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Using Social Media to Expand Your Network
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Using Social Media to Expand Your Network


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Presentation to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, BES April 2010

Presentation to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, BES April 2010

Published in: Business

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  • Continue with some facts.
  • You’ll hear me say this again and again.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Using Social Media to Expand Your Network Presented by Cheryl Bella
    • 2. Three Square Social Media
      • Keys to success
        • Post often
          • Post different kinds of content
          • Post lots of photos
      • Engage current supporters
        • Offline – volunteer groups, printed
        • materials, etc.
        • Online – all electronic communication
    • 3.  
    • 4. Three Square Social Media
      • Benefits
        • Active Fan base
        • Quick, inexpensive communication to
        • keep supporters up-to-date on Three
        • Square activities
        • Ability to mobilize supporters
        • Additional ROI for corporate sponsors
    • 5. Social Media – The Virtual Front Yard
      • Formal,
      • professional
      • Public platform
      • Weak personal
      • tie
      • Only
      • communicate
      • with online
    • 6. Offline Front Yard
      • Come to Chamber meetings occasionally
      • Member of other professional groups
      • Make an effort to meet people
      • Collect business cards; add to database
    • 7. The Backyard Where public conversations become more private
      • Facebook – Inbox
      • Twitter – Direct Message
      • LinkedIn – Reply Privately
    • 8. The Backyard Where public conversations become more private
      • Become active in your Chamber or professional group
        • Join boards, councils, committees
      • Host networking events
      • Connecting people to each other
    • 9.
      • “ Getting invited into the backyard
      • is kind of a big deal, and that should also be a goal if you
      • want to deepen engagement
      • with some of your ties.”
      • Debra Askanase
    • 10. The Kitchen Direct communication outside of social media
      • Direct emails
      • Telephone
      • conversations
      • In person
      • meetings
    • 11. Strength Progression of Social Media ties Connected on one social media platform Begin private conversations on social media May connect on other platforms to strengthen the relationship Conversations expand; move from social media to email Explore collaboration and opportunities Stronger interpersonal connectivity, business & friendships develop Communication moves to phone, in person Weak Tie ---------------- Stronger Tie --------------- Strongest Personal Tie
    • 12. Your Virtual Neighborhood Front Yard Backyard Kitchen Staying in Touch Getting to Know Your Neighbors
    • 13. Online Networking is Still Networking
      • It’s all about relationships – social media
      • builds relationships
      • You need to be “present” and in front of
      • your network
      • You need to invest time
      • Quality of contacts more important than
      • quantity
    • 14. Social Media -
      • Saves you time
      • Keep your network up-to-date on you and
      • you up-to-date on them
      • Makes it easier to stay connected
      • Can give reasons/excuses to get in touch
    • 15. Real Benefit of Social Media Provides a new way to engage and communicate with your network
    • 16. DISCUSSION