Travel deep inside yourself without


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Travel deep inside yourself without

  1. 1. Travel deep inside yourself withoutthe baggage of conditioning.Be an explorer, have patienceand eventually your true naturewill surface.You will return from your journeywith fresh skin and you will approach each daywith a wonderful sense of wonder and bliss.~Marco R. Capristofinally found her--The love of my life!Too bad her girlfriendFound her first.~Edward EtterIm walking down the streetand i see youcaught my attentionyour shirt thats bluehow pathetic am I?To fall on color bluenot on the person wearing throughIs it love?Or juz another feelingthat will tear me of.~AnonymousIt’s better to have never felt thehappiness of love than to be torturedby the pain of it ending.~MikeIm jealous of every girl who has ever
  2. 2. hugged you, because for that one momentthey held my entire worldtears are like kisses,the only real ones are the ones youcant hold back never make someone youreverything, because when they are goneyou have nothing. You will never knowtrue pain until you look into the eyesof someone you love, and they look awayThe scars are nothing compared to thepain that put them there goodbye is onlypainful when you know you can neversay hello again How can you learn fromyour mistakes when mistakes are allyouve ever made Whats the point inliving when the ones you love themost refuse to love you break my heartand tell me lies, because eventuallyevery heart dies-Michelle MaceThe word so powerfull that once a guy says itthey have total access to a girls heart...but no matter how many times a girl says itshe cant stop them from leaving with it...~AnonymousWhere did life go?...and why did it run away??...and how come evrrything has to change?~AnonymousA millon words would not bring u back...
  3. 3. i know cause ive tried...and a millon tears wouldnt either...i know because ive cried~AnonymousYou smile when your feel like act like your okay..when your really falling apart inside...and you let it move on because thres nothing elseu can do or say.~AnonymousIf he was stupid enough to walk awaybe smart enough to let him go.~AnonymousLive your life as its givin onse,use it as you wish,laugh on tough days and drop atear or two on death days.Life is good and so is time.Love every moment of it and you will be fine.~Shaima mohammedLove is thinking about them all dayand all night no matter how hard youtry to stop. Love is every moring youwake up he is the 1st face that popsin your mind and the last face b4 ufall asleep. Love is the tickles thatyou get in your tummy everytime yousee their face in ur head.Love is the warmth and protection
  4. 4. you felt the first time u saw himLove is the best feeling you couldever have U have the key to my heartUr the only one to come inSomeday Ull find the way!I Love U!!!~AnonymousI would love to be what i like tolove what i am. ~Orionex boyfriends are like herpes,once u have them u can never getrid of them and when they breakthrough it gets messy.~Anonymousthe person you would call a sholder tocry on is the person that mad you cry...tell me whats worse than that ?~AnonymousIf tomorrow can be terrible than is better.If tomorrow is better than is the worst.If today and tomorrow are goingto be the same.... i am Happy.~TinaP-Perfect, R-Radiant, I-Irresistible,N-Never- Wrong , C-Cute,E-Everything Cute and Adorable,S-Super Woman S-Soooo SpecialPrincess=ME!
  5. 5. ~AnonymousLove is like a roller coaster whenits all over you throw up~BrookeGuys are like dogs.Put them on a leash andtheyll be chassing every puss in sight!~Brittany AbnerSo I don’t make you happy anymoreso let me be and send me back to my maker.~Anonymousi pretend to be the girl youre lookingfor to fall madly deeply in love but itback fires and turns to hatred.~AnonymousDont you love it when a guys arm goesall the way around you when youre kissing;and the girl next to you thinking the same thing?~NicoleA wise girl kisses, but doesnt love...listens but doesnt believe and leavesbefore she is left.~NatalieLove Starts with a smile....grows with a kiss...and ends with a tear.-Kourtney
  6. 6. Sometimes Its Best To Leave Your Exs Where You Found Them!!!!-Anonymouswhen you are born the people around you are smiling and you arecrying live your life so that when you dieyour the one smiling and the people around you are crying.-Anonymousif barbie has so many friends why do you have to buy them?-AnonymousIf something is not worth fighting for,then it is not worth keeping.-LeenaThey say to follow your heart, but how can you when it is blinded bylove.-Anonymousshit happens, if its yours wipe it up. –LRTIf you want to get the chances.You got to beat the odds.-AnonymousTo Every GirlIt only takes one bad boyfriend to relieze that you deserve SO muchmore.-AnonymousKeep Talkin cus I love It!Its when they stop talking about youthat you gotta start worryin!
  7. 7. -AnonymousHumans will kill each other...And when the last one stands among the corpsesof his brothers....It is then that he will beg for death.Humans will curse their friends...Till he has no more...And in the end hell realize...Hes all alone.Humanity will kill for riches....And then kill one another.By the time man realizes he cannot eat money....They will begin to eat each other.Have not pity.They are but animals.Killing the planet.And destroying their souls.-RoosterAnd I wait...For an endless song that never starts,For a cure to the age-old broken heart.~JanessaTheres a difference between optimism and naïveté..~JanessaLaugh and the world laughs with you...cry and the world laughs at you-Hevinlee MeltonAs we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasntsupposed to ever let you down probably will.
