What Will Game become?
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What Will Game become?






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What Will Game become? Presentation Transcript

  • 1. What will video game become?
    Cara Bing Yu Yu
    (Screenshot,“The Free Culture Game” by Mollenindustria
  • 2. Early popular video game started with the arcade video games during the 1970s & 80s.
    Image by Bon™
  • 3. Games genre and technology has continued to develop.
    From this…
  • 4. Games genre and technology has continued to develop.
    From this…
  • 5. Games genre and technology has continued to develop.
    From this…
  • 6. Games genre and technology has continued to develop.
    From this…
  • 7. Games genre and technology has continued to develop.
    To this…
    From this…
  • 8. Video game developments continues to challenge our perception of choices…
  • 9. Image by libraryman
    So many game consoles…
    Which should I get?
  • 10. So many game genres…Which should I buy?
    Image by Clean Wal-Mart
  • 11. Even “where” to play your game now become a challenge~
    Image by laffy4k Image byRex Roof
  • 12. As the world-wide web went social, and games go mobile,social media is impacting the gaming societyas well as the gaming industry…
  • 13. The Latest Developed Game Console(from Nintendo)—3DS:
    Nintendo has to compete by developing new technologies
    “If we had unthinkingly repeated what we did during the Game Boy Advance era, I think [Nintendo’s] fate would have been sealed. However, we kept moving forward, and because we didn't stop, we were able to create this new large market … we will need to continue to take on new challenges. Nintendo's lifeline depends on whether we can offer something different from other systems and whether we can provide added-value through the integration of hardware and software. We would like to continue offering such experiences to consumers.”–Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, Q&A at 2011 E3 conference
    Image by pinboke
  • 14. But…Social Gaming is helping consumers to consume more games?
    “On the other hand, we found out that people who play paid social games have a higher Nintendo DS use rate. This was a significant difference. Isn’t this the opposite of your impression? Therefore, I think that the people who play paid social games are people who like games. And as a result, they have a higher overall use rate.”–Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, Q&A at 2011 E3 conference
    Image by house of bamboo
  • 15. The “old” prospect to video game future :mind-controlled gaming
    (Mind-Controlling game console 'Mattel's Mindflex')
  • 16. Already a new game genre is created from crowdsourcing,
    This Massively Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet plays the game much like tweeting, and players receive points based on number of affirmations to their ideas from their peers. Eventually form a ‘logical treeing of those [best] ideas’.
    Screenshot of MMOWGLI homepage http://mmowgli.nps.edu/
  • 17. Although the game has not yet started and is still considered an experiment, how will this mass-spread effect of social media affect the future of gaming?
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    Credited Images within the slides are sourced from flickr under the Creative Commons non-commercial license.
    Other Images are from above referenced articles.