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Blogging for excellence


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Blogs may seem so 2005, but they are still a critical part of your online marketing activity. This presentation explains why blogging is so important, and how to optimize your blog for success.

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Blogging for excellence

  1. 1. Corporate blogging for success Megacomm 2012 February 16, 2012, Jerusalem By: Miriam Schwab @miriamschwab Follow me! @miriamschwab
  2. 2. Who am I?• Friendly CEO of illuminea, one of Israel’s leading WordPress development agencies.• Providing SEO and social media marketing services• Speaker at dozens of conferences, including Affilicon, Megaconn, Sphinncon, SMX• Serves on Steering Board of Digital Eve Israel, one of Israel’s largest communities of professional women. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  3. 3. FacebokGoogle+ Twitter(booooo) Blog Email LinkedIn Follow me! @miriamschwab
  4. 4. What is a blog?• Weblog• Reverse chronological• RSS feeds• Fresh content• Personal touch• Conversation Follow me! @miriamschwab
  5. 5. Blog options• and• Blogspot• Not much else. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  6. 6. vs. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  7. 7. WP.orgHosting √ XCustom domain √ √nameThemes Limited UnlimitedPlugins X √Access to code X √Control of content X √Network √ XCost Approx $20 Approx $150 per year per year Follow me! @miriamschwab
  8. 8. WHY? Follow me! @miriamschwab
  9. 9. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  10. 10. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  11. 11. Be an expert Follow me! @miriamschwab
  12. 12. BLOGGING DO’S Follow me! @miriamschwab
  13. 13. Branding• Design• Domain – Subdomain: New from Google: subdomains now considered internal links. – Subfolder: – Unique: Follow me! @miriamschwab
  14. 14. Follow me! @miriamschwab
  15. 15. Automate Follow me! @miriamschwab
  16. 16. Automate to email Follow me! @miriamschwab
  17. 17. Build up your community We want to read your stuff! Hurray! Follow me! @miriamschwab
  18. 18. Moderate comments Follow me! @miriamschwab
  19. 19. Optimize• Search: – Titles <title> – <h1> – Meta description – XML sitemap – Alt on images – Internal linking• Social: – Share buttons – Open Graph tags Follow me! @miriamschwab
  20. 20. One plugin to rule them all Follow me! @miriamschwab
  21. 21. Measure• RSS subscribers• Site visitors• Pageviews• Conversions• Email• Tools: – Feedburner – Google Analytics Follow me! @miriamschwab
  22. 22. Where am I?• About text on every page in sidebar• Contact info everywhere• Forms Follow me! @miriamschwab
  23. 23. illuminea ▪ ▪ available at! Follow me! @miriamschwab