  8. 8. You will have your heart broken probably more than once andits harder every time.Youll break hearts too, so remember howit felt when yours was broken. Youll fight with your bestfriend. Youll blame a new love for things an old one did.Youll cry because time is passing too fast,and youll eventually lose someone you love.So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like youvenever been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upsetis a minute of happiness youll never get back. -DirissyFor the ones who are Luckly, lucky they are.For those who arent lucky, let them make there choice.-Dark MagnusThis is your life, and its ending one minute at a time.-Fight ClubThere comes a point in every girls life whereshe realizes that she just needs to let it go,I mean nothings ever gonna change the fact that at onepoint I really did love you with everything in me...Its just the fact that I simply cannot do this to myself and I cannotmake this work...face it baby were in a lose-lose situation...and as far as youreconcerned im just on one of my "im leaving for good this time" kicksagain,but the olny difference is this time its real...Im done, and dont bother because youre never gonna change,honestly you CANT change & we BOTH know that...So when you finally realized that I loved you wayyymore than I ever could have loved anyone else, youll see somethingmore in me,somthing that youre forced to live without. this was an original imade
  9. 9. it up about my ex...and im tired of girls copy n pasting it on aim. –AnonymousCan you see it? Its in my sweet sweet smile!Its in my laugh! Its in my eyes! its there can you see it now?its the pain of leaving you!!!!!-Emily WReal loss only occurs when you losesomething that you love more thanyourself. ~EmonLoving a man is like loving a child,if you dont correct them when theyupset you....they will never learnhow to treat you with respect.~EmmaYou told me what I wanted to hear,but it was just a sweet nothing whisperedin every girls ear.Sometimes A Sorry Being Said By The Mouth...Means Nothing From The Heart...~Thuy(Twee)DTime heals and reveals.~ValerieSome of us think holding on makesus stronger, but sometimes itsletting go that proves our real strength!~Alicia
  10. 10. Yet Again, It has been proven to me,that no matter what...I will alwaysbe considered the exspendable person.~JessiThe only true painful good-byes are theones that are never said and neverexplained.~Farah JawaidFalling in love is like falling off abuilding it dosent hurt till the end.~UnknownJust when you thought you had it all,it all falls apart.~JessA friend hears the words you say atrue friends reads the feels in betweenthe words and when together with a truefriend and youre are feeling downwords are not needed.~UnknownIf you love someone, give them the optionto leave, but never give them a reason to.~UnknownOnly someone who has cried a greatdeal understands why someone elsewants to stop the tears.~V.C. Andrews
  11. 11. True love is like Santa, you grow upbelieving in it then find out it justdoesnt exsist.Submitted by: AngelaThe last time I got over you,you were lying flat on your faceand all I had to do was jump...Submitted by: JessicaIn the whole of the universe thereare only two: the lover and thebeloved.~Bhai SahibIt is not in the stars to holdour destiny but in ourselves.~William ShakespeareI existed from all eternity and,behold, I am here; and I shallexist till the end of time,for my being has no end.~Kahlil GibranLove does not begin and end the waywe seem to think it does.
  12. 12. Love is a battle, love is a war;love is a growing up.Love takes off masks that we fearwe cannot live without and know wecannot live within.~James BaldwinIt is hard to believe that a man istelling the truth when you know thatyou would lie if you were in his place.~H.L. MenckenIdeas pull the trigger,but instinct loads the gun.~Don MarquisDestiny is not a matter of chance,it is a matter of choice;it is not a thing to be waited for,it is a thing to be achieved.~William Jennings BryanNot everything that can be counted counts,and not everything that counts can be counted.~Albert EinsteinWhat we call the beginning is often the end.And to make an end is to make a beginning.
  13. 13. The end is where we start from.~T.S. EliotWe never know the worth of watertil the well is dry.~English ProverbEX-boyfriends are like bad smells thatlinger in your mind. The only way to getrid of them is to pretend they arenot there or replace them!Submitted by: UnknownAfter a while you learn the subtledifference between holding a hand andchaining a soul, And you learn thatlove doesnt mean leaning and companydoesnt mean security, And you begin tolearn that kisses arent contracts andpresents arent promises, And youbegin to accept your defeats with yourhead up and your eyes open, with thegrace of an adult, not the grief of achild And you learn to build all yourroads on today because tomorrows groundis too uncertain for plans. After a whileyou learn that even sunshine burnsif you get too much.So plant your garden and decorate yourown soul, instead of waiting for someoneto bring you flowers.
  14. 14. And you learn that you really are strong,And you really do have worth.Submitted by: SnowYes, there are alot of fish in the sea,but I think theres a hole in my net.Submitted by: AlysonYour name should be Cambellcuz you are mmm mmm good!Submitted by: SamiSometimes the Only Harder then Findingthe Man of Your Dreams is Losing Him.Submitted by: Silver AngelBoyz are on our mindbein cute is our kindso step aside-n-let us throughcuz its all bout me-n-mycute ass crewSubmitted by: UnknownGod draws a straight line witha crooked pencil.Submitted by: leroiIt is said that you dont know
  15. 15. what you have until its gone.But, it is also true that youdont know what you havebeen missing until it arrives!~Tara BattagliaThey say follow your heart.But when your heart is in so many pieces.Which way are you to follow?Submitted by: UnknownNo man is ever worth your tears,and the one who is will never make you cry.~Danielle IrelandIf you love something, and are dumb enoughto let it didnt deserve it inthe first place.~Xopher JimTears of sadness make room in your heart for joy.~Xopher JimLove is when at 2:30 AM you wake uphoping that your dream was reality.Submitted by: turn me on
  16. 16. ~Greg LakeTheres no love like a lost loveand no pain like a broken heart.~Ben HarperWomen are like dessert nice but not necessary.Submitted by: leroiIts hard to tell your mind to stoploving someone when your heart still does!Submitted by: JulieAn insincere and evil friend is more to befeared than a wild beast;a wild beast may wound your body,but an evil friend will wound your mind.~Buddha retold by JulieThe greatest thing youll ever learnis to love and be loved in return~Christian (moulin rouge) retold by JulieLove can sometimes be magic.But magic can sometimes...just be an illusion.~Javan retold by Julie
  17. 17. There are so many fish in the sea,But only 1 is right 4 me!!Submitted by: LaurenYou keep hurting me,but I keep coming back...could it be that Im addicted to the pain?Submitted by: StephanieThank you for breaking my heart...youve only made me stronger.Submitted by: StephanieDont cry over anyone who wont cry over you.~VegaGuys are great, every gurl should own 1!!!Submitted by: LaurenSometimes you do things that youdont want to do but in the end itturns out to be the right thing after all.Submitted by: AnonymousDo you believe in love at first site,or do I have to walk by you again?Submitted by: Julie
  18. 18. It is only fear of loneliness ifyou are dating someone you hate,fear, and/or are repulsed by.~Lara EmilyI met him, I liked himI liked him, I loved himI loved him, I let himI let him, I lost himSubmitted by: AnonymousIf he really loves you,it wont take another man forhim to realize that.Submitted by: AnonymousIf Love Is Not A Game Then,Why Are There So Many Players?Submitted by: NikiNO one is a Virgin...LIFE SCREWS US ALL!!Submitted by: AdamLove is like a shadow,one can only catch it by falling into it.~Ambrose
  19. 19. To be content, to find true love,is what essentially drives us all,but if found, would it be recognized?~AmbroseLove, in all its forms,is only a title for superficialfeelings that are connected tonaught but instincts and the humaninferiority complex.Despite how love is depicted in society,for the most part, and other sources wherelove is displayed as a wonderful andsplendid feeling, it is nothing more thana temporary reaction.Even with the many uses of the emotion love,it can always be broken down intoself-gratifying aspects.More than anything else, love is only anobligatory concept shared between people,in that it relies on the people involvedto manifest its existence as anything morethan the word itself. Outside of falsedisplays and concepts that follow thebelief that love is, the word only describesthe connection made by the participants whoonly want to further their personal gain inone way or another.~The unstoppable, impetuous, infinite forceof the cynical and facetious; the one,the only, the man, the myth,the legend:AMBROSE.
