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  • And by giving everyone direct access to the great thinkers who lead our business …
  • Kbb bma kansas city 04-2013_small

    1. 1. Kathy Button BellAgents of Change in a Social WorldTHE SMART DIFFERENCE
    2. 2. Emerson Global Presence 2012PERCENT OF SALESBY GEOGRAPHYPERCENT OF SALESBY SEGMENTMiddle East& AfricaLatinAmericaEurope22%Asia23%United States& Canada45%Commercial &Residential SolutionsClimateTechnologies16%IndustrialAutomation21%NetworkPower27%ProcessManagement28%AT A GLANCE● Foundedin 1890● Headquarteredin St. Louis,Missouri, USA● $24.2 billionin sales (2011)● Approximately133,000employeesworldwide5%5% 8%
    3. 3. Emerson is a Leader in its CoreGlobal Businesses and Markets● Compressors● Controls● Alternators● Fluid Control● UltrasonicWelding● Food WasteDisposers● Plumbing Tools● Wet/DryVacuums● Mobile Point-of-Care Carts● Control Valves● MeasurementDevices● WirelessDevices● AC & DC PowerSystems● OEM EmbeddedPower● Precision CoolingSystems● Access & Control(KVM)● Power Switching& Controls$7.0B $5.3B$6.8B $4.0B $1.8B
    4. 4. Defining theEmerson Brand
    5. 5. $14.3 Billion in revenues with over 60 businesses1999 Emerson
    6. 6. “Hardware Store” CommunicationsApproach Hurting Technology Reputation
    7. 7. Emerson Brand DNA● #1 MarketPosition(s)● Longevity● Reliability● Excellence● Management● Bottom-line● Rigid● Bureaucratic● Insular● Risk averse● Follower● Slow● Growth● Responsive● Customer-focused● InitiativeLeader/Innovator● ConnectedLEVERAGE TRANSFORM INSTILL
    8. 8. Brand Drives Collaboration forCross-Sell, Solutions & EfficiencyEMERSON BUSINESS PLATFORMS
    9. 9. Defining the Branding RolesSell theEmerson BrandSell ourindustry expertiseand solutionsSell individualproductsAll threeelementsmust worktogetherin order toachievemarketingobjectivesEMERSONBUSINESSPLATFORMBUSINESS
    10. 10. Marquee Accounts Leverage Brand andProduct Depth Across Emerson BusinessesWe Need to Continue Growing and Leveraging Marquee Accounts –Target is 25% of SalesSALES GROWTH2004 2009 2014F% of Emerson$6.8B$3.0B$4.6B8.3% CAGR22%MARQUEE ACCOUNTS COMPOSITIONNetwork Power AccountsProcess Management AccountsClimate Technologies AccountsAppliance & ToolsAccountsIndustrial AutomationAccounts
    11. 11. Increased Integration Will Foster More Solution Sales,Requested by Customers in Key IndustriesBase: Customers (N=1,902)Q910.To what extent do each of these attributes describe Emerson?Q3000. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following?Customer Sentiment Network Power Climate Tech. Process Mgmt. Indust. Auto.(N=388) (N=508) (N=399) (N=386)Consistently feels like an integrated company 39% 37% 45% 30%Is a company that is easy to understand 38 33 45 24Majority of customers expressed strong interest in a solution-based relationship51% of customers agreed it would be better for them if Emerson actedmore like one integrated company than it currently doesTop 2 Box % (Rated 6/7 on 7-point scale – describes very well)Customer Need Network Power Climate Tech. Process Mgmt. Indust. Auto.(N=388) (N=508) (N=399) (N=386)These days, I am interested in hearing more aboutsolutions in addition to just individual products 79% 79% 79% 72%I find the suppliers I work with in the area of[business platform] tend to focus too much onequipment and products and not enough on ideas60 65 63 60Top 2 Box % Agree (Strongly/Somewhat)
    12. 12. Marketing Tackles R&DThen Advertising
    13. 13. Emerson’s path to Remarkable is customer-centric.Customers believe in Emerson.Customers are begging us to deliver.UNKNOWNCREDIBLEDIFFERENTIATEDREMARKABLE• Be authentic• Listen to ourcustomers• Collaborate inside• Design for purposeand drive solutions• Make it easy todo businessWhat doesREMARKABLElook like?
