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Are You Mobile-Ready?


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Are you mobile-ready for finding and engaging healthcare talent? Here are five questions that will help you to find out.

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Are You Mobile-Ready?

  1. 1. Are You Mobile-Ready? Being mobile-ready gives you a clear competitive advantage in finding, attracting and pulling in healthcare talent. But, are you mobile-ready? Here are a few simple questions to help you think about whether you’re ready to Advertising | Marketing | Digital | Employer Brand | Talent Technology | ©2014 | Page 1 Up to 85% of job seekers think all companies, even small ones, should have mobile friendly sites. (Careerbuilder 2013) GO MOBILE >>
  2. 2. Advertising | Marketing | Digital | Employer Brand | Talent Technology | ©2014 | Page 2 Are You Mobile-Ready? The David Group is a leader in healthcare recruitment advertising, marketing and communications. We work with clients to help them find, attract, engage and keep talent. Our services include advertising, marketing, digital, employer brand and talent technology. We know what works. 86% of job seekers said they would use mobile technology if it simplified the process of applying for a job. (Simply Hired 2013) of job seekers wantto receive 72% job alertson their mobile devices(Careerbuilder 2013) 1. Is your career site mobile-enabled? (Do your jobs fit into a mobile screen? Are they easy to see and read?} 2. Do you “push” your jobs via a mobile app? (Are you sending job alerts to your talent pool?) 3. Is it easy for candidates to search for jobs via your mobile platform or app? (Can they search by location, job role/title or other criteria?) 4. Can candidates see videos on your mobile site? (Can they be viewed without buffering?) 5. Do you have a mobile employee referral program? (Are you integrating mobile communications into your traditional ERP?) YES NO If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may not be mobile-ready. The good news is that we can help you. Contact your account manager or Liz Wright, senior account director, at