  20. 20. How many zeroes it turns out youvemet and even kidded around with:those faces from old yearbooksyou now cant put a name to,those names in old address-booksthat summon no features.They made up the crowd, into whichsometimes you yourself loved to plungeas a mere spectator - until the chillingthought came of your own name asunrecognizable in tattered address-bookslying in basement drawers.~Robert Kaplan, "The Nothing that Is"I bled, not dead, but gone.~KillthrushGrant me the serenity to accept thethings I cannot change, the courageto change the things I can,and the wisdom to hide the bodies ofthose people I had to killbecause they pissed me off.~Vinny Aldrich, quoted in passingIt is known that there are an infinitenumber of worlds, simply because thereis an infinite amount of space forthem to be in. However, not every oneof them is inhabited. Therefore,
  21. 21. there must be a finite number ofinhabited worlds. Any finite numberdivided by infinity is as near to nothingas makes no odds, so the averagepopulation of all planets in the universecan be said to be zero. From this,it follows, that the population of thewhole universe is also zero,and that any people you may meet fromtime to time are merely products ofa deranged imagination.~Douglas Adams,"The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"Pray that your lonliness may spur youinto finding something to live for,great enough to die for.~Dag HammarskjoldNever measure the height of a mountainuntil you have reached the top.Then you will see how low it was.~Dag HammarskjoldIts better to have never loved at all,than to have been in love and felt its fall.~Xopher JimMaybe the change of your dreams isalready happening and you dont even
  22. 22. realize, or perhaps it might just betaking a little longer to you onbecoming a reality.Submitted by: NatalieYou dont really know if its love,until its over.~Tiffany AntonAm I not destroying my enemies whenI make friends of them?~Abraham LincolnProblems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness thatcreated them.~Albert EinsteinCreativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes.Art is knowing which ones to keep.~Scott Adams - The Dilbert PrincipleThe secret to creativity is knowinghow to hide your sources.~Albert EinsteinA woman has got to love a bad manonce or twice in her life to bethankful for a good one.
  23. 23. ~Mae WestI cant understand why people arefrightened of new ideas.Im frightened of the old ones.~John CageAll truth passes through three stages.First, it is ridiculed.Second, it is violently opposed.Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.~Arthur SchopenhauerThere was never a genius withouta tincture of madness.~AristotleLaugh and the world laughs with you.Snore and you sleep alone.~Anthony BurgessA mans ethical behavior should bebased effectually on sympathy,education, and social ties;no religious basis is necessary.Man would indeed be in a poor wayif he had to be restrained by fearof punishment and hope of reward after death.~Albert Einstein
  24. 24. I have realized that the past andfuture are real illusions,that they exist in the present,which is what there is and all there is.~Alan WattsIf A equals success,then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z,X is work. Y is play.Z is keep your mouth shut.~Albert EinsteinHe who dies with the most toys is,nonetheless, still dead.Submitted by: AnonymousThe trouble with some women is theyget all excited about nothing -and then they marry him.~CherWhen nothing is sure, everything is possible.~Margaret DrabbleEnemies are so stimulating.~Katharine Hepburn
  25. 25. A spark between two people can lead to a short circuit.~Amanda MarteleurThe cure for boredom is curiosity.There is no cure for curiosity.~Ellen ParrThe paper burns, but the words fly away.~Ben Joseph AkibaFacts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.~Aldous HuxleyLet us not look back in anger,nor forward in fear,but around in awareness.~James ThurberI think that maybe if women and childrenwere in charge, we would get somewhere.~James ThurberYour imagination is your preview oflifes coming attractions.~Albert Einstein
  26. 26. Everyone is a book of blood when opened we are red.~Clive BarkerOur lives improve only when we take chancesand the first and most difficult risk we cantake is to be honest with ourselves.~Walter AndersonThe sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous.~Shana AlexanderThe key to failure is trying to please everybody.Submitted by: UnknownI know what its like to feel alone.And, thats why I stay alone,because I never want to feel alone again.Submitted by: AnonymousMen are like a deck of cards.Youll find the occasional king,but most are jacks.~Laura SwensonI learned that it is the weakwho are cruel, and that gentlenessis to be expected only from the strong.~Leo Rosten
  27. 27. The soul that is within me no man can degrade.~Frederick DouglasYou can tell a man I hate you,and youll have the best sex of your life,but tell him, I love you and youllprobably never see him again.”~Sex and the CityAfter all, computers crash,people die, relationships fall apart.The best we can do is breathe and reboot.~Carrie (Sex and the City)Women hypnotize, mesmerize,and make your will power slip.They light your fire with colddesire until you lose all ofyour grip.Submitted by: AnonymousInto this mysterious universewe are born, with no apparent set ofinstructions, no maps or equations,no signs or guideposts, nothing but ourequally unfathomable instincts,intuitions, and reasoning abilitiesto tell us where we came from,
  28. 28. why we are here, and what we aresupposed to do. What we do possess-perhaps it is the key to our survivalas a species - is an almostunquenchable need to know.Submitted by: UnknownSpeak when youre angry,and youll make the best speechyoull ever regret.Submitted by: UnknownOnly those who will risk goingtoo far can possibly find outhow far one can go.Submitted by: UnknownSticks and stones may break my bones,but whips and chains excite me!Submitted by: AnonymousSomebodys gonna give youA lesson in leavinSomebodys gonna give you backWhat youve been givinAnd I hope that Im aroundTo watch em knock you downIts like you to loveem and leaveemJust like you loved me and left meIts like you to do that sort of thing
  29. 29. Over and over againYoure a fool-hearted man.~Jo Dee MessinaIf killing your brother meanssurvival then take the bulletwith the love of yourself.Because the worst kind of mankills his brother.Submitted by: Does it matterThe only way to get over someoneis to hate them or replace them.Submitted by: UnknownYou are my first everything...except my first LOST love...I will never lose you...andif by chance I willalso be my last everything...~Corinne DubonnetLife can only be understood backwards,but it must be lived forward.Submitted by: MegIf you had to chose betweensomeone you love or someonewho loves you, pick the person
  30. 30. who loves you because you canlearn to love someone but you cantmake someone love you back.Submitted by: UnknownThe world is round and the placewhich seems like the end may alsobe the beginning.Submitted by: UnknownMy choice is what I choose todo and if Im causing no harmit shouldnt bother you.Your choice is who you chooseto be and if youre causin no harm,then your alright with me.~Ben HarperA memory lasts forever,never does it die,true friends stay togetherand never say goodbye.Submitted by: AnnieA life without no life at all.Submitted by: UnknownIf you love someone, set them free.If they come back to you,
  31. 31. theyre yours forever.Submitted by: AnonymousYou gave me reason to believethat we were always meant to be,but now I see you were wrong,you cant keep running back to mewith all them baby baby please,No More.~Faith EvansIf you find love, let it go free.If it doesnt come back,It was never meant to be.Submitted by: JasonThere are many things in life, am I one of them??~If You really love someone are u positive u want them to love u back?~Its one thing to love someone but its another to have them love uback.~I cry for u, Y? I miss u, Y?~I love u, Y? Y care so much for someone who doesnt care about me.Submitted by: Ashley.H.KelleySmiles give you friends frownsgive you wrinkles.
  32. 32. ~Mary carterIve got places to go,things to see,and people to do.Submitted by: AlI wish i were a little girl again,because skinned knees are easierto fix than broken hearts.Submitted by: UnknownYour children need your presencemore than your presents.Submitted by: UnknownWhen you get what you want in yourstruggle for self and the world makes youking for a day just go to the mirror and lookat yourself and see what that man has to say.For it isnt your father or mother or wife,whose judgment upon you must passThe fellow whose verdict count most inyour life is the one staring back from the glass.Some people may think you a straightshootin chum and call you a wonderful guy.But the man in the glass says youre onlya bum if you cant look him straight in the eye.
  33. 33. Hes the fellow to please, never mind all the rest,for hes with you clear up to the end, and youvepassed your most dangerous, difficult test if theman in the glass is your friend.You may fool the whole world down the pathwayof life and get pats on the back as you go,But your final reward will be heartaches and tears if youvecheated the man in the glassSubmitted by: AnonymousBitter?In days of old, women were special, soft innocentWomens lib gave us the right to be equal..we can swear, cheat, dress like men,We have given up being special,Now we can work our butts off, swear, smoke etc.Has a man ever been proud of you for swearinglike a trucker? Said you had wonderful breathfrom your smokes, said gee your hair smells great?OR have you been beaten, treated poorly,left to do "mans" jobs around the house.When was the last time a man treated you special?Romantic? Did special things for you?WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO OURSELVES??~Unknown AuthorIt took me by surprise when I sawyou standing there.Close enough to touch,breathing the same air.
