeo,” she tried again, but again all she heard was silence. Finally after waiting she grabbed the door knob and barged in on her own.
  6. 6. When she walked in she saw him, sitting there on the floor in the corner with his head down. “Romeo?” she asked quietly sauntering over to him concerned. He didn't say anything and looked up at her a little shocked, not having expected to see her.
  7. 7. He quickly stood up trying to quickly pull himself together, he didn't want Rosaline to see him like that for he was heir after all, he was supposed to be taking care of the family not the other way around. “Romeo are you okay? What's going on?” Rosaline asked her voice worried. “Nothing Ros, I was tying my shoe. I'm fine let's go,” he answered quickly. Rosaline raised an eyebrow, “Now that's a lie not only because your shoes don't have laces but also because I know for a fact you're not okay Romeo, and that's okay you know.” “Rosaline I'm fine,” he insisted. “Romeo,” she scolded slowly in a motherly tone.
  8. 8. He walked over to her taking a deep sigh, “Okay fine Ros I'm not okay alright. I mean think about it, I'm almost a senior and I don't have a girlfriend or anyone I want to spend the rest of my life with, and then here we are going to Juliet's wedding where I'm going to see everyone. I mean what are mom and dad going to say? I'm supposed to get married, it's my job.” “Romeo thats....” “No Rosaline it is a big deal alight!” he interrupted harshly.
  9. 9. “Romeo I'm not anywhere near having anyone and I am a senior, and mom and dad haven't seem to cared,” Rosaline told him. Romeo frowned, “But you're not the heir Ros, that changes everything. When mom told me that I was heir, she gave me the job to continue this family and I'm failing that.” “Romeo none of this was your fault.” He looked down, “Yes it was. I fell for it.” “Romeo that's ridiculous , you had absolutely no control over what happened!”
  10. 10. Romeo placed his hands o his hips, “Yeah well it still happened Rosaline and now here I am with nothing to show for the past three years.” “Romeo you still have time, there is no time limit for these things. You're a great guy and you're going to find someone I promise you,” Rosaline told him. “Thanks Ros,” he mumbled, “But I don't know, by this time everyone is always settled.” “That's not true Romeo, there are plenty of people just like you are me who have no idea because that is completely okay.” “Yeah. Maybe.”
  11. 11. Rosaline squeezed his arm, “I know you will.” “Thanks so will you Ros,” he smiled. Rosaline just shook her head with a laugh, “Probably not.” “What about that guy who I always knew you were going to marry?” Romeo asked. Rosaline's smile quickly wiped away into a much more solemn and forlorn expression, “That's not going to happen Romeo trust me.”
  12. 12. “Oh” Romeo widened his eyes at her sad eyes, “well he's missing out.” “Romeo Rosaline, what are guys doing we need to leave!” Alexandra yelled from below. “I guess we should get going,” Rosaline began to turn around. “Yeah and hey Ros?” “Yeah?” she asked looking back at him. “Thanks,” he told her with a small smile. “No problem,” she winked.
  13. 13. To no one's surprise Juliet's wedding was a complete explosion of pink. Everything from the table cloths, to the flowers, to the chairs was all pink and placed perfectly in the quintessential backyard of Corey and Juliet's new home back in Rosendale. It looked like a wedding in a fairy tale come to life.
  14. 14. Juliet Loving, soon to be Custer, looked at her reflection in the mirror carefully. She had been waiting for this day for as long as she could remember, it had always been her dream to have the perfect fairy tale wedding where she would go out there and marry the one guy she truly loves, though no matter how much preparation she had given herself, she still found that she was incredibly nervous now that the day was finally here. She let out a large sigh trying to settle the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. “Could you have curled your hair any tighter? It looks like someone strangled it with a curling iron!”
  15. 15. Juliet stood up from the bench to face her cousin Victoria who had been sitting there behind her with a huge smirk plastered on her face as she looked up at Juliet. Victoria was also engaged though chose to not get married anytime soon after graduation. “Hey you're supposed to be nice to me you know, it is my wedding day!” Juliet admonished glaring at her cousin. Victoria laughed, “I know Jules you know I kid, in all seriousness you look very beautiful, you look like Cinderella or whatever your favorite princess is.” “It's Aurora actually and thanks.” “Who the hell is Aurora?” Victoria asked confused. Juliet laughed, “Um Sleeping Beauty! Duh!”
