A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.9


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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.9

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.9 “Sure Thing Falling.” Now first off I know it hasbeen awhile, and I apologize for that. You can blame real life, computers, and motivation issuesfor that. Even though it has been awhile things will be picking up right where they left off, which ifyou forgot I will be doing a little bit of a more in depth recap than usual....
  2. 2. So last time all of the following events happens: Rosaline and Ronan moved in together and got engaged. MeanwhileLayla is still stuck in Strangetown and trying to find a way out, and has recently discovered that Olive Spector is awitch. Back in Rosendale Alexandra and Jimmy had a daughter named Fantasia. Zoe and Romeo had a son namedReese, and also the Lovings moved into a new house. Juliet and Coreys twins Jacob and Aiden aged into toddlers.Victoria on the other hand discovered she was pregnant much to her disgrace. Aimee, Weldon, Charity, and Randy allaged into elders. Reese also aged into a toddler to display a mean, active, and playful personality. Victoria had adaughter who she named Pear as it was the first thing she saw after giving birth. Now having a daughter, she decidedit was time to get married to Renaud. Lastly Ethan came over at Rosalines house late at night which only led toscandal. And thats what happened last time on A Loving Legacy! So lets go onto the new stuff......
  3. 3. “Come on Reese its just one step little guy,” Zoe smiled holding out her arms awaiting her son tojust that one step by himself into her arms.Reese tilted his head considering what to do. Suddenly his face scrunched into an expression ofaversion, “No!” he wailed sternly proceeding to turn around to walk perfectly back to his toy.Zoe gave a sigh wondering why her son was so stubborn, “Well at least youre walking,” shemuttered under her breath watching him now play. She then heard the front door open knowingRomeo was home, “Ill be back Reese,” she called walking to the living room.
  4. 4. “Hey Ro... what are you wearing?” Zoe cried immediately eyeing his attire that looked suspiciouslylike a police uniform, “Werent you a junior business executive when you left this morning?”Romeo nodded, “Yeah, but I quit and got myself a new job as a police officer! How cool is that? Iam now the person we always have to look out for meaning we can have parties till the AM!”Romeo gave a smile that was not joined by Zoe who was not at all amused.“Romeo I dont think thats a very good idea. I mean with Reese being so young and another oneon the way, I really dont want anything to happen to you!” Zoe told him worriedly.
  5. 5. “Youre pregnant!” Romeo called out excitedly completely ignoring everything else she had justsaid, “I get to be a father times 2!”“Yes Romeo,” Zoe responded not joining in with his excitement, “Which is why I really dont wantanything to happen to you.”“What! You dont trust my mad defense skills Zoe?” Romeo joked with a laugh trying to get Zoe tosmile as well, but she didnt.“Romeo....”“Zoe I promise you I will not be doing anything that dangerous,” Romeo began.
  6. 6. “Now come here,” he pulled Zoe close to him, “I promise I am always going to be here for you,Reese, and the new baby okay? Nothing is going to happen to me!”Zoe couldnt help but a give a small smile, “Okay Romeo, but I really dont like this.”“Zoe its going to be fine, I promise, and like I said we can now have parties as late as we want!”He raised his eyebrows in amusement.Zoe just rolled her eyes, “Right okay Romeo, cause we are totally the type to throw those kinds ofparties especially now having kids.”Romeo just laughed, “True but just the fact that we have the option now is completely awesomeright?”Zoe shook her head with a grin, “Sure whatever you say Romeo.”*~*~*~*
  7. 7. Meanwhile not too far away Rosaline had similar news to tell, though she was much more nervousabout sharing it than Zoe had been. Just like Zoe, she had found out that she was in factpregnant. She had known for a little while, but had stalled telling Ronan out of fear of his reactionas they werent married yet, but she knew she couldnt keep it forever, especially with hercontinuously growing stomach that was now showing.“Umm Ronan...” Rosaline began nervously approaching him as he entered the kitchen.“Yeah Ros?” he suddenly looked down seeing her stomach, “Youre pregnant!”Rosaline nodded with a gulp, “Yeah, yes I am.”
  8. 8. “This is amazing!” Ronan exclaimed excitedly beginning to rub her inflated abdomen, “Were goingto be parents!”Rosaline just nodded not saying anything seeming in a daze by this statement.After a few seconds of silence Ronan suddenly asked, “Hey Ros are you going to say anything?”“What!” Rosaline cried feeling like she had just been snapped out of a deep daydream, “Yeah ofcourse I am. We are going to be parents! What could be better?”
  9. 9. “We should get married!” Ronan suddenly expressed continuing to smile immensely.“What? Married? As in married?” Rosaline asked out of confusion and surprise.Ronan nodded, “Yeah Ros married, so then our baby can have my last name, and why not now?”Rosaline paused knowing to herself that she didnt deserve to marry Ronan after her actionssomewhat recently, but despite them she did love Ronan and marrying him was probably her bestoption. She could just erase that entire mistake she had made a few months ago, couldnt she?“Ros?”“What? Sorry, yeah we should get married!” Rosaline smiled, “Lets get married!”
  10. 10. And so very quickly Rosaline and Ronan held a small rapidly planned wedding consisting ofmajority of the Lovings and a few close friends. Rosaline was heavily pregnant for the ceremony,but she didnt care just happy to be finally getting married like everyone else and beginning a lifeof her own.
  11. 11. It was a lovely ceremony and everyone was thrilled to see Rosaline be the last member ofgeneration 3 to tie the knot.
  12. 12. Rosaline didnt even shove cake in Ronans face during the wedding wanting more to her and thebaby.___Ronan Chen5/4/3/7/6Aspiration: FamilyLTW: Golden Anniversary
  13. 13. “Congratulations Rosaline,” Romeo told Rosaline after the ceremony, “I always knew you wouldfind someone great like Ronan, and I cant wait to meet my future niece or nephew!” He smiled ather stomach.“Thanks Romeo,” Rosaline gave a small smile finding her thoughts going elsewhere, like they hada lot recently.“Dont you think so Ros?” Romeo asked.“Huh?” Rosaline asked realizing she had not been listening to a word Romeo had been saying.Romeo just laughed, “Wow that happy huh?”Rosaline just forced a smile not helping but feel guilty.*~*~*~*
  14. 14. It wasnt long after Rosalines wedding that there came time for a birthday to be held in Rosendalebelonging to the very adorable pair of twins known as Aiden and Jacob. Jacob and Aiden both hadpretty uneventful toddlerhoods just having learned all of their skills and being cute.
  15. 15. Corey and Juliet were thrilled that they would be becoming children though as despite thecuteness, a pair of toddlers can be quite a handful for any set of parents. To give the family abreak from big events, Juliet and Corey decided to just hold a family party consisting only of themand the twins.
  16. 16. Once the candles had been blown and clothes had been changed, Aiden and Jacob proved to stillbe adorable immediately wolfing down three pieces of cake each, and then proceeding to jumpcrazily on the sofa much to Juliets disliking. Juliet had wanted them to continue wearing matchingclothes, but Aiden sternly refused saying that was “stupid”, and that he wanted to wear a baseballt-shirt instead.*~*~*~*
  17. 17. And it wasnt long at all that Jacob and Aiden would be receiving a cousin, as very soon after theirbirthday, Rosaline went into labor with Ronan by her side.“Oh ouch!” Rosaline yelled painfully, “Juliet, Alexandra, and especially Victoria warned me thiswould hurt, but I didnt think it would be this bad!”Ronan shrugged unsure what to do, but he decided that encouraging words would help, “You cando it Ros!”“Easy for you to say!” Rosaline screamed giving one last push.
  18. 18. And within seconds a beautiful baby girl was in her arms with black hair, light blue eyes, andRosalines skin. “Hey baby!” Rosaline cried with happiness thrilled to finally have a child of herown, “How do you feel about the name Cadence?” Suddenly her joy was interrupted by a harshpain causing to her quickly run over to Ronan.
  19. 19. “Here hold her!” she demanded quickly in pain.Ronan smiled gently grabbing the baby, “Ros were parents!” he cried.“Yeah...”
  20. 20. “... and we are about to become parents again!” Rosaline quickly clutched her stomach againhaving realized that just like her sister, she was having twins.
  21. 21. Soon another baby was in the room, this time being a boy, being held up under Rosalines arms.“Hey there little guy, you are a pleasant surprise! We had decided on Dorian for a boy, so heythere Dorian!” Rosaline grinned looking at her second child that also had black hair and light blueeyes, though with lighter skin.Ronan watched with a smile, “They both got my eyes and hair.”Rosaline nodded distantly, “Yeah. They are both beautiful!”
  22. 22. Once Rosaline and Ronan had put Dorian and Cadence to sleep, Rosaline went into the bathroomto change back into her normal clothes. Before leaving she looked at her appearance for a secondnot liking what she saw back. She had recently changed her hair hoping that it would help herforget about her past actions and start fresh, but it didnt help. She was a liar, and she knew that,and she hated it. But what was she supposed to do when she knew the truth only would be pain.“Rosaline!” Ronan called suddenly interrupting her thoughts, “Where are you?”Rosaline shut her eyes and turned away from the mirror, “Im coming!” She shut off the bathroomlights and walked out the door, she couldnt deal with this some other time.*~*~*~*
  23. 23. “Peek-a-boo!” Romeo cried popping his face out from behind his hands to see a toddler roaring inlaughter in front of him.“Again daddy, again!” Reese demanded with delight bouncing up and down in excitement.“Again?” Romeo repeated, “How much longer am I going to be doing this buddy?” he asked, as itseemed like he had been playing with Reese for an hour.“Forever daddy!” Reese replied joyfully, “Now, again!”“Forever?” Romeo questioned with wide eyes and a laugh, “Well have to see about that one,” hesmiled hiding his face again.
  24. 24. “ROMMMEO! ITS TIME!!!”
  25. 25. “Time?” Romeo questioned confused then suddenly realized, “Oh time!” he cried jumping up torun out. “Ill be back buddy,” he called to Reese, “Youre about to get a new brother or sister!”“Bwatha or sista?” Reese questioned confused deciding he didnt like whatever it was as it wascausing his father to stop playing with him.
  26. 26. Within seconds Romeo found himself on the back porch cheering Zoe on with feelings of fear andanguish, “You got this Zoe! Second ones always easier right?”Zoe let out a loud piercing scream, “Yeah Im not too sure about that!”
  27. 27. Though after the pain Zoe found herself holding a beautiful baby under her arms containing herexact coloring of red hair and blue eyes.“Woo Im a father again!” Romeo cheered with delight once the baby was born.“Is it a boy or a girl?” Aimee asked having come outside to see her newest grandchild.“A boy,” Zoe answered with a smile, “A boy named Beau* Loving.”*The name Beau means handsome, admirer, and sweetheart.*~*~*~*
  28. 28. Meanwhile back in the vast secluded desert known as Strangetown, things were not so joyous asLayla Monroe still found herself trapped within its endless walls, but for the first time since shehad arrived, she did have the feeling of hope. A feeling of hope that would hopefully lead her backto where she needed to be.She walked up to the front doors of the stone mansion which she had been to not long ago. Sheapproached the wooden front door giving it a knock, causing the sound of footsteps to follow.
  29. 29. The door opened to reveal a tall elderly lady with long silver hair and a long black dress, whoLayla knew was Olive. Immediately there was something about her that caused Layla to shiver.“Whatever youre selling, I dont want it!” Olive immediately snapped seeing Layla before her. Shethen proceeded to close the door, but Layla stopped her.
  30. 30. “Wait, Im not selling anything,” Layla began stopping her, “Im here for,” she paused not helpingbut feel a little intimidated by Olives cold eyes that were glaring upon her. It was rare that Laylaever felt this.“Here for what!” Olive demanded impatiently not liking her valuable time to be wasted.“Your help,” Layla finished quickly with a bit a fear, “I need your help,” Layla restated calmer.“Help!” Olive repeated in disgust, “Im not really the helping type, so I would look elsewhere!”Layla swallowed a bit formulating her wording, “Youre the only one who can help me though,because I need help from your magic.”Olive froze raising an eyebrow, “How do you...” she paused narrowing her eyes, “Come in,” shesuddenly cried quickly stepping aside.
  31. 31. Layla entered the stone mansion to find it much more cold in the presence of Olive than it hadbeen with Ophelia. There was definitely something not right with Olive, but she didnt have time toformulate it for Olive quickly exploded at her.“How do you know about my magic girl! Did Ophelia tell you? I cant believe that girl allowingstrangers in the house!”“No, no its not exactly like that,” Layla interrupted trying to calm Olive down, “You see the thing isIm a witch too or was until I got stuck this sort of magical coma or something that caused mymagic decline where I woke up to find myself here and trapped, and you see the thing is I reallywould like and need to get back home.”“So you expect me to help you with that?” Olive asked much calmer than Layla had expected.Layla nodded, “Yes, yes I do.”
