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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.5


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High School, teenage romances, forbidden parties, and for some witch searching.

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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.5

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.5 including cheezy and staged family photos displaying the current three kids in the main house, Juliet, Romeo, and Rosaline all named after characters from Romeo and Juliet. Brief recap of last chapter... Last Chapter Juliet and Victoria, recently having turned into teenagers, went downtown without their parents permission and ran into their grandmother. Juliet had never wanted to go out, but she did meet a cute guy named Alvin, but never got his number. They both ended up being grounded. Rosaline spent the remaining of her childhood following Juliet around, who she has always looked up to. On the other hand, Alexandra and Victoria don't have the greatest relationship. Romeo turned into a kid being adorable. Rosaline also soon turned into a teenager the same day that Samantha died. Romeo took Samantha's death hard. Onwards....
  2. 2. Aimee opened up the fridge and looked in to find something to prepare for dinner. She frowned at the fact that nothing other than lunch meat and month old fruit sat on the shelves. Samantha had always been the one who got the groceries and now that she was gone, the fridge and shelves sat almost empty. She sighed in absolutely no mood to go to the grocery store. She then had a good idea. “Juliet,” she called closing the fridge door shut, Juliet had just gotten her license and would probably be completely willing to drive just about anywhere.
  3. 3. “Yeah mom,” Juliet answered walking into the kitchen. “How would you like to go pick up dinner at the grocery store?” Aimee asked. “Uh sure, I can drive there right?” Juliet asked with a smile embracing any opportunity where she got to drive. Aimee grinned, “Of course, you can even use your father's car, but do you mind taking Romeo with you also? He hasn't left the house today.” “Yeah sure no problem,” Juliet answered with a smile.
  4. 4. Juliet headed upstairs and found Romeo playing in his room, “Hey about you come grocery store with me,” Juliet told him thinking primarily of driving her dad's super nice sports car. “What!” Romeo moaned, “Do I have to? That is so boring!” “Oh come on Romeo, it will take like 10 minutes and it won't be that bad!” Juliet insisted. “Fine, but you are giving me money for the arcade games!” Romeo cried tenaciously.
  5. 5. “Hand it over!” Romeo demanded holding his hands out as he stood beside the arcade games at the store. Juliet laughed at her brother who had always had a knack for getting what he wanted, “Okay Romeo, but try to make it last because mom only gave me so much money.” “Yeah sure whatever just give it!” Romeo cried, smiling when she handed it to him, running over to the closest machine.
  6. 6. While Romeo played on the arcade games, Juliet headed over to the frozen food section and looked down at the selection. Aimee had not specified what to get, so she decided getting a frozen pizza would probably be the best and most tasty choice. The question was to play it safe and go with cheese or be bold and go with the new weird exotic flavor of pizza. “Frozen food can be quite exciting,” Juliet heard a guy say behind her.
  7. 7. Juliet turned around surprised to see Alivin standing there grinning, and she couldn't help but smile herself. She had dejectedly convinced herself that she would probably never see him again and yet here he was standing there in front of her; she continued to smile and stare at him speechless. “Mmmh, I didn't realize that I took this long to examine,” Alivin grinned. Juliet snapped back into reality realizing how stupid she was acting, “Oh sorry, its just I thought I was never going to see you again.” Alvin laughed, “Our town isn't that big and I mean hey there is only one grocery store, so we were bound to run into each other sometime or another.”
  8. 8. Juliet smiled, “Yeah I guess so, its just you never know. I guess we are just lucky that we decide to go get groceries at the same time.” She could feel her heart beating louder than normal. Alvin laughed, “I guess we are,” he then paused, “So I'm curious did you get grounded that night downtown? Cause my parents totally found out about the whole thing which is why I haven't left my house in like ever.” Juliet let out a small nervous laugh thinking of that night, “Oh yeah I did because get this, my grandmother was there and busted us!” Alvin's eyes grew wide, “Oh gosh if I ever saw my grandmother at a club, I think I probably would be traumatized for the rest of my life!” Juliet let out a small smile, “Yeah, it was rather disturbing.”
  9. 9. “The funny thing is,” Alvin began lifting up his hands, “is that there are more teenagers here than there were at the club that night.” Juliet looked around spotting at least three teenagers, “Yeah maybe because it's a Sunday afternoon rather than a Tuesday night when they should be at home studying.” Alvin grinned, “I guess we are just pretty bad ass for sneaking out on a school night!” “Haha maybe or we just have crazy cousins who convince us to do defiant things.” “That too,” Alvin smiled.
  10. 10. They both stood in silence for what seemed way longer than it actually was just staring at each other, Juliet was giving off a goofy grin, but she didn't care. She was so happy that she actually got to see Alvin again, and she wasn't going to waste this moment. Alvin was not one for silence, “So Juliet do you live around here or downtown?” he asked her curiously. “Around here, only like 5 minutes way,” she answered still smiling. “Oh really me too, we should really...”
  11. 11. “Are you done? Because I used up all the money you gave me!” Romeo cried interrupting Alivin who he was completely unaware off. Juliet looked down at her little brother feeling the urge to scream at him, “Romeo, I'm almost done alright? Can you just hold on a second.” “Fine, but seriously how long does it take to get food?” Romeo demanded annoyed. “Longer than you think, now can you please just wait?” Juliet sighed, she loved her brother but the kid had zero patience. “Fine,” he groaned standing there displeased.
  12. 12. “So your brother's name is Romeo?” Alivin laughed looking at Juliet who stood staring at him, hands on her hips, disgruntled by her brother for ruining her moment. Juliet nodded her head absently, “Yeah our parents are weird.” “Who is that?” Romeo asked looking up at Alvin. Juliet sighed glancing down at him, “Alvin.” “Hey kid” Alvin smiled turning his attention to Romeo. “Hi,” Romeo answered. Juliet stared at Alvin, ask me what you were going to earlier, her mind pleaded. There was no way she was leaving this place without at least his number this time.
  13. 13. Alvin quickly looked back at Juliet and let out a small smile, “Before you go,” he began, “I know we really don't know each other all that much, but I was wondering if you maybe want to go out somewhere, sometime?” he asked her a little nervous, he had thought about Juliet almost everyday since he had met her at the club. Juliet placed her hand on her arm and let out a shy grin, “Uh yeah that, that would be great.” Juliet felt her insides exploding with excitement and her heart racing. “Awesome” Alvin smiled, confident again, “we can exchange numbers and make it happen.” “Yeah totally,” Juliet grinned. “Okay can we go now?” Romeo asked oblivious to the love struck teenagers.
  14. 14. “About time,” Romeo muttered as they finally left the grocery store. Juliet ignored him with a huge smile plastered over her face thinking about how amazing Alvin was and how excited/nervous she was about finally getting to go out with him. “Why are you so happy?' Romeo asked confused, too young to understand the concept of teenage crushes. “You'll understand when you're older,” Juliet smiled opening the car door.
