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Eslovakia segona part.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. BRATISLAVA Bratislava is capital city of Slovakia. It is the biggest city of Slovakia. Bratislava Castle was built in 907and it looks like a table. Bratislava is beautiful. .
  2. 2. RESTAURANT UFO This is the bridge SNP and on the top is a restaurant. In this restaurant we can eat delicious cakes. Under the bridge is the river Danube.
  3. 3. COMENIUS UNIVERSITY IN BRATISLAVA Comenius University is the biggest university of Slovakia. Comenius university in Bratislava was founded on 27. June 1919. It is very good. Lots of people study there.
  4. 4. SLAVÍN Bratislava is the capital city of the Slovakia. Bratislava has a lots of old streets and historical monuments. My favourite place in Bratislava is Slavin. This monument is for soldiers from Second World War.
  5. 5. SANDBERG This is the Sandberg, it is 76 m tall. Sandberg is very beautiful, is from sand and grass. But we can t go behind the fence. People like visiting Sandberg, it´s large and huge. Sandberg is located in Bratislava. Many years ago there was a sea so we can find there sharkteeth and another seeanimals.
  6. 6. TREE HOUSE IN BRATISLAVA Tree house in Kačinska valley is the first one in Bratislava and in Slovakia . You can rent this tree house and sleep there .
  7. 7. THE DOBŠINSKÁ ICE CAVE This cave of 1491 m is really long. It´s 112 m deep.This cave is beatiful. It is a colory cave. The highest thickness of ice is in the Great Hall with 26,5 m. Since 2000 it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage.
  8. 8. ČIČMANY This is village Čičmany. It is very beautiful. There are old houses which are painted with white colour. In this village there are 136 painted houses with the typical white geometrical ornamentatinion. This village is in the valley Rajecká dolina.
  9. 9. CASTLE BOJNICE This castle is very old and beautiful. It was built in 1113. People visit it every day. There are lots of legends about this castle. In the museum there are lots of historic pictures, articles and furniture.
  10. 10. ŠTRBSKÉ PLESO Štrbské pleso is very beautiful place. It is a place for relaxation and recreation. There is beautiful nature. It is the most famous and the most visited lake in the High Tatras. The lake is located at altitude 1346 m.
  11. 11. CASTLE ORAVA This castle from 13 century is in North of Slovakia. It´s very big and beautiful. It´s situated on a high rock. The castle was built in the Kingdom of Hungary in the thirteenth century. Many scenes of the 1922 film Nosferatu were filmed here. The castle is surrounded by the river Orava.
  12. 12. THE SPIS CASTLE This castle from 11 century is very big. It is beautiful. It is the largest castle in the Slovakia. It is very old. It was owned by the kings of Hungary. Several movies like Dragonheart or The Last Legion were filmed here.
  13. 13. CASTLE DEVIN Devín castle is one of the oldest castles in Slovakia. It´s big and nice. The stone castle was built in the 13th century.The river Morava flows under the castle. On the other side is Austria. Devin belongs together with our capital city Bratislava. The castle dates back to the Stone Age.
  14. 14. HIGH TATRAS The High Tatras have 29 peaks over 2,500 metres . The highest peak is Gerlachovský štít, at 2,655 metres (8,711 ft). The first national park was founded here 1948. Here live animal such as the eagle, bear, or marmot. The chamois is the symbol of Tatras.
  15. 15. VEĽKÁ FATRA – GREAT FATRA Great Fatra is a mountain range in the Western Carpathians in Slovakia. The highest mountain is Ostredok at 1,596 m. Nearly 90% of the area is covered by forests. One of the largest ski resorts in Slovakia - Skipark Ružomberok and Donovaly - lies beneath it. There are several other tourist and skiing resorts in the range.
  16. 16. CASTLE ČACHTICE Castle Čachtice was built in the first half of the century. To visit the castle you have to go to Nové Mesto nad Váhom. In the castle lived the famous Elizabeth Báthory.
  17. 17. CAVE OF DEAD BATS This cave is in the Low Tatras. It is 1750 meters above a sea level. There is very cold and visitors have to loan coats. There are about three degresees of Celsius. In the cave there lived bats before and perhaps still live.