  16. 16. “Oh um excuse me for not knowing the Disney princesses!” Victoria cried with a grin. She suddenly grew serious standing up from her chair and scrutinizing Juliet's nervous face, “Hey Jules in all seriousness are you sure about this? I mean after all that happened with Corey are you sure you are making the right choice here? I'm not going to allow you to get hurt again.”
  17. 17. “Yes Vic I am completely sure,” Juliet assured her leaning forward, “I know a lot has happened, but trust me when I say we have talked about it a lot and I'm one hundred percent positive that he truly loves me and is never going to hurt me again.” Victoria looked at her cousin's smiling face carefully, “If you're sure than I guess I can tolerate this.” Juliet gave a small laugh, “Thanks for caring Vic, but I'm sure he's the one. I have never been more sure about anyone, and I'm ready to finally get married.” Victoria nodded, “Okay then lets go do this thing.”
  18. 18. From this moment on life has begun
  19. 19. From this moment you are the one
  20. 20. Right beside you is where I belong From this moment on
  21. 21. From this moment I have been blessed I live only for your happiness
  22. 22. And for your love I'd give my last breath
  23. 23. From this moment on *Shove*
  24. 24. “Jules what was that for!” Corey cried covering his cake covered face. Juliet laughed, “Just making sure that you will never hurt me again.” “That's my girl, you tell him whose the boss!” Aimee called with a huge grin watching them, it was a little weird seeing Juliet marry her old boyfriend but they were happy and that's what was important. After a lovely ceremony the couple became Juliet and Corey Custer officially beginning a new branch to the growing Loving family. _______ Corey Custer- 3/4/3/7/8 Aspiration- Fortune LTW- Top of Oceanography Career
  25. 25. Everything at the wedding was going perfect though there was still one last thing Juliet needed to be truly happy and that was her father's approval. He hadn't said anything when she told him she was marrying Corey other than an unclassified grunt, so she wasn't sure if he approved, but it would truly mean the world to her if he could. “Dad I need to make sure you are okay with this because really no matter what you say Corey makes me really happy, but it would mean a lot to me if you could accept him,” Juliet smiled nervously at her father.
  26. 26. Weldon looked over at his old arch nemesis who was displaying the biggest smile he could possibly give. “I promise I won't hurt her again Mr. Loving, I love Juliet more than again and regret with all my heart all that has happened in the past.” Weldon glared at the grinning young man carefully remembering the time in the past when he had fought him over Aimee, he never would have imagined or wanted him to end up with his daughter, but by the look of how things had played out he really didn't have a choice in the matter.
  27. 27. Weldon walked up to Corey giving a friendly expression and held out his hand, “Okay I think I can handle this though you better not hurt her again cause I will be sure to kick your ass this time!” Corey looked up at Weldon with a slight hint of surprise, he had never suspected Weldon to forgive him, but he was more than thrilled that he was. He moved his hand to return the shake feeling good.
  28. 28. But right as he was about to touch it, Weldon slipped his hand back before Corey could grab it. “Dad!” Juliet scolded annoyed, she really thought he was actually forgiving him. “Sorry Juliet, I couldn't resist,” Weldon laughed looking at Corey's shocked face, “Look Corey the truth is I don't really like you and never will, but you seem to make my daughter happy which is all that really matters to me, so I think I will be able to accept this though again I surely promise you I will kick your ass if you hurt her again.” “Your acceptance is all I ask,” Corey told him, maybe one day he could get him to like him as well. Weldon just nodded, “Good cause that's all you're going to get.”
  29. 29. Meanwhile Victoria had run into her sister Alexandra and was more than surprised to her fresh black eye. “Alexandra what the hell happened?” Victoria cried investigating it meticulously, so meticulously that Alexandra was beginning to feel uncomfortable. “Vic relax, it's just a little black eye and honestly it's a long story that I don't feel like getting into right now.” “Okay fine, but you did kick Layla's ass right?” Victoria asked. Alexandra nodded, “Yes she's gone, I'm not sure where but she's gone.” “Well good I knew you could do it, though I wish I had been there to give her a black eye as well!”
