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Route book guide

  1. 1. THE CZECH REPUBLIC ZŠ a MŠ Břeclav, Kupkova 1
  2. 2. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Wandering the Pálava Mountains The Czech Republic Southern Moravia The Pálava Mountains ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFACE SKILL LEVEL 10, 8 km 3 hours 40 mins Unpaved path medium ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY •Pavlov •Děvičky •Děvín •Sirotčí hrádek (Orphans’ Little Castle) •Klentnice •Stolová hora (Table mountain) •Mikulov Pavlov FINISH POINT Mikulov MAP
  3. 3. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA •Meeting point: Breclav bus station, 7:45 am, 20 September 2013 •Sports clothes •Good trekking shoes •Rucksack with snack and water •Money for traveling WALK DESCRIPTION The Pálava Mountains are the lime stone mountains located in the Southern Moravia spreading from the town Pavlov towards the town Mikulov and going futher to the Austrian frontiers. The mountains are the protected area and belong to the biospheric reservation Lower Moravia which is registered on UNESCO list. This place is the driest and warmest place of the Czech republic with special species of plants, herbs and animals, rich fields and wineyards all around.
  4. 4. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Take the bus from Breclav bus station to the town Pavlov. Go along the green touristic path towards the ruins of Děvičky – the Girlish Castle. These ruins of the gothic castle are placed on the lime mountain 428 m above sea level. The first written records related to this castle come from 1222. The view from this castle is amazing. Take the red touristic path towards Děvín, the highest point of the mountains (549 m above sea level). The path goes further to the town Klentnice.
  5. 5. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body From Klentnice take the red path to the Orphans’ Little Castle, the ruins of the gothic castle from the 13th century. These ruins you can find in the middle of the natural reservation Pink Hill (458 m above sea level). There is an old legend related to this castle. The castle owner’s wife was expecting a son when her husband was asked to join the king’s army and go to the war. He refused because of soon coming baby and asked the king to be the son’s godfather instead. The godfather came to the castle and chose the name for the baby – Orphan. When he was born, the king killed the father and all people in the castle. The Orphan’s mother died by sadness afterwards. The king took and child and left. When Orphan came back to the castle as an adult man, after hearing this story got mad and he is riding the horse from the cave Na Turoldu to this castle every night.
  6. 6. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body From the Orphan’s Little Castle take the path to the Table mountain. Its a flat mountain with a very special and closed ecosystem, species of plants and animals very different from neghbouring places.
  7. 7. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Take the path around the wineyeards to the town Mikulov. Take the train from Mikulov train station back to Breclav.
  8. 8. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE
  9. 9. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POINTS OF INTEREST PAVLOV DĚVIČKY DĚVÍN ORPHANS’ LITTLE CASTLE
  10. 10. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POINTS OF INTEREST TABLE MOUNTAIN KLENTNICE MIKULOV BŘECLAV
  11. 11. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body The Lednice – Valtice Area Cycling Trip The Czech Republic Southern Moravia The Lednice-Valtice Area ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFACE SKILL LEVEL 35, 8 km 4 hours 40 mins Cycling paths Medium-difficult ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY • Lednice Castle • Minaret • John’s Castle • Raisna Colonnade • Valtice • Pohansko Lednice FINISH POINT Pohansko MAP
  12. 12. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA •Starting point: Lednice, Castle Square, 8:00, 9 April 2014 •Bicycle •Sports clothes •Good cycling shoes •Rucksack with snack and water •Money for entrance tickets WALK DESCRIPTION We started our cycling trip in the town of Lednice. We visited wonderful Lednice Castle and the Royal Park which are both registered on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. We also visitied a unique Glass House next to the castle with a lot of exotic plants. Afterwards we set off for a bike trip. The first stop was in the Hunting Castle close to Lednice. Another stop was the artificial Neo-Gothic ruins of John’s Castle. We could relax under the big trees at the castle and then we went on. We visited Minaret and climbed on the top so we could enjoy an amazing view of the landscape. This landscape was transformed during the 18th and 19th century by the Liechtenstein family into the huge landscape park with numerous landmarks.
  13. 13. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body From Minaret, a Moorish Revival structure 62 m high serving as an observation tower, we cycled back to Lednice and set off for a way towards Valtice. On the way we could see and visit many other landmarks spread in the Lednice – Valtice area: Belvedere, Temple of Diana, St Hubert Chapel, Border House, Temple of Three Graces, Pond House, New Farm – a Classisicist farm now used for horse breeding, Apollo Temple, Hunting Lodge and Obelisk erected in memory of thepeace treaty of Campo Formio. The Lednice-Valtice Area is called The Garden of Europe. It spreads in the warmest part of the Czech republic. There are many cycling paths in this region. You can see many architectural jewels, beautiful nature, unique nature reserves and also wonderful folklore during your cycling trip.
  14. 14. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body We ended our trip at Pohansko, an Empire-style hunting lodge. Nowadays it houses and exhibition of Břeclav Town Museum. Close to the lodge there are both an important archaeological site of Great Moravian remains and reconstructed parts of the Czechoslovak border fortifications. Pohansko lodge is a favourite aim of cycling trips and a great place for barbecue party at the end of the day. To get back to Breclav takes around 15 mins.
  15. 15. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE
  17. 17. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POINTS OF INTEREST VALTICE CASTLE POHANSKO
  18. 18. ICELAND Stóru-Vogaskóli, Vogar
  19. 19. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Keilir COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 379 (Height) 4 hours Lava and gravel Medium to difficult ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  Höskuldarvellir  Oddskarð  Keilir Vogar FINISH POINT Keilir MAP
  20. 20. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Good hiking boots and clothes according weather  Hiking staffs would also come in handy  WALK DESCRIPTION Keilir is located in Vogar Vatnsleysuströnd on the Reykjavík peninsula in Iceland. Keilir is an extinct volvano and is located in an area lava. It is rather difficult to walk and although only 379 meters high the surface is very “loose and sandy” and it almost seems as for each step you take up the mountain you slide down two steps!
  21. 21. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 (Onamap,locateandillustratewithpicturesthemostimportant landmarksandpointsofinterestsinthearea)
  22. 22. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s 1. Picture is taken from Reykjavík the capital of Iceland which is some 40 km away. 3. From Oddafell there is a pathway that has been made from the many hikers that have walked up and down Keilir. . 4. On top of Keilir On top of Keilir there is a guestbook and hikers are expected to wriet their names and the date they are there in the book. 2. The best way to get to Keilir is to drive by car to Höskuldarhólar. From there the walk begins and takes about 4-6 hours to climb up the mountain and back down to Höskuldarhólar.
  23. 23. ITALY Istituto Omnicomprensivo statale Alvito, Lazio
  24. 24. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody Alvito–Atina-SanDonatoVC COUNTRYAREALOCATION ROUTEFILE DISTANCETIMESURFAVESKILLLEVEL (inkm) 26km 2hoursbike 1hourcar Mainlypaved -unpaved gravel) medium FROSINONE
  25. 25. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody ROUTE STARTPOINT FULL ITENERAY ALVITOPiazzadellaVittoria,PiazzaUmbertoI,ViaSanNicola,ViaStradoneSS627,ViaSode,PonteMelfa,ViaSferracavalli,ATINA ViaSferracavalli,SR509,SANDONATO,SP94ALVITO ALVITO FINISHPOINT ALVITO MAP
  26. 26. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody SUGGESTIONSANDOTHERINTERESTINGDATA Takingfoodorwatermaybeadvisablebuttherearepublicfountainsavailableontheway,takingaraincoatorsomeextraclothesmightbe necessaryiftheweatherchanges. Insummertakeahatsinceitbecomesquitehotandsolarradiationishigh. Itisalsoadvisabletowearcomfortableshoessincethevisitintheancientcastleruinsincludesclimbinganddescendingrockypathways. Therearebars,shopsrestaurantsalongtheway. WALKDESCRIPTION OurtripbeginsinthecentralPiazzaGuglielmoMarconiofAlvito.thefirstthingthat onenoticesisthesplendidviewoftheValleDiComino,inthepremisisthereisthe PalazzoDucaleorPalazzoGallio,todayithousesthe administrativeofficesofthetown,theMayor’s officeandtheofficesoftheLocalActionGroupofthe ParcoNazionaleofAbruzzo,LazioandMolise,itwas completedbycomissionoftheCardinalTolomeGalliowhohadboughttheDuchyofAlvitoin1595.TheGalliofamily(camefrom Como,)governedAlvitofor200yearsuntill1795.IthasabarouquefascadeThebuildinghasan imponententrancewithpillarsandinthemagnifisantbuildingtherearethemonumental stairway,onwhichthedukewouldridewithhishorse,theSaladelTronoorCount’sThroneHallwhichhousesthetownTheatrewhich wastheDuke’saudienceroomwithsplendidpaintedwithscenesoftheLiberationofGerusalem,andthemostwellpreservedroomis presentdayCouncilHallwherewefindspendidpaintinsofthe17thcentury. WalkingalongwegettoPiazzadellaVittoriawherewefindIlMonumentoaiCadutiamemorialObeliskwhichwantstocommemoratethe soldierswhodiedintheIIWorldWar.
  27. 27. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody AswewalkalongCorsoGalliowepassafewlargepalazziPalazzoMazzenga,PalazzoGrazianiandPalazzoSiparieachbelongedtothefamouslandownersof AlvitoandamemberoftheSipariFamilyfoundedtheParcoNazionaleofAbruzzo.WearriveattheRomanesquebelltowerof thechurchofSanSimeonethecentralchurchentitledtothepatronsaintofAlvitoS.Simeone (18thcen.)isnoteworthyforitsrichwoodenceilingand,inthesacristy,isapaintingofthe Crucifixion,probablyexecutedbyGiuseppeCesari(ilCavalierd'Arpino).Wepass throughthePortaIacobelliwhichusedtobetheMiddleageaccesstothetown.Wewalk throughthedoorandwefindourselvesinVialeDeiCappuccinianaturalgallery formedbyplanetreeswhicharebeatifulallyearround(thenameofthislane derivesfromtheElementtaryschool buildingthatusedtobeamonastaryofthe CappuciniorderoffriarsWepassdownat thekioskasmalltypicalItalianBarandaggregationcenterforlocalpeoplewedescendtoviaGiamoscaandwearriveat theroundaboutwherewefindalocalbakeryandtheScuolaMediaandleadingtotheex-monasteryofS.Nichola, destroyedbytheearthquakein1915,restoredin1934:ithasmaintained thechorusandtheinlaidcupboardsofthe18thcentury,orderedbyPope ClementXIV.TheIstitutoTecnicoAgrariowhichishousedinthis BenedictineMonasteryofSanNicolawiththeadjacientChurchofSanNicolawithabeatifulfacadein NapolitainBarouquestyle.FollowingtheroadwereachthetheSS627ViaStradone,whichcutsthePianaof Alvito,todayitisanindustrialzonebutinthepastitwasallagriculturallandontherighttherearetheFarmlands belongingtotheIstitutoAgrario.AtthecrossroadsweturnleftonthewaywemeetanimportantfactoryBallons WorldfamousinallofEuropeandoverseas.