  34. 34. You asked me how Ive been,I guess thats when I smiledand said just fine. But I was lying.What i really meant to say isIm dying here inside.I miss you more each day.Theres not a night I havnt cried.Baby heres the truth,Im still in love with you.And thats what I reallymeant to say.~Cyndi ThompsonHow do you stop loving someone wheneverytime you look at them makes youwant them even more?~Courtney S.It hurts when a guy dumps you,but it hurts even worse when yourbest friend dumps you for a guy!Submitted by: KimYou looked at me, I noticed youyou flattered me, I liked you,you held me, I kissed you,you loved me, I loved you,you left me, i lost you,do you think of me? I miss you.Submitted by: Nikki
  35. 35. A dream is a wish your heart makeswhen you are fast asleep.~UnknownWhen the sun isnt out dont cry,your tears will block you from seeing the stars.~UnknownThey say its not healthy to cry over a guy.but what if you cant help it and end up crying all day?they say its not healthy to wait for a what if you truely feel you need them?they say its not healthy to love someone so much.and if all this is how i feel for you.....then i might as well die cuz im not healthy anyway.but then ill never know if you feel it too.i guess i wont know till you admit me the truth.~Randi Jo GleasonFlutter flutter goes your heart this iswhen the happiness starts ouch ouchgo the words from the same mouththat made him yours....tear tear shall i cryoh grow up live it up youll find another guy!~Aleshia shifflettWhen we met he liked me cuz i was a flirtwhen we were together he treated melike dirt now dont get me wrong all guysarent bad well thats if you consider
  36. 36. "all guys" even ur dad~Aleshia ShifflettYou get what you get you give whatyou want but when the going gets toughguyz usally get what the have and hitthe road.....all guys arent bad itsjust you gotta kiss alot of toads!~Aleshia ShifflettEverytime you talk to me, I feel so special inside,but when you ask me how I feel, All I could do is lie.Submitted by: M.G.I smiled when you showed me howto confine in a guy. I laughed when youlifted me of my feet and showed mehow to fly across the sky.I cried when you showed methe true meaning of good-bye.Submitted by: ConnieGuys are just like starsthere are billions of themout there but there is onlyone that can make all yourwishes come true!!Submitted by: GABBYNo man or woman is worth your tears,
  37. 37. and the one who is will never make you cry.Submitted by: AnnieYour ears must be burning redcuz Ive been talking about you all day long.Submitted by: BananieYoure only good when your bad andyou havent been bad to me in a long time.Submitted by: A.L.Jean Claude van damn Im fine.Submitted by: AnnieIf I could be any object,I would be a mirror so I could stareat myself all day long.Submitted by: AnnieThey cant hurt you unless you let them.~EverclearBe a rock, not a pebble.~David Arquette4 ALL yA pEoPLe tHaT taLk sH*TboUt mE-dOnT gEt pIsSeD wHeN u GeT diSsEd
  38. 38. cUz uR jUsT aNotHa BiTcH oN mY sH*T LiSt!Submitted by: CourtneyGazing up at the starlight heavens above,you should know that Ill neverleave your side...Ill be forever near.~Sandy DangLoves a sensation, caused by a temptation,a guy sticks his location, into a girlsdestination, it increase the population,for the next generation. Do you understandmy explantion, or do you need a demostration?~UnknownGuyz are like disposable cups...once you cantuse them anymore you throw em out.~UnknownA true friend stabs you in the front.~UnknownIve never been this scared in a long timeand im so unprepared, so heres your valentinebouquet of clumsy words, a simple melodythis worlds an ugly place, but your sobeautiful to me.~Blink 182
  39. 39. A peach is a peachA plum is a plumA kiss isnt a kiss without some tongue.Submitted by: CorkyPeaches to peachesPlums to plumsWhats a kissWith out some tongueSo open your mouth & close your eyesGive your tongue some exercise.~UnknownIt drives you crazy, it makes you mad,it makes you jealous, it makes yousad, it causes sleepless nights iteven breaks your heart. So come tothink of it, is it healthy to fallin LOVE?!~Its better to be alone for the rightreasons than to be with someone forthe wrong ones!~Men are proof that God has a sense of humor!~God created men first because everybodyknows that you need a rough draftfirst in order to create a masterpiece.~Two teardrops were floating down the river.
  40. 40. One teardrop said to the other,"Im the teardrop of a girl who loveda man and lost him, who are you?"...Im the teardrop of the man whoregret letting a girl go!"~If someone comes into your life andbecomes a part of you, but for somereason he couldnt stay, dont crytoo much...just be glad that your pathscrossed and somehow he made you happyeven for a while.~Puppy love is I love you becauseI need you. Mature love is I need youbecause I love you.~There would come a time when we haveto stop loving someone not because thatperson started hating us, but becausewe found out that theyd be happier ifwe let them go.~It was you, that put the clouds above me,it was you that made the tears fall down,it was you who broke my heart in was you, who made my blue eyes blue!~If you only knew my feelings for you,if you only knew how much I care foryou. If you only knew how much I love you.I guess youll never knbow unlessyou feel the same way too.~
  41. 41. I can say Im fine when you dontsee me cry. I can say I could moveon when I cant even try. I can sayIm happy when I just wanna die,but theres one thing I cant say..."I love you" when you said, "goodbye."~Its always better to have found thecourage to love even if you lose it inthe end, rather than never found lovebecause you were too afraid of thechallenge.~I cry for the time you were almost mine,I cry for the memories youve leftbehind. I cry for the pain, the lost,the old, and the new... I cry for thetimes I thought I had you.~What do I have to do to make younotice me too? What do I have to say tomake you fell this way? What do I haveto be to make you start loving me?~Its hard to pretend you love someoneif you really dont, but its harderto pretend you dont love someone ifyou really do.~Its better to love someone you canthave than to have someone you cantlove.~A stolen glance he looked this way,
  42. 42. must be my chance must be my day! Hiseyes a gentle gaze. He spoke the wordsso soft and true, "tell your friend, Ilove her will you?"~How do I say goodbye to someone I neverhad? Why do tears fall for someone whowas never mine? Why is it that I misssomeone I was never with? And Ill askwhy I love someone whose lovewas never mine.Once in my life I laughed. Once in mylife that empty space in my heart wasfilled. Once in my life I lovedsomeone more than anything in this world.For once in my life, I had you.~To be happy you must have aPENIS in your hands...P-eace of mindE-nduring loveN-ever be selfishI-ndependenceS-incer Faith~Love is a gamble! Sometimes you win,other time you lose. But no matter whatyour cards are in this gamble, whetherspades or diamonds; remember never everplay with the "Heart."
