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First-hand observations about Google Hangouts.

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  • Screenshots from Bernie Goldbach’s laptop as he presents Hangouts on Air. The original presentation featured in a workshop during Social Media Day in Cork, Ireland.
  • Bernie Goldbach’s first-hand experience with Hangouts on Air has empowered the Technology, Science and Media department at the Limerick Institute of Technology with a new teaching and learning metaphor. Hangouts work easier than Camtasia recording sessions.
  • We have a physical limitation with classroom seating at the moment. Hangouts on Air remove a constraint, enabling high definition video from a lecturer’s laptop.
  • Sometimes we put this webcam on a tripod. It has a ballast weight that keeps it stable on an open laptop screen. It also zooms down to within two inches of text on paper or objects on tables.
  • This condenser mic has an on/off switch that makes easy work of controlling local noise. It’s built to capture audio where you point it and I know that it can pull audio in from five metres away. We attach it to a boom pole when working with groups between 10-50 people.
  • These Klipsch S4i earbuds block out all noise and deliver reference audio results. Consequently, we can quickly determine which participant’s Hangout screen is producing unwelcome artifacts and we can mute that participant.
  • You have to have a session running order in mind.
  • The Hangout button is the top right function in Google Plus.
  • If you’re going to have problems running a Hangout over a mobile phone or a proxy, you’ll probably experience the problem at this screen.
  • I try to co-ordinate at least the window of time that I want to connect by Hangout. I often send a short agenda to participants by direct message.
  • There are limitations when trying to connect mobile devices to Hangouts.
  • You can fiddle with your settings before the Hangout goes live.
  • People often show little awareness for lighting.
  • Hangouts work nicely on iOS.
  • I have toggled the camera to the rear position and shared my local environment. This has created interesting conversations.
  • I can talk to Irish landlines while in a Hangout for two cents a minute.
  • New Hangout apps have started appearing once a week.
  • I use each of these apps often. On my campus network, Cacoo is laggy.
  • The site  HangoutGraphics  lets you create your own custom “lower third” for the screen.
  • Software like WebcamMax lets you add your lower third to your webcam stream where it’s picked up by the Google video and voice chat plugin, the one used by Google+ Hangouts.
  • Both sides of the connection need to be on a laptop because mobile devices cannot load this app.
  • A lot of the artists in our third level curriculum are discoverable.
  • Damien Hirst is has three pieces among the 30000 works of Google Art.
  • Google+ Hangout provides live video and audio. Symphonical provides real-time walls that lets you get things done together.
  • The  Panoramio Hangout  Game lets you compete with your friends to find out where a photo was taken while traveling around the world with Google Maps.
  • I’m trying to use images I’ve shared with Panoramio.
  • I plan to talk over YouTube clips while inside a Hangout.
  • The clips you use can be bundled and shared as a playlist.
  • It’s very handy adding a voice dimension to live edits inside Google Docs.
  • Cacoo works best for me when it’s a walk-through, not a major edit of a template while inside a Hangout.
  • If you know the keyboard commands, you can easily create a Mindmap during a live Hangout.
  • Google Hangouts have encouraged me to make more Slideshare decks.
  • You can talk through a slide deck in full screen with a private audience while using Google Hangouts.
  • If you create and record Hangouts, you really should listen and watch your work. That way, you will notice background noise and latency that might have passed you by in the real session.
  • I have a saved search for “hangouts” on G+ and it’s very helpful. The T9 link to “captions” is the saved search for “hangout captions”.
  • Both TWiG and MOC have hands-on experience with G+ and Hangouts.
  • Joe Garde has been using services like Google Hangouts since 2008. I’ve learned a lot from him and recommend his technical expertise. Jane Boyd has faciliated live Hangouts for international audiences. She is an excellent host. Smartphones make mobile Hangouts a doddle.
  • This presentation is shared via Creative Commons at Slideshare.net: http://www.slideshare.net/topgold/early-hangouts. The blog post: http://www.insideview.ie/irisheyes/2012/07/early-hangouts.html See my curated G+ links at http://pinboard.in/u:topgold/t:googleplus
  • The Google shortener takes you into a cluster of pages on http://www.insideview.ie dealing with Hangouts.
  • Early Hangouts

    1. 1. Hangouts on Air It’s early days.
    2. 2. Hangouts On AirTaking blended educationwith @topgold from LIT.ie to a new level.
    3. 3. Conclusions Up FrontO Hangouts leverage laptops already carried by third level students.O Logitech’s C910 HD webcam makes Hangouts very presentable.O Hangouts on Air reach syndication faster than working with Camtasia.O Guest appearances are limited only by hesitations about using Google Plus.
    4. 4. The Video Power Tool Logitech C910 HD webcam
    5. 5. The Audio Power Tool Beyerdynamic MCE 86 SEii Shotgun Mic
    6. 6. The EarbudsKlipsch in-earbuds block ambient noise.
    7. 7. The Running OrderO Have a plan for the conversation.O Respect attention spans.O Keep things tight.
    8. 8. Starting the Hangout
    9. 9. Launching Hangout Wireline Hangouts work best.
    10. 10. Select Name and Type
    11. 11. Mobiles Can’t DoO Mobile clients cannot run Hangouts on Air.O You cannot add an app to a mobile hangout.O On poor 3G, some mobiles should just listen.O Sound quality reveals connection quality.
    12. 12. Set up your gear first.
    13. 13. About your Set-upO Know how to toggle off your own sound.O Consider a dedicated webcam for better optics.O Put light in front of you, not behind you.
    14. 14. Invited on an iTouch
    15. 15. Ready to Hang Out
    16. 16. Audio-Only is Fine.Google Voice lets you dial a participant.
    17. 17. Why Not Add an App? You can put names below faces that way.
    18. 18. My Fav Hangout AppsO Bottom Third.O YouTube.O Google Docs.O Cacoo.O Slideshare.
    19. 19. Lower Third App Puts taglines under images.
    20. 20. Lower Third Settings You can add a logo, an overlay and words.
    21. 21. Story Before BedRead to the kids wherever you’ve landed.
    22. 22. Google ArtLicensed use of well-known artists.
    23. 23. Google Art with Hirst
    24. 24. Symphonical GTD
    25. 25. Panoramio Photo Game
    26. 26. Panoramio Results
    27. 27. YouTube Playlists Hangout
    28. 28. Shared Playlists Hangout
    29. 29. Shared View of Drive
    30. 30. Cacoo for Hangouts
    31. 31. Mindmapping in Hangouts
    32. 32. Slideshare in Hangouts
    33. 33. Full Screen Slideshares
    34. 34. Eat your own dog food.
    35. 35. Recommended ReadingO https://plus.google.com/s/hangoutsO  http://t9.ie/captions
    36. 36. Recommended Listening O This Week in Google O Marketing Over Coffee Podcast
    37. 37. With Thanks toO @joegarde and @boydjane for helpful tips.O Affordable Smartphones.O Free wifi.
    38. 38. Happy Hangouts! Bernie Goldbach edits http://www.insideview.ie Tweets @topgold http://gplus.to/topgoldhttp://www.slideshare.net/topgold/early-hangouts
    39. 39. Thoughts?http://goo.gl/7yyR2