Voxtron Communication Center Commercial Enduser En April 2012


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Client Interaction Solution (Contact/Call Center)

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Voxtron Communication Center Commercial Enduser En April 2012

  1. 1. Voxtron Communication CenterThe Customer Interaction SolutionCommercial Product Presentation - April 2012
  2. 2. ContentIf you want to go to a specific section, click the corresponding button. Introduction 1. The Voxtron Client 7. Dashboard 2. Interactions 8. Reporting 3. Installation, administration 9. Recording and configuration 4. Contact Center 10. Outbound Dialer 5. Routing 11. Integrations 6. IVR 12. Licensing SummaryApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 2
  3. 3. Imagine... One platform for customer interaction that maximizes your agents’ efficiency, in collaboration with your existing telephony infrastructureApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 3
  4. 4. Convinced? Let’s introduce Voxtron...• Voxtron has 20 years of experience in customer interaction sofware• Headquartered in Belgium• Sales offices in Benelux, Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Tunisia, Thailan d, UAE/Dubai, Australia• Some referencesApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 4
  5. 5. Voxtron offers a solution for ...• Your organisation as a facilitary contact center where we optimise your customer contact that you organise on behalf of your customers or• Your in-house contact center where we support your business unit that takes cares of customer contacts or• Your organisation as an interaction center where we help anyone in your organisation to fulfill a personal, quick and correct interaction with your customersApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 5
  6. 6. Our goals...• Superior customer experience and satisfaction – Inform the customer before and while waiting – Connect the customer quickly to the most suitable agent• Increase your agents‟ efficiency and collaboration – Automate where possible without causing irritation with your customers – Visualise customer information, available collegues – Integrate business application and existing databases• Measure and manage your contact center – Monitor service levels and agent performance – Manage routingApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 6
  7. 7. What you need to know about our distinguished way of working... • Easy deployment and short installation times – Install a basic* platform in 10 days – Install an extended** platform in 15 days – Install an advanced*** platform in 8 months • Limited training time – Agent trainings can be done in 2 hours – Team leader trainings can be done in 4 hours – Administrator trainings can be done in 1 day • Pay according to your needs – Express/Enterprise editions – Pricing according to heavy traffic per seat or less traffic per seat – Degressive pricing *Core modules, IVR, CC, 20 agents **Core modules, Operational modules, basic integration with current CRM system, 100 agents ***Core modules, Operational modules, integration with current CRM system, proper Client, custom reports, 800 agents April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 7
  8. 8. Sabah Crim, supervisor customer service DPD testifies...• DPD? – European package deliverer – Active in 38 countries – 200.000 customers• Sabah Crim, supervisor customer service testifies: “Customers want to have immediately the right agent on the phone. We have customers who have a fix internal agent @ DPD. If this agent is not available, a good solution needs to be found in benefit of the customer. The customer needs also an agent who speaks his language of course.” “Voxtron was recommended by Belgacom to us, the largest Belgian telephone company. Voxtron handles the routing of contacts to different departments: sales, customer service, deliveries. Voxtron has enormeous possibilities with its dynamic mulitmedia routing and overflow possibilities.” “Visualisation was also important for us. We can see now easily if we reach our SLAs and monitor the performance of our agents with Voxtron’s historic and real time reporting possibilities.” “With Voxtron, we improved also the efficiency of our agents by immediately displaying customer information from our CRM system in their Voxtron Client. On top of this, they can see which colleagues are available , which improves internal collaboration.”April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 8
  9. 9. Ingo Muller, project leader @ R&V testifies...• R&V? – Leading German insurance company – 7.000.000 customers• Ingo Muller testifies... “I clearly remember the planning and implementation of the previous infrastructure. It lasted two years. Now, with Voxtron and a competent system integrator, we did this in only eight months time: the implementation of a new company wide contact center platform based on the Voxtron Communication Center with 800 agents. R&V insurance deals with 30.000 to 35.000 calls per day in their companies in Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe, Münster and Hamburg. The Voxtron Communication Center takes care of cross-location call distribution with more than 150 service numbers.” “In the short project time, the central contact- and telephony application of the R&V service senters, the on Lotus Notes based CRM application and the HSPC/IPC - application have all been integrated into the Voxtron Communication Center.” “Teamleaders and administrators run the complete contact center system by themselves, from creating and managing users, configuring opening hours and announcements,... Realtime monitoring of our agents means that the data is updated within the second. Also historical reporting answers to the wishes of the individual internal customers. Existing Crystal reports and reports via Microsoft SQL Server could be reused and integrated with the Voxtron Communication Center reporting”April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 9
  10. 10. Voxtron’s Customer Interaction Platform Voxtron Client(IP)PBX CRM Voxtron Communication Center11 April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 10
  11. 11. One integrated interface forefficient, multimedia customer interactionTHE VOXTRON CLIENTApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 11
  12. 12. One client for the agent and the back-office worker• Easy integration with your current business applications (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, ERP, ...)• All types of interactions can be handled – Emails – Faxes – Documents – Facebook posts, Tweets,... – Chats – Calls• Several viewing options – Dockable – Full Screen – Run in background – Mini with(out) tabsApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 12
  13. 13. Login Log on per queue and per contact type (as configurable) Log on as a remote agent with e.g. your mobile numberApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 13
  14. 14. Receiving a contact Contact codes, configurableAccept, requeue, delet per queue e contact * Contact information and skills * Dependent on the contact type April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 14
