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  1. 1. Evaluation – Question 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? Facebook Focus groupFrom conducting this project this year, ithas taught me the importance of knowingyou target audience and what theirthoughts and opinions are. Withoutknowing your target audience and whatthey like and dislike, it will be extremelyhard to guarantee the success of theproduct produced.In relation to our genre, our group werelucky that the main age range of aretarget audience were at are sixthform, therefore it was very easy to gainfeedback via questionnaire or through Questionnairethe use of web 2.0.As you can see our group carried outextensive audience feedback as we feltthat it was vital to take both positive, andconstructive feed back to improve andpush our media products to there fullpotential TwitterI am now going to go in to detail on howthey have helped us, and give examples
  3. 3. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? In result of the focus group, we incorporated a more theatrical performance during the performance section of the video, E.g. interacting with camera An example from our video of interacting with camera We were able to ask questions on a number of different topics such as location, costume and narrativeWe found this really helpful, as we Near the beginning of the process,could ask open questions to gain we conducted a focus group in ourin-depth response which we could sixth form with a couple ofthen incorporate into our media members of are target audienceproducts.
  4. 4. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? Here are some of the reasons why the most popular one was chosen Here we conducted a questionnaire after we created three mock-ups of are ancillary advert From the response of poster and album our target audience, we cover. decided to pursue poster 1 and CD Digi Our group valued the pack cover 1 opinions and responses of our target audience as at the end of the day, they would be the potential buyers of our media product
  5. 5. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? In the real industry many artist could upload videos on to social websites such as Facebook of their song as a demo and see what response they receive from their fans. This isFeedback from target very effective as it willaudience via web 2.0 – see what songs areFacebook. popular and liked, meaning that they could include that songEven though this feedback on there albumwas positive and verymotivating, it wasn‟t veryhelpful and constructive aswe would had liked. However, it gave us an indication that we had produced a successful Again, this is unhelpful product which was our feedback which we can groups main target. learn nothing from to help us improve our product.
  6. 6. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? Do you think that the costumes wore in the poster and CD album cover reflected the genre? Because we were not getting the constructed feedback we were looking for on sources such as Facebook and Twitter, we decided to go down the more traditional route of conducting questionnaires. From our questionnaire we conducted, we learned that the decisions made about costume were overall correct. This was one of our groups main concerns as we knew it We felt by conducting was vital to get the clothing questionnaires we could receive right to appeal to are target precise feedback on what we audience. wanted to hear to help us improve.
  7. 7. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? Here one member of our group We also decided to add more humour followed SUM 41 on to increase the entertainment value the twitter, which then we tweeted video, therefore we incorporated the our video on SUM 41 page and scene where Craig puts his middle asked people who also follow finger up. SUM 41 to give feedback to us on there thoughts of the rough copy of our music video. To our surprise, one person did tweet back, and with some constructive feedback in regards to our music video. In result to our feedback, we decided to add more special effects such as the slow motion scene at the end of our video.
  8. 8. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? Then with a month to go, we incorporated all the ideas together to then An example of the improve the standard of feedback we received is: our video The feedback we received were on the “ Between 2.54min and 3:15 topics of , tightening it gets slightly boring. Have the sequence of shots, you thought about having having more variety of some kind of interaction shot types between the two males which is funny ” “ That shot is held to In the stages of editing our long, try and use a couple of music video, our group decided different shots to reflect the to hold three „communication rhythm of the song” sessions‟ with member of our target audience to gain constructive feedback on copies of our music video Out of all of the feedback, we felt that verbal feedback was one of the most effective mediums
  9. 9. What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? An example of the feedback we received is: Example- Action“ Between 2.54min and 3:15 In result to ourit gets slightly boring. Have feedback, weyou thought about having incorporated thesome kind of interaction scene where Craigbetween the two males puts his middle fingerwhich is funny ” up at me“ That shot is held to In the performance oflong, try and use a couple of our video we madedifferent shots to reflect the quick edits byrhythm of the song” incorporating low angle, mid-shot and 1.19mi 1.20min 1.22min close up n“ Try not to make the In result of our feedbackending obvious, because our group decided tothen when people talk have the girl the twoabout your video it will boys are after be agive them a reason to lesbianwatch to the end”