  28. 28. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody WearriveinPonteMelfa.whichispartofthetownofAtinawecrossabridgeovertheriverMelfa andwealsoseetheSportFacilitiesoftheUniversityofCassinoaHippodromandafluvialparkWe gouptothetownitselfpassingbyremainsoftheancientRomanfortificationsandroadsThe walls,areofcarefullyworkedpolygonalblocksofstone,theyarestillpreservedinpart,andthe moderntowndoesnotfillthewholeareawhichtheyenclose,wearriveinAtinawhichwas, probablythestrongestofSamnitedefensivebulwarks,guardingtheaccessroadstotheirland.It wasfirstrecordedinRomanannalsbythepoetVergil,whocountedAtinaastheleadingfortress towninLatiumwhichwasalliedtoTurnusagainstAeneasduringthe3rdcenturyBC,definingitas AtinaPotens.ThetownwasconqueredbytheRomansin293BC,becomingaprefecture,thena colonyandfinallyamunicipium.intheareaofPiazzaGaribaldiadAtina(Fr)neartheConventodiSanFrancescowefindaromancistern. In1349thetownwashitbyadevastatingearthquake,andwasrebuiltthankstothe endeavoursoftheCantelmofamily.Todayitisaquiettown,wheremodernisationhasnot overcomeanillustriouspast.Amongstitsarchitectural"gems"therearetheancientbeltsof Polygonalwalls(5th-4thcent.BC),the"Palazzoducale"agothicbuildingbuiltin134andwithan ancientRomanreliefwhichwasitsonflooramosaicoftheSannitiWarrior,anarcheological Museum,andlibraryandtheCathedralofS.MariaAssunta(18thcent.)inBaroquestyle,itwas firsterectedinthe11thcenturyontheremainsofatemplededicatedtoSaturn. Verylivelyinsummer,Atinahostsinternationalexhibitionssuchasthe"AtinaJazzFestival"and theFolkloreFestival.DuringthelastcenturytheagriculturistPasqualeVisocchiintroducedthe Cabernetwinetothisarea,inauguratingaprizedvineyardwhichtodayproducesbottlesofdoc wines.
  29. 29. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody WedescendfromAtinaandatthejunctionorroundaboutweturnlefttotheSR509inthedirectionSanDonatogoingstraightonforabout4km.Wepassa seriesoffurniturestores,restaurants,pubs,icecreambarsandsupermarkets,andbeforearrivinginthetownwepasstheMonumentalCemitary. SanDonatoVallediCominoisanancienttownwhosenamederivesfromthepatronSaint’snameDonato.Itshistory goesbacktotheMiddleAges,thetownisbestseenonfootasthestonehousesareinlittlealleysfollowingthegentile hillsideslopesonwhichitwasbuilt.OnarrivingweseeasmallparkfromwhichwecanhaveaccesstoVillaGrancassaa wonderfulVillawhichwasaprivateresidence,andlaterbecomingaSeminarfortheDiocesisofSora.Todayitisa hotelandrestaurant.NearbythereistheChiesadelConventoageologicalmuseum,andayouthhostel,movingonwe havearecreationalareawithschools,barsandalargepublicparkwithgamesandattractions. AswemoveonwearriveatthepiazzadelMonumentoorpiazzaDellaVittoriaandfollowingtheuphillroadwegothrough suggestivealleysthatleadtotheChiesaMadreadjacenttotheclockTowerofthe16thcenturyand furtheronwegettotheSantuarioofSanDonato. Thetownisfamousforitsstonecutterssothetownhasmanybeautiful keystonesonthearchesthatornatethedoors. OnleavingthetownwefollowthedownwardroadtowardsAlvito crossingaflatplaincalledCampoGuerranoSS77whereafamous battletookplaceduringtheTodayitisthelocationwherehandglidersland andmeet,descendingfromthemountainsideofAppenninoLazialefromthelocalitycalledTre Ponti1.FurtheronwefindtheChurchofSantaMariadelCampoof1090,oneoftheoldestofthetownwithawoodenstatueof theMadonnadelCampoof1496.WearriveinAlvitopassingalongViaDelLittoriowherethereistheTorreColombaiaThe "Palombara",adovecotetowerofthe(XVthCentury)partiallycollapsedonthe23rdofJanuary2014.
  30. 30. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 5 6
  31. 31. Route Book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POINTS OF INTEREST Palazzo Ducale or Palazzo Gallio Monastery and Church of San Nicola It was the residence of the Gallio Family it houses the administrative offices of the town, and the offices of the Local Action Group of the Parco Nazionale of Abruzzo ,Lazio and Molise , it was completed by comission of the Cardinal Tolome Gallio who had bought the Duchy of Alvito in 1595. Church of San Nicola of the XI century and adjacent Benedectine monastary of the XVIth century The monastery houses the Istituto Tecnico Agrario since 1970’s The River Melfa Ducal Palace of Atina River Melfa which is crossed by the Bridge connetting upper and lower sections of the town of Atina. The Ducal Palace of the Cantelmo Family of the XV cent. It was occupied by different nobel families Today it houses the Municipal Offices,and in its large halls the cultural events of the town
  32. 32. Route Book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body San Donato Val di Comino The Ancient Church of Santa Maria del Campo Ancient town in the Cominium Valley,It is has the privilidge of having been assigned with the Orange Flag of the Touring Club Italiana for the quality of the tourist facilities and evironmental awareness The Church of Santa Maria del Campo is one of the oldest of the Comnium Valley it was part of the territories of the the Abbey of Montecassino from the Xth century
  33. 33. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody CastleofAlvito–CastleofVicalvi–TownCenterofAlvito COUNTRYAREALOCATION MAP ROUTEFILE DISTANCETIMESURFAVESKILLLEVEL (inkm) 10km 3hourstrakkingMainlypaved -unpaved gravel) easy
  34. 34. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody ROUTE STARTPOINT FULLITENERAY ALVITOlocalitycalledBorgoCastello,BoroughoftheCasle,downwardpaththroughalleysoftheMidevil,pathways downwardtillwearriveattheCappellucciadiS.Biagio,ViaTiravento,destinationVicalvi InVicalviwewalkthroughtheancientbouroughleadingtothecastleruins. ALVITO FINISHPOINT ALVITO MAP SUGGESTIONSANDOTHERINTERESTINGDATA
  35. 35. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody Takingfoodorwatermaybeadvisablebuttherearepublicfountainsavailableontheway,takingaraincoatorsomeextraclothesmightbe necessaryiftheweatherchanges. Insummertakeahatsinceitbecomesquitehotandsolarradiationishigh. Itisalsoadvisabletowearcomfortableshoessincethevisitintheancientcastleruinsincludesclimbinganddescendingrockypathways. Therearebars,shopsrestaurantsalongtheway. WALKDESCRIPTION WestartourtourinfrontoftheruinsoftheCastelofAlvito,builtforthefirsttimeattheendofXIcentury,alongtheAlbetoMountslopes.Itwasbuiltbythe countofAquinodescendingfromtheLongobarddukesofBenevento,AttheendoftheXIIcentury,eastofAlbetoMountalongthehillthatiscalledtoday,the Civita,littlebylittlebegantobeabandonedbecausepartofthepopulationestablishedaroundthecastleneartheplacethatbecamethe"Cittadella"surrounded byitswallswithitsthreedoors.Others settledalongtheslopebelow,tightaround achurch,thatcontributedtotheformation ofCominoValley.Themedievalcastle,just aswecansee ittodayis whatremains ofthe rebuilding afterthe earthquake thatinthe year1349 haddamaged thestrong walls.The newbuildingimmediatelybuiltintheyear 1350thankstoRostainoCantelmowhoseancestorshadarrivedinItalyamongthesuitofCarlod'Angiò.TheCantelmoenteredinpossessionofthecastlebecause hewasrelatedwiththepreviouslords,thecountsofAquinowhodiedintheearthquake.TheyhadbeenlordsofAlvitotill1497.DuringtheXVIcentury,the CantelmowerefollowedbyBorgia,Navarra,CardonaandGalliofamilies.Thelatter,afterbecomingdukesabandonedthecastleandbuilttheDucalPalaceand
  36. 36. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody remainedtheretilltheyear1806.WewalkdownalongtheMedievalpathwaysoftheoriginalBorgoCastellothehouseshereareallaroundthenucleusofthe borough,wepassinfrontofthechurchofSantaMariaAssuntaachurchwiththerelicsofSantaMesiaElia.WefollowtheSP237downwardstowardsthetown belowadmiringthefantasticview.AtthelocalitycalledilPeschiowefindanotherPalazzoandanadjacentchurchandabeautifuldovecotetowercontinuing downwards,wearriveatcobblestonestairwayleadingintoadownwardpathjustbeforePalazzo Masetti,wedescendfurtherandarriveattheCappellucciaofSanBiagiofromherewedescendthe stonestairstogetontheSP237. FollowingtheroadwearriveatajunctioncalledTiraventowherewefindrestsofalargemanor house,weturnrighttowardsVicalviandwecanalreadyseethecastleofVicalvionthehilltop.We followtherouteViaAiaSanGiovannitillwearriveatasmallgardenandfromherewehaveasplendid viewoftheLagodiPostaFibrenothatisjustbelowontheright.Turningleftwegoupthesteeproad amongcobblestoneroadsleadingtotheboroughoftheCastleofVicalvi.(Onappointmentonecan haveaguidedtourintheinsidechambersremaining.) Leavingthecastlewecomedowntheroadagainthatwillleadustothelowerpartoftheborough andwearebackontheroadtoAlvito TheCastleofVicalviissituatedatthetopofhighridgeofrockslatthecrossing oftheFibrenoandCominovalleys,atabout600mt.IthasLongobardorigins andwaserectedstartingfromtheIXcentury,onthemegaliticremainsof AlbaofEquicoli,aSannitictownmoreancientthanRome.In1191itwasvisitedby emperorCostanzaandin1208bythePopeInnocenzoIII.Itwasrunformany centuriesbytheMontecassinoAbbey,thenitwaspassedovertothe Cantelmofamily,dukesofSoraandAlvito.Itisknowntohaveresistedtheassault ofapowerfulFrencharmyin1528.AttheendofWorldWarII,thevillagewas occupiedbytheGermantroops,thatinstalledoneoftheirmilitaryhospitalshere,veryclosetothefrontline (Gustavline).Theypaintedabigredcrossononesideofthecastlethatwecanstillseetodayandthisprobablysparedthevillagefromtheheavybombardments bytheB52thatdestroyedthenearbycityofCassinoandtheMontecassinoAbbey.RecentlyitwaspartiallyrestoredThetownofVicalvihasfewinhabitantsand intheborougharoundthecastletherearefewfamiliesandthegreatpartofthepopulationlivesintheslopesgoingtowardsthemainroadwherethereare shops,barsandrestaurantsandmunicipalbuildings
  37. 37. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 3 4 1 2 5
  38. 38. Route Book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s Ruins of the Castle of Alvito Borgo Castello Porta Lago The castle of Alvito was built for the first time at the end of XI century, along the Albeto Mount slopes, where there were settlers it was built by the count of Aquino descending from the Longobard dukes of Benevento. Porta Lago one of the three ancient doors of access to the Midevil bourough inside it we find a labirinth of stone houses,alleys small squares all tightly contained in the fortifications surrounding the castle,it was one of the ancient nucleus of the town a sort of fortified community for defensive purposes. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta Locality San Biagio A church dedicated to the Saint Mesia in the Borgo Castello the original church goes back to 9th century the actual one to the 17th cent. In it we find the relics of Santa Mesia Elia A small chappel which was on the outskirts of the town’s perimitral Midevil walls a trail passing through here connected Alvito with Vicalvi passing along the mountain slopes The scenic trail has been almost entirely restored for naturalistic walks.
