GooodJob Survey Results - Mobile Recruiting 2013


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GooodJob Survey Results - Mobile Recruiting 2013

  1. 1. Mobile Recruiting 2013 – Survey ResultsMobile Optimization for Recruiting and theFuture of Mobile Employee Referrals
  2. 2. Mobile recruiting is a hot topic in HR circles. And while the primary focus hasbeen geared towards job-seekers, it’s time to expand it to include anothercrucial aspect of the recruitment process - employee referral programs.Referral programs are an excellent source of hire – yet many companiesface the daunting challenge of effectively driving workforce participation, asonly 10-20% of employees are actively involved.
  3. 3. We asked 150 small,medium and largeenterprises about theirmobile recruiting strategies.
  4. 4. Mobile in the workplace:• In over 75% of companies the majority of employees own smartphones• Over 40% of organizations have implemented a mobile recruiting strategy• More than half use a mobile-optimized websiteReferral programs:• Over 70% of companies had low rates of hires via referrals (up to 30%)• Not surprisingly, over 2/3 are not happy with these numbersCommon strategy changes for 2013:• Revise employer branding approach• Increase social presence• Improve the candidate experienceMost companies are unsatisfied with their referral programs – yet with the majority ofemployees using smartphones, the solution is clear:Mobile Employee Referrals!
  5. 5. Optimizing your employee referral program for personal devices is agreat way to enhance engagement.
  6. 6. Making referrals is a social activity, and where are employees the mostsocial? Not in the office - but rather when they are out and about with theirfriends, or connecting on social media.Mobile referrals are the perfect upgrade for your existing referral program:• Facilitate easy social exchanges between employees and potentialcandidates, enhancing the candidate experience.• Enable direct communication between your workforce andrecruitment team.• Raise employer brand awareness and social presence.
  7. 7. With GooodJob, optimize your referral program for mobile devices andincrease referrals to top talent by engaging your entire team.Our groundbreaking employee referrals solution enables employees torefer and share your open jobs with their social networks directly fromtheir smartphones. Built with our award-winning referral technology, itstands to revolutionize the way organizations approach their referralprograms in this new age of mobile technology.Learn more at’re in Goood Company: