Using Google Hangout


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How to start and operate a Google Hangout as well as incorporate Google docs for collaborative work

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Using Google Hangout

  1. 1. Into to Google Hangouts This tutorial is meant to be used simultaneously with Google+
  2. 2. What is Google Hangout? It is a multilayered social network used to video chat, share media, collaborate on files, and chat via typing. Who can use it? Anyone is free to use Google Hangouts, all you need is a valid Google+ account.
  3. 3. Objectives of the Tutorial • Gain a working knowledge base of Google hangouts. • Be able to create and invite others to a Google hangout. • Use applications inside of Google Hangout. • Have the skills necessary to create a collaborated document via Google Hangout.
  4. 4. To Start a hangout simply select the Hangouts on the air from the drop down menu on the left of the screen. Then select the blue “Start a Hangout on Air” button. This will redirect you to the hangout’s own window.
  5. 5. This toolbar located at the top of the hangout window allows you to add people by entering their email, name, or telephone number. It also controls your microphone, web camera, video quality, settings, and ending the call capabilities.
  6. 6. Media Uses This side bar displays all the media options available to the people inside the hangout. • Chat allows you to type in a group forum to those inside the hangout • Screen Share substitutes your webcam presence with a live stream of what you see on the screen of your computer • Capture Photo lets you take a photo of everyone inside the hangout. • Google Docs lets you simultaneously work on documents shared with the whole hangout. • Google Effects allows you to add fun effects to your webcam presence • Youtube allows you to share videos and watch together inside of the hangout  Chat  Screen Share  Capture Photo  Google Documents  Google Effects  Youtube  Other Applications made be searched for and added as deemed necessary.
  7. 7. Using Google Docs Select Icon Drag and Drop files to be worked on. Select upload when you’ve properly deposited the file you want to collaborate on.
  8. 8. Once a document is uploaded it can then be worked on by all members of the hangout just as they would a normal Google Doc file. Members can communicate through the chat function while editing to keep collaboration easy.
  9. 9. Summary • Google Hangout is accessible to anyone with a Google+ account • Google Hangouts are used for multimedia social networking • Google Docs are incorporated into the Hangout for easy collaborations.