  30. 30. Victoria grew serious for a second, “Does it hurt though?” Alexandra shrugged, “A little bit, but I mean it's sort of just like a headache on your eye that never goes away.” “Well that sucks.” “Eh it's alright.” Victoria suddenly let out a grin, “Well just so you know, it makes you look pretty bad ass.” Alexandra laughed, “Thanks that's always been the look I have been aspiring for,” she joked.
  31. 31. Everyone had been having a lot of fun at the wedding dancing and socializing though when the cake had all been eaten up, Romeo's biggest fear arrived before him. “So Romeo where's this Layla girl you told me about, I'm dying to meet her,” Aimee told her son as she had noticed that he had come to the wedding alone. “Yeah Romeo we are going to be living with her after all, so I think it's only fair that we at least meet her before you two get married,” Weldon added.
  32. 32. Romeo looked over at his mother with an anxious glance, a feeling of uneasiness trickling through him. He didn't want to tell them that he had failed at what he was supposed to do, “Umm...... we broke up,” he managed to mumble quietly avoiding eye contact with both of his parents; he didn't even want to go into the fact that he had been seduced by her and that the whole relationship had been a lie, and that he had pretty much just wasting his time.
  33. 33. “Oh,” Aimee looked up at her son who was continuing to avoid any form of eye contact with her remembering Romeo just gushing about her on the phone not only a few months ago, “I'm sorry to hear that are you okay?” Romeo nodded slowly, “Uh yeahh.” “Don't worry son you will find someone better,” Weldon added across the table looking a little concerned. “Thanks dad,” Romeo murmured looking down and feeling absolutely horrible. *****
  34. 34. Things gradually began to go back to normal after Juliet's wedding back in the Greek house as everyone was beginning to recover from the whole Layla situation and focus on their own lives again. Romeo seemed to be slowly recovering and getting back to himself. He had begun to hang out with his friends just trying to enjoy life again. The pressure to find someone burned in the back of his mind, but he tried his best to relax about it and just relish his life steadily finding himself back.
  35. 35. Alexandra spent her remaining time at college also getting back to herself spending many hours playing games with Jimmy. “Alexandra you are way too good at this game,” Jimmy smirked crossing his arms, “Are you sure you don't use magic?” Alexandra gave him a playful glare, “How dare you accuse me of such nonsense, why I would never cheat!” “Alexandra.....” “Okay fine maybe I did that last time, but I promise you I am actually good at this game!” “Sure Alexandra, sure.”
  36. 36. Rosaline on the other hand spent her remaining days not as happily doing activities like playing pool with her professor.... “Now Rosaline if you approach that shot at exactly a 47.5 degree angle aiming exactly for the far side, the ricochet should allow the sphere to strike the blue target over there thus allowing it to propel directly in the compartment.” Rosaline looked down confused, “Hey um Professor Carlson my plan was just to hit the ball and hope for the best.” “Well that works too I suppose, though my method is highly more accurate”
  37. 37. Alexandra and Rosaline mainly spent their time studying as graduation for the two of them was becoming closer and closer each day. Alexandra's eye was also getting better and better each day and soon enough it would erase any true evidence of her fight with the spectral ghost.
  38. 38. And by the time graduation arrived, her black eye was gone for good. To no one's surprise Alexandra and Rosaline both graduated with honors having both worked very hard over the past four years.
  39. 39. And of course they threw a graduation party as it had seemed to become a tradition at Annya Fruhm, though it was much smaller than the one Victoria threw when she and Juliet graduated. They only invited their family and closest friends, which is just how they wanted it.
  40. 40. “Hey Romeo I heard all about what happened,” Juliet told her brother not having talked to him since the Layla showdown, “and I just want to make sure you are okay because I know what it's like to realize that your relationship has been a lie.” Romeo nodded, “Yeah thanks Juliet, but I'm fine really. Well I mean it's been hard I won't lie, but I think I'm slowly beginning to recover, and I think I'm going to be okay.” Juliet gave a small smile, “Okay I'm glad to hear that Romeo, you were very supportive when I was the one hurting so if you ever need anything just ask me alright?” “Thanks Juliet, but I'll be fine.”