  15. 15. Elsewhere in the neighborhood Juliet wasn't the only one who was exceedingly happy, as Randy noted walking in home from work to see Charity standing there, still in her work clothes, with a huge smile across her face. “Uh everything okay?” he asked confused wondering what was going on. “Everything's great, perfect!” Charity responded continuing to smile brightly. “And why would that be?” Randy questioned her raising an eyebrow.
  16. 16. Charity looked at Randy and grinned beginning to speak, “I got offered an amazing opportunity!” she smiled pausing for a second, “I got offered an opportunity to explore the oceans at Twikkii Island!” Randy stared at her looking at how excited he was and let out a huge grin, “Wow that's great Charity!” “Yeah and get this, I can bring you with me, and all of this is paid by my work company!” Charity cried ecstatic.
  17. 17. “Oh my gosh really? That's amazing!” he cried with a huge smile. He had never been anywhere other than the neighborhood before and Twikkii Island of all places, that was somewhere he had always wanted to go and for free! Reality soon hit him though as he remembered all of his responsibilities, “Wait how long is this trip?” he asked her growing serious again. “Thats the thing,” Charity began less excitement in her voice, “the trip is a month because well I have to perform a certain number of tests in this specific area.”
  18. 18. “A month!” Randy placed his hands on his hips and stared directly into Charity's eyes, “We can't leave Alexandra and Victoria for a month and I for one know I can't leave work for a month!” “I know,” Charity responded staring back at him, she had thought about all of this already, “You don't have to stay the entire month.” “So you're saying that I come with you for a week maybe and then come home while you continue your research?” Randy asked. “Yeah pretty much,” Charity responded. “That's a long time for you to be away Charity,” Randy told her. Charity looked at him uneasily, “Trust me I know, but it's such an amazing opportunity.”
  19. 19. “I know,” Randy smiled wrapping his arms around her, “which is why I am going to allow it just this once, though I'll be missing you every second you are gone.” Charity smiled returning the embrace, “Really? You know I kind of love you right? And I promise to call you every single day I'm away.” “You better!” Randy smiled, “I wonder if Victoria and Alexandra are going to be okay with all this?” he then wondered.
  20. 20. “Wait, are you being serious?” Victoria asked with a huge smile in disbelief, this was just too good to be true. “How long is this again?” Alexandra asked more concerned beside her, the last thing she wanted was to be alone in a house with Victoria for a month. “Don't act too excited now,” Randy told Victoria shaking his head, “And I'll only be gone for a week, though your mom is going to be gone for a month,” he told Alexandra. “And we get to stay here right?” Victoria asked.
  21. 21. “Yes, we talked about it and agreed that you girls can stay here,” Charity told them. “Awesome,” Victoria smiled thinking of all the possibilities. “But there are rules,” Randy said interrupting Victoria's thoughts. “Yes, under no circumstances will there be parties, boys, or anymore than 4 people over here!” Charity told them sternly, “And your Aunt Aimee and Uncle Weldon will be right across the street to check up on you guys.” “Okay,” Alexandra told them. “Okay, now girls this is a really big responsibly so we need to know that we can trust you with this,” Charity looked over at both of them sternly.
  22. 22. “Yeah we will good,” Alexandra said looking over at her parents, it would give her a chance to learn more about this whole new world she had read about. “Victoria?” Randy asked raising an eyebrow at his rebellious daughter, it was no surprise that they were both more worried about her behaving. Victoria let out a huge fake smile, “Of course you can trust me, I will be good I promise.”
  23. 23. “We are so throwing a party!” Victoria clapped her hands together staring at Alexandra with wide, excited eyes in the kitchen after their parents had headed upstairs. “Uhm,” Alexandra pondered the idea which was a bad one, their parents were bound to find out seeming as the house would be destroyed and their Aunt and Uncle live practically across the street, “Can't you just invite some guys over instead?” Victoria rolled her eyes, “No that would lame and I don't do lame! How many times are we going to get a big empty house to ourselves just waiting to throw a party in it? Hmm let me answer that, never, so we have to embrace the opportunity!”
  24. 24. Alexandra looked at Victoria wide eyed, “I don't want to embrace anything, all I want to do is learn more about this amazing magic thing I read about.” Victoria darted Alexandra one of her 'you have problems' looks, “Like where do you come from? You're a freaking popularity sim for crying out loud, you should be all over a party!” “Well I'm not,” Alexandra sighed, “and just because I'm a popularity sim doesn't mean I have to love parties just like you being a pleasure sim doesn't mean you have to love dates.” “Uh, have you not noticed that I go on a date almost everyday?” Victoria asked confused. “That wasn't point,” Alexandra sighed.
  25. 25. “Yeah because the point is we are going to throw a kick ass party!” Victoria cried with a huge smile, “Just picture it, pure amazingness in this very place!” Victoria looked off to the side spreading her arms apart thinking about how awesome the party was going to be. “Our house is going to get destroyed!” Alexandra insisted. “Yeah well we can clean it, you have 8 freaking neat points and I have 7 so thats like a combination of 15 points of pure clean,” Victoria grinned still looking off in space. “You aren't making sense.” “Sense is for losers!”
  26. 26. Alexandra stared at her sister is disbelief, finding it funny that Victoria thought she was the one with problems, she laughed inside. “I still don't like this,” Alexandra mumbled. Victoria stared at her, “I never asked for your approval. We are having this party and you want to know why.” “Why?” Alexandra asked.
  27. 27. “Because I'm you're big sister and we will do what I want to,” Victoria cried wrapping her arm around Alexandra's neck and giving her a huge noogie. “Victorriia!” Alexandra moaned annoyed trying to break free from her grasp, but it was too strong. Victoria laughed messing up Alexandra's already crazy brown hair.
  28. 28. “So how do I look?” Juliet asked looking at Rosaline in the reflection of the full length mirror in Rosaline's room. She had her date with Alvin today, and she was more than nervous. Victoria told her that dates were so not a big deal, but when they meant something more than just a lousy dream date, like they did to Victoria, they were. Juliet stared at her reflexion, she had put on makeup, which was something she never did, and she had even bought a new dress. She wanted the pink one, but they were out of her size so she had to settle for purple. “You look great, amazing, any guy would be crazy not to think so,” Rosaline told her, some bitterness in her voice, sitting in a chair behind, as usual she was there helping Juliet.
  29. 29. “Yeah, except for the fact that I have a huge zit on my chin!” Juliet moaned leaning in closer to the mirror to examine the zit that lay on the side of her chin ruining her whole look. “I can't even see it! Who is really going to notice that?” Rosaline insisted though she was lying, but really who cared. “Me, everyone!” Juliet pouted, she had never cared about her looks this much before, and she found it exhausting.
  30. 30. Rosaline stood up and walked over to her worried sister, “Any guy who rejects you because of a zit is so not worth it, so you need to relax.” Juliet stared at her sister, “Yeah I suppose so, I'm just so nervous.” “You will be fine, and I mean really you have been talking about this guy non stop, so I know you will have a good time,” Rosaline told her. “Yeah, but what if he gets to know me though and realizes that I am just boring or something?” Juliet asked worried.
  31. 31. “That won't happen and if he does, he's not worth it,” Rosaline smiled. “I guess, thanks Ros, you have no idea how nervous I am,” Juliet muttered. “No problem and it will be fine,” Rosaline let out a small smile, really she just wanted Juliet to shut up and appreciate the fact that she had a date with a nice, cute guy. The door bell range, Juliet's heart began to race faster, “Okay wish me luck,” Juliet smiled to Rosaline. Why do you need luck? She looked at her perfect older sister, “Good luck,” she mumbled.
  32. 32. Juliet headed downstairs and opened the door to see Alvin standing there in the same clothes as always though he still looked really cute in them. “Hey,” he smiled seeing her, “Wow you look amazing,” he added examining her dress and makeup. Juliet could feel her face blushing, “Thanks,” she smiled, “Though am I overdressed?” Alvin shook his head, “Nah, I was thinking we could head over to that new rollerblading place.”
  33. 33. “What!” Juliet cried concerned, “I am so overdressed!” Alvin let out a small laugh, “You are not! You look great! Now will you quit being silly and come on?” he insisted leaning out his hand. “Wait hold on, I must meet this boy that my daughter is going out with!” Weldon called in the background walking up to the door. “Dad!” Juliet moaned, she so did not need this right now. “Oh come on, what kind of father would I be if I didn't meet my daughter's date?” he insisted. A good one Juliet thought.
  34. 34. “Hello Mr. Loving, I'm Alvin,” Alvin smiled at Weldon, not bothered by him at all. “Nice to meet you Alvin, and where will you be taking my daughter again?” he asked him. Since when do you actually care where I go? Juliet wondered staring at her dad in disbelief. “Just this new rollerblading place, don't worry sir, it's not even downtown and I'll have her home by 10.” “Okay then,” Weldon smiled thinking how boring that sounded, but then again who knows what teenagers liked these days. “Kay bye dad!” Juliet called dragging Alvin out the door with her.
  35. 35. “Sorry about that,” Juliet said as they headed toward the car. Alvin laughed, “It's okay, it's what parents do.” “Yeah but honestly my dad is so never like that,” Juliet told him thinking how normally Weldon let her leave the house with no concern. “Don't worry about it,” Alvin smiled. “Just so you know, I don't know how to rollerblade,” Juliet looked over at him nervously, thinking how she was going to fall on her butt all night in front of him. He laughed again, “Don't worry about that either.”
  36. 36. Despite the rough start and her nerves, Juliet ended up having the time of her live. In fact she didn't even know she was capable of having so much fun. She found that she loosened up really quickly and that Alvin brought out another side of her that she didn't even know she had. One of the best parts of the night by far was the karaoke where she made Alvin sing a cheesy duet with her in front of everyone there. She soon discovered that his voice was nowhere near as good as hers, in fact horrible, but they were having fun none the less and they laughed about it forever afterwards.
  37. 37. Skating, on the other hand, was something she did not exactly get the hang of. She fell quite a lot where Alvin would laugh at her causing her to glare at him angrily, where then would insist that she had to admit it was sort of funny, which it was. In the end she eventually got the hang of it because she had a very good teacher, who required that she keep trying until she could do it, which paid off. By the end of the night she was even able to do a small jump.
  38. 38. The whole night was amazing, but the best part by far was when he kissed her at the end. The kiss made Juliet feel weightless and she could already feel herself falling in love just from one date.
  39. 39. “It was by far the best night of my life,” Juliet grinned the next morning telling Victoria this at school who leaned against her locker annoyed, school was by far Victoria's least favorite thing due to the fact that it was so restricting and that her father just happened to be the principal meaning if she did even the slightest bad thing, like tying all the freshmen's lockers together with string for example, she would get punished and have to hear about it to no end. “I'm so proud of you Jules, you found you're prince charming,” Victoria told her sarcasm in her voice, “But seriously I am so sick of this place!” Juliet sighed not in the mood for school either, she didn't really ever mind it, but Alvin went to another school and she was sort of tired, “It's not too bad” she yawned, why had she insisted staying on the phone with Alvin so late after their date?
  40. 40. “Oh come on, I mean just look at the losers we are forced to convene with everyday!” Victoria snapped looking across the hallway at her fellow classmates. She could already spot the bitchy girls, the jocks, and the nerd. There was no one at this place who was even remotely interesting. Juliet looked over at them, “It's called high school, and not everyone at this place is horrible. Laura over there on the bench is really nice, I sit next to her in math.” Victoria rolled her eyes, leave it for Juliet to be friends with the most random people, “I just want it to be the weekend, where my parents will be gone, and I can finally throw the kick ass party I have been planning forever!”
  41. 41. Victoria's rant was interrupted by guy with straight black hair, who walked up to her with a grin, “Victoria I had such a great time with you downtown that one time and I've called you since then but you never seem to respond or get my calls or something and I mean we should really hang out again because...” “Do I know you?” Victoria interjected looking at the guy annoyed, the last thing she wanted was to deal with some love sick teenage boy. The boy was a bit taken back and looked at her confused, “I'm David don't you remember? We went downtown that one time and I bought you a rose.” Victoria pondered semi remembering that date, it wasn't one the best ones she had been on, “Oh yeah, look dude I don't do commitment so don't even both trying to ask me out again cause I can pretty much guarantee the answer will be no. ”
  42. 42. The boy stood there hurt and confused, “Oh well..... I guess I'll just leave then,” he mumbled embarrassed. “Okay bye,” Victoria said emotionless watching him leave, “Oh and the guys that are here, I'm sick of them, they are way too clingy!” she said turning back to Juliet. Juliet looked over at David feeling horrible for him, “Victoria that was awful, he has feelings you know!” “Yeah so do I, and I don't want to be committed to some obnoxious high school boy!” Victoria snapped.
  43. 43. “Victoria everyone wants to find someone and you being nasty is not going to make it easier,” Juliet insisted placing her hands on her hips and glaring at Victoria, she could tolerate some of Victoria's behavior, but when it came to messing with people's feelings it was too far. Victoria sighed, “Jules you're a family sim meaning your whole goal is to find some dude and create a lot babies or whatever, but I don't roll like that; I want fun and commitment is not on my to do list.” Juliet pondered this, “You still don't need to be nasty about it.” “Yeah well, I'm not exactly known for being nice,” Victoria responded stating the truth, she always left being nice to Juliet who wouldn't even hurt a fly.