  39. 39. Route Book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Ruins of the Castle of Vicalvi The Castle of Vicalvi is situated at the top of an hill at the crossing of the Fibreno and Comino Valley It has Longobard origins starting from the IX century, it was built on the megalithic remains o Alba of Equicoli, a Sannitic town more ancient than Rome.
  40. 40. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody PostaFibreno–Sora–IsoladelLiri COUNTRYAREALOCATION ROUTEFILE DISTANCETIMESURFAVESKILLLEVEL (inkm) 20km 30minutesride+1hour forwalksPavedroads easy
  41. 41. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody ROUTE STARTPOINT FULL ITENERAY PostaFibrenolakesideroad,PonteTapino,bridgeontheFibrenoRiveranaffluentofthelakeViaSferracavalli,Sora, PontediFerrowhichcrossestheLiriRiveranaffluentoftheFibreno, CorsoVolsci,PontediNapoli,ViaNapoli,VialeSanDomenico, IsolaSuperiore,IsolaDelLiri POSTAFIBRENO FINISHPOINT ISOLADELLIRI MAP
  42. 42. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody SUGGESTIONSANDOTHERINTERESTINGDATA Takingfoodorwatermaybeadvisablebuttherearepublicfountainsavailableontheway,takingaraincoatorsomeextraclothesmightbe necessaryiftheweatherchanges. Insummertakeahatsinceitbecomesquitehotandsolarradiationishigh. ItisalsoadvisabletowearcomfortableshoessinceitisapleasuretowalkalongthelakeandinthetownsofSoraandIsoladelLiri
  43. 43. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody WALKDESCRIPTION OurjourneybeginstheMulinoadAcquatheWaterMillforthegrindingofgrainItlwasbuiltin1810inthelocalityofSorgentinabytheLordsLecceandRuggeri. TheMillsanddependencieswereacquiredbytheFerrantefamilyofAlvitoin1851. Atthebeginningofthetwentiethcentury(1905-1908)nexttotheoriginalbuilding,Giovandiego Ferrantemadeasmallhydroelectricpowerplantthankstowhichitwaspossibletoilluminate electricallyAlvito.Thesamedynamo,miraculouslysparedfromGermanarmyattacksand destructiontowardstheendoftheoccupation,providedenergyformanymonthstotenneighboring municipalitiesoftheCominiumValley Themillworkedregularlyuntilthe beginningofthe1980sitwaslater boughtbythemunicipalityofPost FibrenoIntheearlyyearsofthis centurythepropertywasrestoredand theoriginalmachines(turbines,generatorswereempoweredtorunagainforeducationalpurposes. Adjacenttothemillthereispicnicareafromwhich,viaasmallpath,youcanreachtheleftbankof thelake".Themillcanbevisitedaspartofaprocessofguidedtour,bookedattheofficesofRiserva NaturaleRegionaleLagodiPostaFibreno.
  44. 44. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody FromtheMillwearriveattheNaturalReserveofPostaFibreno,wefollowtheroadalongtheriver Fibrenoandwearriveataresortareaonthelakewalkingalongthelake.Wecanadmireitsextension andseetheotters,ducksandwildlife.Itispossibletohireapedalòortypicalsmallrowboattohave anexcursiononthelake.Therearebedandbreakfasts,restaurantsandpicknickareasandbars. AlongthewalkwecanvisittheLAB.TERLaboratorio TerritorialediEducazioneAmbientaleanacquatic museumoftheparkandadjacentvisaitorscentre.Lake PostaFibrenooffersanopportunitytoundertake interestingexcursionsinanatural,evocativesetting, discoveringamany-facetedland.Onefeature,perhaps uniqueinEurope,andalreadymentionedbyPlinyinhis "NaturalisHistoria",isrepresentedbythepresenceofa floatingislandcalledLaRotaThe"Rota”formedbyrhizomes,peatandroots,abletomoveindifferentpartsoftheyearduetogentlebreezesortotheincrease intheflowofthespringsthatflownearby.Perhapsthechemicalcompositionoftheislandtreesthatarefoundonthesurfacedonotdevelopastheydoonland theygrowlittlemorethanmereshrubsWithitshigh-qualitywater,thelakeishometoarichnaturallife:horsetailandmacrophysits,reedsandmarshfernall abound.Thelake’swater,sinceitiscontinuouslyexchanged,maintainsavirtuallyconstant temperature(10-11°C).Highlyoxygenated,itistheidealhabitatfornumerousspeciesoffish. Withitscold,crystalclearwater,thelakeisanidealspotforscubadiving.Visitorscanenjoythe pedalosorpedalboatswhichmayberented–anexcellentsolutionforabriefoutingonthe lake..Theentireparkiseasilyaccessible.Naturepathsareconvenient,andthebirdwatchingis excellent.Thankstoasystemofwoodenwalkways,theNaturepathcrossesthereedticket, reachingthebirdwatchinghutfromwhichtoobservetheanimallifethatpopulatesthelake.A varietyofanimallifelivesinthelakeandriver,thereservesrealstarisafishunknowntomost, andthatintheentireworldlivesonlyhere:theFibrenotroutandtheItshabitsarelittleknown tothisday,thisfishacloserelativeofthecommontrout–anotherstrangefishistheSpinarello asmallfishwhichhasadaptedtolivingandreproducinginthedarkenvironmentsofunderwater caverns. FromthelakewemoveontheroadandbycaronViaCarpellowereachthelocalitycalledPonte
  45. 45. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody TapinorightinthedirectionBroccostellaontheSS627forabout5kmPassingthrough BroccostellawehaveanexampleofanotherfortifiedtownBroccothehigherpartofthetownand StellathelowermorerecentcommunitythusthenewnameBroccostella.Wecontinueontillweget toSora. Soraisacityofabout30 thousandinhabitants.Itis builtinaplainonthe banksoftheLiriRiverit wasabitdifferentinthe pastbutagreatpartofthe townwasdestroyedintheearthquakethatin1914destroyedAvezzanoandthe townsinthearea.Sorawasdeclareda"RoyalCity"bytheKingofNaplesCharlesI Anjouinthe14th century,lateritbecameafiefoftheTomacelliofCantelmi,Della RovereandBoncompagnifamilies. Inthelateeighteenthandearlynineteenthcenturyitwasthesceneoffierceincidents ofbanditry,includingmilitaryoccupationsbyBourbonSanfedistsandFrench occupation.Therearenumerousplacesofworshipinthetownbecauseofits importanceasDiocesestiedtoRomethatcouldbepartofarealreligiousitinerary. AmongtheimportantchurchestherearethecathedralofSantaMaria,bishop'sseat builtonthesiteofaPre-RomanTempleTheoriginalcathedral,ofSantaMariawas consecratedbyPopeAdrianIVin1155,itwasdestroyedbytheearthquakeof 1634.,thechurchofthepatronsaintSt.Restitutawiththefourteenth-centuryportal, thechurchofSanFrancesco,andmanyothersjustinthemainstreetofthetownthe ConventofthePassionistFathersetc.,andfinallythetheAbbeyofSt.Dominicwhich usedtobeonthetownboundriestowardsIsoladelLiri.
  46. 46. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody Amongthevestigesofits pastremembertherock shrineofthegodSilvanus (IIcenturyAD),the polygonalwallsandthe remainsoftheCastleofS. Castoofthe10th Century onthemountainwhich canbereachedonfoot throughtheMedieval cobblestonepathsandandstairsthatleadtoitfromtheoldwalledtownborough.Alongtheway,one canstopatthechurchofSaint’AntoniobuiltonthemountaintopandgoingupfurtheranotherChurchdedicatedtotheVirginMaryandyoucanenjoysweeping viewsoftheentirecity Thispartofthevalleyistheseatofsomeimportantmanufacturers, especiallyofpaper-mills.Ithasalwaysbeenthemostflourishingtowninthe areaandinthepastitwasthecommercialculturalandpoliticalcenterof theoftheValleyofdelLiriRiver. ThedistrictaroundSoraisfamousforitssecondaryschools,cultural activitiesandforfarming.Wearriveinthetowncrossingthebridgecalled PonteDiFerroneartheVillaComunalewherewealsofindthetowns PublicLibraryandwegoalongwearriveatthemostimportantroadthe CorsoVolsci.OntherighttowardsViaSanta LuciawehaveLaCattedralediSantaMaria andtheVescovatotheEpescopelianbuilding. TurningleftwefollowtheCorsoVolsciwith splendidbuildingsandabeautifulcentral piazzaPiazzaSantaRestitutaandtheChurch ofSantaRestitutapatronsaintofthetown.WefollowtheCorsoVolscipassing someofthenumerouschurchesofthetowntheChurchofSanFrancesco,theChurchofSantoSpiritoandthechurchofSanBartolomeoandtheTownHallor Municipio.WearriveatPiazzaEsederaandwecrossThePontediNapolicalledsobecauseitgoesinsouthinthedirectionofNaples.
  47. 47. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody FollowingViaNapoliwegettoViale SanDomenicowherethereare importantfurniturestoressince Soraisandwasfamousforits furniture,woodworkandother manualcraftsweseealarge industrialplantCartieradelSole paperindustrynowpartofthe BurgoIndustrieswhichwasoneofthemostimportantindustriesofthetown andwereachoneoftheoldestandmostimportanttestimoniesofSoraisthePonteMarroneabridgeof(IIsecBC), notfarfromtheAbbeyofSt.Domenicowheretherearesaintisburied,thechurchwasalmostentirelydestroyed byFrederickIIin1229.HerewealsofindthesiteoftheFieradiSorawherefourtimesayearthereisabig commercialeventforexpositionsoflocalproducers andlocalfactoriesandcraftsmen.Proceedingon theSS82forabout6kmwhichwefindtheindustrial zoneofIsoladelLiriwithitsfamouspapermills,wool mills,feltmillsthatweretheresinceofthe18th century WecontinueandwearriveinviaBorgonuovowhich housedthefactoryworkersanditrepresentedan innovationinhousingforworkersatthetime.Wecan seetheexCartiereMeridionali,theLefebrve ManorhouseandthefamousLefebrePaperMills. IsoladelLiriisalsocalledthe"citta'dellamusica"andforthisstandingisatwincityofNewOrleans, Louisiana.It'sfamousforitsannualBluesFestival,thebiggestofitskindinItaly,a25-yeartraditionthattakesplaceeveryJulyandattractsbignamesfromthejazz andbluesworld.WearriveintoVialeGaribaldiandweareinIsoladelLirithetownitselfisinfactanislandsituated70kminlandfromthesea.Thetownistotally surroundedbywaterfromtheriverLiriwhichforksoutnortheastofthecityonlytomergeagainafewkilometersfurthersouth.Theislandhasbeenknownfrom pre-Romantimes.IthasbeenmentionedbyPliniotheElderandDante.SomeclaimCicero,hadhisvillarightoutsidetown.Andformanyyearsitwasthecentreof paperindustry.
