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In-game advertising of Puma in Wipeout Pure


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In this presentation I show the differences between US and EU versions of the game, pointing out how overdose of in-game advertising can spoil the atmosphere of the game. The company advertising is Puma and the game in question is Wipeout Pure for PSP by Sony.

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In-game advertising of Puma in Wipeout Pure

  2. 2. As a result of a deal between and the downloadable bonus pack for PSP game Wipeout Pure is all Puma branded.
  3. 3. This is the case only with the European (EU) version of the Delta Pack. Other Packs (Gamma, Omega and Classic) are free of any real-life brand.
  4. 4. The United States (US) version of the Delta Pack is also ad-free. On the following slides you may observe the difference between US and EU versions.
  5. 5. US Version
  6. 6. EU Version
  7. 7. US Version
  8. 8. EU Version
  9. 9. US Version
  10. 10. EU Version
  11. 11. US Version
  12. 12. EU Version
  13. 13. US Version
  14. 14. EU Version (this decoration is optional)
  15. 15. The number of Puma logo appearances is quite large. On the next slides a couple of them will be presented.
  16. 26. As you can see, the abundance of Puma logos becomes quite annoying and disturbing. Taking into account how fast these logos fly by, it almost qualifies as subliminal messaging.
  17. 27. In my opinion this spoils the futuristic ambiance of the imaginary game world. Personally, I prefer the original version of the circuits (US version).
  18. 28. THE END Prepared by Bartlomiej Nagorski.