  44. 44. Before Juliet could respond, a panicked Rosaline ran up , “Do you guys happen to know where Mrs. Casper's new room is?” she asked out of breath. Victoria placed her hands on her hips, “Ros we so do not want to be seen with underclassmen,” she told her partially joking. “Look please, I already have two tardies and if I get a third it's detention for me and I can't miss my job after school without getting fired!” Roasline cried speaking quickly without any pauses.
  45. 45. “Wow Ros slow down,” Juliet said as soothingly as possible staring at her panicked sister, “You're really close, just go through that archway over there, take a right, and then you will see her door on the left.” “Thanks Jules!” Rosaline cried quickly running away. Victoria watched her go and shook her head, “Kids,” she mumbled. Juliet rolled her eyes and let out a small laugh, “We should probably head to class too.”
  46. 46. Rosaline sprinted down the hallway seeing Mrs. Casper's door in the distance. Please don't right bell, please don't ring! She pleaded in her head. Rosaline hated high school and despised any second she spent here, the girls were bitchy and seemed to hate her for no absolute reason and the guys were loud and immature. The only person she ever talked to during the day was Alexandra who always seemed in her own world and never made much sense. For a knowledge sim she was supposed to love high school right? But the truth was, she would much rather prefer to teach herself everything she needed to know than come here.
  47. 47. Rosaline was able to make it to Mrs. Casper's room just as the bell rang, she walked in grinning, at least something was going her way because getting detention would of taken her over the edge.
  48. 48. Unfortunately for Rosaline, things go her way was short lived, because the second she took a step into the room Ellie York oh so casually placed her leg out causing Rosaline to trip and loose her balance beginning to stumble to the ground.
  49. 49. Soon enough Rosaline found herself face down to the cold tile floor. She lifted her head up in shock with her mouth handing open, did that really just happen? Behind her Ellie York sat pleased with herself looking down at the blond girl on the ground, she had never liked Rosaline and found it to be rather amusing to poke fun at her. Ellie's best friend Allison laughed watching Rosaline slowly stand up.
  50. 50. 4 Alexandra looked over at Rosaline appalled by what had just happened, she had had Ellie and Allison make fun of her before as well, but never had they gone to far as to cause her to be publicly humiliated; she felt a strong desire to cast a spell of pure evil on them. Mrs. Casper also looked over in surprise, unfortunately she had missed that Ellie had tripped Rosaline, but she had seen the fall, “Are you okay?” she gasped.
  51. 51. “I'm fine,” Rosaline mumbled slowly standing up though that was a lie because she could feel her insides aching in embarrassment and anger. She never understood why Ellie York hated her so much, she had since the very first day of school. What Rosaline really wanted to do right now was run away and coop herself up in her room.
  52. 52. Rosaline slowly headed over to her seat feeling the eyes of Ellie burn in her back, she couldn't show any sign of weakness though on the inside she was just about as weak as you could possibly be. Alexandra turned around worried, “Are you okay?” she asked, “that looked not very enjoyable.” “I'm fine, can we just forget about it?” Rosaline whispered wanting to not draw anymore attention to herself. She sat silently and listened as Mrs. Casper began to teach.
  53. 53. Rosaline couldn't focus on science though and found herself staring at Ethan Mason who was also an outsider like herself. He always looked gloomy and sat in the corner of classrooms with CDs and other non related school items all over his desk. Unlike her though Ethan Mason was an outsider by choice. He always had girls coming up to him, but she noticed that he always ignored them. She didn't get that, why he would he want to be by himself all the time. Didn't he get bored or lonely or something?
  54. 54. “Do I like have something on my face or something?” he asked her suddenly his voice cold and unwelcoming. Rosaline found herself turning beat red, she had not intended for him to notice her, she didn't even know that he ever talked, “Uhmm no sorry.” “Kay cause you're sort of freaking me out,” he told her.
  55. 55. Rosaline looked down feeling her face getting even redder, “Oh uhh sorry,” she mumbled again feeling his eyes on her. He probably thought she was a freak, first for falling and then for aimlessly staring at him. All she wanted was to disappear, that would work out. She was unnecessary anyway, Juliet was the older sweet child who could do no wrong and Romeo was the younger kid who held more spunk and was good at everything, and she was just sort of there, but unfortunately that wasn't an option and she was stuck to be Rosaline and who was that? “Whatever, it's fine,” Ethan mumbled turning his attention back to Mrs. Casper.
  56. 56. Rosaline found that she was having to eat by herself in the cafeteria at lunch, just to add to the other awesome things that had already happened that day. Normally Alexandra would be with her, but she had math tutoring or something of that nature. Rosaline never understood why she was considered “unpopular” or whatever else you may call it. She was nice a person, she dressed nice, she had good hair, she never saw the problem, but then again maybe that was the problem itself. She had never really known who she was or who she wanted to be. She had always lived her life being in the shadow of Juliet, and she was sick of that.
  57. 57. “So what's your deal?” Ethan Mason asked her suddenly, interrupting her thoughts, pulling out the chair across from her. “Excuse me?” Rosaline asked shocked and confused, why was Ethan Mason sitting with her? In fact what was Ethan Mason doing in the cafeteria? She had never seen him in here before.
  58. 58. “Yeah you're deal I don't get you,” he began, “first off you like look like Barbie yet don't even hang out with anyone here, then you like act all weird because of that, then you like always randomly stare at me in class and..” “Wait what! I only did that today!” Rosaline interrupted glaring at him. Ethan looked at her as if she were crazy.
  59. 59. “Now that's a lie, if I've ever heard one.”
  60. 60. It was true, that was a lie, she found that she looked at him quite a lot, though she had never known he was so aware of it, in fact she wasn't one hundred percent aware of it herself. She had always found herself drawn to staring at him because she found him interesting, mysterious. “Well you look back a lot you know,” she told him. “Yeah only cause you sort of creep me out,” he responded. “So what are you even doing here then?” she asked him not in the mood to be antagonized.
  61. 61. “To be quite honest, I'm not exactly sure,” he mumbled staring at her as she stared back at him, “Maybe you interest me as much as I seem to interest you.” “You don't interest me,” she frowned though he did kind of. He glared at her, “Then why do you stare at me in class so much?” Rosaline bit her lip not knowing how to respond to that, “Cause you're there,” she mumbled. “Great answer, I tend to find myself staring at the floor all day just because it's there,” he said, his voice solemn. Was that him trying to be sarcastic? Rosaline wondered.
  62. 62. “Whatever, does it really matter why I stare at you?” Rosaline asked annoyance in her voice. “Nope, I already know the answer so it doesn't,” he told her. Rosaline briefly narrowed her eyes at him, he knew nothing about her, “I don't have a crush on you, if that's what you're getting at.” “Trust me it wasn't. I have a sister, I know a girls mind. They find the dark mysterious guy in the back corner who doesn't talk much interesting, I get it.” Rosaline bit her lip, “Oh is that so, and I suppose all girls minds are exactly alike.”