  48. 48. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody Sadly,thetownandtheareasufferedseveredestructionduringWWII,butIsoladelLirihasbeentotallyrecovered.In2008itwasclassifiedas‘areaofwellnesswith goodsecondaryschoolssystemandagoodlocalegovernment’,whichisamarkof distinctionforItalianmunicipalitiesindicatingthatthe12000peoplelivingonthe islandaredoingwellintermsofeducation,economyandinfrastructure.One canenjoyingtheviewofCascataGrandewithaverticalfallof27metresatthetopof thewaterfallthereistheViscoglosiCastlewhichisstillinhabitedbythemembersofthe family.initiallypropertyoftheChurchthenbelongingtotheDellaRoverefamilyand finallytotheBoncompagniandViscogliosifamily.Afterashortwalkalongthemainstreet throughthehistoricalcentrewecrossasecondbridgetotheothersmallerCascatadel Valcatoioanotherwaterfallusedtoruntheturbinesofthenearbyindustrialplants alongtheriverLiri,nearbythereisasmallparkwheretherededicatedtopapermill archeologyandthepublicLibrary.
  49. 49. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 2 3 4 5 6 1
  50. 50. Route Book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POINTS OF INTEREST Natural Riserve of the Water Park Fibreno Panorama of the Lake Fibreno Water Mill for the grinding of grain on the Fibreno built in 1810 in the locality of Sorgentina by the Lords Lecce and Ruggeri. The Mills and dependencies were acquired by Ferrante family of Alvito in 1851. The mill can be visited as part of a process of guided tour, booked at the offices of Riserva Naturale Regionale Lago di Posta Fibreno. Lake Posta Fibreno offers an opportunity to undertake interesting excursions in a natural, evocative setting, discovering a many-faceted land with bird watching routes, boat excursions , scuba diving lessons, and nature walks The Central Church of Santa Restituta The Ponte di Napoli on the River Liri Central church of Sora in the Corso Volsci the main street which derived its name from the Volsci, ancient inhabitants of the town. The saint was martyred in 275 B.C. in Sora by the Romans and is patron saint of the town . Ponte di Napoli ,Bridge on the River Liri which gives access to the town and leads to the southward direction towards Isola del Liri
  51. 51. Route Book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body The Abbey of San Domenico The Cascata Grande ,The large Waterfall The Abbey of San Domenico with adjacent Benedectine Monastary of the Xth centuty founded in 1011 , By Saint Domenico. Built on the ruins of the Villa of Marco Tullio Cicerone (106 BC 43 BC, ) born in a nearby town of Arpino,where each year the Certamen Ciceronianum brings students from all of Europe to compete in latin translations. Cascata Grande with a vertical fall of 27 metres from Isola Superiore to the lower part of the town Isola del Liri at the top of the waterfall there is the Viscoglosi Boncompagni Castle.
  52. 52. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook SanDonatoValComino–Settefrati–Canneto COUNTRYAREALOCATION ROUTEFILE DISTANCETIMESURFAVESKILLLEVEL (inkm) 17,4km 37mincar 2hourwalk Mainlypaved -unpaved gravel) medium ROUTE STARTPOINT FULLITENERAY SANDONATO SETTEFRATI SANDONATOV.C. FINISHPOINT
  53. 53. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook CANNETO SANTUARIOMARIASSDICANNETO MAP SUGGESTIONSANDOTHERINTERESTINGDATA Takingfoodorwatermaybeadvisableforthelastpartofthejourney,therecouldbedrinkingwateravailableontheway,takingaraincoator someextraclothesmightbenecessaryiftheweatherisusuallychangeable…etc.
  54. 54. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook WALKDESCRIPTION OurjourneybeginsinthestreetsofSanDonatoValdiComino. Theoriginsofthisnucleuscanbe reconnectedtothehistoryof Cominium,aSunnitioutpost destroyednel293BCbythearmiesof Rome,whichwouldbelocatedinthe CominoValley,particularlyinthearea markedtodaybythetownsofAlvito, Vicalviand,ofcourse,SanDonato. Theterritorybelongedtothe Cominese,followingtheLombards;subsequenteventsarerelatedtotheoutcomeofthe battleofGariglianoof915,fromwhichtherewasmigrationofthepeoplesofthoseterritories,theyheadedtowards themountainsontheborderbetweenLazioandAbruzzo.ItwaspartoftheDuchy AlvitoandfollowedthefortunesofthisfeudaldomaingrantedtoAquinas,passed totheCantelmo,toCardonaandthegalliumtobetransferredto theState,andfinally,in1806,itwasfinallyreleasedfrom thefeudalserfdom.SanDonatoisdividedintotwoareas.The highestpartofthetownisknownastheCastle,stillsurrounded byacircleofwalls:therearethreedoors,andtracesofthe towersofthecastle,therearetheruinsofthehightower- whilethewallsofthefortresswereincorporatedinto thenewhouses.Theareaischaracterizedbynarrow,winding streetsandalleys,oftenring-shapedandconcentricupto thefortress,stillpavedwithlocalstone.Inthesecondarea, therearenewbuildings.Thetowncenterischaracterizedby severalworksinlimestoneworkedbylocalstonemasons whobuiltbleachers,baroqueportals,decorativefriezes,keysegmentswithcoatsof armsandheraldicfigures.WalkingthroughthenarrowstreetstothevalleyyougettothehighestpartofthevillagewiththeSanctuaryandtheTowerThe SanctuaryofSanDonatoValdiCominoThesanctuarywaserectedasasmallBenedictineAbbeyfromtheAbbeyofMontecassino.Thefirstdocumentinwhichit
  55. 55. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook isnamedin778AD,theyearinwhichtheDukeofSpoleto,Hildebrand,gavethechurchandtheareaofSanDonatototheMonasteryofSanVincenzoalVolturno. Theoriginal"aecclesia"therearenotraces,sincenumerouschangesandrenovationshavebroughttoitspresentshrine.Thesanctuaryiscomposedofthree naves,thecentralonecontainsfrescoesrepresentingthemostsignificantmomentsoftheholylife.In1859workbeganontheconstructionofthebelltower adjacent,17metershigh,andwerecompletedin1921. In1915,thelastrestorationwascarriedoutofthesanctuarybytheFioriniSora,ledbyCanonLuigiIppoliti, creatorofthepopulardedicatedtoSt.Donato,BishopandMartyr.TheSanctuary,hasbeenrecentlyrestored, makingareinvigorationofthecolorsofthefrescoesandinteriordecoration.TheMedievaltower,size 5.40x5.40x12high,isisolatedfromtheremaininghomesandstandsatthehighestpointofthevillage. Builtonarockyoutcrop,itallowsaviewofalargepartoftheCominoValleyandthesurroundingarea. ThereisnoaccesstothetowerfromthegroundfloorThelocation,sizeandlocationoftheobservationpoints makeitanautonomousbodyusedtocontrolthepassofForcad'Acero,alsooffering,inthepast,asure defensetothosewho"liveditThetowerofSanDonato,builtandorientedaccordingtothedeclination ofthesunasifitwereacompass,indicatingthefourcardinalpoints,thelocationoftheAbbeyof MontecassinoandthepositionoftheSunonthedayoftheEquinoxesandSolstices.ContinuingalongourpathswefindTheminesofSanDonatoValdi Comino.In1774,themountainsoftheVallediCominowasfoundalargequantityofrawmaterials.Inthoseyears,ontheslopesofMontMeta,wasdiscovered rockrichinironoxide,asaresultoftheexcavationswerecarriedout.In1852,KingFerdinandIIofBourbon,potentiatedtheminingresearch,inordertofillthe needsofrawmaterialsandmetalsintheartilleryfactoriesInthespringof1852,a committeeoftechnicians,foundinthemountainslargeamountsoflimonite(iron sesquioxide)andbauxite . Onceitwasextracted thematerialwasbrought in(Capolavalle),the currentPiazzaCarlo Coletti,thankstothe basketsthatwere transportedfrom quadrupeds.Womenalso participatedinthe
  56. 56. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook transportofminerals,limoniteinwickerbaskets.Assoonasthematerialarrivedinthesquare,itwasweighedandpaidtotheworkersandthenwastransported tothe"foundry"inAtinawhereitwastransformed.Therawmaterialsweremineduntil1860.Followingthe unificationofItaly,andthemines,thatthe"foundry"ofAtina,werefinallyabandoned.LaTorredeiTedeschi, theGerman’sRock,aspikethatstandsoutfromthesidesofMountPizzutto(themountainthatrisesabove SanDonato),itwasamilitaryoutpostusedbytheGermanarmyinretreatduringtheSecondWorldWarin anticipationofadefeatexperienceonthewarfrontofCassino,alongtheGustavLine.WiththelandingatAnzio andthefallofCassinoFront,GermantroopsbegantheirretreattoRome,usingtheViaCasilina.New ZealandtroopsarrivedtohelpIntheCominoValley,andluckilyafterabout10days,theGermansbeganto retreatnorthward,leavingweapons,ammunitionandfurnishings.Inthecenteroftherockalongafracture, thereisacherrytree,plantedthereinmemoryofthosesoldiers.Theplacecanbereachedthrougharoute madebytheCAICentroAlpinoItalianoofSanDonato Settefrati ThenameofthetowncomesfromtheHolySevenBrotherschildrenofSantaFelicita, sisterofSaintBenidictShewasmartyredwithhismotherduringthepersecutionof ChristiansintheRomanEmpire.Theconstructionsofthevillagedates,backtoVIIIth andXIXthcenturiesintheircurrentform,manyofthebuildingsstillhavetheoriginal medievalstructures.Thereare remainsoframpartsandatowerof theXIIandXIIIth.centuriesaswell astheremainsofmasonryfront, perhapsevenofpre-Romantimes. ThecastleofSettefrati,ofwhich therearetheremainsofthetower andscatteredremainsofwalls,isdocumentedfromthetenthcentury OfgreatimportanceistheChurchofOurLadyofGraces¬,ofXthcentury,withcarvedandgildedcoffered ceilingwithatriumdepictingthevisionofFiarUlderico(visionthatwouldhavegiventheinspirationforDante's "DivineComedy")andtheinteriorpaintingsofgreatprestige.TheChurchoftheMadonnadelleGrazie,which housesafrescointhevestibulerepresentingtheLastJudgmentand,inside,aneighteenth-centurycofferedceiling
  57. 57. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook withbeautifulpaintingsoftheXVIIcentury. ThesanctuaryofthegoddessMephitiswherewefindtypicalelementsofworship,asacred wood,anaturalwaterspringinagrottoorcavernandawoodenstatueofablackgoddess–Itisthe ShrineofOurLadyofCanneto(ortheShrineoftheBlackMadonna,whereawoodenstatueof theXIII-XIVcenturyispreservedandworshipped)itislocatedintheheartoftheNationalPark ofAbruzzo,m.1020matthefootofthemountainsubgroupofMeta,wherefreshspringwatersof theMelfa,riverflowdownandpositionwithinthepicturesquevalleysurroundedbywoods.In1958, duringworkdonetocanalizethewatersourceoftheMelfa(Capodacqua)theremainsofthe templeofafemaledeitywerefound,withvotivecoinsandpotterydatingbacktotheIV-IIIcentury BC.Thefindingsconfirmedthehypothesisoflocalscholars,thattheareaoccupiedbyChristian shrineinpagantimestherewasaplaceofworshipdedicatedtothegoddessMephitis,attendedby peopleofthesameareagaveorigintotheChristianpilgrimagestothissite,PopePaulIIvisited thissiteduringhisPapacyMephitisisadeitylinkedtowater,praisedforthefertilityofthefieldsandforfemalefertility,whosecultisattestedinvarious locationsinItaly(Cremona,Lodi,GrumentoNova,ArianoIrpino,RoccaSanFelice).Priortothe1958findingsinthe sanctuarytherewasavotivecolumn,stillpresentinthecrypt,withaninscriptiondedicatedtothegoddess MephitisbytwofreedmenofthegensandgensPomponia andgensSatria;pedestal,whichprobablyformedthebasefora statue,wasfoundinCanneto,butitwaslongkeptbythe familyVisocchiofAtina,whereitwasrecoveredin1786.It waslaterexaminedandcategorizedbyMommsen. Thetour(itineraryo1theNationalParkofAbruzzo)startsfrom theshrineoftheBlackMadonnaofCanneto.Theroute willbeaccompaniedbytheroarsoftheriverMelfaand pleasantcascatell,1320meetstheRefugeoftheBlack WaterandalittlelaterabeautifulabandonedoldfarmhouseThepathendsattheplacecalledTre Fratelli,thetraildepartsfromtheroute05oftheNationalParkwhichconnectsthevalleytoPitchfork Resuini,whichisasaddlethatconnectsthevalleytothebasinofCannetowithartificiallakeofBarrea.Onthisrouteyoucanseealltheanimalsthatliveinthe
  58. 58. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook parkandtypicaloftheValleyofCanneto:bears,chamois,deerandwolves. TheAbruzzoNationalParkwasinauguratedonprivateinitiativein1922andrecognizedin1923byRoyalDecree257of11 January1923.Atpresentterritorywasreachedaftersuccessiveadditions.Themanagement oftheNationalParkofAbruzzo,LazioandMolisewithitscurrentlocationinPescasseroli.It affects25municipalitiesintheprovincesofFrosinoneandIserniaL'Aquila.In1980began lazonizzazioneofthepark,namelyitsdivisionintozonesofdifferentenvironmentalprotectionin ordertoreconciletheconflictingdemandsofprotectionofnatureandtheurban developmentoflocalpopulations.
  59. 59. [Digitareiltesto] RouteBook 1 2 34
  60. 60. [Digitare il testo] Route Book POINTS OF INTEREST Panorama of San Donato Medieval village in the southern end of the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Lazio and Molise-in the old town consists of narrow streets, stairs, gates and towers. Of particular interest are the Museum of civilization and the Geological Museum Center medieval fortress with defensive function, containing many remains of ancient structuresand wonderful panoramic view The constructions of the village dates, back to VIII th and XIX th centuries in their current form , many of the buildings still have the original implant. A Monument to Don Bosco Ancient Sanctuary of the Madonna of Canneto John Melchior Bosco, better known as Don Bosco, was the founder of the congregations of the Salesians and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. He was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1934, It is a meeting place for excursions and summer camps for young people. The shrine dedicated to St. Mary is located at about 1000 m / asl. In pre-Roman times was a place of worship of the goddess Mefiti for the presence of the source of the River Melfa. Numerous walking trails that start from this location
  62. 62. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody medium ROUTE STARTPOINT FULLITENERAY Railwaystation-PiazzaGiuseppeGaribaldi VialeDante,VillaComunaletaketheBusN°16whichwillbringusupwardstoMONTECASSINO PolishWarCemetery,busN°16inoppositedirection Colosseo,Historiale,CAMUSACModernartMuseum,RailwayStation CASSINOTRAIN STATION FINISHPOINT CASSINOTRAIN STATION MAP
  64. 64. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody CassinoisamunicipalityintheprovinceofFrosinone,Italy,atthesouthernendoftheregionofLazio.ItislocatedatthefootofMonteCaironeartheconfluence oftheGariandLiririvers.ThecityisbestknownasthesiteoftheAbbeyofMontecassinoandtheBattleofMonteCassinoduringWorldWarII,whichresultedin tremendousAlliedandGermancasualtiesaswellastheneartotaldestructionofthetownitself.ItisalsoimportantbecauseSaintBenidictisthefounderofthe BenedictineFriarsandthePatronSaintSaintofthe EuropeanUnion.Today,Cassinoisalsohometothe UniversityofCassinoandaFIATautomotiveplant. Cassino'soriginslieintheVolscansettlementofCasinum, sitedatopthehillofCassinonearMonteCairo,five kilometrestothenorth.Casinumpassedunderthecontrol oftheSamnites,buttheRomanseventuallygainedcontrol ofCasinum,establishingafortifiedcolonytherein312BC. AtleastonceduringPunicWars,Hannibalpassednear Casinum.Casinumwasalsothesiteofavillapresumedto belongtoMarcusTerentiusVarro.Themoderntown whicharoseonthesiteoftheancienttownofCasinum wascalledSanGermano,buton28July1863thename wasofficiallyrevertedto"Cassino".Duringtherenaissance CassinolayonthenorthernfrontieroftheKingdomofNaples,whichwasdominatedbySpain.In 1504,duringtheSecondItalianWar,FranceattemptedtocapturethetownintheBattleofCassino,but failed.ThedependenceofCassinoonSpainlasteduntil1860.AfterworldWarIIThetownwasrebuilt south-eastofitspriorlocationinarelativelyshorttime.Becauseofthis,thetownhasasomewhat disorderlyroadnetwork.
  65. 65. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody Westartourjourney fromtheCentralRailwayStationofCassinoWemovealongPiazzaGiuseppeGaribaldiwecangotoVialeDanteandattheendoftheroadweturnleftandwe areinCorsodellaRepubblicawegototheleftwherewefindtheVillaComunalewherewetaketheBusN°16whichwillbringusupwardson-viaBonomi-via DiBiasio-SS149uptothehilltopwherewefindtheRoccaIanola,MontecassinoandtheAbbeyofMontecassino.JustalongsideMontecassinoonecanvisitthe PolishWar Cemetary
  66. 66. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody ThePolishcemeteryatMonteCassinocontainsgravesofmorethanonethousandPoleswhodiedwhilestormingtheabbeyinMay1944,duringtheBattleof MonteCassino.Thereligiousaffiliationofthedeadmenismarkedbyeachgravehavingoneofthreedifferenttypesofheadstone:theCatholicandOrthodox headstonesaredistinguishedfromeachotherbydifferentformsofcross,whiletheJewishheadstonesbeartheStarofDavid.Thecemeteryalsocontainsthegrave ofGeneralAnders,commanderofthePolishforces,whosurvivedthewar,dyinginLondonin1970.PartofthePolishmemorialatMonteCassinobearsthe followinginscription,whichtranslatedfromPolishreads:WePolishsoldiersForourfreedomandyoursHavegivenoursoulstoGodOurbodiestothesoilofItaly andourheartstoPoland WetakethebusintheoppositetothetownCentreandwecanvisittheareacalledilColossseo.TheColosseum,oramphitheater,isthemostrepresentativeofthe RomanarchaeologicalelementofCassino.Thereislittleleft,perimeterwallsandafewstrokesoftheinternalstructure,butthey'restillaclearandeloquent testimonytothegrandeur,majesty,themagnificenceoftheRomancivilization.TothewestoftheColosseum,withinthewallsoftheCasinum,wecanseethe RomanTheatreofwhichyoucanadmiretheremainsofsubstantialstructuralcomplex,itisstillusedforperformancesandeventsofvariouskinds. ReturningtowardstherailwaystationwecangototheHistorialeinteractivewarMuseumitis200mfromthetrainstationfromPiazzaGaribaldi.Weturnleft
  67. 67. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody onVialeIavanoneBonomiforTheHistorialeofCassino thewarmemorialmuseumTherearenow4,271CommonwealthservicemenoftheSecondWorldWarburied orcommemoratedatCassinoWarCemetery.289oftheburialsareunidentified.WithinthecemeterystandstheCASSINOMEMORIALwhichcommemoratesover 4,000CommonwealthservicemenwhotookpartintheItaliancampaignwhosegravesarenotknownandthismuseumwascreatedfirstlytocelebratethe60th anniversaryofthebattleofMontecassino,withtheparticipationoftheItalianMinistryofHeritageandCultureandtheMinistryofDefenceTheHISTORIALEwas builttohonourallvictimsofallnationalitiesthatlosttheirlifeforpeaceandfreedomsinceabout80.000amongsoldiersofdifferentnationalities,andcivilians losttheirliveshere. BeforeleavingwevisittheCAMUSACCassinoMuseumofContemporaryArtanewstructureforcontemporaryart,createdin2013withtherenovationofthe LongoS.p.A.industrialbuildings,atthefootofthehillMonteCassino.TheaimoftheMuseum–whichholdstheprivatepermanentcollectionoftheFondazione CAMUSAC,istocontributetotheculturalgrowthanddevelopmentofsouthernLazio,whichalreadyhasmanysitesofarcheological,historicandreligious interest.TheCAMUSACthereforeoffersanotherculturalinstrumentalongsidetheUniversity,theStateArtSchool,theFineArtsAcademyofFrosinoneandother institutionswithwhichithasties.InadditiontothePermanentCollection,theCAMUSACperiodicallyorganizesexhibitionsofworksbyimportantartistswho emergedduringthe20thand21stcenturies.Alongwiththeexhibitions,theculturalofferiscompletedbyconferences,researchseminars,conventions,workshops andguidedtoursconceivedincollaborationwithpublicbodies,museums,andculturalandeducationalinstitutesinItalyandabroad.