  43. 43. ~When you love someone you must beready to sacrifice anything, even ifthat anything includes your happiness.~When you love, you must not expectanything in return, for if you do youare not loving but investing. If youlove you must prefer to accept pain,for if you expect happiness, you arenot loving, but using.~Once you say "I love you" to a person,you automatically give that personthe right to hurt you.~Love can make you happy, but oftentimesit hurts, but love is only specialwhen you give it to whom its worth.~Dont come close if later youll justpass by. Dont smile if later youlljust let me cry. Dont touch me iflater youll just walk away. Dontlove me if later youll just leaveand wont stay.~Look not for beauty, nor for the colorof skin, but look for a heart that isloyal within. For the beauty fadesand the skin will grow old, but a heartthat is loyal, will never turn cold.~Love isnt a matter of finding the
  44. 44. right person, but creating the rightrelationship. The quetion isnt howmuch love there is at the beginning,but how much love there is at the end.~Love knows no seasons, love knows no lies.Love defies all reasons, love has noeyes but it sees though it doesnt mind.~I cant belive that days gone by andnow its time to say goodbye. Butthats the way it is, I hope its meyoull miss. Even though youre not theone I have, youre still the one I love.~I may not always be around, maybe somedaywell have to say goodbye. But if everyouve found somebody, I hope that shellalways make you happy.~I wish I was a tear in your eyes, then Iwould run down your cheeks and dry on yourlips then again, I wish you were a tear inmy eyes, then I would never cry, out offear of losing you.~Theres a light in your eyes, but its toobright too see, and a place in my heartwhere you used to be. I guess I was wrongto believe you were waiting for me, becausetheres a light in your eyes, but its notfor me.~Never expect love to be always at its best
  45. 45. because if you do youll never appreciateits existence. Remember that therewill always be one true love for you tohave and to hold. It may not be the oneyou expect, but its the one you deserve.~There are things that our loved one wantsto hear, but are so complicating to say.Things that are so easy to say, but sodifficult to do. Things that are simpleto do, but so hard to prove. But no matterhow tough all of these may seem, we mustdo what needs to be done; if we reallywant to keep this special someone.~I can hear my heart as I see you and Itry to smile so you wouldnt know thatIm missing you, but no matter how hardI try; I can still feel the pain becausewithout you things will never be the same.~Sometimes we need to be hurt in orderto grow. We must fail in order to know.We must lose in order to gain. Somelessons are learned best through pain.~If you cant love me at my worst,then you dont need me at my best!~You have come into my life throughthe door, Im afraid it will never beopened again. For many have slammed iton their way out. Feel free to stay,but if the time comes that you would
  46. 46. leave please close it gently.~I told him I loved him and thefeelings were mutual...he loved himself too!~Men are like parking lots, eithertheyre taken or theyre handicapped.~I wish I were a little girl becauseskinned knees heal so much faster thanbroken hearts.~Life was so much easier when wethought boys had cooties.~I dont miss you and you alone.I miss you and me together.~Its easy to fall in love, but itshard to find someone to catch you.~I am a nodody. Nobody is perfect.Therefore I am perfect.~If I were to become anyone in this world,I would want to be my that I could be around me all the time.~Watching you walk out of my life doesntmake me bitter of cynical about love,but rather it makes me wonder. If I somuch wanted to be with the wrong one,how wonderful it will be when the rightone comes along.
  47. 47. Submitted by: Khris K.When winged shadows cross the land,fear not the wrath of demons hand.Remember this when terror sings:dragons fly on angels wings.Submitted by: n.s.h.A toast to love; the cause and solution to all of lifes problems.Submitted by: n.s.h.Any man canbe tall, dark, and handsome, just stand on a chair, turnout thelights and lie.Submitted by: n.s.h.Promise me that youll give faitha fighting chance, and whenyou get the choice to sit it outor dance, I hope you dance.~Le Ann WomackShould I smile because were friends,or cry because thats all well ever be?~UnknownAnd I want to thank you for givingme the best day of my life.
  48. 48. ~DidoA kiss Is Like A Tear,The only reaL ones are the onesYou Cant hold back.Submitted by: St3phanie Alm3idaGuys are like stereos you turn themon and then play them.~Kylie eckleA smile is a crooked line thatsets things straight.~AnonymousHope for the best, expect the worst,take what comes~UnknownA true friend is someone who takesrisks with you and doesnt regret it.Submitted by: Julia G.Guys are players thats a fact,dont fall in love just play em back.~When you love someone write therename in a circle not a heart,
  49. 49. because a heart can be broken anda circle is neverending.~Im not a tease Im just a reminderof what you cant have.~Im not a grocery item you know,I see you checkin me out.~Id like to say thank you to allthe bitchs who talk behind my backand make me the center of their lives.~To all you hoes who think your cooljust remember that princesses rule.~Heaven wont have me and hellsafraid Ill take over!~UnknownLove is like a drug and Im addicted,because baby without you Imhaving withdrawal.Submitted by: StaceyLife is like a always gets screwed.Submitted by: TaraIf love isnt a game thenwhy is there so many players.
  50. 50. ~UnknownWhen you love someone and you get hurt,its like a cut, it will heal but therewill always be a scar.~AnonymousThe magic of first love is our ignorancethat it can never end.~AnonymousWhen I first saw you,I was afraid to talk to you,when I first talked to you,I was afraid to like you,when I first liked you,I was afraid to love you,now that I love you,Im afraid to lose you.~UnknownI know milk does the body good,but damn, how much did you drink?~UnknownLove starts with a smile,grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.~Unknown
  51. 51. Falling in love is when she fallsasleep in your arms and wakes up inyour dreams.~UnknownA friend once asked me why guys areso stupid and my response was because Godgave us the ability to think and He gavemen the ability to pee standing up.~UnknownOne day God went up to adam and toldhim he had good news and bad news.he started with the good news,He told adam he was giving him twonew organs, first was a brain thatwould help him communicate with Eve,and the second organ would help himreproduce with Eve, the bad news washe wouldnt be able to use both of themat the same time.~UnknownBoys are like a peice of gum..when they lose their just pop a new one in!~AnonymousEveryone hears what you say..
