Social Media for Photographers


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Slides from Travel Photographer of the Year's photography festival at the Royal Geographical Society, London, 2012

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Social Media for Photographers

  1. 1. Photography, Blogging & Social Media Abigail KingTravel Photography Live! October 2012
  2. 2. Abigail KingSOCIAL MEDIA– Inside the Travel Lab– Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveller, Grazia– Google, Klout, Peer Index, Invesp, CisionTRADITIONAL MEDIA– Lonely Planet, BBC, CNN, Red Magazine, UK Travel Daily, National Geographic Traveler...- @insidetravellab & @abigailking
  3. 3. How Social Media Can Help YOU
  4. 4. Where We Are• “New media” is no longer new• People spend more time online than they do watching television1• Social networks and blogs are the most popular online category4• The average time spent on Facebook and Twitter increased by 699% and 3712%, respectively in 20094• 43% of Brits aged 55 to 74 use the internet frequently 5
  5. 5. Photography• People love photos more than ever• Instagram has more than 4.5 million images uploaded to its app every single day• Facebook prioritises images• Google prioritises images• Images work well on Twitter
  6. 6. Photographers PROS• Demand for good images is higher than ever before• Opportunities for networking and promotion on a scale never before imagined• Geographical freedom• Research easier than ever• Online sales• New line of work• Easier to connect with colleagues• Easier to learn new things
  7. 7. Photographers PROS CONS• Demand for good images is • Time consuming to higher than ever before learn new skills• Opportunities for networking and promotion • Time consuming to on a scale never before execute new skills imagined• Research easier than ever •Theft of work online• Online sales • Easier than ever for• New line of work “amateurs to steal the• Easier to connect with colleagues work of professionals”• Easier to learn new things
  8. 8. Let’s Get Down to Business
  9. 9. Blogs
  10. 10. Blogs
  11. 11. Twitter
  12. 12. Example
  13. 13. Facebook
  14. 14. Google+
  15. 15. 500px
  16. 16. Flickr
  17. 17. Instagram
  18. 18. Mobile PhotographySHARING• Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Eye EmEDITING• Snapseed, Camera Plus, Diptic, Photo Frames, Squaready, Hipstamatic
  19. 19. Events:
  20. 20. FourSquare
  21. 21. RedBubble
  22. 22. Personality• Personality matters in social media• Keep your profile website and information pages but also...• Express yourself on social media as you would do at work - friendly -authoritative -professional -approachable
  23. 23. Be Yourself• Otherwise it will be too difficult to maintain• People can sense authenticity• You DO NOT need to be a teenager who talks in text speak to use social media
  24. 24. Need Some Ideas?• Think of social media as a radio station instead of a novel• Radio presenters stay on theme yet... – They make unscripted comments – They replay the same songs (to some extent) – They interact with listeners on the phone
  25. 25. Need Inspiration?• Follow the seasons – the Olympics, Halloween, Christmas etc• Follow the news – major sports events, heat waves, celebrities etc• Food & recipes – everyone has to eat• Broadcast your news – workshops, assignments, offers etc in moderation
  26. 26. Amplify Others• Set up a twitter search for keywords that are relevant to your business• Retweet and reshare Facebook posts about your area of expertise• Invite submissions from readers
  27. 27. Hire Someone• Social media has arrived. Take it seriously.• Make sure that whoever you hire matches your personality, your brand and your values and knows enough to represent you and your product.• Don’t become a cautionary tale!
  28. 28. Photos on the Web• Do not upload full size photographs• DO NOT UPLOAD FULL SIZE PHOTOGRAPHS• WHY?• Slows down your website• Irritates your readers• Lowers your Google ranking• Creates long term storage problems on your server
  29. 29. Photos for the Web• Resize – 500 – 1000 px• Label the following – The title of the photo (filename) – The alt tag (the text a reader sees if the image does not appear) – The caption
  30. 30. Pinterest
  31. 31. Pinterest
  32. 32. Remember Change is inevitable.Except from a vending machine.
  33. 33. Questions?
  34. 34. www.insidethetravellab.comSlides will appear on slideshare...