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How To Measure Success With Data


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A presentation to TechHatch's 2013 class in Richmond, VA. We discussed methodologies to measure their websites and apps with audience segmentation, conversion rate optimization, and A/B testing tools.

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How To Measure Success With Data

  1. 1. How to measure success with data Andrew Miller Your Search Advisor @AndrewCMiller
  2. 2. What are analytics? • Who visits your site? • When are they active? • How did they get there? • What are they doing? • Where do they go? • Why are they leaving?
  3. 3. Analytics overload Don’t worry. It’s normal.
  4. 4. Look beyond visits • Measurement (Outcomes) • Reporting (Insights) • Optimization (Take Action) • Opinions don’t matter (remove HiPPO*, kill group-think) • Reinforce business decisions (numbers don’t lie) *Highest Paid Person’s Opinion
  5. 5. My mantra If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. It doesn’t exist.
  6. 6. Audience segmentation Conversion Rate Optimization My favorite testing tools How to measure success with data...
  7. 7. Audience segmentation Needles in haystacks
  8. 8. Why segment? • No two visitors are alike • Experiences & expectations vary with context • Observations about why some groups convert better than others can lead to insights • Insights lead to nirvana
  9. 9. Basic segments • Device type (tablet, smartphone, e-reader, desktop) • Geography (urban, rural, language, culture) • Time of Day / Day of Week • Traffic source
  10. 10. Advanced segments • New vs. returning visitors • Previous converters • Branded vs. non-branded search • Multi-device & multi-session • Social media engagement • Frequency & recency • Exposure to other advertising
  11. 11. Conversion Rate Optimization Wider funnels
  12. 12. Conversion funnels • Your website or app is a leaky bucket • Product page > shopping cart > billing/shipping > checkout • Obstacles & confusion cause people to abandon • Visitors that abandon will never buy from you
  13. 13. CRO Case Study 4X more leads...for free! 13% 20%7% 11%5% 5%
  14. 14. Why does it matter? • Get more conversions without paying for more traffic • Improve user experience and usability by removing obstacles • Use winning combinations in other media • Failure is tolerated & appreciated as long as you learn something
  15. 15. My favorite testing tools The right tool for the right job
  16. 16. GA Content Experiments A/B test on your site
  17. 17. Powerful A/B Tests without IT
  18. 18. Landing page testing
  19. 19. Email marketing & testing
  20. 20. Tying it all together • Opinions don’t matter • Focus on outcomes & insights, not puking up data • If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it • Treat different audience segments differently • Plug the leaks in your conversion bucket • Fail quickly but learn something • Testing tools are great, but won’t replace humans....yet