  63. 63. He stared at her, his eyes growing a little wider though his expression remained the exact same as always, “Nah, just when it comes to guys cause you all get brainwashed by those chick flicks and trite romance novels you all seem to watch and read, making you all see guys as a bunch of clichés.” Rosaline contemplated this statement discerning its truth. Juliet was a perfect example of this. Juliet loved those sorts of movies and books, lived by them even. Last night she practically made them come true with Alvin and Juliet wasn't the only one, many girls lived thought like that, but Rosaline didn't want to be like that. “You know its true,” he insisted watching her think. “For some maybe, but not for me. I see the reality of what guys are and they aren't cheesy vampires falling in love with bland girls who can't function without them.”
  64. 64. “Oh god, don't even get me started on the whole vampire thing,” he sighed staring at Rosaline. “I won't” Ethan slightly tilted his head staring into her green eyes closely, “You know you sort of confuse me, you aren't really the person I assumed you would be.” “Is that a bad thing?” Rosaline asked confused, did he expect something different? “No, it's a good thing, people who are easy to read are boring. I like the challenge of uncovering what the story is really about.” Rosaline thought about this and stared at him thinking thats probably why she was so fascinated by him as well.
  65. 65. “Well I sort of have some simlish homework to finish,” Ethan said getting up from his seat. Rosaline looked up at him, she didn't want him to leave. He looked back at her, “It was nice talking to you Rosaline.” He then proceeded to leave the cafeteria as fast as he had entered it. Rosaline watched him leave surprised at the fact that he had just said her name, she had never told him it before. The way he said it, made it sound so much for interesting than it actually was. Rosaline soon found that she was more fascinated by Ethan Mason than she had been before. _______________________________________________________________________
  66. 66. Time began to move quickly as the Loving's began to fall into a flowing living routine. For Juliet this consisted of spending almost, if not all her free time with Alvin. He had almost become a new member of the Loving household spending practically every waking second there. Juliet was convinced that Alvin was her one, the one who she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Victoria told her that was dumb seeming as she had never even dated anyone else, but Juliet just knew because she loved Alvin, something Victoria never understood.
  67. 67. Indeed it was something Victoria didn't understand, who continued to bounce from guy to guy, her rose collection growing larger and larger from every date. Fun was all Victoria was looking for and she always made that very clear. If any guy got too clingy, she threw them to the curb before he could even ask why. Victoria's main focus though was the party that she was itching to throw. Her parent's vacation was growing closer and closer, but she was growing more and more antsy and anxious for it.
  68. 68. Rosaline also spent much of thoughts on a guy, though not exactly in the romantic way. She and Ethan began to talk more and more becoming lab partners. Rosaline had felt bad about leaving Alexandra, but she didn't seem to mind because she always was concocting her own experiments anyway. The more Rosaline talked to Ethan, the more interesting she found him. He always had such a philosophical view on life that was so different than anyone she had ever met. She could probably just sit and listen to him talk forever even if he wasn't really talking about anything.
  69. 69. Ethan found Rosaline equally as interesting still unable to completely read her. Anytime he thought he figured her out, she would say something different that would throw him off guard. “So my cousin's having party,” Rosaline told him one day during lab. “Is that so?” Ethan asked. “You should come.” “Parties aren't exactly my thing.” “Oh, well mine neither, but I sort of have to go, so yeah.” “Hmmm,” he contemplated , “I'll consider it.”
  70. 70. Unlike her sister and cousins, Alexandra did not spend her free time thinking about guys or with them, instead she spent it doing other things, things that most people didn't even imagine. She had stumbled across an old book at the library one day talking all about witches, something that most people only incorporated with halloween, but this book spoke differently claiming that witches were in fact among us. Alexandra was of coarse fascinated by this and was determined to meet one. The book said that witches were actually very out in the open just must people thought they were crazy street performers. Alexandra had been lucky enough to find one while at the library and was determined to learn as much about witches as she could.
  71. 71. 3 Romeo on the other hand, spent his time doing a various activities, not having to deal with all of the issues of being a teenager rather enjoying his carefree childhood. Once he began to recover from Samantha death, he was probably the happiest kid anyone had ever seen. If there was one thing to be noted about Romeo, it was the fact that he seemed to be good at anything. Whether it ranged from athletics, to creative activities, to science, Romeo seemed to just have a knack for it all. Rosaline and Juliet looked at him with envy, but Romeo was always so happy and energetic that they just sort of accepted it as who he was.
  72. 72. Romeo's best gift by far though was his ability to get what he wanted whatever it was. “Ewwwww daddy, mommy, can you guys stop that?” he asked looking up at his parents kiss one night. He needed to talk to them about something very important.
  73. 73. Aimee and Weldon quickly separated from the sound of their son's voice. Aimee looked down at her son skeptically, “Romeo what are you doing in here? Didn't I just put you to bed?” she asked. “Yeah, but I remember that there is something really important I need to talk to you guys about,” he said looking up at her seriously. “Something so important that it can't wait till tomorrow?” “Yep!”
  74. 74. Aimee and Weldon both looked down at Romeo, wondering what he could possibly want, because they both knew that when kids wanted to have serious discussions it meant they wanted something. “Can we get a puppy?” Romeo blurted out suddenly staring at both of them. “A puppy?' Aimee questioned. Romeo's face turned into a dignified expression, “Yeah a puppy, since my birthday is coming up.” Aimee and Weldon stared at each other.
  75. 75. “Romeo,” Weldon began looking down at him, “a puppy is a lot of work and your mother and I both work a lot and you kids are gone at school all day.” “Not a problem, dogs can work too you know. A friend at school told me that her dog is like on TV and stuff.” Romeo told him. “Yes, but puppies can't and they need care all day” Weldon said. “Thats okay, I can skip school and take care of it,” Romeo said seriously. Weldon couldn't help but smile at that suggestion. “Romeo you can't skip school!” Aimee told him.
  76. 76. Romeo looked up at both of his parents dissatisfied, when all else failed he knew exactly what to do, use his secret weapon, his cuteness. “Oh come on please!” he pleaded pouting with wide blue eyes, “We can all take care of him and I promise to walk him, please!” Aimee and Weldon both stared at Romeo, there was something about his face that just made him unable to resist. “I have always wanted a dog,” Weldon muttered looking over at Aimee. Aimee sighed pondering the idea, a dog could be nice as long as it didn't pee in the house.
  77. 77. “Okay Romeo,” she finally said, “We can get a puppy.” Romeo's face lightened up and he threw up his hands excitedly, “YAY! You guys are the best!” He quickly hugged both of his parents and skipped out of the room thrilled wanting to go tell Juliet and Rosaline. Aimee let out a small smile watching him leave, “That kid has got us right under his finger.” Weldon laughed as it was the truth.