  41. 41. Romeo truly was beginning to feel better and it showed by his fun and lighthearted manner at the party. “I got you babe, I got you babe,” he belted joyfully in the microphone pointing directly at Professor Carlson. Professor Carlson looked over at Romeo bewildered, “Excuse me Mr. Loving, but I do not think that is appropriate deportment.” Romeo just laughed ignoring her, “I got you to hold my hand, I got you to understand, I got you to walk with me.” “Mr. Loving do not make me write a complaint.”
  42. 42. “I think your cousin's about to get kicked out of Sim State by Professor Carlson,” Jimmy told Alexandra. Alexandra just shook her head, “Oh he'll be fine, the guy can smooth talk his way out of anything.” “Speaking of smooth talking, you look very pretty in the graduation gown Alexandra London,” Jimmy smiled. “Why thank you,” Alexandra coyly placed her hand over her arm leaning into him, “Soon enough you can call me Alexandra Phoenix.” “Ah yes the name does have a nice ring to it.” “It does so indeed,” Alexandra grinned.
  43. 43. “So Rosaline isn't it weird to be graduating, I feel like we all just started college yesterday,” Vicki, the former Greek house placeholder, told Rosaline cheerfully . Rosaline nodded, “I know time really does fly by.” “So Rosaline I'm curious, have you found anyone in the time I've been gone?” Vicki asked being nosy. Rosaline frowned, “Um … no.” Vicki suddenly felt bad for asking, “Oh that's okay Rosaline, you have plenty of time and I know you will find someone.” Rosaline forced a tiny smile, “Thanks Vicki,” though really she wasn't sure at all, she had almost given up hope on any chance of her being with anyone.
  44. 44. Soon enough the party came to end and it was time for Alexandra and Rosaline to return back to Rosendale and begin their adult lives. Alexandra transitioned into her a witch clothes surround by a whirlwind of confetti. She had been completely mortified the last time this happened to her, but now she was more than happy to be wearing her witch garb, completely ready to begin the next stage of her life.
  45. 45. Rosaline on the other hand did not transition into anything exciting this time around, transitioning in almost an identical outfit to the one Juliet had transitioned in. She slowly walked to the taxi not at all thrilled like Alexandra, she had no idea what to do with her life, and now that she was graduating she had no choice but figure it out. She sighed, “This sucks” she muttered under her breath stepping into the taxi.
  46. 46. Once Alexandra and Rosaline were gone, the Greek House lay quiet, for now it was completely empty except for Romeo that is, who now living by himself in complete and utter solitude with no one to confide in.
  47. 47. Not that it seemed to be effecting him too much. “Wooo smustle over here, smustle over there!” Romeo truly was beginning to feel better and found that getting back to normal was easier than he had thought it would be. Romeo was beginning to do things he used to do all the time, like dancing on the pool table for instance.
  48. 48. “Hey Romeo last I checked I don't think pool tables are for dancing on,” Zoe laughed having just walked in, looking up to see Romeo who was now getting rather into his smustle. She had been a little wary to hang out with him, but he claimed that he was SOOO lonely, and that she just had to come over. “Oh come on Zoe, the guy who invented pool tables totally intended for them to not only be for pool, but for some hardcore smustling as well,” Romeo insisted glancing down at her with a smiling face. Zoe shook her head with a laugh, “You look like a fool.” “Yes but I'm a fool having fun, and you should totally be one with me.” Zoe raised an eyebrow, “I don't know Romeo.”
  49. 49. Though eventually she gave in, mainly because Romeo pretty much pulled her up on the pool table, much against her will, though she found that he was actually right about the whole thing despite them looking like completely fools. “Okay Romeo you were right, this is actually kind of fun!” Zoe laughed beginning to get rather into her smustle. Romeo just grinned continuing to dance, “See I told you!”
  50. 50. They continued to smustle for quite awhile until eventually the both grew rather tired, and Romeo ended up collapsing on the pool table. “That was fun Romeo,” Zoe told him, she had forgotten how much fun he was. Romeo laughed, “I'm glad you had fun Zoester, that's what I aim to do.” “Zoester?” Zoe questioned raising an eyebrow. “What? You don't like it?” Romeo asked. “Umm,” Zoe began, then gave a small smile, “No actually I do, I've just never heard that one before.”
