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Apps for Universities, Colleges and Schools


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If education is a business (novel one at that) here is why the mobile presence needs a personality.

Instappy is the simple-to-use and built-for-success platform which develops your app idea into a mobile reality. Instappy is for businesses and individuals alike; our goal is to turn your audience's smartphones and tablets into windows of opportunity for you. You can retain your customers, engage with prospects, increase your revenue, and sell on mobile using your very own branded mobile application.

Instappy is loaded with features that, until now, were almost always exclusively available only with full-scale development effort.

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Apps for Universities, Colleges and Schools

  1. 1. If education is a business (novel one at that) here is why the mobile presence needs a personality
  2. 2. Is what the mobile app for your business should be instant. affordable. stunning. Intuitive. native
  3. 3. More People Access Digital Content Via Phones Than On PC In India people spend almost 162 minutes on mobile screen as compared to 96 minutes on TV or 95 minutes on laptop or PC. 30% Of 5.2 billion mobile phone users were using smart phones in 2013. Number of smartphone users have increased to 1.76 Billion by 2014 year end.
  4. 4.  People carry their smart phones everywhere and all the time, so they are connected with the world always.  To reach the Mobile consumer you need to be present on their smart phones Mobiles Are Personal
  5. 5. It is estimated that by 2015, about 9 billion apps will be downloaded in India, more than 5 times the number of apps downloaded in 2012 (1.56 billion) at a CAGR of 75%. Also revenues from paid apps are estimated to exceed 15 billion in 2015, up from 9 billion in 2014. We expect this growth to be driven by the increased app usage on smartphones. According to industry estimates, India is ranked 3rd in the number of apps downloads globally. We expect that this trend will continue into 2015, and a bulk of the app downloads will be driven by the urban youth. Mobile Apps Are Necessary For Your Marketing Strategy Source: InMobi: The state of mobile app downloads – Q3, 2014. More than half of the app users in India are between 18 and 24 years and a further 29% between 25 and 35. 45% of these users reside in the top 4 metros.* *Source: The rise of India as an App superpower., March 28, 2013. In terms of app usage, a study reveals that Indians on an average spend 3hrs & 18mins On their smartphones and one- third of this time is spent using apps.* *Source: Performance shapes smartphone behaviour. Ericsson Consumer Insights, July, 2014.
  6. 6. Businesses Ready For Tomorrow Are Going Mobile Today Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it's convenient for you. “ “ −Cyndie Shaffstall, Spider Trainers Consumer spend almost 162 minutes on the mobile screen as compared to 96 minutes on TV & 95 minutes on laptop/PC. Number of smartphone users have increased to 1.76 billion by 2014 year end. Mobile web usage continues to rise rapidly from 14% to 25% of total web usage in 2013- 2014. 80% of the internet users own a smartphone
  7. 7. Google Is Indexing Apps, Impacting Search Results Google search has been giving you leads popping your business up in search for ages now. It’s making it easier now by answering customer queries, fetching content from apps. Yes! Google search results will also include app listings from Google Play wherever relevant and will also allow search Within apps initially. Google is bringing the search world closer by getting together apps and web enabling users to get the right information at the right time . You can search for a movie, book show or place and learn about it by using Google search in one of your favourite apps. Get the right app for all your needs. For example if you want to learn to play guitar, you can search on Google for apps that offer tutorials on learning how to play a guitar.
  8. 8. Marketers Agree On The Mobile Advantage • The convenience of always being within arm’s reach means that it’s often the first channel consumers choose on which to engage with a brand, with many viewing it as one of the most important elements aiding the purchase decision. • Most companies are moving in the right direction as the development of mobile strategy as a key channel and its role in supporting the entire customer journey. 51% 47% 51% 52% 49% 40% 44% 42% 29% 27% 27% 28% 22% 24% 20% 26% 14% 18% 8% 8% Measuring user engagement & ROI Personalization Optimization (i.e. A/B testing) Mobile messaging (SMS, Push Notification, responsive email) Cross channel tracking/ visitor stitching (identifying same user across desktop/ app as single user) QR Codes Mobile solution to assist sales staff (field enablement) Location technology (GPS, beacons, geo-fencing) In-store display mobile apps/ POS mobile apps NFC (Near Field Communication) Source: Econsultancy, April 2015
  9. 9. 7 Reasons Why You Must Capitalize With A Mobile App For Your Business Now A seamless consumer experience Google and Apple’s app store with least speed requirements. This ensure that user will get an instant and smooth experience from applications that will boost engagement and positively affect your business. If your business does not have a mobile optimized website, apps are the best way to reach your customers. It is an extension of your brand It showcases everything about your business, product and services. It is more like an union of mini billboard, PR, advertising and a salesman into one that your customer can access on his smartphone 24X7. Increase brand awareness and recognition A mobile app is like a blank billboard sign that you can use to promote your brand. You can make it stylish, formal, functional, shocking or informative to establish a connect with your customers. An app also increases exposure and engagement around your brand by nearly 10 times. Be unique, unlike your competitors Since a lot of small and mid-size business houses still do not have mobile apps for their businesses, it will be a great opportunity for your business to head start the trend and be ahead of the competition.
  10. 10. Pace up engagement around your brand Studies reveal that more than 83% smartphone users begin their day by checking their phone and using an app. This opens the door to engage your consumers in real-time, using location and complete profile information. Social sharing functions further create a direct link between fans and their own networks opening up a wide spectrum of referral marketing for your brand, creating consumer loyalty via sincere connections. Your very own digital space You can club all the various online platforms at a single place and give it to your customers as an app. This can be your Website, Blog, Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Podcast or some other digital platform. Your customer can use the app to interact with you. This in turn increases the possibility of customer engagement manifold. 7 Reasons Why You Must Capitalize With A Mobile App For Your Business Now
  11. 11. Most Importantly Make it Personal Instant and excellent customer support Customer is the king of any business, and a mobile app can help you understand the route your business is taking. Customers who frequently use a mobile app are also actively involved in the process of feedback, positive or negative, it can help you devise policies to strengthen your business. The app also enables your customers to get in touch with you all the time with their queries. These queries can be answered in a shorter turn-around time, making your customer feel even more special and cared for.
  12. 12. Apps for Universities, Colleges and Schools An app will change the way the world views you
  13. 13. A Mobile App Will Increase Revenue From Your Customers Gaining instant brand recognition in any industry is difficult especially when you are running on tight marketing budget. Mobile marketing comes handy in such a situation. As a businessman , you can maximize your operating expenses by investing in strategies that will help you motivate your existing customers to dine with you more often. Sharing information about your store with your customers on a regular basis keeps you and your great deals on the top of mind for your customers. An app helps new customers find you, appreciate you, your products and shopping with you faster as compared to a place which is NOT on their phone. Better Brand Recognition
  14. 14. Getting new customers is easier than retaining them, particularly if they bore easily, forget easily or go to the place they have heard of recently instead of coming back But an effective mobile marketing strategy can bolster your business by improving customer retention in a short span. According to the Godwin Group report, customers are 5 times more likely to respond to a mobile ad than print campaign. Creating clear, concise and effective messages can thus help you promote your brand effectively. That summer sale, Happy hours, new collection can now be a push notification. Offers and deals as well as special promotions can keep bringing your customers back for more Enhanced Customer Retention A Mobile App Will Increase Revenue From Your Customers
  15. 15. Since 80% users carry a mobile phone wherever they go, you can reach your customers and prospective customers quickly, easily and FREE. News sources report that 18% consumers notice mobile ads by brands that have quality, interactive messaging. So that rich media banner and mouth watering virtual pastry landing on the mobile screen will definitely be a big draw. A constant review and update of your mobile marketing strategy will not just help you improve your outreach plans but will also keep you ahead of your competitors. Faster way to connect with your Consumer A Mobile App Will Increase Revenue From Your Customers
  16. 16. Instant, Affordable, Stunning, Intuitive Apps for Universities, Schools and Colleges
  17. 17. How are you reaching your customers currently? - Whats App, SMS and calls to existing users. But each message costs and its just text. It does not give the full detail about that exclusive thing at you institution. - Social Media: for alumni, recruiters and prospective users but facebook has become expenxive and there is no ROI without media spends. - Leaflets and newspaper inserts: cost cost cost and food pictures on pink paper is not excatly the best. - Aggregators- these are great but more clutter and your existing customers have many options here Website, Social Media WhatsApp, SMS Aggregators