  32. 32. “Well no!” Olive suddenly yelled catching Layla off guard, “Im not some sort of genie who grantswishes or helps people, so if I were you I would recommend getting the hell out of my house, asthis is not a place you want to stay!”Laylas hands slowly curved into fists from the sounds of Olives yell and promptly placed them onthe side of her hips feeling anger and frustration run threw her, “All I need is one damnteleportation! It would take you seconds!”“Yes seconds wasted just like you are doing to me now! Now again I would highly recommendgetting out of here and never speaking of this conversation again, as I am not someone you wantto reckon with!”
  33. 33. Layla scowled flying her hand over to the side in anger, “Whatever, I dont need help from afreaking serial killer anyway!”“Excuse me!” Olive snapped her voice reaching a dangerous level.
  34. 34. “You heard me, now Im getting the hell out of here!” Layla pushed open the door in complete furyas she realized Olive was not her ticket out Strangetown after all.Olive watched her leave in anger holding back all the urges she had to hurt her as she knew thatLayla was living with the Smiths who already suspected her of dangerous activity from Opheliasstories.
  35. 35. Layla paused for a second, as she walked out, glancing down upon the vast number of graves thatlay still in the giant graveyard. Layla narrowed her eyes at them as vexation ran through her,“What a freak!” she muttered under her breath quickly, before beginning to walk back up the roadfeeling more anger than she had felt since arriving here.*~*~*~*
  36. 36. Back in the grassy covered lands of Rosendale, time was moving quickly with so many new babiesand toddlers running around, and soon enough the time came for Cadence and Dorian to turn intotoddlers. Rosaline threw a fairly large family party as everyone was excited to see how the twinswould turn out.
  37. 37. And it turned out that Cadence both emerged to be cute with different personalities. Cadencegrew up to display a personality of 7/7/5/6/8 being very nice, outgoing, and neat, while Doraingrew up with a personality of 9/3/6/2/5 being very neat, shy, and serious.
  38. 38. Once the excitement of the twins transition calmed down, the twins began to discover the worldaround them, though Dorian found himself immediately intimidated by all the tall figures andobjects surrounding him wanting to be picked up in the comfort of someones arms. As his parentshad seemed to have gone else where, he tugged on the first leg he found looking up at theperson with wide pleading eyes, “Uppie, uppie!” he wailed holding up his arms.
  39. 39. “You want me to pick you up little guy?” Lexy Taylor asked confused not having expected to havea toddler tugging at her leg.“Yes, uppie!” Dorian cried bouncing up and down.
  40. 40. A smile etched along Lexys face as she leaned down and patted him on the head causing him togrin with her, “Sure little guy uppie it is.”
  41. 41. Lexy promptly picked him up giving the toddler a hug not helping but a feel a sense of connectionwith him, “You sure are cute little guy! Your nose is adorable! It almost looks like..” Lexy pausednot being able to finished her sentence, as she looked at Dorian closer to view him in a differentlight.Lexy began to set the toddler on the ground still smiling, “You are going to have to excuse melittle guy.”
  42. 42. After giving Dorian a last pat on the head, Lexy went to find Rosaline who she found entertainingher guests in the living room. Lexy walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder causingRosaline to turn around in surprise, “Hey Lexy, you enjoying the party?” she asked.Lexy just nodded swiftly blowing the question off, “Hey Ros can I talk to you for a second?”Rosaline nodded, “Um sure whats going on?”“In private,” Lexy was quick to add looking around at all the guests that surrounded them.Rosaline raised an eyebrow in confusion, “Uh yeah sure, we can go to the front room.”
  43. 43. Once they were in the front room Rosaline looked at her friend confused noticing the series aurathat was eluding from her. Rosaline cracked a small trying to lighten the mood, “So whats upLexy?”Lexy didnt smile with her remaining strictly expressionless as she swallowed, “Hey Ros have youhappened to have seen Ethan somewhat recently.”A thought of fear shot through Rosaline as if she had just shocked. She stiffened her posturetrying to remain calm, “Ethan?” Rosaline questioned her voice high, “When would I have seenEthan?”“I dont know,” Lexy quickly responded, “Like maybe the night Dorian and Cadence wereconceived or something.”
  44. 44. Without even thinking Rosaline promptly fell into the black chair beside her placing her head intoher hand painfully, “How did you know?” she asked Lexy almost in a whisper.“His nose,” Lexy answered, “Dorian totally has Ethans nose, and its one I would recognizeanywhere seeming as I have it myself.”“His nose,” Rosaline repeated in a distant whisper having no idea if she could even get herself tofunction right now.
  45. 45. Eventually she managed to look up at Lexy concerned, “Lexy what am I supposed to do?” sheasked in a cracking voice, “Ronan thinks they are his kids! He would be devastated if theywerent!”“Well thats up to you Rosaline cause seriously I cant make that decision for you, but just knowthat the longer you wait to tell the truth, the worse it will be. To be honest Ros there is really nopositive outcome, so you are going to have make a choice. But seriously Ros I have no idea cause,to be quite honest, I never knew this sort of situation even happened outside of soap operas.”Rosaline frowned not satisfied with this answer, “Seriously Lexy, why am I such an idiot?”“Youre not an idiot Ros! You are just confused and made a mistake. A really big horrible mistake,but a mistake none the less.”“A mistake that is pretty much going to ruin my life as youre going to tell Ethan everything.”
  46. 46. “Ros Im not going to tell anyone anything seeming as this is your life and not mine,” Lexy told her,“Though you do know that the truth is going to have come out eventually.”“I know that but just knowing that it isnt right now makes me feel all the much better,” Rosalineresponded standing up.Lexy wrapped her arms around Rosaline with a warm smile, “Look Rosaline I wont lie and tell youeverything is going to be okay cause seriously this is shitty situation, but just know Ill be there foryou even with Ethan being my brother.”Rosaline gave Lexy a small smile, “Thanks Lexy that really does mean a lot to me.”*~*~*~*
  47. 47. Quickly following Cadence and Dorians birthday came not only Reeses, but Beau and evenLeroys birthday as well, as they would all be entering different stages. Before Reese couldtransition though, he had to give one last friend a big hug.“Weewoy you and I be best friends!” Reese cried delighted wrapping his arms around Leroy astightly as he could causing the dog to let out a large annoyed moan. Luckily Zoe pulled Reeseaway before any real damage could be done.
  48. 48. And she quickly brought him over to his large chocolate birthday cake to grow up. “Okay Reeseblow out the candles,” she told directing him to the four brightly lit candles.Reese looked at her and rigorously shook his head, “No!”“Come on Reese theyre your birthday candles!” She gave him a reassuring smile, but it didnthelp.“No! Mommy blow out candles!” he demanded.Zoe gave a sigh, “Okay Reese, but only because its your birthday.” She leaned down to blow outthe candles, while Reese giggled happily beside her.
  49. 49. Immediately after growing up Reese became one of the most hyper kids any of the adults hadever seen running through every single room of the house, excited about how much faster hecould move now while yelling that he was a kid now. It was clear Reese was one who would neverbe forgotten about.
  50. 50. Though the attention eventually turned away from him and onto Beau as it was now his turn totransition in a toddler.Romeo tickled Beaus stomach delighted, “Ready to grow up little guy?”
  51. 51. Wthin seconds Beau turned into an adorable toddler taking much more after his mother in termsof genetics almost being a spitting image of her. He also grew up to have a much differentpersonality than his older brother Reese of 5/7/2/10/10 being very nice, playful, and outgoing.Immediately after growing up he crawled his way over to Leroy, who had just grown into an elderdog, cuddling his arms around the dog delighted.
  52. 52. “Me wuv Weewoy!” Beau yelled resting his head on the dogs furry back leading to yet anotherload moan that just caused the toddler to giggle.
  53. 53. After somewhat calming down about being a kid, Reese was immediately fascinated by hisyounger brother deciding that since he was older he had all authority to boss the kid around.“Now heres the deal Beau we are going to build a enormous tower all the way to the ceiling andits going to be awesome! So get chopping okay?”“Kay!” Beau repeated having no remote idea what Reese had just said.
  54. 54. A few minutes later Reese looked over to his brother annoyed, “Beau, I have a freakingmasterpiece of a tower over here and all you have is a block in your mouth!”Beau giggled happily, “Block yummy!”Reese frowned, “Well we can forget this idea then!”*~*~*~*
  55. 55. Later that night Zoe and Romeo found themselves settled comfortably on their bed enjoying asilence that was quite rare to parents. It had taken them awhile to get Reese to go to bed, as hehad wanted to experience everything that he could now do as a kid, but eventually Romeo wasable to convince him that he could do all of that tomorrow.Zoe gave a small sigh as she rested her hand restfully on Romeos, “You know Romeo Imsomewhat sad that we have no more babies in the house anymore.”Romeo grinned having his family sim tendencies run through him, “You know Zoe there is a verysimple solution to that!”“And what would that be Romeo? By going back in time?”
  56. 56. Romeo raised an eyebrow, “Um not exactly Zoe, I was thinking more along the lines of you knowhaving another baby!”“Oh really is that so family sim?” Zoe laughed.Romeo nodded, “Yes yes it is! And maybe we could even have a girl this time, though either way itwould be great!”Zoe smiled, “Okay Romeo I will agree to one more, but thats it okay! I will not give into yourfamily sim desires again!”“One more is all I ask Zoe I promise!”“Okay good, then one more it is!”*~*~*~*
  57. 57. The next morning Reese crawled out of his bed groggily barely being able to open his eyes,though suddenly the thought that he was now a kid with so many things to do filled his thoughts,and just like that a shot of energy went through him, causing him to run all the way downstairs forbreakfast.
  58. 58. Reese immediately grabbed a giant piece of chocolate cake that had been left out from last nightwith a smile as nothing was better than chocolate cake.Zoe looked at her son concerned, “Reese sweetie I really dont think cake is the best thing to eatfor breakfast.”“Why not mommy? Everyone likes cake, and you ate a piece for breakfast too!” Reeseacknowledged looking at her plate that was now empty.“Well yes Reese, but Im..” Zoe paused deciding she would Reese about her pregnancy at anothertime.
  59. 59. “And hey its not like Im eating dog food like Beau over there!” Reese demanded.Zoe looked over at her youngest son to see him throwing dog all over the floor and then shoving itinto his mouth gleefully. Zoe gave a sigh, “Oh brother.”“Yeah dont remind me!” Reese cried jamming a huge piece of cake into his mouth, “And heymommy why the heck are you only wearing your underwear?”
  60. 60. “Um..” Zoe began trying to formulate an answer, though was saved by Romeo who walked into thekitchen grabbing a piece of chocolate cake and pointing to Reese with a grin, “Cake for breakfastpretty sweet huh?”“Really Romeo?” Zoe sighed giving him a look.Reese nodded excitedly, “Yeah it is, though mommy said it was bad, but I think its good and thatwe should have cake for breakfast every day!”Romeo laughed, “Cake is good, but your mom is right and that we shouldnt eat cake for breakfasteveryday as it wouldnt be good for us, but occasionally its okay.”Reese just grinned, “Okay daddy!”
  61. 61. While Reese and Romeo ate their cake, Zoe went over to grab the messy toddler off the groundwho was covered in dog food. “You sir need a bath!” She looked over at the empty dog foodbowel, “And maybe some stomach medicine as well.”Beau just giggled, “Dog food yummy!”
  62. 62. Once Romeo and Reese had finished eating, Reese ran over to Romeo full of energy, “Daddy wehave so much to do today! I really want to go to the park and also learn how to play catch,though I want to do soccer as well. We also need to go swimmin,g oh and also basketball! I alsowant to play that llama game too!”Romeo laughed overwhelmed by all of his requests, “Wow slow down there buddy.”“Well can we daddy? Please?” Reese pleaded looking up at Romeo with the same eyes that Romeohad once looked up at Aimee and Weldon with.
  63. 63. Romeo smiled, “Sure we can buddy, but I have to go to work first but when we get back we cando all of that okay?”“You work on a Saturday?” Reese asked in horror as working on a Saturday was quite a crime fora kid.Romeo nodded, “I know its not very much fun, but I promise we will play catch when I get backokay?”“Okay daddy!” Reese cried, “Ill be waiting!”
  64. 64. Though waiting turned out to be much harder than Reese had anticipated, as even though it wasonly a few hours, to Reese it seemed like a lifetime, and he became very restless.“Reese Loving what on earth do you think youre doing?” Aimee asked sternly entering thebathroom to her grandson splashing water around everywhere.“Splashing grandma what does it look like?” Reese answered continuing.“Reese Loving you better stop that right now and clean up this mess,” Aimee told him.Reese frowned, “Aw man grandma youre no fun.”Aimee snorted, “Kid you dont even know what fun means.”
