Question Three


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Question Three

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback? It was necessary to gather lots of audience research before creating our product this would ensure we were creating something that would be popular within our chosen audience. The success of any media product is determined by its audience. We needed to gather audience research and to do this I used many methods that would appeal to not only to our chosen audience of the16-20 age group we were aiming our product at, but also a wider demographic to gain a better and more representative view of the video, digipak and advert to find out if they have been successful. We decided to take vox-pops from this age group to get a qualitative response, emailed around college for written feedback which would be quantitative, and posted our video on Facebook and Twitter through YouTube where anyone can access it. The feedback we gained was used to tweak our products in the final stages of the project. Although between the both of us we have many followers and friends on facebook and twitter we did not get any feedback through social networking sites we believe this is due to people feeling pressured and judged by other social networking users, this is evidenced as some emailed either me or Beth with their feedback on the video. Although we did not get feedback on the social networking sites we did get likes on the video and a lot of views on the YouTube video this could suggest that people enjoyed the video and shared it with their friends. Firstly we will talk about the feedback we got from peers who have emailed both me and Beth responding from either the email we sent round the college or from viewing the video on YouTube, twitter or Facebook. There was a lot of good feedback but also some criticism of the video, which of course we were expecting. We both agreed with the negative comments in some ways such as the comment ‘some of the shots where slightly shaky, if the shakiness was erased the video would of had a more professional finish’ we tried to address this situation in the editing stage by adding the old age effect it covered most of the shakiness which was caused by a broken tripod. Whilst on the topic of the effect, we added some comments stated that it was too much, and the video looked too busy with the marks on the video, on this occasion we have to disagree with these comments due to the fact we wanted this affect to complement our narrative of Olivia looking back on her relationship. We do however agree on the fact the video looks busy this again can’t be helped due to the effect, the amount of marks on the video can be lowered, we lowered it to its maximum. We did receive positives of the effect one comment read ‘Really loved the effect you added to the video, looking at your first cut without it compared to now made me realise how much of a significant change it made to me understanding the narrative. It also looks visually interesting’. This is what response we wanted; we wanted people to understand why we put the effect into the video. The comments regarding the lip sync were very pleasing we didn’t get any negative feedback through this method although we did on our vox-pops which we discus later. Another criticism we received was that we could have included more shots and locations, which looking back on the video we agree with. We would maybe include a shot of the male in the video, when Olivia was singing about him we could just fade his face into the background to give the audience more of an insight to the narrative. This feedback only touches on the music video. We wanted to get feedback on all areas of our products. To further explore what our audience thought of all our video we came up with the following questions which we presented to the target audience:  What did you think of the video overall?  Do you think the video is visually good; does it have a visual appeal?  If you were to come across this video on YouTube would you be happy with it e.g. the quality?  Could you follow/understand the narrative?  What did you think of the lip syncing?  What did you think of the location and costume?  What do you think of the editing of the video?
  2. 2.  If your opinion what is your favourite part of the video?  How do you think the actress performed?  What is your least favourite part of the video?  What would be your overall improvements of the video? The feedback which we gained only really touched on the video part of the projet; the following questions will touch on the digipak and magazine advert:  What do you think about the digipak and advert overall?  Do you think there is a good link together and with the video?  If you saw this is a shop or magazine would you be drawn or attracted?  What would be your favourite element in the advert and digipak?  Which do you believe is stronger out of the both?  Why? (above)  How would you improve the elements on both products?