  52. 52. But friends listen to what you dont say.~What is better? A lie that draws asmile or the truth that draws a tear?~Im not a bad gurl, Im simply a goodgurl that does bad things.~Luv is when you cant sleep because yourreality is better then your dreams.~To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world.~Dont frown because you never know whois falling in love with your smile.~UnknownLife is like a roller coaster,you have twists and turns,ups and downs, but you will neverknow when the ride will end so enjoy it.~UnknownDont cry because its over,Smile because it happened.~UnknownThose who gossip with you,will gossip about you.~Unknown
  53. 53. Some ask why to things that happenedI ask why to things that never did.~ZoilaLove is Beautiful whenwith the right person.~UnknownForgiveness is the fragrance theviolet sheds on the heel that hascrushed it.~To get to the rainbow, you have toput up with the rain.~When one door of happiness closes,another opens; but often we look solong at the closed door that we donot see the one which has been openedfor us.~Holding on to anger is like graspinga hot coal with the intent of throwingit at someone else; you are the onegetting burned.~Happiness is not the absence of conflict,but the ability to cope with it.~The question isnt, "would you die for
  54. 54. a friend", rather "do you have a friendworth dying for" ??~Friendship is as delicate as a glass…once broken it can be fixed but therewill always be cracks.~You only meet a once in a lifetimefriend...once in a lifetime.~People say friends should always holdhands, but friends dont need to holdhands when they know the other handis always there for them.~Have you ever wondered which hurts more:saying something and wishing you hadntor saying nothing and wishing you had?~If others are jealous...youre doingsomething right.~Many think that holding on is whatmakes you stronger, but in reality...its letting go.~I ran up the door and closed the stairs,I said my pajamas and hopped in my prayers.I turned off my bed and got in my light,All because you kissed me good night.~Spiteful words hurt your feelings,but silence breaks your heart.~
  55. 55. Do you believe in love at first sight,or do I have to walk past you again???~AnonymousGuys are like pennies two-facedand worthless.~AnonymousIm not a teeza..Im just a pleeza.Submitted by: DanielleGuys are like roses watch out for the pricks.Submitted by: BrittanyRoses are red, violets are blue,God made me pretty what happended to you?Submitted by: RachelWhen things go bad--dont follow em.Submitted by: ChelsieIf I dont die the first time mostlikely I will do it again!~Bri QuintieriIt would be great if people nevergot angry at someone for doing
  56. 56. something theyve done themselves.~Rodney DangerfieldMemory is often less about thetruth than about what we wantit to be.~David HalberstamNothing seems interesting when itbelongs to you, only when it doesnt.~Natalie BabbittOne day you have to wake up andrealize nothing lasts forever,so when its done its done move on..~AnonymousLife is like a box of chocolates...bite into each one until you finda nut you like!~AnonymousGurls are like phones we love to beheld but if you press the wrong buttonyoull get disconnected.~AnonymousI am a princess I live in the clouds.
  57. 57. If you want to kick it with me youbetta bow down! So get on your kneesand call me your highness.Cuz believe me baby I am the finest!~UnknownYour presence embracing my being.the feeling overwhelming my sensesyour occupies a space long thought tobe vacant. this must be what romanceis. bitter, biting winter makes ourcold hands clasp tighter but deepinside her eyes make me warm and herlips spark the fire. arms gather me upjust cant seen to get close enough soinstead i wrap my soul around heressence and i close my eyes while ourshodows love on the wall.~AnonymousThe saying goes: Its better to haveloved and lost, than to have neverloved at all. I say its better toknow excatly who your falling inlove with, And if its you they loveas well than you never get hurt.~UnknownDreams are acomplishments you canonly make come true but, dont dreamto much cause reality might just be
  58. 58. hitting you on the face.~PuertoRican PrincessThere is no "I" in slut there is a "U".Submitted by: TaraDont take life so serious,its not like your getting out alive.~UnknownOnce my flame, twice my burn.~Julie LinkieA heart is not a play thing,A heart is not a toy,But if you want it broken,just give it to a boy.Whats better...a lie that draws a smile,or the truth that draws a tear?"The only things in life we regretare the things we wish we wouldhad said, but never had the gutsto say it-never leave your feelingsuntold because you never know whenit could be too late- follow your heart,it will guide you in the right direction.A kiss is just a kiss until you
  59. 59. find the one you love,a hug is just a huguntil its the one your dreaming of,a dream is just a dream until youmake it come true,love is just a word until its proven to you!There are things we dont want tohappen but have to accept,things we dont want to knowbut have to learn and peoplewhom we cant live withoutbut have to let go.Submitted by: MeredithThe nail that sticks out getshammered down.~LinxNo guy is worth crying over and ifhe is he wont be the one making you cry.~Gabby lefortScrew me once... shame on you.Screw me twice... shame on me.~UnknownWhy would God let us meet..If there is no way we can be together.Submitted by: Jen
  60. 60. Why does it feel the same to fall inlove or break it off and if young loveis just a game then I must have missedthe kick off.~Blink 182The people who make you cry are thepeople who arent worth crying over.~Susanna hallWe go through life thinking someoneelse will make us happy... Were wrong.Happiness is our job, but we do needsomeone else to share it with.~D. RichardThe difference between a greatrelationship and a good relationship,are the five things you stopped yourselffrom saying that day.~AnonymousWe are born hungry wet and naked,and then it gets worse~AnonymousThe greatest gift I could ever give
  61. 61. you would be to see yourself throughmy eyes.Submitted by: KadryLifes not a garden so dont be a hoe.Submitted by: TashaIf you cant beat em, join em..If you cant join em, bribe em,If you cant bribe em, blackmail em..~Mohamed KadryPassion becomes you.~J.J. L. HornsbyHe loves you, and you love him.He tells a lie, you think hes gone.You tell a lie to say youre strong.And then it turns out it wasnt over,but it is now because your lie wasbigger than his.And he believed you....just like you did him.So it turns out youre not really over him,but he thinks you are.And now hes gone for good,or so you think.Cuz if he really ever loved you,hell forgive you.Afterall, look at how fast you
  62. 62. forgot the fact that he lied to you.~Randi Jo GleasonThe things you said 2 meI thought you never saidbefore but then I realizedyou did-to otha girls-even more.~AnonymousYou ask me to say something about my life?Well, its better than drugs.~AnonymousThe hardest thing in life is watchingsomone you love, fall in love withsomebody else.Nothing is more painful then realizingthe ment everything to youand you ment nothing to him.Its hard to tell your mind to stoploving someone when your heart still does.You never know what you haveuntil you lose it,and once you lose it,you can never get it back.He holds me when I start to cry,makes me smile with just his eyes,
  63. 63. shares my hopes, dreams, fears,whipes away all my tears,I love him without regret,I just havent found him yet.I dropped a tear in the ocean,when I find it is the day I willstop loving youThe first time I saw youI knew it was true,that Id love you foreverand thats what Ill do,you dont know what you do to me,you dont have a clue,you dont know what its liketo be me looking at you.Submitted by: mallory leeIf you live in the past,the present will become it,and the future will never change.Submitted by: Andrew B.If you find someone you love hold on totheme as long as you can. The love ofyour life only comes around once in alifetime. If that someone doesnt knowthan tell them becuse you never knowwhen youll be too late. And if thatsome you love doesnt love you bakethan it was never really love at all.
