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Everything is social

  1. 1. EVERYTHING IS SOCIAL Incarnate Word Dr. Joey Lopez Convergent Media Professor / Communications Arts April 12, 2012
  2. 2. BEFORE WE START• Inventory of smart phones• Leave them on the first 20 minutes of discussion... turn up the volume• Take calls, but speak in a soft voice• Check Facebook, etc• Text to your heart’s delight
  3. 3. ABOUT...• 30 Years in Tech PR• “Some” social media stuff• Focus on content and story telling
  4. 4. WHEN I WENT TO COLLEGE• No computers. We use typewriters• No Internet. No Google.• No iPhone• No digital camera• Social media was based on the ham radio or CB radio
  5. 5. ARE YOU SOCIAL?• How do you use the social Internet?• How much do you share?• Who keeps a blog?
  6. 6. WHY ARE YOU IN THIS CLASS?• Career• Extra Credit• Not sure?
  7. 7. The Social Web
  8. 8. everything you put online is public...
  9. 9. everything you put online creates a legacy about you
  10. 10. Go wide and deep You Company Technology Article Blog submissionsFacebook delicious Twitter SlideShare Comment on other blogs YouTubeLinkedIn Digg Docstoc Slideshare
  11. 11. How I’ve used the power of social web to get media coverage, gain credibility anddemonstrate thought leadership as a pro-active consumer of AT&T’s three screen service offering
  12. 12. trade business/financial broadcast radio
  13. 13. YouTube -great way to pitch the media
  14. 14. Re-purposing content... Industry leaders demonstrate N-trig technology
  15. 15. Industry leaders demonstrateN-trig applications & product differentiation
  16. 16. How To: How I watch Internet TV - U-verse and Internet TV
  17. 17. If you populate the social webwith great and relevant contentabout yourself, you’ll be found,and it will serve its purpose inwhatever you want to do afteryou graduate from UIW and geta job or go on to grad school.
  18. 18. YOUR PERSONAL BRAND• Your brand is your best personal resume• Brandingyourself will help you get a job, get into grad school, or meet your co-founder of a new company• Every “resume” is the same. Your brand will set you apart
  19. 19. HOW I BRAND ALAN....• Facebook• Twitter I’m a mini• G+ broadcasting network mogul:)• Flickr• Instagram• Blog
  20. 20. WHAT ABOUT YOU?• Student leader• Disruptor• Innovator• Collaborator• Entrepreneur• Collaborator
  21. 21. BRANDING YOU• Join a few networks• Discover your voice• Up to date photo• Up to date social profile
  22. 22. BRANDING YOU• Your Facebook profile• What does it say about you?• 30 days to listen• 30 day to research who you want to engage with• 30 days of outreach and conversation
  23. 23. BRANDING PERSONA• @anarchynation• @hottiechickSA think before• @ilovehotnuns you post• @lovemybeer
  24. 24. THINK BEFORE YOU POST• “got way drunk last night...”• “headed to Mexico to have some real fun this weekend...”• “Prof Smith is a jerk”
  25. 25. NEVER A BETTER TIME• Every company is now a media company• Youhave the chance to create your own job or go out on your own and be of huge value to a company that has no clue how to do this• Everything is social• Build your brand now!
  26. 26. thank you alan@weinkrantz.comwww.alanweinkrantz.com Facebook. Twitter. G+