  65. 65. Eventually after much cleaning up and little more trouble, Romeo came home and wasimmediately greeted by Reese who had rushed outside the second he saw Romeos car drive up.“Daddy youre back finally! We can play catch now!” Reese cried running quickly to the backyard.Romeo watching him with a smile, even though he was exhausted, he wanted nothing more thanto play with Reese. “Sounds great buddy! Ill go get the ball!”
  66. 66. “Okay Reese now a good throw requires just a few things which are having a place to aim, astrong power behind it, and a good follow through. Also dont feel bad if it doesnt go very far, asthis is your first time throwing a baseball,” Romeo told him awaiting his catch.“Okay daddy!” Reese replied moving his hand back to throw the ball.
  67. 67. Reese quickly threw the ball watching it soar rapidly directly into the side of Romeos face. Romeowinced in the pain as the ball hit him right in the face and then bounced to the ground. “Oww,” hemuttered quietly rubbing his cheek in discomfort.
  68. 68. Reese looked at him wide eyed with a devious expression, “Ooops sorry daddy! Are you okay?”Eventually Romeo picked up the ball and looked at his son, “Yeah, but next time try not aim formy face okay?”Reese just nodded wanting to throw again, “Okay daddy Ill try not to.”“Good,” Romeo laughed feeling better now.*~*~*~*
  69. 69. Not too far away another kind of discussion was being held much to Aiden Custers disliking, “No Idont want that!” Aiden declared sternly to his parents, “We dont need one of those.”
  70. 70. Juliet looked over at her son with an over enthusiastic smile, “Aiden sweetie its going to be somuch fun! You will get to have a new sister to play with!”“Or a brother,” Corey added, “And you will get to be a big brother.”“But I already have Jacob, I dont need to do either of those things,” Aiden told them not seeingthe appeal in this at all.Jacob looked over a his brother wide eyed, “Think of it this way Aiden, it will totally make up forthe fact that mommy and daddy wont let us get a dog.”
  71. 71. Aiden looked back at his twin fascinated, “Wait you mean we can like teach it to do tricks andstuff?”Jacob nodded, “Yeah we can even teach it to play fetch!”“Dude that would be awesome!” Aiden cried.“Wait now boys the new baby will by no means be like a dog, but it will still be fun,” Corey criedout not helping but laugh at their logic.“Well if its not like a dog what will it be able to do then!” Aiden demanded.“Well she will be able to laugh and cry, and eventually play like you guys!” Juliet told them happily.Aiden frowned, “That sounds boring.”
  72. 72. “Boys its going to be fun, and as a family we are all going to welcome him or her,” Corey said.Aiden just frowned continuing to not like this. “Hey mommy and daddy are we like done with this talk, cause I would really like to get back toworking on a way to defend myself against the mob of evil garden gnomes !” Jacob piped upsuddenly.Juliet scrunched her forehead in confusion, “The what?”“The mob of evil garden gnomes that are planning to take over the world, duh! So can I please go?” Jacob asked with a smile.Corey just nodded distantly, “Uh yeah sure son.”
  73. 73. Once the boys ran off Corey looked at Juliet with a smile, “Well that went okay I think. Aidenseemed a little unsure, but I think he will get used to the idea, and Im pretty sure Jacob is happywith anything.”Juliet nodded, “I think it went fine. They will both love Emma!”“Emma? Juliet we do not know if its going to be a girl.”Juliet frowned, “I do Corey, I can just tell its a girl.”“Okay Juliet, but if its a boy that is going to be perfectly okay Juliet!”Juliet just nodded, “Of course it would just mean I have a lot of dresses to take back.”Corey laughed, “Of course it would.”*~*~*~*
  74. 74. It wasnt long till fall came around and Zoe and Juliet both found themselves heavily pregnantbeing due any time now. While on the phone they had both decided that it would be nice forReese, Aiden, and Jacob to meet each other, which is how Reese found himself walking to a weirdhouse on a Saturday morning unsure of what to think.“Who are these people again?” he asked.“Theyre your cousins Reese, and its important that you get along with them as you will be seeingthem a lot,” Zoe answered slowly waddling to the door.
  75. 75. “Zoe, Reese! Youre here!” Juliet greeted coming outside, “Reese Jacob and Aiden are out back. Iwill be back there with you guys in a second.”“Okay!” Reese responded running to the backyard.“If he causes any trouble I apologize in advance,” Zoe told Juliet as she watching Reese runthough a puddle on the way out back.Juliet smiled, “Im sure he will be fine, but if it makes you feel better they will be constricted to thebackyard.”Zoe just nodded, “Yes trust me that is a very good idea.”
