Social Media Overview: June 2012


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In this presentation, we look at the technologies that are dominating the world of social media in 2012.

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Social Media Overview: June 2012

  1. 1. Social Media Update: June 2012 -This presentation will be available on YouTubePrepared by Dane Cobain01628 526208,
  2. 2. What is social media? • A loose concept • Users make the content • They connect you with your friends • Enhance real-life relationships “Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise its not better.” – Avinash Kaushi, Google The Six Types of Social MediaCollaborative Projects Social Networking Sites Blogs/Microblogs Virtual Game WorldsContent Communities Virtual Social Worlds
  3. 3. The Big Three:
  4. 4. Facebook Quick Facts:• 900 million monthly active users• Over 500 million daily active users• At its IPO, it was valued at over $100 billion• Average of 3.2 billion likes and comments per day• Over 42 million Facebook pages with >10 likes Why use Facebook? • Your audience are already there • It’s the most widely used • You have to start somewhere!
  5. 5. Facebook: Recent developments Facebook Pages Manager• iPhone application• Sends push notifications forinteractions• Monitor/Post/Respond on the go• It’s free! Scheduled Posts• Up to six months in advance• Can upload pictures/attach links• Built in to Facebook
  6. 6. Twitter • Originally conceived as a service for mobile phones • Quick, fast-paced messages • Automatically public • Hashtags group posts using similar keywords together • Great for events • Loads of third-party apps Quick Facts:• 1 billion tweets posted each week• ~500,000 new accounts each day• 50 million daily active users• 100 million monthly active users
  7. 7. Take advantage of Twitter Tweedeck • Monitor/manage multiple accounts simultaneously • Set up searches for key terms • Customisable pop-up alerts • Also as a Google Chrome and smartphone app Trending Topics• Often inane or irrelevant• Sometimes you can jump on the bandwagon• Good source of news• Can be regional, national or worldwide
  8. 8. YouTube • The 2nd largest search engine in the world • Easily the most popular video-sharing site • Used by people and brands alike • Users can make ‘channels’ and upload video • Main metrics: Views and Subscribers Quick Facts:• 800 million unique monthly visitors• 3 billion hours watched each month• 72 hours uploaded every minute• 500 years watched on Facebook every day
  9. 9. YouTube Features Playlists • User-created to group similar videos • Can show up in search listings • Can be featured on the user’s channel • Introduces subscribers to more of your videos Tags, Descriptions and Captions• Can lead viewers to other sites• Encourage people to subscribe• Makes the video more likely to appear in searches• A more professional appearance• Maintain consistency
  10. 10. The Other Two:
  11. 11. LinkedIn • #1 social network for business professionals • Should be used as an aid for networking • Trickier to navigate than other networks • It’s not just an online CV • Use recommendations • Don’t be scared! Quick Facts:• 161 million members• Over 9 million UK members• Average age: 43• Fastest Growth: Students and graduates• 2 million company pages
  12. 12. Make the most out of LinkedIn 100% Profile Completeness • A checklist of tasks • Helps establish your presence • Requires 3+ recommendations • Give to receive – once a week Questions:• Establish you as a thought leader• Ask as well as answer• Can generate leads• Under-rated and often forgotten
  13. 13. Google+ • A new social network • Relies heavily on integration with Google • Easy to select who to share content with • Usage statistics are questionable • No Facebook integration Quick Facts:• Average time on site: five minutes monthly• Top global brands have 1350x more fans• Users are 71% male• Most common occupation is ‘engineer’
  14. 14. Using Google+ Hangouts • Webcam chat with up to 10 people • Can watch YouTube videos together • Good for Q & A • Received the presidential seal +1 Button• Makes searching social• Similar to Facebook’s ‘like’ button• Can drive considerable traffic
  15. 15. The New Kids on the Block
  16. 16. Pinterest • The ‘next big thing’ • A virtual pinboard – surprisingly addictive • Excellent for brands with visual products • Can help drive traffic • People are already finding creative uses • Works like twitter with hashtags and ‘re-pins’ • Uses a ‘pin it’ button to help you harvest images Quick Facts:• Average monthly use: 1 hour, 17 minutes• Up to 97% of users are women (estimates vary)• Over 80% of pins are repins• Drives more traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube & Google+ combined
  17. 17. Using Pinterest Visual Competitions • Work well with women • New ways of running them • Images with sentiment succeed • Case study: BMI Airlines ‘Pin It’ Button• Installs on the taskbar• Easy-to-use• Pins images from any website• Can tweet from the pop-up window
  18. 18. Foursquare • Location-based check-in service • Used predominantly in app form • Very powerful for venues • Incentivised check-ins to help spread the word • Check-ins are rewarded with points, or even... • ...the coveted mayorship! Quick Facts:• Over 20 million users worldwide• Over 2 billion check-ins• Over 75,000 new mayorships each day
  19. 19. Gamification On Foursquare Gamification• The concept of turning real life in to a game• Try to beat your friends!• The ultimate prize: mayorships• Badges• Keeps you coming back Check-in Specials• Rewards customers• Encourages them to spread the word• Easily shareable• Encourages a battle for the mayorship
  20. 20. Instagram • Photo taking, editing and sharing app • Recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion • Photographs of food are most popular • Capable of creating beautiful photography • You can like, comment and add friends within the app • Available for free on iPhone and Android Quick Facts:• 50 million users at end of April 2012• 5 million new users per week• 1 billion photos uploaded• 5 million photos uploaded per day• 81 comments and 575 likes per second
  21. 21. Other Apps Filters• Can make any photo beautiful• Turns the iPhone in to a powerful camera• Integrates with Facebook and Twitter• Like Photoshop but with no effort Viddy • A different but similar app • Instagram for video • Comes with four free filters • Lower adoption but celebrity endorsement
  22. 22. Other Sites of Interest
  23. 23. Other Sites of Interest Last.FM• Generates stats/charts about the music you listen to• Over 40 million users MySpace• Nowhere near as dominant as in its heyday• 25 million users Vimeo• Video sharing site that’s an alternative to YouTube• 8 million users
  24. 24. Other Sites of Interest Flickr• Dominant photo sharing and storage site• Over 55 million users Soundcloud• Music sharing site popular with musicians• 10 million users Tumblr• Blogging site popular with teenagers• Over 30 million users
  25. 25. Conclusion: The Ten Commandments1. Thou shalt experiment with new platforms2. Thou shalt not use bad spelling or grammar3. Thou shalt reply to all posts within 24 hours4. Thou shalt use TweetDeck5. Thou shalt read Mashable6. Thou shalt aim for engagement over numbers7. Thou shalt make new friends8. Thou shalt share remarkable content9. Thou shalt form a community10. Thou shalt tweet your feedback to @TheSociabulls