Social Media Marketing for Area Business Communities


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Social Media Marketing for Area Business Communities

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing TrainingFor YOUR Business and YOUR Area’s Business Community March 13, 2013
  2. 2. GOOD MORNING!Anne Marie Angel
  3. 3. • Social Media in 2013 – Why is it important for small business marketing? – How to use it to benefit your area’s business community – How Duplin County Tourism is doing it right!• Social Media Platforms – an Overview• 15 minutes for Refreshments• Your Social Media Learning Needs• Break Out Groups – Best Practices & Tips for Beginners – Strategy & Tactics for Experienced Folks .
  4. 4. Why is Social Media important for businesses? It has become a way of life – not a trend or fad.
  5. 5. Why is Social Media important for businesses? FREEDOM SMART PHONEA CAR
  6. 6. Social Media is #1 Channel – PEOPLE are the new media• On-line reviews – a powerful way that people influence purchase decisions (social engagement.)• Good content - will encourage people to “like” your page and engage with your business.• Good content – becomes “personal” and is worth sharing with friends.• Good content – can lead to comments and forming “community” – on your page!• Your FANS look for at your page for special offers – what’s in it for them. KEY GOAL: Recommendations and positive engagement on your page!
  7. 7. Duplin County’s Expanded Brand Identity Old logo New logo “Uncork. Unwind. Unplug.”• Promote the entire area and it’s attractions and hospitality, including being known for its great wineries.• Promote the area – rest & relaxation and enjoyment: all of the attractions, B&B’s, museums, restaurants• Highlight Special Events & Festivals• Promote overall visitation – GREAT for business partners. HOSPITALITY SPECIALISTS
  8. 8. Branded Promotional Campaign: “Beyond the Vine.”Fall ‘12: Campaign - Part 1 Spring ‘13: Campaign – Part 2 Proprietary & Confidential
  9. 9. Duplin County – sweepstakes promotion on Facebook Consistent Facebook Cover and Profile Photo. Facebook Trivia Contest
  10. 10. Consistent Branding – Promoted across platformsProprietary & Confidential
  11. 11. Engaging Fans & Advertising your Page
  12. 12. Engage your FANS with Good Content & Posts Wallace Chamber shared Duplin Winery’s PhotoRiver Landing promotes TennisClinic and tags RDUTennis, LLC
  13. 13. Get NEW Fans with Facebook AdvertisingTourism & Visitation – relatedGREAT WAY to promote your smallbusiness on-line - to get more FANS
  14. 14. And now I’m going to turn it over to Angel….Social Media Platforms in 2013
  15. 15. Users Time on Social Media SitesSource: Read, Write, Web November 2012
  16. 16. Top Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter (depending on audience) Google+ Local, Yelp, etc. YouTube Google + (2013) FourSquare (venues) LinkedIn (2013) Email and Special Promotions
  17. 17. Facebook• 140.3 Billion users worldwide• 44% all Internet users on Facebook• 60 million FB users on Mobile **• Average age of user 23• Recent jump in use of FB with Baby Boomers• Top 5 Countries: – USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mexico• Facebook Ads – Facebook’s Ultimate Goal –• Advanced Targeting Posts coming soon to Admins – Gender, Relationship Status, Education, etc Source: Facebook Press Nov 2012
  18. 18. Pinterest• 10.4 million users• 80% of audience is female• Average age: 25 to 34• 12 million unique visitors mo.• Average time on Pinterest?• 1 Hour 17 minutes• Over 80% of data are Repins – 15% are from Brand Boards – 85% are from other• Challenge: Not want Brand to “stalk” audience• Tip: Share and Repin Source: Huffington Post and Wishpond Jan 2013
  19. 19. Instagram• 100 Million Users – Jan 2013• 40 million Photos Per Day• 8500 Likes Per Second• 1000 Comments Per Second• Average age 18 to 24• Instagram is owned by Facebook• Images easily shared to Facebook Fan Page• Challenge: only share pictures from mobile device• No admin function (yet)• for marketing (can’t edit)• Use of hashtags #uncorkduplin #visitduplincounty Source: CNET December 2012 and
  20. 20. Twitter• 500 million users• 340 million “Tweets” per day• Average age 18 to 29• Almost 0.05% of Twitter population attracts 50% of users• Female users – post updates• Male users – post news• Most active on Twitter? Business• 71% Tweet produce no reaction• Active posting with hashtags in 140 characters or less Pew Internet, Social Media ADD and Mashable Nov 2012
  21. 21. Google+ (Local) –• is now Google+ Local Google Places• Make sure you have profile set up getRECOMMENDATIONS• Google+ is Google’s version of Facebook• Jan 2013 – has 230 Million users (more Twitter)• Challenging to use BUT get good Google Results when use it• Uses + sign to “tag” friends and followers•• Local connected Zagat ratings• Google owns Youtube :o) MarketingLand January 2013
  22. 22. YouTube• YouTube is owned by Google• Easy to switch between Google and Youtube• 4 billion daily views• An hour of video is uploaded every second• Have “subscribers” notified they upload new video• Largest group of subscribers are music professionals (Rihanna, One Direction, Justin Bieber)• YouTube videos do show up on Google searches sometimes• Promote specific events SocialBakers – Nov 2012
  23. 23. LinkedIn• 200 million members worldwide• World’s largest professional networking site• 200 countries• 87% trust LI as a source information• Using 6 degrees of separation• Increase connections• Released company pages (2012)• Average income $105k• Premium Account – more exposure• Endorsements (1 click) and Recommendations
  24. 24. Social Media Marketing in 2013• Many platforms – the right ones for your needs is important.
