Google+ hangouts


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Explanation of the business use of Google+ Hangouts for video conferencing at the January 27th meeting of the Bay Area Consultants Network (BACN). Presented by Sallie Goetsch.

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Google+ hangouts

  2. 2. Hang What? Why?
  3. 3. Join Google+
  4. 4. Click “Start a hangout”
  5. 5. Install the Google Voice/Video Plugin
  6. 6. Test Your Webcam & Microphone
  7. 7. Invite ParticipantsChoose individuals, circles, or make the hangout publ
  8. 8. Talk Face to Face…And use chatfor a backchannel.
  9. 9. Share Your Screen
  10. 10. Watch YouTube Videos
  11. 11. Should You Use Hangouts for Business?Advantages Disadvantages• It’s free! • You have to have a• It’s pretty easy to use Google+ account (barrier• You can have private or to non-geeks) public meetings • Video limited to 10 people• Works from a smartphone (more can participate (Google+ app for Android through chat) and iPhone) • No built-in recording• Google keeps adding • Screen-sharing a bit features shaky • No whiteboard
  12. 12. More Info on Hangouts• Google’s Video:• About Hangouts (Google Support Page):• Social Media Examiner Tutorial:• Hangout recorded with Camtasia:• Mobile Hangout: