Museum Computer Network - Getting the hang of Google+ Hangouts on Air


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This workshop is designed for museum technologists interested in using Google Hangouts as a free tool for producing, delivering and archiving sophisticated museum webcasts. Topics will cover best practices from setup and promotion through analytics as well as creative approaches to engaging large and small audiences. This slide deck was produced to accompany the Museum Computer Network's 1st MCN Pro session of 2014 held through Google+ Hangout on Air. You can watch the hangout here: #MCNPro

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  • Step 2 – Set up a Google+ PageI’m not going to go into detail here, it is pretty simple to set up by following the steps. If you need help, Google has a great resource here: or you can just google it to get started… A word of caution, you want to be sure to fill out as much information on your Google+ Business page as possible as this directly effects SEO
  • There’s a cool site called ‘Hype my hangout’ that allows you to record a short video to, er…. Hype your hangout. The website allows you to film a short, 15 second video that you can add to your event page, it was developed in coordination with Google. Play around with it and see if you like it.
  • Option three is a hangout with a live studio audience. This is where you have only one onscreen participant feed but have multiple people watching the hangout live. This is a great opportunity for live interaction between people in the studio and your onscreen participants. Here’s Here’s an example of holding a hangout with a live studio audience that we did during our Friday night Live event last may. The theme of that particular Friday Night Live was super heroes of nature and we were hanging out with a curatorial team onsite in Borneo.
  • By default, all Hangouts On Air run an application called Cameraman. With Cameraman, you will see a video recorder icon when you mouse over someone's thumbnail in the filmstrip. As the Hangouts On Air host, toggling this icon allows you to show or hide each person in your broadcasts. When a person is hidden, his or her audio and video will not appear in the broadcast. Other people in the Hangout On Air will still see the hidden person within the Hangout, but the person's thumbnail will be greyed out on the filmstrip. When you click the Cameraman button from the apps menu, you'll have the option to choose whether new people who join will be "visible" or "hidden" by default. You'll also have the option to hide the film strip and only broadcast and record the main video feed.If you click on one of the viewers in the filmstrip on the bottom right a blue boarder will appear, this means that the main window is now locked on that participant. If you click on the same viewer again is will release and return to voice recognition. A word of caution with using cameraman. PAY ATTENTION! nothing worse that having a person talking and the main screen is looked on someone else. If the conversation is lively, let it be!
  • Museum Computer Network - Getting the hang of Google+ Hangouts on Air

    1. 1. Getting the hang of Google+ Hangouts on Air for Museum applications February 18, 2014 Scott Sayre & Ryan Dodge #MCNPro
    2. 2. • • • • • • • • Welcome – Eric Longo, MCN Introductions and Agenda – Scott Sayre, MCN Board Case Studies from the Field – Special Guests Setting up & Managing a Hangout – Ryan Dodge, ROM Time for Questions Technical Tips, Hardware, Features & Analytics Connected Classrooms & Google Helpouts Q & A, Discussion Outline
    3. 3. Live ‘Studio’ Audience
    5. 5. Tips and Tricks • Promote your Hangout early and often • Treat it like a event/media production – it is! • Be in regular contact with your onscreen participants leading up to the hangout, test connections, have an agenda • Use Cameraman and Control Room apps, mute mics, control video • Prepare slides/visuals before hand • YouTube videos & audio not encouraged for now • Designate someone to monitor & engage viewers via social media • Anchor your Hangout to a larger program/event/narrative • Hangout with colleagues at other institutions/organizations! • Keep the conversation going after the hangout • There are no rules, make it your own!
    6. 6. m/document/d/1LwwX QScVyqm0hq5AK9wiT WfFISKf14YIeAs1QfGlAY/edit Tips for Producing & Hosting a Google+ Hangout on Air
    7. 7. Resources • Set up a Google+ Page: • Verify your YouTube Channel: • Learn more about Hangouts: • Getting Started with Hangouts on Air • • Hangouts on Air features & apps • • Troubleshoot Hangouts on Air • • YouTube analytics Help: • Connected Classrooms / Virtual Field Trips: • Google Helpouts:
    8. 8. • For more on MCN Pro: • Join MCN: • MCN Member? Join a Special Interest Group (SIG): • Email your feedback! • MCN Pro Survey: • • • • • • • You can reach MCN on Twitter: @MuseumCN You can reach Scott on Twitter: @zbartrout You can reach Ryan on Twitter: @wrdodger You can reach Stephanie on Twitter: @17reasons You can reach Mike on Twitter: @murawski27 You can reach Kris on Twitter: @MuseumEd You can reach the NASA Social team on Twitter: @NASASocial Thank You!