  18. 18. Your App packs features that are built for your success. • Intuitive, beautiful, instant and affordable to make as well as maintain. • Built Rich media display so that you can share interesting stuff about your institution ! • Unlimited screens. • Ads notifications and promotions. Unlimited and free. You can woo your customers on mobile in one simple promo. • Native apps are best every one knows that, consumers do too, eats less data and is available off line too. • CMS panel for unlimited updates, pictures, deals, combos. Every thing that will keep customers coming back for more • Social custom API’s so that your facebook, twitter, instagram and other digital properties can be present on your app • Scheduler integrated. So that you don’t have to wake up at 6 in the morning to announce your breakfast deals • Utility tools built in so you can let your customers make a reservation, place an order, or book a table at the press of a button. • Superior data interaction, full hosting and automatic back ups. • Available across all form factors so create an app at one go for Android, IOS, Ipads and tablets • Google Indexed – YES! So you pop up in mobile search Ask for a list of all the features
  19. 19. Your App - This is how the first screen of your native Institute’s native app would look like. - This will be a functional app with content rich content to enable search ability. - This is a very customizable layout for your app. This can be update as per the needs Side drawer with list of options to explore Top banner with image scroll view. Share the details of upcoming events (It can be a video as well) Tell all about your courses. Opportunities and placements, just everything.
  20. 20. Consumer Journey This is what you can have in your side drawer. So your side drawers can be a menu, which has possible everything that your consumer is looking for. Takes the consumer back to main screen Highlight the USPs of your institute A detailed list of courses your students can choose from. Share everything one needs to know about the institute Let the Dean do the talking. List of all upcoming events You can have these interesting things on an app as well Let them call you directly from App. Share map of your campus with in the app. All facilities of your institute at their finger tips
  21. 21. Consumer Journey Tab view which lets you share more information in an organised form This button lets your user share this one on his Social media timeline.
  22. 22. Non-intrusive ads. Consumer Journey - Courses is definitely what your audience is looking for! - Define categories of courses with pictures. - These categories will lead to sub categories. - So, Instappy gives you option of multi-layered UI.
  23. 23. Consumer Journey All the details for admission List of bookmarked things
  24. 24. Consumer Journey - Talk more about your facilities under different head. - Let your students have access to your canteen menu
  25. 25. Consumer Journey Address of your institute along with location on Google maps
  26. 26. Publishing Apps Cost | Quality | Ease of building • Native Apps with Slick and Adaptive UI Design Create native mobile applications that do not require any coding knowledge. Your audience will get a seamless brand experience through our slick and adaptive UI design, optimum for all devices that run Android or iOS. • Utilities, Tools, and Social API's Included Through rich media widgets and a host of API’s, you can make your app function the way you want it to. Through live social media updates, you can also integrate all of your social networks directly with your app. • Built-in CMS for Unlimited Updates Our built-in CMS will allow you to instantly update your content without any delay. Add rich media images, videos, text, and all the content that you want your audience to explore. • Smart Analytics – Live Stats Reporting Take advantage of real-time analytics and take smarter, data-oriented decisions. • Run Business Promotions and Offers for your Audience Send out a push notification instantly to notify your audience of any special promos or exclusive offers you might be running. • Secure Cloud Hosting With Instappy, you get secure cloud hosting and reliable backup utility so that your valuable data is in safe hands. • Unlimited Customization You can customize everything from the layout of the app, to colours, icons, splash screens, and everything else you want to. • On-device Trial: With Instappy, you get free on-device trial for a period of 30 days for as many apps as you want to create. Test out the app on multiple devices and create the perfect experience through your mobile app. Value to Customers A world class feature packed native applications on Android and iOS for a fraction of the cost it would take to develop an app otherwise
  27. 27. Complete Features- Content Publishing Apps Design  Slick adaptive native UI design  Intuitive design  Custom navigation bar  Customized rich media icon  Customized rich media splash screen  Unlimited screens API’s and Utilities  3rd party API’s  Rich media social API’s  Social API’s  Rich brilliant photo gallery  HD video gallery  Google Maps  Calendar + event calendar  Add and organize events  Social network integration  Customized widgets Support and Testing  Unlimited designs  Save your app designs (unlimited for 30 days)  App testing  App store optimization  Trial on device  Test on own device  Tech support  Marketing support  Publishing support  Screen shot generator  Content scheduler  Indexing and Optimization Devices and OS  Native to Android  Native to iOS  Works on all devices that support iOS and Android Data, Security & Analytics  Secure hosting  Data back-up  Smart analytics – live stats reporting  Traffic stats  Social stats  Technical stats  Third party stats  Fully supported data integration  Low data-usage and offline availability  Upto 5GB of cloud storage