  25. 25. Top Social Media Trends 2013• Mobile – 60% access online media via mobile and iPad• Content is King (SEO is not about loading keywords anymore)• Google+ – Google Communities – Consider Time and Effort – may be a good solution• Pictures, Pictures, Pictures• Instagram – over 100 million users• Facebook and Google compete for search – Facebook Graph Search (beta) – Google Organic Search• LinkedIn (for higher level positions)
  26. 26. Email Marketing and Special Promotions• People respond to email marketing that is engaging• Don’t want to send too often (maybe 1 or 2x a month)• Include call to action (maybe coupon)• Use images• NOTE: name your images well because many are viewing email marketing on phone and images may not download quickly• Include links back to your website• Good for specific events or contests• Mailchimp, Constant Contact are very popular
  27. 27. Time for Refreshments!Group 1: Top 10 Social Media Tips – Anne MarieGroup 2: Intermediate & Advanced General Questions - Angel
  28. 28. Best Practices & Tips for Newbies
  29. 29. Consistent Branding• Consistent use of images across all platforms• Visual Branding/Taglines - consistent to website• Call to Action - the same on each platform (i.e. phone, contact form, etc.)• Example: Duplin County “ Beyond the Vine”
  30. 30. Images & Photos on Social Media A Picture is Worth 1000 Words• Instagram - VERY popular• Use your own images if possible• Use copyright free sources (give credit as needed) • •• Create Memes and other fun images
  31. 31. Good Social Media PostsGREATimageCall toAction
  32. 32. Good Social Media Posts• Tag (using @ symbol)• Use less than 80 characters Call to action: “Click here” “Please share” “Join us”
  33. 33. Good Social Media PostsAsk a Question Including Website in Post BrandedPhotography Website on Image
  34. 34. Best Day & Time to Post
  35. 35. Hashtags – What are they? #uncorkduplin# #visitduplincounty #DuplinWinery #supportlocal
  36. 36. Mobile – Why is it important? **Ten Top Social Media Trends in 2013 – from Edelman Digital
  37. 37. QR Codes – What are they?Trackability
  38. 38. Sharing Posts & Content Sharing is Caring• Implied Endorsement Accomplishments Awards New Director• Tip: Have a “Priority Business Partner” List• Tip: Keep a calendar of area events close by to reference
  39. 39. Engage. Engage. Engage• “Thank you”, “Awesome”, Emoticons, etc.• Check your Fan Page at least 2 to 3 times per day for comments, spam, discussions, etc. Emoticon Where to find emoticons?
  40. 40. Sanity for Email Notifications You will receive LOTS of Notifications• Likes a post• Comments on a post• Tags you in a post• Invites you to a Group• Comments in a Group• Adds a picture of your business• When everyone comments on a picture
  41. 41. Social Media – Time Management Social media CAN be a huge time waster or a great tool.• Social Media Posts – set a time to do this• Have pre-scheduled posts on Facebook• Do “live engagement” posts• Share some of your partners posts on your page.• Use a timer and get OFF Facebook after x minutes.• Do business on business time / personal on personal (STAY on business page - notifications)
  42. 42. Social Media – Time ManagementHow to pre-schedule a post 2 1 3 4
  43. 43. Social Media• What is working?• What is not working?• What could be better?• See most popular post• See highest level engagement• What did they respond to? Image Quote Comment Fill in the blank• Review weekly/monthly
  44. 44. THANK YOU!Many ways to work with Front Row Communications:• Personal One-on-One Social Media Training• Monthly Check In & Coaching Services• Social Media Strategy & Analytics Support Services• Day to Day Management of Social Media Platforms