    15. 15. Emerson Launches New Innovation ModelDriving Organic GrowthNew-to-the-BUSINESSNew-to-the-WORLDMINORRevisionsMAJORRevisions
    16. 16. Current Portfolio Under-Leverages Emerson’s DepthUnder-Plays Solutions Capability & Interoperability
    17. 17. One Connected Family Celebrates Human CenteredDesign & Demonstrates High Technology
    18. 18. Emerson Climate TechnologiesProduct Design: Before and AfterDesign language reflects Emerson’s improving high tech image
    19. 19. Emerson Campaign Highlights Our New-To-The-Business and New-To-The-World Approach● New “It’s Never Been Done Before”campaign focuses on unique andinnovative solutions that Emersondelivers to customers● Differentiate Emerson byshowcasing the results of ourwork across businesses, platformsand industries to create new-to-the-business and new-to-the-world solutions● Emerson showing the optimisticface of global business –how we are helping our customersinnovate their way out of thefinancial downturn● Our new campaign dramaticallyreinforces that Emerson is uniquein the way we look, sound and feel
    20. 20. Emerson Has Established DistinctiveAdvertising Look, Feel & MessagingWhen the Stakes Are High – Consider It SolvedConsistent Branding Across the Enterprise Gives Emerson a MuchLarger, More Powerful Face
    21. 21. Emerson Platform Advertising CreatesLarger Integrated Face
    22. 22. Marketing Takes On SalesEnablement
    23. 23. Our Traditional Sales ApproachLots of “show and tell” focusingon our products and what they do
    24. 24. Global Economic Downturn DrivesNeed for Aggressive Solutions ApproachTHENProduct MarketingRIGHT NOWSolution MarketingMessage Orientation Inside-Out Outside-InPositioningObjectiveOwn Position in Category Own Specific Customer ProblemMessage Complexity Single Threaded Multi-ThreadedDifferentiation Model Two Dimensional Multi-DimensionalKnowledge Flow Primarily Top Down More Collaboration With SalesSales EnablementObjectiveProduct Knowledge Situational FluencyFoundationKnowledgeFeature-Benefit Lists Problem-Solution MapSource: Keith Eades and Robert Kear
    25. 25. 1. Lead with question2. Lead with hypotheses3. LEAD with insightMarketing can help salespeople become businessconsultants by increasing Situational Fluency.Marketing and Sales Must Closely CollaborateSources: Keith Eades and Robert Kear, Sales Executive Council3 Generations of Solutions Selling1. Don’t lead with information about thesupplier2. Don’t just lead with our unique sellingprinciple3. DO tell a story about their businessthat leads to our differentiatorsCommercial TeachingMARKETINGDefinePainSolutionVisionSolutionValueSALESAccess toPowerControlBuying process
    26. 26. “EmotionalImpact”Psychologicalfeatures of theproblem, orpresence inthe individual’sworkflow,humanizingthe problem.LevelofCustomerExcitementPositiveNegativeNeutralCommercial teachingfollowsboot camp theory ofshockingthe customer with theunknown……breaking downthe problembehindthe unknown……then buildingback thecustomer’sconfidencein a new solution.“Warmer”Buildingcredibilityby readingtheir mind –demonstratesempathy.“Reframe”First, reframeanunrecognizedproblem, need,or assumption.“RationalDrowning”Gradualintensificationof theproblem, bothin degree andclosenessto thecustomer.“ValuePropositionA NewWay”A newframeworkforaddressingthe problem– implicitlytied to thesuppliervalueproposition.“OurSolution andImplementationMap”Map of supplierservices orsolutions linkedback to keyteaching points;highlightedpath toimplementation.Intrigued Drowning Involved RelievedCustomer StateCore Concept:Leading the Customer To Our SolutionsSource: Marketing Leadership Council
    27. 27. Marketing’s Marriage to IT
