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SEO WordCamp Richmond
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SEO WordCamp Richmond


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SEO Presentation for WordCamp RVA. 5.9.09

SEO Presentation for WordCamp RVA. 5.9.09

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • Happy place
    Zone out or bomb

  • buzzword
    + ROI
  • IS
    IS NOT
  • Can’t just set it and forget it
  • Not all technical
    Technical problems and solutions exist
    Most tactics are content related
  • No hidden secrets or black art
    Knowing what/who to believe
    Experience, Trial and Error
  • Investment in Time, Resources, People.
    Build into processes and business roles.
  • Not stand-alone
    Combined with other marketing initiatives.
    Meant to influence SE’s but don’t lose focus on actual customers
    PPC, Traditional, PR, Online, etc.
  • Mindset / philosophy.
    Should be integrated into processes (copy, design, development, PR)
    Somebody needs to own it
  • Searchers accomplish something (goal)
    Keywords are “stated intent”
    SEO funnels that intent to your content

  • If you remember nothing else!
    Three main pillars of SEO
  • If you remember nothing else!
    Three main pillars of SEO
  • If you remember nothing else!
    Three main pillars of SEO
  • Address Accessibility, Relevance, Credibility
  • Address Accessibility, Relevance, Credibility
  • Address Accessibility, Relevance, Credibility

  • Can crawlers access, read, understand site content?
    If they can’t see it, they can’t read it.
  • Googlebot
    The first major obstacle to SEO

  • Table of contents for your site
    Enables crawler discovery
    Doesn’t help with ranking directly
  • Most themes only change CSS, which doesn’t affect accessibility
    Watch out for themes that are overly complex

  • related to the keywords being searched
  • Don’t overdo it!
    Write for humans, not search engines.
    Keyword Research Tools: Google Adwords, Keyword Discovery
  • Permalinks not ideal, don’t use keywords
    <title> puts blog name first, need to reverse order
    Doesn&#x2019;t allow for custom Descrip and Keywords tags on each page/post
  • Help focus your content on the targeted keywordsPlugins can help
    Watch for shady links

  • Trustworthy
    Links are votes
  • WP usability is good, follows conventions.
    Poor UX hurts chances of repeat visits, links, interaction
  • Too many to mention
    Based on your audience & objectives
    FB, Twitter, Digg, Stumble, AddThis

  • Would you link to your own site?

  • Transcript

    • 1. Search Engine Optimization WordCamp RVA May 9, 2009
    • 2. Hi.
    • 3. Andrew Miller
    • 4. SEO Consultant
    • 5. Your Search
    • 6. Housekeeping #wcrva on Twitter @AndrewCMiller All slides, notes, and links available after the presentation at
    • 7. SEO
    • 8. Search Engine Optimization
    • 9. Define SEO
    • 10. What SEO Is Not... One-Time Project
    • 11. What SEO Is Not... Rocket Science
    • 12. What SEO Is Not... Voodoo
    • 13. What SEO Is Not... Free Traffic
    • 14. What is SEO? Subset of Marketing Internet Internet Marketing SEO Marketing
    • 15. What is SEO? Ongoing Process
    • 16. What is SEO? Capture Intent
    • 17. What is SEO?
    • 18. What is SEO? Accessibility
    • 19. What is SEO? Accessibility Relevance
    • 20. What is SEO? Accessibility Relevance Credibility
    • 21. What About WordPress?
    • 22. What About WordPress? Out of the Box
    • 23. What About WordPress? Out of the Box Plugins
    • 24. What About WordPress? Out of the Box Plugins Themes
    • 25. WordPress SEO Bingo Accessibility Relevance Credibility Out of the Box Plugins Themes
    • 26. Accessibility
    • 27. Accessibility: Out of the Box HTML + CSS implementation is ideal All content is search engine friendly
    • 28. Accessibility: Plugins HTML Sitemap XML Sitemap Generator
    • 29. Accessibility: Themes Default navigation elements are very search friendly Avoid AJAX, JavaScript, or Flash primary navigation
    • 30. Is Your Site Accessible? Google Webmaster Tools Yahoo! Site Explorer
    • 31. Relevance
    • 32. Keywords Content Page Titles, URLs, Meta Data Alt tags, Header tags: <h1>, etc Link Anchor Text Keyword Research
    • 33. Relevance: Out of the Box Permalinks /%postname%/ Page <title> Custom Meta Data
    • 34. Relevance: Plugins Title Tags (SEO Title Tag) Meta Data (Headspace2) All in One SEO Plugin
    • 35. Relevance: Themes Some themes provide built- in SEO features Thesis (
    • 36. Credibility
    • 37. Credibility: Out of the Box RSS Feeds for Syndication Pinging services Usability
    • 38. Credibility: Plugins Sharing & Voting Widgets Social Media Plugins & Integrations Tweet This Post to FB, Digg, etc.
    • 39. Credibility: Themes Design communicates credibility, authority Consider User Experience (UX) and Usability Off the shelf vs. custom branding
    • 40. Bonus: Analytics Google Analytics Feedburner
    • 41. Thanks for coming.
    • 42. Questions? Andrew Miller @AndrewCMiller