  51. 51. Romeo smiled going silent as he prepared to ask what he had been wanting to ask since she came over, “So anyway Zoe I was wondering,” he paused rubbing his hand through his hair nervously, “If you would go to my cousin's wedding with me?” He thought about how horrible the last one had been being single, and he just didn't think he could face another one. “Wow what?” Zoe widened her eyes completely caught off guard. “Look I know it's kind of lame, but I just really don't want to face another wedding alone. I mean it would just be as friends of course , it would just be really nice to have someone there with me.” “Oh,” Zoe looked at him diffidently feeling her old feelings for him rush back a little, she didn't want to have to go threw this again. “I mean you completely don't have to if you don't want to Zoe,” Romeo added quickly noticing her apprehension.
  52. 52. “No, no,” Zoe responded quickly, “I'll go,” she gave a small smile. She didn't want Romeo to have deal with being alone with his family again, she knew that was probably really hard, “This isn't Victoria's wedding is it? I never pictured that girl getting married.” “Haha no, but she is engaged which is kind of weird.” Zoe nodded. “Hey Zoe thanks, this really means a lot to me you know.” Zoe gave a small smile, “No problem Romeo.”
  53. 53. Alexandra and Jimmy threw a small wedding with close friends and family held in the backyard of the London household, as Alexandra and Jimmy were moving in with Alexandra's parents Charity and Randy. The wedding was a rather casual being far from traditional, as Alexandra didn't even wear a white dress, and Jimmy didn't wear a tux. Alexandra even decided to not wear her magic shield allowing her full magic aura to shine around her, despite the fact that there were people at the wedding who didn't know about her abilities
  54. 54. “Hey Romeo is Alexandra glowing?” Zoe asked confused, she had never seen a person glow like that before. “Uh yeah, it's a witch thing I think, not really sure, just go with it.” Romeo smiled watching his crazy cousin tie the knot.
  55. 55. Alexandra and Jimmy gave a wonderful ceremony though the vowels were a bit odd to say the least. It was truly clear that Alexandra and Jimmy were happy and ready to begin a fulfilling and joyful life together becoming Alexandra and Jimmy Phoenix.
  56. 56. Alexandra didn't even shove cake in his face though part of her sort of wanted to, but she decided to play nice for the day. ____ Jimmy Phoenix- 3/6/4/5/7 Aspiration- Popularity LTW- 20 Best Friends
  57. 57. “So are you glad you came Zoe? I know this is sort of boring, but you being here is really making this a lot better,” Romeo told her with a smile. Zoe nodded, “No I'm having a lot of fun, your family is all really nice and Alexandra and Jimmy seem really sweet together.” “Good I'm glad! I was scared you might be bored or something.” “Bored with you? I'm not really sure that's possible,” Zoe laughed. “Yeah I suppose that is pretty much just impossible,” Romeo agreed with a chuckle. “Hey don't get too full of yourself now,” Zoe teased.
  58. 58. Suddenly a slow song began playing on the stereo and all the couples began to dance slowly around them. Romeo and Zoe stood awkwardly looking around,feeling like two teenagers at a dance who had just happened to run into each other at the wrong time.
  59. 59. “Hey uh Zoe would you like to dance?” Romeo asked her nervously giving a small lopsided grin. Zoe looked up at him feeling herself blush a little, her emotions really did feel like a those nervous teenager and she couldn't seem to control them, “Y.yeah that would be be nice,” she stammered.
  60. 60. They ended up finding themselves getting rather close to each other without even fully realizing it themselves. Romeo found himself lost in Zoe's beautiful dark blue eyes feeling a comfort that he had never felt before. Zoe also felt the same comfort though neither of them said anything too caught up in the moment.
  61. 61. “Hey Romeo you really don't need to walk me back you know, I'm a big girl” Zoe told him, though she had already told him this multiple times, but Romeo had insisted that he walk her home after the wedding. “I couldn't let you walk home alone Zoe who knows what could have happened, an evil vampire could have come and attacked you for your blood,” Romeo contended. Zoe snorted, “Right and then an evil Zombie would have come and eaten out my brain.” Romeo laughed, “See exactly I couldn't let any of that happen to you, I like your brain the way it is now.”