  78. 78. Soon enough little Leroy joined the family and Romeo could not be more exhilarated spending all of his free time with the puppy who loved him just as much back. Aimee and Weldon were actually quite happy with the edition of the pet and found the puppy's cuteness addicting. The best part was Leroy became potty trained very quickly much to Aimee's liking.
  79. 79. Eventually the day that Victoria had been waiting for arrived. Her parents stood with their suitcases at the front door looking at their daughters. Charity crossed her arms, “Now remember all the rules.” “We know mom,” Victoria interrupted quickly, JUST LEAVE ALREADY, her mind screamed. Charity wasn't so sure, but what could she do about it now, “Now please tell Romeo we are sorry for missing his birthday tonight.” “We will mom,” Alexandra smiled. “Okay, are you sure you girls are going to be okay?” Charity asked.
  80. 80. Victoria let out a goofy grin, “Mom you don't need to worry about a thing!” Alexandra smiled uneasily beside her knowing that Victoria had plans to throw a party, “Yeahh,” she muttered. “Okay,” Charity said, “Bye girls we will miss you.” “Bye,” they both said together. Charity both gave them quick hugs, Victoria just fake smiled at them. When they both left, Victoria let out a huge real smile, “Finally!” she cried, “I cannot wait till this party!”
  81. 81. Before Victoria's party though lay Romeo's who was finally going to join everyone as teenagers. “You ready Romeo?” Juliet asked smiling at her little brother, “Being a teenager is totally awesome.” Rosaline sat on the other side of him thinking how what Juliet said was completely untrue, being a teenager was far from awesome, “Actually it's not really at all, but it's still better than being a kid,” Rosaline noted.
  82. 82. Juliet stared at Rosaline oddly, but then turned her attention back to Romeo, “No, don''t worry Romeo everything is going to be great!” “How do you know?” Rosaline asked quickly annoyed with her sister. Juliet looked up at Rosaline confused wondering why she was acting like this, “Because I just do, Romeo is a great kid.” “Yeah, but your consent doesn't mean it's true,” Rosaline looked over at Juliet, she had always thought Juliet had the answers, but the reality was she had none other than a bunch of kind words that were supposed to make you feel better.
  83. 83. Juliet looked over at Rosaline wondering why she was acting like this, Rosaline had always accepted what she did in fact looked up to it, “Look Ros, Romeo is a great kid meaning he is going to grow up into a great teenager.” Juliet then darted Rosaline a look to try and get her to stop arguing. Rosaline looked down at Romeo, despite everything he was a good a kid, “Yeah, don't worry Romeo, you will be just fine.”
  84. 84. In spite of Juliet and Rosaline's mixed signals, Romeo stepped up to the blue and white birthday cake ready for the transition. He smiled as his family and a bunch of people he didn't know cheered him on. He was ready.
  85. 85. Having been just about the cutest kid most people had ever seen, it was no surprise that Romeo grew up in a very attractive teenager although with questionable fashion sense. Juliet looked down trying not to laugh at what Romeo was wearing. “Jules, I rolled family like you!” Romeo smiled. “Hey Romeo where are your bagpipes?” Victoria called laughing. “What?” Romeo asked confused then noting that the whole room was giving him odd looks. He looked down realizing that he was wearing a kilt, “Oh my boolprop!” he cried leaving the room quickly to change.
  86. 86. Romeo soon returned wearing much more presentable clothes overhearing Victoria and Juliet's conversation. “Yep, so everything is ready for the party tomorrow!” Victoria grinned, this had been her dream party, one last blow out before she had to head off to college. Juliet smiled, she wasn't really sure about the whole thing, but she thought it was probably going to be fun. She just hoped they wouldn't get in trouble, “Cool.” “What party?” Romeo asked never having heard of it before.
  87. 87. “Oh right you can come now,” Victoria noted turning her attention to Romeo who looked much better now having changed, “Basically it's just this kick ass party I'm throwing at my house tomorrow night since my parents are gone!” Romeo smiled, what better way to enter teenage hood than a huge party.
  88. 88. “Yeah which I still think is a bad idea,” Alexandra interrupted walking up to both of them. The last thing she wanted was to get in trouble for something that she had nothing to do with it. “Yeah well no one asked for your opinion!” Victoria snapped glaring at her sister annoyed.
  89. 89. “Plus even if I wanted to Alexandra, there is no way this party can be canceled now, everyone knows about it.”
  90. 90. “Okay so we are going to head over to Victoria and Alexandra's house for the night, you know to keep them company, so we will see you guys tomorrow.” Juliet tried to remain as calm and believable as she could. She was a horrible liar, so her method was to not lie but rather not tell them the complete truth. Rosaline and Romeo told her that she should be the one to tell their parents because she came across as being the most responsible. Aimee and Weldon looked at their three kids standing there looking calm and mischievous, they were up to something.
  91. 91. “And what exactly will you being doing over there?” Aimee asked them separating herself from Weldon. “Uhh,” Juliet stammered not knowing what to say, hanging out wouldn't be a complete lie would it? “We are just probably going to order pizza and watch a movie,” Rosaline told Aimee saving Juliet from having to say something too general. Weldon raised an eyebrow, lying was one thing he was an expert on and he sensed it, “Why do you need to spend the night for that?” “Because it will fun,” Juliet said with a smile gaining some confidence in this. “Hmm, I don't know,” Aimee stammered staring at their eager faces.
  92. 92. Romeo stood up straight noting that it was him time to cut in because when it came to getting what was wanted out of their parents, he could do it, “Come on, Juliet and Victoria are leaving for college soon, this is the one last chance for all of us to hang out together before they do.” Weldon looked at Romeo confused, “Why do want to have a sleepover with a bunch of girls anyway?” he asked. “Well” Romeo began trying to think up a response, “I uh have so much to learn from them. Come on dad like you have ever not wondered what girls talk about at these sort of things.” Weldon gave Romeo a small smile and shook his head, “You have a point.” Aimee looked up at the three of them, “Okay fine, but remember we are pretty much right across the street.”
  93. 93. “Thanks, you guys are the best!” Juliet cried as they all three ran out of the house a little too eagerly. Weldon laughed wrapping his arm around Aimee after they had left, “You do realize that was complete BS and that they are completely throwing a party right now?” Aimee let out a small smile, “Of course, but they are teenagers and I thought what the heck. Also I realized that it would mean we would have the house to ourselves all night.” Weldon let out a devilish grin, “I hadn't thought of that. What are we still doing here? I want to try out the new hot tub!” Aimee laughed as they both quickly went to change.
  94. 94. “So everything is all set!” Victoria told her cousins grinning when they arrived, finally the moment she had been waiting ever so long for was here. Juliet smiled, “Can't wait, this party is going to go down in history!” “Hell yeah it is!” Victoria cried. “Do you even know whose coming?” Rosaline asked beside them not too thrilled about being surrounded by a bunch of loud people she didn't know. Victoria pondered, “Yeah no, not really, but hey that's the fun of it right?” “Defiantly,” Romeo agreed, he hoped to meet some girls though more specifically a single girl.
  95. 95. Alexandra sighed overhearing their conversation from the living room. She was enjoying the last few minutes of peace before their house would turn into a complete chaotic disaster. Victoria told her that she was not a popularity sim if she wasn't excited about this. Alexandra had thought about that because she was supposed to like parties and meet new people right? But she didn't and it didn't make sense, though she did like meeting creatures and animals, things that weren't human. She sighed again putting down her brushes and closed her eyes, soon enough her house would be flooded with irresponsible teenagers.
  96. 96. True to Alexandra's prediction, the London household quickly turned into a complete horde of teenagers faster than a blink of an eye. It started with one simple ring of the door bell and soon enough turned into a giant mass of teenagers of all different kinds. So many different things were going on, that it was hard to keep up. There was dancing, jumping on sofas, romance, standing on tables, and messes being created all over. Victoria let out a huge smile as she walked through her living-room to see it filled with happy teenagers having a great time, it was just like she envisioned. She knew that this party would be talked about for quite a while.
  97. 97. Romeo was quite enjoying himself during the party, quickly adjusting to teenagehood, having many girls come up to him. Like mostly everything else in his life, flirting seemed to come naturally and easily for him. He spent most of the night having girls follow him around constantly swooning and wanting to be with him. He enjoyed the attention though didn't really find a girl that stood out as being a good match for him.
  98. 98. Victoria of course also spent the night with multiple people expressing many public displays of affection, though she seemed to do it right in the middle of where everything was happening. She even managed to cause some drama by not sticking to one guy all night, but of coarse she felt no remorse by it and just moved on to the next guy.
  99. 99. Alexandra tried best as she could she keep things as orderly as possible though with tons of teenagers running around the house, it was an impossible task. Luckily she had made sure to put away anything in the house that was valuable beforehand, but the mess that would be left might not be as easy to clean up. If only she was a witch, she could do a spell to make the mess go away.
  100. 100. Even with Alexandra spending her night cleaning, Rosaline was still the one who was probably having the worst time of all. She had been somewhat excited for the party having a small hope for something. Though she was soon to realize that the party was loud and drained energy away from her. There was no one there she wanted to talk to or be with and she found herself spending her time moping on the living room chair annoyed with the people around her.
  101. 101. It wasn't until Ethan walked in the room that she felt some form of excitement He walked in with his same usual melancholy expression looking at the party around him. Like Rosaline parties were not his thing, yet he had decided to come anyway.
  102. 102. Rosaline walked up to him not helping but smile, “You came!” “What?” Ethan asked not being able to hear her over the loud music. “YOU CAME!” Rosaline repeated yelling. Ethan looked at her and gave a small smile though it was more like a normal expression, “Oh yeah my sister is here, so I had to you know come and keep an eye on her.” Rosaline looked at him not helping but to feel disappointed, so he hadn't come for her. “Though you know, I wouldn't have come if I didn't know you were going to be here as well.” Rosaline smiled her hopes going up again, “Well I'm glad you're here cause so far I have been having a sucky time.”
  103. 103. “Wait so are you telling me that being in this house with blaring music, trash everywhere, and people making out and yelling all over isn't fun for you?” Ethan asked loudly trying to look surprised. Rosaline let out a small smile, “Um that would be a no.” “WHAT” Ethan asked yelling, the music had seemed to get louder if that was even possible. Rosaline frowned annoyed with the fact that it was pretty much impossible to carry any sort of conversation. “Hey do want to go somewhere else?” she asked him close to his ear so he could hear her. “YEAH” he yelled back wanting to get out of there as much as Rosaline, he had remembered why he hated parties so much.
  104. 104. Rosaline led him to Alexandra's room because she sensed that going into Victoria's room was probably not a good idea. They could still hear the music threw the floor boards, but it was still much quieter and they would actually be able to carry out a conversation. “Finally quiet of some sort,” Ethan muttered looking around the room, “Hey so what's with the pictures?” Rosaline looked around at all the weird pictures that lay on Alexandra's walls of different fantasy lands, “Uhm Alexandra is a very special person,” she responded, she loved her cousin, but she did live in her own world.
  105. 105. Ethan didn't say anything turning toward the guitar that sat in the corner, “She is cool enough to own a guitar though.” He looked at closely it noting that it was nicer than his at home. “Do you play?” Rosaline asked him noticing his keen interest in the object. “I mean sort of, I wouldn't exactly call me an expert,” he said. Rosaline smiled, “That's still awesome though, I once tried and failed miserably.” “Yeah it's really not as easy as it looks.”
  106. 106. “You should play something,” Rosaline suggested with a cheerful expression wanting to hear him play. “Uhh I don't think Alexandra would like me using her guitar,” Ethan stammered, guitar was one thing he was sort of sensitive about. Rosaline laughed, “Oh she won't care, in fact I don't even think she even uses it. Come on, I won't laugh I promise.” “I don't know,” Ethan shuffled back and forth uncomfortably, he cared what Rosaline thought and he didn't want her to think he was a crappy guitar player.
  107. 107. “Come on Ethan, I don't judge people remember?” Ethan bit his lip realizing he didn't really have a choice anymore, “Okay fine, but just something small okay?” “Yeah, I just want to hear you play.” “Okay”
  108. 108. Ethan reluctantly walked up to the guitar and pulled it off its stand, damn this is a nice guitar, he thought to himself placing it in position. He could feel Rosaline watching him closely across. “Don't laugh,” he warned her. “I promised you I wouldn't,” Rosaline told him giving him an encouraging smile. “Okay,” he agreed placing his hands in the beginning chord.
  109. 109. He began to play at first softly and then more intensely. He found himself letting the strong sound of the guitar take over him causing him to get more deeply evolved in his playing. Rosaline's encouraging smiles and clapping caused him to play even better, feeling his nerves go away quickly. Rosaline watched him cheering him on, she had no idea why Ethan had been so nervous because he was amazing at guitar. She could tell it was something that he was meant to do because watching him play was just right.
  110. 110. Once he was done, Ethan turned to Rosaline with a smile, “It was a little rough, but you got the gist of it.” “Rough?” Rosaline asked confused, “Are you kidding? That was amazing! I don't even understand how you did that! It was incredible!” “Really?” Ethan asked overwhelmed by her praise.
  111. 111. “Uh yeah like seriously, you are amazing, I don't even know what else to say!” Rosaline cried with a huge grin. Ethan smiled again, something he rarely did, “Thanks Ros, but I still have a long ways to go.” “Well to me you seem pretty close to where ever it is you need to go.” Rosaline raised her hands with a big smile.
  112. 112. Ethan stared at her not saying anything who stared at him back. He looked at her closely, there was something special about Rosaline, he had always known that. She had more to her than the typical teenager girl. She was smart, beautiful, and interesting. He always found himself wanting to know more about her.