    28. 28. Marketing and IT Must Collaborate onStrategy to Meet Business DemandsPersonalizedSimpleImmediatePredictiveAlways AvailableEmerson Marketing and IT StrategyCustomer ExpectationsCollaborationMobilityBig DataCloudTechnology TrendsBusiness InitiativesSolutionSellingSuperiorCustomer CarePerfectExecutionEnrichedBusiness Models
    30. 30. Social media impacts B2B decision makersworldwide The number of B2B decisionmakers who maintain a socialnetwork profile has increasedsignificantly 60% of B2B decision makersuse social media to help informprofessional decisions Decision makers are activelyparticipating in a variety ofways– Reviewing products & services– Posting in forumsSource: eMarketer 2012
    31. 31. Guiding Principles of the Digital DialogueLet’s Join the Greater ConversationTrustAuthenticEngagementInteractiveCultivationRelevanceDynamicObjectiveContentFastIntuitiveIntegratedEasilyAccessibleResponsiveExperienceTwo Way Sharing – Authentic – TransparentGLOBAL CONVERSATION
    32. 32. Leverage Emerson’s Remarkable Expertiseand People to Create Full Digital ExperiencePAID OWNED EARNEDLike, Share,Comment, TweetOptimization ofad campaignImplement social strategy –Aggregate content showcasinginnovation storiesCreate voice for Emersonand reputation of strongthought leadershipSource:Digitas
    33. 33. Social Shares75% of visits12% of visits12% of visits79% New Visitors21% Returning VisitorsTotalVisits22,700UniqueVisitors17,900Total Page Views 89,0004 pages viewedper visitAverage time with contentis 3:33 minutes (USA)3:28 Globalwww.GatewaytoEmerson.com
    34. 34. TotalVisits16,300UniqueVisitors9,100Total Page Views 58,800pages viewedper visitwww.TheExtraMileWithCharlie.com56% New Visitors44% Returning Visitors4Average time on SiteIs 4:02 in minutes (USA)and 4:31 GlobalSocial Shares52% of visits40% of visits7% of visits
    35. 35. Emerson has Posted Over 575 EmersonVideos with over 1.5 Million Views
    36. 36. Nearly 75% of All Emerson Mentions Occurred on TwitterEmerson_News Followers Grew by 100% YTDMedia types delineatedTotal Emerson MentionsTotal Emerson Mentions 557,394FisherValves 361Bill_Morrison 343EmrsnNPTelecom 265ASCO_Process 261Jack Pouchet 248Steve_Hassell 179RIDGID_Europe 175ChristopAmstutz 161Emerson_DScottBarbour 152Twitter FollowersRIDGIDtoday 4232EmersonEmPower 3821Emerson_News 3557JimCahill 3067EmersonClimate 2917EmersonProcessManagement 2013EmrsnNPDataCntr 1548EmersonEmbComputing 1518CopelandScroll 1508ClosestMaid 1309DeltaV 1291EmersonExchange 945Rosemount Anlytical 824RAIhome 757ASCOValve 586CT_Emerson 445Emerson_Charlie 400InSinkErator 385MicroMotion 384Emerson_MX 381Overall 2012 Mentions = tweet, blog/forum post, article86,181Blogs405,218Twitter29,587Forums36,408News
    37. 37. Emerson’s Guidelines for “Social Behavior”1. BE TRANSPARENTIdentify who you are and what youdo at Emerson in your posts.2. BE RESPONSIVECheck for postings frequently and tryto respond to comments or questionswithin 24 hours.3. BE ENGAGINGDialogue is the key. Listen and engagein two-way conversations. And knowwhen to take a conversation offline.4. BE MINDFULNever reveal confidential or sensitiveinformation. When in doubt, ask first.Never guess, speculate or offer opinions in areas if you are unsurewhether you are right. If you do offer an opinion, make sure it is knownthat you are only stating your personal opinion.5. BE ACCURATECheck your facts, properly credit yourinformation sources and follow copyrightand “fair use” laws.6. BE RESPECTFULDo not post anything you wouldn’t wantyour manager to read.7. BE WEB SAVVYBe thoughtful about what you publish.Even if you delete it, your post canlive online forever.8. BE AN EXPERTOffer your knowledge to others!