  62. 62. Once they reached the door to Zoe's dorm, she looked at him with a small grin, “Well thanks for protecting me from all the evil zombies and vampires, I really appreciate it.” “No problem Zoester just doing my job,” Romeo let out a huge toothy smile. Zoe laughed shaking her head, she really had not fully gotten used to that nickname he had given her. Neither of them said anything for a little while creating a hollow silence, their was a sort of odd anxiety in the air between them, but they were both choosing to ignore it for now. “Um well I guess I should head back inside and stuff, it's late,” Zoe finally said turning toward the door. Romeo just watched her for a second feeling many emotions run though him. .
  63. 63. “Zoe wait!” Romeo cried grabbing her shoulder impulsively, he wasn't going to let her walk away.
  64. 64. He quickly pulled her into a gentle kiss that Zoe accepted out of abrupt surpise.
  65. 65. “Um wow,” Zoe muttered once they had separated, she stood in complete revelation at what had just happened, “That was... wow.” Romeo stood nervously feeling his heart race uncontrollably thinking that maybe he shouldn't have done that, “I mean you did like it right?” Zoe looked down of course she liked it, but could she really go running back to Romeo after she had worked so hard to try to get over him? “I mean here's the thing Romeo,” she began, “I like you I really do, like a lot, I have for a while, a long while, like since freshmen year, but I mean then the whole Layla thing happened which I know now wasn't your fault, but I mean it really hurt to see that and then I spent so long trying to get over you and...” “Hey Zoe?” Romeo interrupted “Yeah?”
  66. 66. “I'm pretty sure I have always liked you too.”
  67. 67. “Romeo is this really a good idea, I mean...” “Shh Zoe they always say to follow your heart right?” “Yeah...” “Then I don't see the problem.” Zoe paused for a second, but then smiled.
  68. 68. “You're always right Romeo.”
  69. 69. And from that point on Romeo and Zoe were pretty much inseparable and this time it was just simply because Romeo could barley stand to be away from Zoe too long. “Hi Rom......mmphhhh” “I've missed you.” “You saw me last night.” “Yeah I know, and I've missed you.”
  70. 70. Zoe and Romeo spent their final days of college doing everything and anything they could think of, whether it ranged from doing the stereotypical couple interactions that they have always seen in movies like dancing in parks and kissing in trees, to doing childish things like seeing who could swing the highest on the swings at the park, or to doing less exciting activities together like studying for their impending finals. Regardless of what they were doing, they were always have an amazing time enjoying each other's company.
  71. 71. It really didn't matter how silly or stupid whatever they were doing was, they were still having a great time. Unlike Layla, Zoe actually did enjoy doing fun things, and she was always up for any crazy idea that Romeo came up with. Yes, they did look kind of crazy singing karaoke to each other alone in the greek house, but they were having a blast which is all that mattered to them.
  72. 72. “Romeo take me somewhere where we can be alone I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run You'll be the prince and i'll be the princess It's a love story baby just say yes” Romeo smiled, “Oh I'll say yes alright, wait you really want to go somewhere where we can be alone?” Zoe blushed, “Maybe.”
  73. 73. “Hey Romeo did I really just notice that you still have that “wonderful” painting I did back our freshmen year?” Zoe asked as he wrapped his arms around her upstairs. Romeo smiled, “I always told you that I liked that painting.” Zoe laughed, “And I still thinking it looks like a children's painting.” “It's beautiful just like you.” Zoe blushed, “I love you” she said almost in a whisper.
  74. 74. “I love you too.”
  75. 75. Despite spending the majority of his time with Zoe, Romeo still spent his senior year studying hard and hanging out with friends. As graduation grew closer he realized that he needed to get a placeholder for the house, and he knew just the person. “So Shawn do think that would interest you?” “Yeah man, I would love to do that though I really think we should put a hold on the pizza boxes and trash, it's bad for the environment” Romeo shook his head with a laugh, “Yeah sure whatever Shawn.”
