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Enterprise Service Delivery from the AWS Cloud (ARC208) | AWS re:Invent 2013
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Enterprise Service Delivery from the AWS Cloud (ARC208) | AWS re:Invent 2013


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(Presented by Citrix) …

(Presented by Citrix)

As we move to a world where all users are mobile and apps are increasingly delivered from the cloud, security, compliance, and user experience service-level expectations are higher than ever, necessitating that IT look beyond traditional methods for delivering applications. However, there are intelligent cloud networking and provisioning solutions on AWS that can be leveraged to create a service delivery model that addresses the new paradigm. Learn how Citrix NetScaler VPX on AWS provides full application visibility and control through a combination of customer case studies and demos.
In this session, you learn how to:

-Deploy Citrix application delivery technologies (NetScaler, NetScaler Gateway, CloudBridge) into AWS
-Optimize next-gen web applications delivered from AWS, using traffic management and application acceleration capabilities
-Provide global application availability across on-premises data centers and multiple AWS regions using CloudBridge, global server load balancing, and Amazon Route 53 DNS

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. ARC208 - Enterprise Networking and Service Delivery in the AWS Cloud Sridhar Devarapalli, Director Product Management, Citrix Aaron Delp, Sr. Director Technical Marketing, Citrix November 13, 2013
  • 2. How can IT leverage both AWS and on-premises resources to deliver IT-as-a-Service?
  • 3. Role of IT Ops in Cloud Computing Consumer IT Broker Group IT Organization acting as a Provider and Broker IT Operations Data Center Cloud Hybrid IT Cloud
  • 4. Agenda 1 2 Intelligent cloud networking to manage across AWS and on-premises Cloud management scenarios across AWS and on-premises
  • 5. Physical Virtual Appliance Appliance Now available on Fabric Multi-service
  • 6. Citrix NetScaler for AWS • Full NetScaler L4-7 functionality • Easy setup and launch • Both BYOL and hourly pricing
  • 7. Product Overview It’s NetScaler
  • 8. All L4-7 Functionality Supported • • • • • • • • L4 load balancing ✔ Content switching ✔ Rewrites ✔ Responder ✔ Redirects ✔ TCP offload ✔ CloudBridge ✔ GSLB ✔ • SSL offload ✔ • Access Gateway Enterprise ✔ • Caching ✔ • Compression ✔ • Datastream ✔ • Appflow ✔ • NetScaler Insight ✔ • App Firewall ✔
  • 9. NetScaler TestDrive Demo
  • 10. NetScaler Use Cases For Production For Dev/Test, DR
  • 11. Citrix Cloud Bridge
  • 12. Corporate Data Center Availability Zone 1 DirectConnect Location 10G Corporate Headquarters Customer Gateway (BGP/NoBGP) Private Subnet Router VPN Gateway Public Subnet Internet Gateway Amazon VPC Availability Zone 2 Branch Offices New Enterprise IT Network Architecture S3 Elastic Beanstalk AWS Region SQS/SNS/SES SWF SimpleDB DynamoDB
  • 13. NetScaler Requirements: Subnets and ENIs • Recommend three subnets and thus three ENIs – One for management (e.g., NSIP) – One for client-side traffic (e.g., VIPs) – One for server-side traffic (e.g., SNIPs, MIPs) • Can be launched with two subnets/ENIs – One for management – Shared subnet for client-side and server-side traffic • Can be launched with a single subnet/network interface – Management, client-side and server-side traffic all on same subnet – HA is not supported in this configuration • More than three subnets/ENIs is of course supported
  • 14. NetScaler in AWS VPC ENI ENI Default Gateway AZ: us-east-1b AZ: us-east-1c ENI NetScaler AZ: us-east-1a Region: US East
  • 15. Scaling Across Zones GSLB VIP NSIP VIP NetScaler SNIP NetScaler SNIP SNIP AZ: us-east-1a NSIP SNIP AZ: us-east-1b Region: US East
