Sound analysis: Space jam

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Presentation of space jam

Presentation of space jam

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  • Harry
  • Harry
  • Rory
  • Edd
  • Sport tune is upbeat and happy, this shows they are going to start winning or going to start doing well.Pulp Fiction music kicks in when two looney tunes character mock/ copy the look of Pulp Fiction.Tweety bird song makes her seem innocent and cute… but she isn’t when she starts to beat up the other team.Harry
  • Rory
  • Edd
  • Edd
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  • 1. Space JamBy Plunkett, Teddy Boy and Roar
  • 2. Video Clip
  • 3. Information on the movie/ clipDirected by Joe PytkaSpace Jam was released in the year 1996
  • 4. Diegetic SoundsWater splashing from the water bottle, gulping,cheering from the crowd, air horns from the crowd,motorbike, basketball net/ the basketball bouncing,TNT string burning, explosion, laughing, splashes ofthe paint, screaming.A big part of diegetic are taken from actual looneytunes cartoon such as the punches has a cartoonsound to it
  • 5. Non – Diegetic SoundsLooney tunes music track taken from the cartoonseriesSpace Jam theme tuneDick Dale and His Del Tones – Miserlou (Pulp Fictionmusic)Tweetybird song
  • 6. Ambient SoundsCheers during the game of basketball, screeching onthe floor as shoes scuff the court, Background music.This all creates the atmosphere of a real basketballmatch.
  • 7. Recorded...Most of the clips involved in this scene where takenoffthe TV show. Others were from a live recording ofa basketball game, this is to make it more realistic.Quite a lot of the time what you hear in movies isn’tactually that sound, for example rain is sometimessalt being poured onto tinfoil.
  • 8. Sounds in post productionA lot of sound work was added because it’s a mainlyanimated film.All the sounds were added after the animation wascompleted, this way it would be easier to find soundeffects.