  76. 76. Romeo enjoyed living with someone again for the remaining days of his college time, especially a guy having been living with girls for the past four years, not that he didn't love girls or anything. “So like when are you going to propose to Zoe?” Shawn asked bluntly as they ate dinner one night, “I mean the girl has like loved you forever.” Romeo smiled, “I was actually thinking tonight maybe, she's supposed to come over later and I already have the ring and everything.” “Really that's great man congratulations, I hope everything goes well,” Shawn told him. “Thanks,” Romeo smiled, even though he loved Zoe he was still rather nervous about popping the question.
  77. 77. “Isn't it weird to think that there is a whole other world up there with all the different planets and stars?” Zoe pointed to the sky as they lay on the ground late that night. “Yeah it is really weird to think about, it's easy to just think that your own world is the only one sometimes,” Romeo said. Zoe nodded, “I know, but space is so cool you know, if I didn't really want to be an architect, I would definitely be an astrologist and explore the moon and the stairs and the planets.” “Yeah that would be cool,” Romeo agreed, “I always enjoyed learning about space in high school.”
  78. 78. “Maybe you should be an astrologist then,” Zoe told him with a laugh. “Hmm seeming as I know nothing about space that probably won't be a good idea,” Romeo told her. “Oh come on you're good at everything, I'm sure you can become an expert in no time!” Romeo smiled pulling her closer, “Haha maybe though I am certainly not good at everything.” Zoe shook her head, “No you are, you're one of those weird people who are amazing at everything, if you weren't so cute I might hate you for it!” “Oh really?”
  79. 79. “Really,” Zoe nodded with a wide grin. Romeo kissed her nose, “Well I'm glad you think I'm cute then.” Zoe laughed gently shaking her head, she placed her hand on Romeo's chest, “Geez you're heart is racing, are you okay?” “Yeah I'm fine,” Romeo told her though really he was really nervous, even if Zoe thought he was good at everything, he certainly wasn't good at asking huge nerve racking questions.
  80. 80. “I just can't lie down any longer,” he stood up looking down at Zoe who remained lying on the ground looking up at him. “I was really just kidding, I could never hate you,” she smiled wondering if he was mad about that comment. “No, just Zoe I really need to ask you something,” he blurted out, he had never intended to sound so forward, but he couldn't stand the anxiety any longer. “Okay what?” Zoe asked not at all getting the hint. “Well can you stand up for it?” he asked her. “Yeah sure?” she responded confused wondering what was going on.
  81. 81. Once Zoe stood up Romeo leaned down on the ground looking up at her feeling his heart race, “Zoe I love you,” he began, “And I wish more than anything that I could have spent the last four years with you because this past one as been the best of my life.” Zoe looked down at him clasping her hands together, she realized what was going on now and could feel her insides jumping with excitement.
  82. 82. “Which is why I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my years with you, so Zoe Thompson will you marry me?” Zoe pulled out the ring opening it up for her to see, Zoe looked down feeling breathless.
  83. 83. “Of course!” she smiled wrapping her arms around him, she had gone through a lot with Romeo but she wanted nothing more than to just be with him forever and that was finally going to happen. “Good,” Romeo laughed returning the hug feeling the happiest he ever had, this engagement was real, and he couldn't wait to live his life with Zoe.
  84. 84. Quickly after the engagement came the time for Romeo to finally graduate officially completing the college years for generation 3. He graduated with a perfect 4.0 and despite all of the events he had to go through throughout the four years, he had finally managed to be himself again.
  85. 85. And much of that was due to Zoe. “Hey nice graduation pose,” she teased thinking that Romeo looked like a complete fool though then again it sort of suited him. “Oh come on, did you really think I could do something boring like just standing and smiling?” he cried as Shawn shot the picture to add to the wall with all the other graduation pictures. “No,” she smiled.
  86. 86. “So are you ready Zoe?” Romeo asked once the picture was over. “Ready for what?” Zoe asked. “To get married and have kids of course, I am a family sim you know,” he smiled. Zoe nodded, “Yes Romeo I am ready though you better not have the marry off six kids lifetime want or anything.” Romeo shook his head, “Haha no, six grandkids instead though we could have six kids if you want.” “Haha no sorry.”
  87. 87. “Alright you're all I need anyway” Romeo pulled her in for a kiss which Zoe happily obliged lifting her foot as their lips met like a young girl.
  88. 88. “This party is lame! Do you remember the parties we used to throw around here Juliet? Those were some kick ass parties,” Victoria cried to her cousin, looking back on all the memories of the greek house. “Oh right yeah those were so much fun, especially when you used to never clean up after them,” Juliet replied sarcastically. “Yeah yeah whatever Jules you always used to have fun, I know you did!”
  89. 89. “I never remember this stuff being this strong,” Rosaline comment doing a back flip in the air. Alexandra gigged beside her, “Yeah I know, I keep thinking about pink lemonade.” “I find it really funny that I have no idea what I'm doing with my life,” Rosaline laughed. “Ros that's not very funny,” Alexandra cried though she still found herself laughing from the overwhelming intake of bubbles.
  90. 90. “Okay so this next song is called “Get A Room” and it's dedicated to my cousin Romeo and his lovely girlfriend Zoe,” Victoria called out in the microphone covering her face from the affectionate couple in front of her. Romeo separated from Zoe for a second and glared back at his older cousin, “Vic that is the most hypocritical song I have ever heard!” Romeo cried referring the fact that Victoria had never been one to hide any of her affections.
  91. 91. Eventually the party came to an end and it came the time for Romeo to transition into adulthood. He grew up in snazzy suit that was probably his best clothing choice he has ever made yet during transitions. “Hey Zoe check me out,” Romeo grinned. “Yeah um your changing that when you get home,” she told him with a laugh. “Okay okay,” Romeo agreed heading toward the taxi, more than excited to begin the next stage of his life. *****
  92. 92. Far far away things weren't so happy as Layla Monroe continued to lay unmoved on the hot dessert ground where she had been for quite awhile looking lifeless. It seemed like any hope of her ever recovering had vanished.
  93. 93. “So do you think she's alive?” “I don't know, it looks like she's been there for awhile.” “I cannot believe there is another one!” “Another what?” “Random girl in the dessert, I mean how many of these are there going to be?” “She's only the second one.” “Yeah but there should be none in the first place!”
  94. 94. “I'm surprised the military hasn't found her.” “I think they stopped searching this far down the road since nothing is ever out here.” “I wonder where she came from.” “First I would like to know if she's alive.” “Probably a good point.”
  95. 95. “Did you kick her?” “Yeah gently.” “I think I see her breathing” “Good.” “Is it possible to just go on a normal walk in this town?” “No, not really.”
  96. 96. “I think she's moving!” Layla began to slowly get up feeling extremely weak and lost, she could faintly hear the murmurs of two voices but she wasn't sure as her head was spinning and everything looked like one giant blur. “She's alive!” “Good I didn't want to get blamed for this.” “Why would you get blamed?” “Well the most powerful guy in town does hate me.” “Oh well he's a jerk so don't even worry about it.”
  97. 97. Layla's vision slowly began to grow clearer and she was gradually gaining control of her body, she could hear the two voices more clearly now and she was beginning to remember seeing some sort of light and then blacking out. She began to push herself up feeling weird, feeling like she had never felt before, something wasn't right, something was wrong. “She's getting up.” “I wonder who she is, the last thing this town needs is another loon running around.”
  98. 98. Layla began to steadily pull her body up seeing everything for what it truly was now realizing that she was indeed in the middle of the dessert. She looked up angrily at the two people standing beside her having no idea who they were, “Who the hell are you two?” she tried to yell but it came out sounding more like a whisper.
  99. 99. “Good question, but I'm a bit more curious as to who you are why you're passed out here in the middle of the dessert.”
  100. 100. And this where I will be leaving you for now. I will leave you with another shot of Romeo and Zoe just being cute, I apologize for maybe overdoing them a bit this chapter, but half the pictures I just couldn't resist not including because I've wanted to get these two together the second I noticed Romeo had three bolts for her back his freshmen year in the dorms.
  101. 101. Also I'll leave you with a picture of Alexandra being awesome. I'm so happy college is finally over, truly I thought college would barley make three chapters, but ended up being twice that much. I've had a lot of fun writing and I'm more than excited to begin the next chapter of all these guys lives. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed college and tune in next for more information on Layla, more weddings, and maybe the arrival of generation 4! Song Credits: “From This Moment On” - Shania Twain (which I've actually never listened to just the lyrics fit what I wanted) “Love Song”- Taylor Swift