  • 16. Outlook Users Exchange Reference Architecture Direct internet-based Message delivery Or cloud-based Message Hygiene Service Remote Management & Administration GSLB Elastic IP’s (Public Route) MB01 MB02 DC/DNS (DC1) MB03 ET01 MB04 MB05 DC/DNS (DC2) CA03 ET02 MB06 MB07 MB08 DC/DNS (DC3) MB09 CA04 MB10 MB11 DC/DNS (DC4) MB12 Private IP’s (Private Route 2) Private IP’s (Private Route 1) CA01 CA01
  • 17. NetScaler Benefits • Cookie-based persistence • Site-level persistence • Load-based distribution between AZs/Regions • SSL Offload
  • 18. Scaling Across Regions GSLB VIP NSIP VIP NetScaler SNIP SNIP AZ: us-west-1a Region: US West NetScaler SNIP NSIP SNIP AZ: us-east-1a Region: US East
  • 19. Large-scale XenApp Deployments
  • 20. NetScaler for XenApp High performance, highly scalable remote access designed for Citrix Receiver Secures XenApp from data leaks with tight integration and proper authentication of users Transparently routes around failures in the network Global Distribution of Users based on client location, server availability, and data center load for DR at the software, server, and global level
  • 21. GSLB for Region Selection 1a 1b US West 1a 1b US East 1a 1b EMEA
  • 22. Region View … … Storefront servers Storefront servers … … … … PS Farm Servers PS Farm Servers 1a 1a 1b US East East US 1b
  • 23. Role of IT Ops in Cloud Computing Consumer IT Broker Group IT Organization acting as a Provider and Broker IT Operations Data Center Cloud Hybrid IT Cloud
  • 24. Hybrid IT Use Cases • On-premises deployment leverages AWS resources (e.g., Amazon S3) • Self-service access to cloud services, some of which run on AWS, and some on-premises
  • 25. Citrix Hybrid IT Deployments INFRADEV STRUCTURE & TEST MOBILE DISASTER BYO APPS & APPS RECOVERY PLATFORM DESKTOPS YOUR SERVICE CloudPortal Business Manager CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack NetScaler Networking Compute Storage
  • 26. CloudPlatform Architecture Zone 1 Amazon S3 Storage Firewall NetScaler L3 switch Pod 1 L2 switch …. Cluster N …. Cluster 1 Host 1 Primary Storage Host 2 Pod N Secondary Storage
  • 27. Amazon S3 Secondary Storage • Use Cases – Secondary Storage across multiple Availability Zones within a region – VM launch in multiple zones based on same template • Benefits – Higher Availability • Availability of Templates, Volume Snapshots across zone failures • Things to know – Based on the Amazon S3 API
  • 28. Cloud admins broker and deliver IT and cloud services Users and Customers Developers and Cloud Admins Authentication and role based authorization SelfService 3rd Party Web, SaaS apps Discovery Service Catalog Off Connector for AWS Premise Billing Charge back IT Managed Cloud Broker CloudPortal Business Manager CloudPlatform powered by On Apache CloudStack Premise
  • 29. Connector for AWS on Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager • Connector in development • Account Provisioning – Linkage to Existing AWS Account – Get New AWS Account through CloudPortal • Insight into AWS Billing for Cost Consolidation • Single Bill (along with other non-AWS services) for Customer Chargeback
  • 30. Summary • Take the NetScaler Test Drive • Check out the Exchange on AWS Reference Architecture • Same L4-7 services on-prem and in AWS makes it easier to extend enterprise workloads into AWS
  • 31. For More Information • • • •
  • 32. Work better. Live better.
  • 33. We are sincerely eager to hear your feedback on this presentation and on re:Invent. Please fill out an evaluation form when you have a chance.
  • 34. Internet Amazon You can assign your own IP in their the isolated network VPC customers can launch instancesrange toown VPC network Availability Zone a Availability Zone b VPC Customer