  113. 113. Without thinking he leaned into her and kissed her right on the lips. Rosaline was shocked, but didn't find herself rejecting it either. Though their lips only met for about 5 seconds, it seemed much longer. Rosaline felt as though hearts were floating around them, as though time had froze.
  114. 114. Realizing what he was doing, Ethan quickly separated himself just about as fast as he had leaned into her in the first place. He felt his cheeks burning and he looked down embarrassed not knowing what he had been thinking. Rosaline let out a small nervous laugh across him confused by the ordeal. Ethan had been her only friend for quite awhile, he made her feel like she had a purpose, but did she like him as more as a friend? Had she always secretly wanted him to be more than just a friend to her? She wasn't sure.
  115. 115. “Uhmm,” Ethan murmured his voice quiet and different than what it normally sounded like, “I guess we should head back to the party now.” He placed his hands on his hips looking to the side avoiding any sort of eye contact with Rosaline. “Uh sure,” Rosaline responded equally as quiet looking at him, standing still.
  116. 116. Ethan began to walk out of the room slow feeling Rosaline's eyes on his back. Why had he just done that? He really didn't know what he was feeling and the whole thing was confusing. The worst part was that he had probably just ruined their friendship by doing some stupid move without thinking. Rosaline was equally as confused not knowing what to think about the whole experience. Part of her wanting to stop him and kiss him again, but another part of her just wanted to run away from him.
  117. 117. Meanwhile Juliet and Alvin were having no problem showing affection toward each other having moved to Charity and Randy's room. Juliet had spent her entire night with Alvin ignoring everyone else there. They found themselves getting irritated with the people around them and decided to move upstairs where things got much more intimate between them. Alvin leaned in closer to Juliet holding her tightly against him. “Wait stop!” Juliet cried suddenly as he began to move even closer.
  118. 118. Alvin stopped immediately removing himself from her and looked at her concerned, “Jules everything okay?” “Yeahhh,” Juliet said slowly thinking how to say this, “It's just I'm not ready for that if you get what I mean.” Alvin nodded, “Yeah, no worries Jules I don't want to rush you into anything.”
  119. 119. Juliet smiled at him thinking how she had just about the best boyfriend ever, “Thanks,” she paused, “I mean one day totally, like when we go to college which geez is like pretty soon.” Alvin didn't say anything and just stared at her. “You okay?” Juliet asked confused. “Jules, I'm not going to college,” he told her suddenly.
  120. 120. Juliet froze her eyes going wide, “What do you mean you aren't coming to college. We all have to go sometime.” “Not me,” Alvin said looking at her worried green eyes. “But you are growing up right?” she asked feeling her stomach begin to churn. He didn't say anything and just continued to look at her trying to remain as calm as possible. “Right?” Juliet repeated this time her voice shaking and anxious.
  121. 121. “Not exactly,” Alvin began suddenly not wanting to tell her this, “I am sort of remaining a teenager.” Juliet felt herself freeze like she was going to crack any second, “What, why?” she managed to ask in a small voice. “Cause I don't want to or have the need to. You're part of a legacy family meaning you have to, but I'm not and I don't want to grow up.” “But, but what about us?” Juliet asked him in disbelief about what he was actually saying.
  122. 122. “Thats what sucks, I do love you Jules, but I'm just not ready to reach that stage in my life yet,” Alvin told her. “But we love each other,” Juliet mumbled quietly, how could he just end this. Alvin shuffled uneasily, “I know, but I can't.” But you can Juliet thought, but she wasn't going to tell him that instead she just stared at him not doing anything, not feeling anything anymore. “This doesn't mean we have to end now, just you know....” he then trailed off, there was no need to say it.
  123. 123. “Come here Jules, it will be okay,” he told her as soothingly as possible wrapping his arms around her. Juliet returned the hug, but felt no comfort by it. How was it going to be okay? She was going to have to leave him soon and he was going to do nothing about it. Randy had found a way to grow up for Charity, why couldn't he do the same thing for her. She had always pictured her future with Alvin there. She felt herself on the brink of tears, but she wasn't going to cry in front of him, she couldn't.
  124. 124. Regardless of the remorse events happening upstairs, the party remained to be a loud roaring success downstairs. Although it began to grow late and Victoria was beginning to get tired and annoyed by all the teenagers in her house who seemed in no rush to leave. Soon enough she cut the stereo cord and demanded for all of them to go home. Hesitantly all the teenagers began to leave telling Victoria how awesome the party had been who beamed at her accomplishment.
  125. 125. Mostly everyone left though Victoria found a couple lovebirds who had been hanging out in the garage unfazed by her yelling for everyone to leave. “Get out!” she screamed at them as they slowly began to leave the house. “Catch ya later,” Romeo called to them grinning.
  126. 126. “About damn time!” Victoria muttered annoyed to no end by the remains that the party had left, “Am I really standing in trash right now?” “It would seem that way,” Romeo said staring at her trying not to laugh. “Dammit, these are my good shoes too!” Victoria cried stepping away, “Geez look at this place.” She looked around at all the trash, pizza, and other objects that lay all over the ground.
  127. 127. “Oh don't even try to complain about this,” Romeo grinned, “this was all you and you know it.” “I know,” Victoria muttered annoyed, “Just why does it have to leave such an annoying mess that I don't want to clean?” “The five of us can clean it in no time tomorrow, it was worth it.” “Hell yeah, it was worth it! Hey where are Rosaline and Juliet?” Victoria asked, she hadn't seen either of them since the party had started. “Living-room I think,” Romeo answered.
  128. 128. Victoria found them both sitting on the sofa staring into space, both acting weird. “There you two are, everyone is finally gone!” Neither of them said anything still looking into space. “Okay?” she asked confused, she noticed that Juliet looked upset, “Uh you okay?”
  129. 129. Juliet looked up Victoria with sad eyes using every ounce of energy to prevent herself from crying. There was noway she was telling Victoria about this, she wouldn't understand at all, “Yeahh,” she managed to mumble though it was obvious from her voice that she wasn't. Victoria sensed this, but was way to tired to deal with it now, “Okay? Alexandra I think went to sleep awhile ago and I'm going to head there now. You guys okay with sleeping in the living-room?” “Yeah,” Rosaline answered. Victoria let out a small smile, “Okay cool night, sleep well.”
  130. 130. The three of them did manage to sleep well in the messy living room even Romeo who was forced to have to sleep on the floor, being the gentleman he was by letting his sisters get the sofas. They had survived the party though some defiantly had more fun than others.
  131. 131. And this is where I am going to leave you this time, this chapter was rather long. I had originally planned on this being the last chapter for generation 2, but obviously that didn't happen or else this would have been way to long. I want to thank all the custom content creators for all the amazing things they make. I especially want to thank Simgaroop for creating Belladonna High School which is incredible. Thank you for reading! Tune in next time for the final chapter of generation 2.