    38. 38. …There is Direct Legal RiskEmployment LawSecurities LawConfidentialityData ManagementIntellectual PropertyInternational TradeIdea SubmissionService of ProcessDiscoveryConsumer ProtectionCommercial TortsPrivacy/Data SecurityThird-Party IPDefamationThird-party termsAgency
    39. 39. Marketing’s Integrationwith HR
    40. 40. Emerson Facebook Page Has Grown To Over10,000 Likes This YearFacebook LikesRidgid Europe 23,870Ridgid Tools 14,155Emerson 8,418Emerson Network Power 3,744Emerson Process Management -Product/Services3,630ClosetMaid 2,402Emerson ProcessManagement Organization1,171Emerson Network Power –Power Supplies1,170Emerson Climate Technologies 1,369Emerson Process Experts 925Copeland Scroll 876Micro Motion 695Emerson Network Power -Embedded Computing518InSinkErator 450Emerson Industrial Automation 330White Rodgers 323Emerson Process ManagementIndia Ltd179Emerson ProcessManagement Mexico172Fisher Instrument andValve Services103“Corporate social media will facilitate collaboration andknowledge in very decentralized environments.” – KORN FERRY
    41. 41. Emerson has over 95,000+ Followers on LinkedIn -Branding Important to LeverageProcess Management ran a five month “Recruiting Pilot” whichadded 10,000 followers, including 4,000 engineers
    42. 42. New Emerson Careers WebsiteHighlights The Smart Difference
    43. 43. Real Employees Share Their RichExperience at Emerson
    44. 44. Showcase Our Young, Smart Talent inthe Annual Report – Online Annual ReportPROCESS
    45. 45. Leveraging Our “Third Wave” of Young ExecutivesSharing Their Views Through Gateway
    46. 46. Marketing’s New World
    47. 47. The Changing Face of B-to-B MarketingBrandingArchitectureNPD /Voice ofCustomerAdvertising &CommunicationsSalesEnablementITMarriageHRIntegrationLegal InterruptionMarketing DrivesTotal CustomerExperience
    48. 48. Customer ExperienceDigital Engagement ComponentsCUSTOMEREXPERIENCECUSTOMERSOLUTIONSSERVICEDELIVERY• Single Face to Customer• Cross-BusinessCollaboration• Product LifecycleManagement• One Order / One Invoice• Customer Support / CRM• Demand Management• Supply Chain Planning• Supplier Collaboration• eKanban• Transportation Mgmt.• Supply Chain MetricsDIGITALENGAGEMENT• Social Engagement• Digital Marketing• Mobile Applications• Product Configurators• Online Ordering• Service ManagementKeep Our CustomerPromisesBecome Faster & EasierTo Do Business WithProvide IntegratedSolutions Offerings
    49. 49. CMO’s as Integrators / Change AgentsNeed new skills / partnersMore technologyMaster branded content• Build relevant content• Need more “writers with insight”• Need more “deep researchers”• Need more short content• Need more rich media (especially video andinteractive tools)
    50. 50. Instead ofPRODUCTSource: Harvard Business Review, January-February 2013RETHINKING THE 4 P’Sby Richard Ettenson, Eduardo Conrado, and Jonathan KnowlesInstead ofPLACEInstead ofPRICEInstead ofPROMOTIONFocus onSOLUTIONDefine offeringsby the needs they meet,not by their features,functions, ortechnological superiority.Focus onACCESSDevelop an integratedcross-channel presencethat considers customers’entire purchase journeyinstead of emphasizingindividual purchaselocations and channels.Focus onVALUEArticulate the benefitsrelative to price, ratherthan stressing how pricerelates to productioncosts, profit margins, orcompetitors’ prices.Focus onEDUCATIONProvide informationrelevant to customers’specific needs at eachpoint in the purchasecycle, rather than relyingon advertising, PR, andpersonal selling thatcovers the waterfront.
    51. 51. The “Challenger” in Sales isNow the “Agile Learner” in MarketingSix Characteristics• Unafraid to challenge status quo• Remain calm in the face of difficulty• Take time to reflect on their experiences• Purposefully put themselves in challenging situations• Open to learning• Resist temptation to become defensive in face of adversityFive Key ElementsSelf-AwarenessMentalAgilityPeopleAgilityChangeAgilityResultsAgilityLearning about Learning AgilityColumbia University’s Teacher’s College