  68. 68. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody ExtraNotes TheAbbeyonMonteCassinowasoriginallyfoundedbySaintBenedictin529,makingitoneofEurope'soldestmonasteries.Theabbeywasbuiltonremnantsof RomanfortificationsneartheTempleofApollo.Themonasterybecameknownasacenterofcultureandart.Theentrancecloisterwasthesiteofthetempleof Apollo,madeintoanoratorybySaintBenedict.NextguestsenterBramantecloister,abuiltin1595.Inthecenterisanoctagonalwellandfromthebalconythere aregreatviewsofthevalley.AtthebottomofthestaircaseisastatueofSaintBenedict,datingfrom1736andnotdestroyedinthebombing.Atthebasilica entrancearethreebronzedoors,themiddleonedatingfromthe11thcentury.Insidethebasilicaareamazingfrescoesandmosaics.TheChapelofRelicsholds reliquariesofseveralsaints.Downstairsisthecrypt,builtin1544andcarvedintothemountain.Thecryptisfilledwithstunningmosaics.MontecassinoAbbey MuseumBeforethemuseumentrance,therearemedievalcapitalsandremainsofcolumnsfromRomanvillasandamedievalcloisterwithremainsofa2nd centuryRomanwell.Insidethemuseumaremosaics,marble,goldandcoinsfromtheearlymedievalperiod.Thereare17thto18thcenturyfrescosketches,prints, anddrawingsrelatedtothemonastery.Literarydisplaysincludebookbindings,codices,books,andmanuscriptsfromthemonks'librarydatingfromthe6th centuryuntilpresenttime.Thereisacollectionofreligiousitemsfromthemonastery.NeartheendofthemuseumisacollectionofRomanfindsandfinally photographsfromtheWWIIdestruction.Note:InwinterthemuseumisonlyopenonSundaysandholidays.
  69. 69. RouteBook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 5 6
  70. 70. Route Book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POINTS OF INTEREST The Abbey of Montecassino The Polish War Cemitery founded by Saint Benedict in 529, making it one of Europe's oldest monasteries in the world. Destroyed during the WWII Contains the graves of more than one thousad Polish soldiers who died here in 1944 battle Monumento della Pace The Ruins of the Colosseum Monument for peace by Umberto Mastroianni Just below the Montecassino remains of the past Roman occupation of the town The Historiale War Museum CAMUSAC Museum of Contemporary Art
  71. 71. THE NETHERLANDS Canisius RK Scholengemeenschap Almelo/Tubbergen
  72. 72. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Route Tubbergen The Netherlands Overijssel Tubbergen – Albergen ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 21.34 km 1:25 uur Medium ROUTE START POINT FULLITENERAY  Bridge  Windmill  Herinckhave  Watermill  Interesting Tree: Kroezeboom  Chapel  Eeshof  Hondenven Albergen, Fraans Marie FINISH POINT Albergen, Fraans Marie MAP
  73. 73. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Taking food or water may be advisable if there is no drinking water available on the way, taking a raincoat or some extra clothes might be necessary if the weather is usually changeable… etc. CYCLE DESCRIPTION Start at bicycle node number 57 You pass bicycle node number 58 Bike on the Zuid Kanaaldijk in an easterly direction After 75 m go straight on the cycle path After 35 m go straight ahead on the Rikkenspoelsweg After 460 m (bicycle node number 81 ) straight onto the cycle path After 670 m (bicycle node number 81 ), turn left at the Putmansweg Bike on the Putmansweg northern direction (bicycle node number 81 ) After 510 meters turn left at the Fleringerveldweg After 1 km turn right onto the cycle path After 220 meters turn left you leave the cycle path en uses the normal road After 1 km (bicycle node number 44 ), turn right at the Oldenzaalseweg Bike on the Oldenzaalseweg southwards After 20 meters turn left at the Lansinksweg After 880 meters turn left at the Wieschertsweg You pass bicycle node number 39 After 1 km turn left on the Reutummerweg Bike on the Reutummerweg westwards (bicycle node number 39 ) You pass bicycle node number 31 After 1 km turn right at the Weleveldstraat Bike on the Weleveldstraat westwards After 30 m (bicycle node number 31 ) bear right at the Reutummerweg After 100 m straight on to the Bruno van Ommen Street After 390 meters turn left at the Uelserweg You pass bicycle node number 21 After 190 m turn right at the Hardenbergerweg After 240 m turn right onto Eeshoflaan After 90 m it is a home zone After 5 m right down the path Bike on the trail northward After 290 m turn left at the home zone After 5 m straight on the Eeshoflaan After 90 m ahead on the Huyerenseweg Follow Huyerenseweg, after 1km left (bicycle node number 20 ) Bike on the Huyerenseweg westward After 55 meters turn left at the Veldweg After 960 m turn right into the path After 1 km turn left on the Hunzeweg After 850 m straight on the Weversweg After 390 m (bicycle node number 22 ) straight to the streets After 760 m turn right at the Hagweg
  74. 74. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Bike on the Hagweg eastwards After 640 m back on the Peggenweg After 660 m turn right on Mountain Road Cream After 30 meters turn left at the Kemnaweg After 650 m on the cycle path Follow the bike path after 5 m (bicycle node number 23) left After 55 m turn right at the Zenderseweg After 40 meters turn left at the Hobergenstraat After 170 m turn left onto Philip Street on Robben After 95 m go straight to the Monastery Esweg After 5 m left the bicycle path After 75 m turn right into the street Bike on the street southbound After 100 m turn left onto the cycle path After 75 m turn right at the Monastery Esweg After 5 m on the Philip Street on Robben After 95 m turn right at the Hobergenstraat After 170 meters turn left at the Zenderseweg After 660 m diagonally left the cycle path You end up with bike node number 57
  75. 75. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE
  76. 76. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s Node 81: The Rikmansbrug at Fleringen is one of the four drawbridges over the canal opened in 1866 Almelo - Nordhorn, which now no longer used for shipping is. In 1822 an oil mill was built on the present site by the family von Bönninghausen (the former inhabitants of the Havezathe Herinckhave), it is build because the castle often had insufficient water. In 1844 it burned down. In the same place was in 1846 on an increase, due to windmills drag of surrounding trees, the current round stone ground sailor. The farmers had to drive on one side up the hill and on the other side down. The mill is furnished as corn and hulling mill and is also known under the names: Grobben Möl or Fleringermolen. The name comes from the Grobben Möl Grubbe family, who were formerly residents of Herinckhave. In 1916, the external assets of the Herinckhave were sold. The former tenant, T. H. Miller Frielink bought the mill. He has earned a living there until 1931. After his death, the mill was operated by his brother, Bernard and son John. In 1936 the mill was decommissioned. In 1937 the mill was owned by the wool manufacterer Ten Bos from Almelo, to save the mill from demolition. The already ruined mill was restored shortly after purchase. In 1955 he transorted the mill to Tubbergen. The mill then underwent immediate restoration; in 1975, again followed strong recovery.In september 2009 restoration; in 1975, again followed strong recovery. In September 2009 began a new
  77. 77. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body restoration this mill is now been able to grind again. In the 14th century Herinckhave mentioned for the first time as the Court Vlederinghe. From 1385 the estate came into the possession of the Grubbe family. It is then a fief of the bishop of Utrecht. Friedrich Christian von Bönninghausen and Johanna Maria Antonetta Grubbe builded a new house, the present Havezate. Herinckhave grew into a large estate. It consisted of heathland, woods, more than six hundred thirty-five acres of farmland and farmsteads. In 1959 the house was burned, and in 1970 the house was restored by the Overijssel Castles Foundation. The private estate is now occupied by the former pediatrician Charles Bijleveld and Lady Gisela von Bönninghausen. POI’s You will pass the Kroezeboom (right), which probably is between 400 to 500 years old. Kroezeboom means cross-tree, a tree that indicates a boundary or junction. In the 16th century there was a chapel and during the Reformation Eucharistic celebrations were held in secret. The present chapel dates from 1944.
  78. 78. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body The Eeshof Tubbergen is a manor. The old manor was destroyed in 1582. The present house was built around 1719. It was also called Eschede. The building was formerly surrounded by a moat, as will be seen in part. The downstairs area is partly 18th century. In 1844 the Eeshof Mr. Herman Schaepman born, known priest and politician. There is a statue of him just outside Tubbergen Aat the Almeloseweg. The house is currently a nursing home. Behind the existing façade is a newly built complex that was completed in 1965. Between Almelo and Tubbergen is situated the domain Schultenwolde and the Hondeven. The land is privately owned and is part of the heirs Ledeboer. This domain consists of some oak-beech forest and moorland. Hondenven is a geological monument: it is a pingo-ruin. A pingo-ruin is a remnant from the ice age. In that period, there was located a groundwaterbel. By freezing, the bubble expanded and formed a hill in the country: a pingo. As the climate became warmer, the ice hill thawed slowly and mud slid over the years to the edge. Eventually, a water-filled trough remained, surrounded by a wall of sand higher.
  79. 79. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Route Hof Espelo The Netherlands Overijssel Enschede ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 5,5 km 1:15 h Forest Medium ROUTE START POINT FULLITENERAY  Visitors centre  ‘Eschbeek’ (stream)  Farm  Forest playground Visitors centre, ‘Koetshuis’ Hof Espelo, Enschede FINISH POINT Visitors centre, ‘Koetshuis’ Hof Espelo, Enschede MAP
  80. 80. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Taking food or water may be advisable if there is no drinking water available on the way, taking a raincoat or some extra clothes might be necessary if the weather is usually changeable… etc. CYCLE DESCRIPTION
  81. 81. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE Thisroutewilltakeyouthroughfieldsandpastures,throughforestwith100yearsoldtreesandalongtheriverthe‘Eschbeek’. Thisroutehasoldalotoldhistory,oldfarmandevensomeremainsfromWorldWarll. Soyoucanfindalotofhistoryandculturehere. Therearealsoalotofactivitiesthroughouttheyearforchildren.Orworkshopsandexcursionswithfriendsandfamily.
  82. 82. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s This visitor centre is the beginning from the route of Hof Espelo. Here you can find expositions of plant and animals. Here is also an organic shop with local products and you can drink here a cup of coffee. Country house ‘Espelo’. Built in 1927 and is a monument. ‘Eschbeek’ stream
  83. 83. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Playground in forest ‘Klauterwoud’
  84. 84. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body
  85. 85. SCOTLAND Penicuik High School, Penicuik
  86. 86. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body OLD RAILWAY COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 9.5km 3h 50 Paved and gravel Medium ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  Bridges, wildlife , river , viaducts and old railway platforms Penicuik FINISH POINT Dalkeith MAP
  87. 87. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Take a bottle of water, a snack , good shoes and water proofs because it is Scotland. WALK DESCRIPTION The walk starts at valleyfeild pond , penicuik then passes the old mills , bowstring bridge and the firth viaduct. Then goes on through the counrty park . After Onwards to dalkeith.
  88. 88. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body 1 penicuik valley feild 2 bowstring bridge 3 Firth viaduct 4 lea farm 5 rosewell 6 Dalkeith - butterfly world
  89. 89. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 4 5 6 1 2 3
  90. 90. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Photos Heading back tho penicuik passing the grassland Near rosewell with tarmacked cycle paths Just before the bridge heading over the river esk
  91. 91. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Flotterstone walk COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 11.27 4h 20 Gravel and grass Hard ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  Loganlee reservoir , Glencourse reservoir and flotterstone information centre Flotterstone FINISH POINT Flotterstone MAP
  92. 92. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Take a bottle of water, a snack , good shoes and water proofs because it is Scotland. WALK DESCRIPTION This walk starts in Flotterstone near the pentlands at the flotterstone information centre . T he walk goes up the hill past the Glencourse reservoir and back down the hill past the loganlee reservoir and then returnes to the flotterstone information centre.