  76. 76. Meanwhile Reese had just approached two boys his height who were currently fighting. Hewatched them curiously.“Jacob Im totally beating you right now!” Aiden stated arrogantly, “Youve only been able to punchme once!”“Aiden I thought we were just playing a game,” Jacob responded with a smile.“Yeah exactly, meaning someone has to win!”Reese cleared his throat, “Hello.”
  77. 77. Jacob and Aiden both immediately stopped and turned their attention to Reese.“Who the heck are you?” Aiden asked.“Are you here to join in the army against garden gnomes?” Jacob added with large eyes.Reese gave Jacob a confused look, “Uh no, Im here cause Im your cousin or something andmommy said its important that I get along with you.”“Oh yeah mommy said you were coming over,” Aiden remembered.
  78. 78. “So what do you guys have to do around here?” Reese asked.“Well mommy said we have to stay outside, so she can sleep on the hammock or something,”Aiden said looking back at his mom.“We have a swimming pool,” Jacob suggested.Aiden gave his twin a look, “Are you kidding Jacob? Its way too cold to go swimming! We wouldall freeze and then die or something!”Jacob grinned, “Yeah I guess youre right.”“Here look I have an idea. I just have to go get it.” Reese told them walking off, “Ill be rightback!” He grinned mischievously.
  79. 79. Aiden watched as Reese disappeared, “I wonder what hes getting.”“As long as its not a garden gnome, Im sure it will be fun!” Jacob responded.“Jacob why are the heck are you so obsessed with garden gnomes?” Aiden asked.“Cause they are evil Aiden!” Jacob answered intently, “And they are planning on taking over theworld which is why it is important that we stop them!”Reese walked back over noticing how they were both deep in conversation, “Perfect,” he mutteredto himself walking over to them. Once he got close, he suddenly yelled out, “Hey Aiden!”
  80. 80. *Splat* Within seconds Aiden found himself drenched in water from the red water balloon thatReese had just thrown in his face. Reese laughed in amusement.“Hey!” Aiden yelled annoyed, “That was totally not cool!” He looked up at Reese proceeding toetch his lips into a playful grin, “You are so dead!”Reese smiled, “Bring it on!”
  81. 81. And just like that a giant water balloon battle began with many splashes and devious grins.
  82. 82. They each took turns teaming up on each other, though Jacob proved to the easiest target gettingsplashed multiple times much to the amusement of Reese and Jacob
  83. 83. They played for awhile or much more accurately till Juliet woke up from her nap and yelled at allthree of them for making a mess, causing them to give mumbled apologies that were quicklyfollowed by laughter. And just like Reese found himself with two new friends, as even though hehad just met them a few hours ago when you participate in something like an epic water balloonfight, it just cant help but bring you closer together.
  84. 84. Romeo looked down at Reese with a confused smile as they walked out, “Do I even want to knowwhy you are soaking wet?”Reese grinned, “Water balloon fight of course,” he answered, “That I started,” he was quick toadd.Romeo just laughed, “Of course you did.”*~*~*~*
  85. 85. Back in Strangetown time was moving along, beginning with Johnnys birthday, who aged into anhandsome adult.
  86. 86. His birthday was shortly followed by Ophelias who aged into adulthood with a smile, as she wouldfinally be able to escape her Aunt Olives house.
  87. 87. Then came Ripps birthday, who seconds after transition promptly decided to flirt with Layla asthey were now the same age. She like usual had none of it, though he still didnt let it get hishopes down.
  88. 88. And then it wasnt long after Ripps birthday that Jenny aged into an elder, and Jill into a lovelyteenager.
  89. 89. Layla watched as they all grew up and lived their lives around her, and she didnt like it. She wasrunning out of time, and she needed to leave this town way sooner than later.
  90. 90. She closely examined her face in the mirror seeing a wrinkle begin to form along her forehead,probably from her constant scowling more than anything else, but she also knew it had to do withthe fact that she was aging just like ever other human. With her magic she was able to find waysto contain her youth, which she had been doing for as long as she could remember, but now shehad no other choice but to age, and she didnt like it.
  91. 91. She scowled at this wanting to scream, but she didnt. She was going to get out this townregardless of what it took.
  92. 92. And she was going to do it soon, that was for sure.
  93. 93. And that is all for now. You can go read 3.10 right now if you want, as I released it at the sametime as this one.Thanks for reading! :)