  64. 64. And if you think love will never findyou than youer wrong, love findseveryone. Dont look for love becuseit will come to you when you leastexpect it.~AnonymousIt is good to have an end to journey toward,but it is the journey that matters, in the end.~AnonymousYou put the pieces of my heart back together,but when you were complete it was changedfor the better.Submitted by: KatieThe worst way to miss someone isto have them sitting right next toyou and know that you can never have them.~AnonymousSometimes I wish I had never met youbecause then I could go to sleep atnight not knowing there was someonelike you out there.~AnonymousLetting go does not mean giving up,but accepting that there are things thatcannot be.
  65. 65. ~AnonymousWhen you get to the end of your rope,tie a knot and hold on.~UnknownLoving you makes me sick,but when Im sick you love me.Things are not what they seem,but are what they are.Love is like alcohol... a little funfollowed buy a long painful hangover.Submitted by: k.a.sI think its better to let go and seeif they come back than to hold on andsee if they let go.~AnonymousThe more you suffer the more itshows you really care.~OffspringWhen love comes your way savor everymoment but dont get to caught up soyou get trampled on.Submitted by: JB
  66. 66. You dont realize your mistakes withsomeone until they are gone.Once theyre gone, you realize yourmistakes but it is too late to fix it.Submitted by: DeniseIts when you snag your hand on a rustynail that you sux!But regardless of the wont bleed forever.~Randi Jo GleasonWe must be willing to get rid ofthe life weve planned, so as tohave the life that is waiting for us.~Joseph CampbellIts not the hours you put inyour work that counts,its the work you put in the hours.~Sam EwingWhen you build bridges youcan keep crossing them.~Rick PitinoSilence is golden when you cant
  67. 67. think of a good answer.~Muhammad AliIf your success is not on your own terms,if it looks good to the world but doesnot feel good in your heart,it is not success at all.~ Anna QuindlenThe best way to mend a brokenheart is time and girlfriends.~Gwyneth Paltrowlove is where your heart is..~UnknownLove is like a rose,if you dont care for it,the rose will die,and if you care for it,the rose will grow.~Rebecca KelleyEnjoy the little things, for one day you may lookback and realize they were the big things.~Robert BraultNever ruin an appology with an excuse.~Kimberly Johnson
  68. 68. There may be plenty of fish in the sea,but Im not a good fisherman.~AnonymousSometimes the road less traveled is less traveledfor a reason. ~Jerry SeinfeldTopcats often begin as underdogs. ~Bernard MeltzerThe moment may be temporary but the memory isforever. ~Bud MeyerA man who doesnt stand for something will fallfor anything. ~Peter MarshallReality is nothing but a collective hunch.~Lily TomlinStart every day with a smile and get it over with.~W.C. FieldsYou cant make up anything anymore. The world itselfis a satire. All youre doing is recording it. ~Art BuchwaldHappiness is good health and a bad memory.~Ingrid BergmanYou fall out of your mothers womb, you crawl acrossopen country under fire, and drop into your grave.~Quentin CrispIts better to know all of the questions than all of
  69. 69. the answers. ~James ThurberLife is a hospital in which every patient is possessed by the desire ofchanging his bed.One would prefer to suffer near the fire,and another is certain he would get well if hewere by the window. ~Charles BaudelaireChange starts when somneone sees the next step.~William DraytonOne is born into a herd of buffaloes and must beglad if one is not trampled under foot beforeones time.~Albert EinsteinGo the extra mile its never crowded. ~UnknownLife is a maze in which we take the wrong turnbefore we have learned to walk.~Cyril ConnollyExperience is the name everyone gives to hismistakes. ~Woodrow WilsonThe world was made for people who arent cursed with self-awareness. ~Bull DurhamLife is like riding a bicycle you dont fall offunless you stop pedaling. ~Claude PepperSuffering is overated. ~Bill VeeckIts not whether you get knocked down. Its whether
  70. 70. you get up again. ~Vince LombardiEqual opportunity means everybody will have a fair chance at beingincompetent.~Laurence J. PeterYour expression is the most important thing youcan wear. ~Sid AscherI love mankind; its people I cant stand.~Charles SchultzThe most important thing in communication is to hearwhat is not being said. ~Peter F. DruckerWe made a living by what we get, we make a lifeby what we give. ~W.A. NanceFailure is the opportunity to begin somethingagain more intelligently.~Henry FordJust when you graduated from the school ofexperience, someone thinks up a new course.~Mary H. Waldrip