  93. 93. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 4 5 1 2 3
  94. 94. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Photos Glencourse reservoir Flotterstone information centre Loganlee reservoir
  95. 95. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body JOHN CLARK ESTATE COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 4.5 km 1h 30 Paved and gravel Medium ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  Pond , bridge , Penicuik house, river and waterfall Arrow 1 FINISH POINT Arrow 2 MAP
  96. 96. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Take a bottle of water, good shoes and waterproofs in case of big puddles or flooding along the river. WALK DESCRIPTION A quiet peaceful walk in close by woods beside the river esk. Walk goes past quiet ponds with lots of wildlife and ruined house which is being re-built. Lots of greenery with beautiful views . Arrow 1 Arrow 2
  97. 97. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 5 6
  98. 98. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s Trees on side of hill Penicuik house durning the summer Road with trees on side leading to penicuik house
  99. 99. SLOVENIA Osnovna šola Matije Valjavca Preddvor, Gorenjska
  100. 100. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Jezersko SLOVENIA GORENJSKA JEZERSKO ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 20 km 2 – 3 h asphalt road medium ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  mineral water spring  lake Jezersko  deželni kamen  vojni bunkarji  počivališča Preddvor FINISH POINT Jezersko MAP
  101. 101. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Taking water may be advisable.  Put on a helmet for your safety.  Take some extra clothes. WALK DESCRIPTION Start your cycling tour in the centre of Preddvor, in front of TIC. If you don't have your own bike you can hire it. In front of TIC turn right and take the main road. On the crossing after 800 metres turn left toward Jezersko and cycle along the Kokra valley. After 1,5 km you can stop at Bee Museum Kokl in Potoče. There you can see a beehouse and buy home honey products. Contiunue along the Kokra valley and admire its beauty. Pass the village Kokra, the longest village in Slovenia. There is 17 km from one point to the other. You can rest at a new rest-point, arranged for cyclists . At the end of the Kokra village there are two 1,5 m high provincial stones on the left side of the road, showing historical border between Carinthia and Carniola. Follow the main road and after a few kilometres there is a guest house "Kanonir" on the left side. If you are already tired you can have a rest there because the road goes uphill even more. Cycle toward Zgornje Jezersko and when you come to the village continue along the main road.Turn right to the lake (Planšarsko jezero). Have a rest there and enjoy a beautiful view to the nearest mountains. The name of the area (Jezersko) derives from a glacial lake near the settlement of Zgornje Jezersko that started to disappear after an
  102. 102. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body earthquake in 1348. "Lake" means "jezero" in Slovene language. Take the road on the left and after 750 m you will notice Šenk's homestead. It is the oldest in the valley, regarding the layout of the buildings. It was built after the big lake had disappeared and the engraved year of 1517 above the doorframe of the main building tells us of its age. Today there is a tourist farm. For the horse lovers guided horseback riding tours are available, as well as tour of 500 years old farm. There are a campsite for individual and group camping and space for picnics at the farm. Continue to Jenko's barraks. This building was built in the 15th century as a boarding house for merchants travelling to the north. There you can decide whether to cycle up to the Seeberg Saddle (Jezerski vrh), a high mountain pass connecting Jezersko with Bad Eisenkappel in the Austrian state of Carinthia. It is at 1218 m altitude. Otherwise turn left and take the main road. Take the second exit on the right to Ank´s farm. You can taste mineral water. You may continue on a gravel road all the way to the farm. From there follow the forest road, keep left at the crossroads and continue for a few minutes. There are two waterfalls, one after another dropping over the rocks in the forest above Ank´s homestead. The waterfalls’ total height is 7 metres. They are located at the altitude of 1240 metres. Enjoy.
  103. 103. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 5 6
  104. 104. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s KOKRA VALLEY The Kokra valley is one of the most picturesque alpine valleys. The road leads you through beautiful gorges and across many bridges. After heavy rain there are little watefalls all around. PROVINCIAL STONES LAKE PLANŠARSKO JEZERO The little heart-shaped lake was created by local inhabitants in memory of a larger glacial lake that has now drained away. In summer, it allows boating and in winter skating as well as the chance to enjoy tasty local food all year round. On the main road from Preddvor to Jezersko, stand two 1,5 metres high stones. These are provincial stones showing historical border between Carinthia and Carniola. Their position tells us that Jezersko was once part of Carinthia. Distances in kilometres to Kranj in Carniola and to Klagenfurt in Carinthia are engraved into the stones. Even though they do not represent borders anymore, the stones are still very important cultural monuments of Jezersko.
  105. 105. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body ŠENK'S HOMESTEAD Šenk’s homestead is considered the only homestead in the area where original buildings and architectural style have been preserved; typical rural settlement can be seen here. JENK'S BARRACKS This high and architecturally peculiar building was built in the 15th century as a boarding house for merchants travelling from Tržič to Eisenkappel and further on towards the river Drava when this was the easiest trespass to the north. It got its name later, maybe after Napoleon´s military stayed overnight in the barracks. Today the barracks is ethnographical museum exhibiting items and equipment that were used in everyday life on the farm. MINERAL WATER SPRING There is a mineral water spring above the Ankova farmhouse called "Jezerska slatina”. This water has the highest magnesium content of all mineral waters in Slovenia. Deep in a woods above the spring there are hidden waterfalls where you can leave the worries of everyday life far behind.
  106. 106. Root book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Preddvor - The Forest Educational Trail SLOVENIA GORENJSKA PREDDVOR ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 3 km 1 - 2 h asphalt road, unpaved road easy ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  Tourist office  Castle Hrib  Lake Črnava  Bistrica stream  Valley Draga Preddvor FINISH POINT Preddvor MAP SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Taking water may be advisable.  Walking shoes.
  107. 107. Root book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body WALK DESCRIPTION In the forest educational trail in Preddvor there are trees which used to form the park near the mansion Hrib. The trail starts in front of the tourist office in the centre of Preddvor and goes past Slančeva vila towards old stables, past castle Hrib, back to the hotel Bor, besides lake Črnava, near Bistrica stream, towards valley Draga, where it finishes. On the trail there are 28 different tree species marked with signs: Lawson's cypress, hornbeam, beech, Canadian hemlock, Lebanon cedar, European larch, green pine, American plane tree, cigar tree, Horse chestnut, avenue of American ash, giant sequoia, White cedar, Scots pine, Black pine, Little-leaf Linden, poplar, common walnut, Oregon pine, pedunculate oak, sycamore maple, black elder, black walnut, fir, Norway spruce, common ash, hop hornbeam. Most of the signed trees are foreign trees and were planted by former owners of the manor. With these trees they formed a park. They wanted to have a collection of unusual trees. Among them giant sequoias are the most interesting. They stand out with their height and looks. Lawson's cypress and White cedar are related with giant sequoia. The home of all three species is North America. Lebanon cedar and American plane tree are very beautiful. Canadian hemlock is special. These mentioned trees are between one hundred and a hundred and fifty years old. On the trail we can recognize some of the tree species. We can compare white and black hornbeam, spruce and fir, black and red pine. In the forest educational trail we can gain a lot of knowledge. Not only about trees, but also about nature, that changes a lot during seasons. A Legend There is a legend about the avenue of ash trees. Once upon a time there lived a gardener in the Hrib Castle. He fell in a love with a young lady from the castle and she loved him, too. They had secret meetings in the avenue. Only trees understood their love. They covered them with their branches so nobody could see them. Finally, they were allowed to get married. They lived happily for fifty years, until the lady died. Even today it is believed if the newly wedded walk through the castle on their wedding day, they will have fifty years of happiness and faithfulness.
  108. 108. Rootbook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 12 1 3 4 5
  109. 109. Root book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s Lawson's cypress Beech (on the left) Lawson's cypress (on the right) Black walnut Sycamore maple
  110. 110. Root book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Oregon pine Lebanon cedar Bistrica stream Avenue of American ash
  111. 111. Route book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Preddvor - SLOVENIA GORENJSKA PREDDVOR ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 1,8 km 30 - 60 min paved-gravel easy ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  Church,  Dvor castle,  Hrib castle,  Turn castle  Josipina Turnograjska shading Preddvor FINISH POINT Potoče MAP SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Walking shoes
  112. 112. Route book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body WALK DESCRIPTION Start your tour in the centre of Preddvor, in front of the church of St Peter. Behind the church there is an old Dvor castle. Take the main road, pass TIC centre and then turn right. At the bottom of the slope turn left and then walk through the forest to the Hrib castle. You can rest near the lake and admire nice view to the nearest mountains. There is a legend of the devil’s forest on the mountain Zaplata. A long time ago lived two farmers in a village at the foot of Zaplata mountain. There was a forest, divided with a border, on their farms. The farmers were always fighting whose the forest was. One day, one of farmers had enough of quarrelling and said: “Let the devil take it!” And at night the devil came, took the forest and carried it on his back to Zaplata. When he was in the middle of the slope, the church bell started to ring in the morning. The devil lost his power, dropped the forest and ran away. The forest stayed in the middle of Zaplata forever. Then walk through the alley of ashes behind caste Hrib, turn left and go the next castle – Turn castle. There you can visit the memorial room of Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska, the first Slovenian female writer, poet and composer. Continue your walk to the shading with eight limes planted in a circle above the castle. Josipina Turnograjska liked to sit there and admire the nature.
  113. 113. Routebook HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 5
  114. 114. Route book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s CHURCH DVOR CASTLE The castle was first mentioned in the year 1147 when it was called Novi Dvor. The image of the castle we see today dates from 17th century. Monks turned the castle into monastery where there was the first school in the town. After the Second World War in 1945 children from Bosnia and Croatia who lost their parents were placed at the castle. Later, there was a Juvenile Centre for the primary school children with behaviour and learning problems. Now the castle is empty and it is waiting for renovation. HRIB CASTLE Hrib castle was built in 16th century. It is located above the Kokra river, by the lake Črnava. Nowadays it doesn't look like the original, because many owners exchanged the castle and every one of them changed its look a little. In the year 1850 the castle was Fuschs manor. In the year 1924 the owner became Franc Dolenc, who reformed it into at tuberculosis hospital. But in the last few years it's mainly used for tourism. In the castle, there are also a marriage hall and a conference room. The parish church of Saint Peter stands in the centre of Preddvor, next to the Dvor Castle. The first mention of a church was in year 1156, but it got today’s look in 1751. It was reinforced during the Turkish invasions. The belfry (1505) was preserved from this era as well. The Church is baroquely decorated. There are two paintings: the painting of Saint Peter and Last Dinner from Janez Wolf (1825 – 1884). There is a shrine opposite the church with frescoes from painter Leopold Layer (1752 – 1828).
  115. 115. Route book Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body TURN CASTLE Turn castle was built in the 14th century The castle as we know it today was built in the 17th century by Adam Dienzel. His coat-of- arms was placed on the facade of the castle and is still there today. In 1793 the property was sold to Martin Urbančič who was the first Slovenian owner of the castle. His granddaughter Josipina Turnograjska was the first Slovenian female writer, poet and composer. Today it is used as a home for the elderly. JOSIPINA TURNOGRAJSKA SHADING On a viewpoint ascent right above the castle there is a shadding with 8 limes planted in a circle.
  116. 116. SPAIN Colegio San Ignacio, Oviedo
  117. 117. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Sendero Río Bordosa COUNTRY AREA LOCATION (DEPENDING ON THE SELECTED ITE ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SKILL LEVEL 16 K.M 4 hours, 16 minutes Medium ROUTE START POINT FULLITENERAY  Highlights:  The wonderful river  The weather of the autonomic comunity How to get there: Drive on the A-319 between Cazorla and El Tranco to the Torre del Vinagre´s visitor centre (Centor de Visitantes Torre del Vinagre), by the kilometre post 48. By this centre you find a narrow asphalt road signposted to "Picifactoria" and "Centor de Visitantes Río Borosa". Drive 1.5 km on this road to the Río Borosa information centre FINISH POINT You return to the start point MAP
  118. 118. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Some water, chocolate or something with sugar...  WALK DESCRIPTION Right from the gate of the centre starts a track (675 m) that leads to an aspalt road (1min) (680 m). Turn left and walk past the fish farm over a bridge and pass a fountain to the information panel on this walking route (3min) (675 m). By the panel starts a sand road closed to traffic. The Borosa river rushes on your right. On your left, water keeps trickling along the rock walls to the road lined by fountains. The creek ofGuardahornillos joins the Borosa from the right hand slope. Tall pines with black trunks grow half way horizontally on the opposite side of the river.
  119. 119. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body When this gently ascending road forks after crossing a bridge (23min) (725 m), go left following the sign for "Laguna de Valdeazores". You cross another bridge (30min) (740 m) and encounter a wooden pole with a white arrow pointing right to a path (38min) (750 m). Follow this charming path that goes over threebridges before entering a narrow passage (Cerrada de Elías) where the river brawls between sheer rock walls (52min) (775 m). Wooden railings protect you along this passage. The path takes you to a track (58min) (785 m). Turn right. The track crosses a bridge and continues uphill lined by magnificent rock walls towards the peaks of rising in front of you. You pass a fountain and a number of brooks running down from the slopes. The track ends after a bridge by a small group of buildings (1h35min) (915 m). On the right hand side of the house you see a wooden pole waymarking a path. After crossing a bridge (1h37min) (920 m) go straight ahead towards the cliffs with spraying water. You ascend along the path between green mountainsides with old oaks passing a waterfall to a tunnel (2h05min) (1220 m). A headlamp or a torch is helpful when you go through this more than 100 meters long tunnel. A couple of minutes after the exit of this tunnel, you meet another, much shorter tunnel (2h13min) (1220 m). Shortly after this one you reach thereservoir with a bridge over the dam wall (2h20min) (1230 m). Return on the same way back to the start point.
  120. 120. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 5 6 (Onamap,locateandillustratewithpicturesthemostimportant landmarksandpointsofinterestsinthearea)
  121. 121. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s SIMPLY THE SCENERY The awesome river Bordosa
  122. 122. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body “Ruta del Alba” COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 7 km. 2 h. and 30 minutes afoot Rocky soil, gravel and land Easy ROUTE START POINT FULLITENERAY  Soto de Agues  El Retortiriu  San Andrés  Viewing point  Fish Farm  The washer Soto de Agues FINISH POINT Cruz de los ríos MAP SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Taking food or water may be advisable if there is no drinking water available on the way, taking a raincoat or some extra clothes might be necessary if the weather is usually changeable… etc.  It is advisable to do the route afoot.
  123. 123. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body WALK DESCRIPTION This one is, no doubt, one of the most important routes more known and visited of Asturias. We begin our tour in “Soto de Agues”, that belongs to Sobrescobio's council. We will come for the road AS-17 towards Tarna's port, up to Rioseco where we will take a detour to the right that, without loss, will take us up to the wide parking that exists at the entry of "Soto de Agues" and to the beginning of the route. After going out of the villa we will find a peculiar washer, with a good fountain, where we will be able to fill our water bottle. The track continues always parallel to the river Alba. Passed a fish farm, we are gaining height softly between meadows and woodland. We continue walking, always for the cement track, without the danger of taking a wrong direction, just because the route is good specified.
  124. 124. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Then we arrive to Retorturiu's zone where there is a crossing. Here we continue in our margin of the river but we leave the concrete. Immediately we come to a great tightening of the valley, they are the Foces del LLaimo. In this place the river forms continuous waterfalls, whereas the way turns into path. We have to cross, in our tour, two bridges of stone of half a point, an authentic marvel of the popular architecture. The path continues his ascension simultaneously while the foces are closed on the river totally boxed in continuous jumps. For this wide path carved in the rock, we will come to the Cross of the Rivers, a beautiful place where the landscape is opened suddenly, being able to enjoy the leafy surrounding forests. Here also we will see the refuge of the Vega of the LLaimo and in his surrounding areas an area with tables and banks ... perfect to eat the bocata.
  125. 125. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body This is the end of our rute. It’s called the “Ruta de Agua” too.
  127. 127. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body IMPORTANT POINTS THE CASTLE OF VILLAMOREY OR TOREXÓN HERMITAGES AND BRIDGES THE NATURAL RESERVE OF REDES The Nature reserve of "Redes", on the other hand, is one of the spaces that accumulates more figures of protection: Nature reserve, Zones of Special Interest for the Birds (ZEPA), Place of Community Importance (LIC), Reservation of the Biosphere for the UNESCO. The Castle of Villamorey or Torrexón, in ruins, but in an enclave so privileged that wakes up the imagination of the onlooker who ends for reconstructing the epoch, the past life. Bridges and hermitages of popular style, both constructions in stone, raised concerning the XVIIth and XVIIIth century like San Roque's hermitage or that of the Holy Angel in Oviñana.
  128. 128. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body MONIELLO POOL´S COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 4,5 km 1 hour and half Land easy ROUTE START POINT FULLITENERAY  Playa del Corral  Punta del Castillo  El Pión  Atalaya  Punta de la Vaca de Luanco  Playa de Moniello  Pozas de Moniello Puerto deportivo FINISH POINT Moniello MAP
  129. 129. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  Take food or water  It is recommended to walk the route because there are stairs. WALK DESCRIPTION Starting at the stairs situated at the entrance to the marina, we started our walk in the direction of Mofosa The first part is the most difficult as the route ascends up to the Peroño Mountain. Once you get to the highest point, the path enters into scrub; in the distance we can see Moniello, from this point we start to descend in the shadow of eucalyptus trees.
  130. 130. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body The port at Moniello is a beach formed from sand and pebbles. A few metres ahead there is a recreation area where the hiker can rest.
  131. 131. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3
  132. 132. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s Punta de la vaca de Luanco It is a beautiful place in the path where we can watch the Moniello´s cove and Cabo Peñas´ environment. Moniello´s beach Is a beach formed from sand and pebbles. Some fishers use it for mooring their boats. Moniello´s natural pools They are formed in the pebbles and the people can swim in them.
  133. 133. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body The Path of the bear COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 21 km 5 hours by foot Concrete Easy ROUTE START POINT FULLITENERAY  Entrago.  Caranga de Abajo.  Proaza.  Cercado de los osos.  Área Recreativa Buyera. Entrago FINISH POINT Tuñón MAP  Villanueva.  Tuñón.
  134. 134. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  It is recomended to make by a foot or bicycle.  There are a lot of points to rent bicycles.  You can see bears close to the path WALK DESCRIPTION Our path start in Entrago. To go there you have to go to Teverga. Teverga is in the south of Asturias near to Lena. Once you are in teverga you have to go to for a road near the river Páramo.
  135. 135. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body You have to go along this road and you arrive to “Las Vegas”. Then you arrive to Avenida Prau Palacio and you have to go along untill the first exit to the left Then there is a signal “Senda del Oso” (the name of the our path). You go along the street and you have to turn on the right and you find the cross taht you an see in the picture.
  136. 136. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body Finally you have to go along until you see the parking of “The Bear Path” The path goes in an old minning train railway. And you can see two bears: Paca and Tola.
  137. 137. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3
  138. 138. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s PROAZA PEÑAS JUNTAS Proaza is a nice village and there is a hydraulic power plant There are two very big united stones. Between the rocks there is a small way and it is a nice landscape. CERCADO DE LOS OSOS It is the place where the bears: Paca y Tola live in. It is like their house where they eats and sleep.
  139. 139. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body SENDA PEATONAL LUANCO-MONIELLO COUNTRY AREA LOCATION ROUTE FILE DISTANCE TIME SURFAVE SKILL LEVEL 4,5 kilometres One hour and half Earth Medium ROUTE START POINT FULL ITENERAY  New port.  Mofosa.  Moniello´s beach.Luanco´s beach FINISH POINT Moniello MAP SUGGESTIONS AND OTHER INTERESTING DATA  I advise you that do the route walking. Do it cycling is so hard.  In the road there are a lot of benches and two recreations areas where you can eat.  You can wear a swimsuit because in the final there is a beach.  Recreation area of Moniello.  Moniello.  The Ponds.
  140. 140. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body WALK DESCRIPTION The route starts at Luanco´s beach. When you will arrive to the end of the beach, you could see the new port. There, there are stairs. You go up stairs and start the road. You will arrive to Mofosa. There, you will see a recreation area, where you can rest. And a park, where the children could play. The landscape there is really lovely. There is a hippic too. The people go there to see the horses races.
  141. 141. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body At any time you will have a nice view of the sea. You will see the Cape of Peñas if weather is good enough. One of the stages of our walk is through a forest. There are many trees and enjoying the views and the environment it will be a pleasure. When you are finishing the route, there is a beach of rocks. The beach is so beautiful. You can see swim there. In front of the beach there is a restaurant where you could have a snack or enjoy a good meal.
  142. 142. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body If you go upstairs, you will be at the recreation area of Moniello. It´s so big and there is a bar and a park. In the end of our walk, there are the famous Ponds of Moniello. The pools were made in the rocks when the tide went up and carved them. It´s so funny swimming there!
  143. 143. Libroderutas HealthyMindinaHealthyBody POINTSOFINTERESTONTHEROUTE 1 2 1 3 4 5
  144. 144. Libro de rutas Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body POI’s LUANCO´S BEACH NEW PORT Is the beach of Luanco. Before, the beach was very small but in 1995 brought artificial sand and now it´s bigger. HIPPIC MONIELLO´S BEACH PONDS OF MONIELLO The port of Luanco was renovated the last year. Now, there are 190 boats there. This hippic was renovated this year. Since 6 years that there aren´t competitions in Luanco. Really this is a cove because is very small and it´s a natural port. There isn´t many sand. There are the pools make in the rocks when the tide go up.