  15. 15. Efficient collaboration thanks to the Activity monitor• Your agents can see all agents and (back-)office workers, together with their presence statuses, which improves internal collaboration• Click-2-call, click-2-chat with other agents• The administrator decides which agents an agent can see (per queue,...)• Team leader can log on an agent to a specific queue from the activity monitor (he/she can also log off and put the agent in pause)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 15
  16. 16. Real-time monitoring of contacts in the Waiting monitor – Your agents can see all contacts that are waiting in the queue • Configurable selection of contacts can be seen (per queue) – Team leaders can transfer a contact to another queue, agent, handle the contact themselves or give a different priority from the waiting monitor – Double-click on contacts to see more information (skills, priorities, threshold,...)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 16
  17. 17. Save time with auto updates• Voxtron Client software is updated automatically – Agent gets notification of availability of new version – Agent can postpone update – For installations with limited number of Voxtron Clients only (otherwise use Group Policy Objects (GPO))April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 17
  18. 18. Intuitive interface Transfer, conference, retrieve, swap, consult Screen pop-ups Quick dial Indicate pause reason Show web pages in the Voxtron Client (e.g. Google,...)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 18
  19. 19. Efficiency boosters• Free seating• Auto logon when starting Windows• Automatically go in pause, when there is no agent activity• Configure function keys• Configure logging April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 19
  20. 20. Remote agents• Agents can log on to the contact center from anywhere they want, with or without the Voxtron Client• They can log on with their mobile phones, a fixed number from home,...(see screenshots below)• Their presence can be monitored via the activity monitor• Statistics are available for these remote agentsApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 20
  21. 21. INTERACTIONSApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 21
  22. 22. Web chat: introduce new media into your customer interactions• Voxtron Communication Center allows (potential) customers on your public website to communicate real-time with your agents – Customisable web interface – Search function included in the Voxtron Client to look up received/sent conversations (internal + external)• Typically used for presales and support environments – Allows simultaneous lookup and consult calls – Allows agent multitasking April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 22
  23. 23. Web chat – example customer interface April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 23
  24. 24. Web chat – agent interface April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 24
  25. 25. Digitize and route your faxes• With Voxtron Communication Center you can – Receive direct (personal) and routed faxes – Send private faxes and „contact center‟ faxes – Add one of the many (customisable) cover sheets – Look up received/sent faxes in the Fax Center• Delivery of faxes to your agent can happen in two ways: – Within the Voxtron Client (immediate view) – As an attachment to an e-mail message• An agent can send faxes from any Windows application• Voxtron Communication Center sends status delivery reports to your agentApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 25
  26. 26. Advantages compared to a traditional fax machine• Confidentiality• Faxes do not get lost• Archive possibilities• No need of paper and ink – Also no waste on spam faxes• Monitor your agents‟ performance – Response time – Handling time – ...April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 26
  27. 27. Send faxApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 27
  28. 28. Receive faxApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 28
  29. 29. Fax cover sheet• System administrator can define one or more fax cover sheets, using an editing toolbox• Cover sheet consists of following parts: – Images (e.g. company logo) – Text fields – Parameter fields • Automatic parameters (e.g. date, time, number of pages, ...) • Custom parameters – E.g. short description, sender name – The fax printer wizard will ask a value for each of these custom parametersApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 29
  30. 30. Fax cover sheetApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 30
  31. 31. Monitor and route your emails• A priority and skills can be assigned to an email using – the e-mail rule wizard (perform actions based on the subject, “to” field, “from” field, ...) – advanced PERL scripting• Email is routed to the most appropriate agent• The agent‟s standard e-mail client (e.g. Outlook) is used to send/receive contact center emails• Auto detect when agent has replied an email (wrap-up starts)• Personal e-mail address masking• Email contains a unique IDApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 31
  32. 32. Advantages• No more unanswered mails when your agents are ill or on holiday• Be certain that your mails are treated• Monitor your agents‟ performance – Handling time – Response time – ...• Agents can multitask when for example the number of calls in your call center decreasesApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 32
  33. 33. Monitor and route your business objects (socialmedia, documents, SMS,...)• Agents can log on for business objects (if this is configured)• Agents can accept, requeue and delete a business object• Historic reporting and dashboard is available for business objects• The administrator can define specific thresholds for objects, specific object wrap-up timeApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 33
  34. 34. Advantages• Answer to a new generation (potential) customers by treating Tweets and Facebook posts in your contact center, in one interface• See below an example of a Facebook integrationApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 34
  35. 35. Advantages ctd• Documents of any type (customer appointments, printed mails,...) can also be treated• Monitor your agents‟ performance on these new media types – Handling time – Response time• Let your agents multitaskApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 35
  36. 36. Let your agents handle outbound campaign calls in the mostefficient way• Your agent can manually reschedule a call (fill in other customer phone number, route the rescheduling call to the same agent)• Automatic rescheduling by the dialer is also possible (configurable per call result)• Your agent can indicate a call result (invalid number, fax,...)• Your agent can manually blacklist a telephone number• Your agent can log on for outbound calls or not (if this is configured)• Permissions to create, modify, delete campaigns and export data can be set per agentApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 36
  37. 37. Agent receives a preview outbound campaign call Agent can indicate the result of the call, can blacklist the number and can reschedule the call Contact is presented to the agent. Agent can accept or reject. Campaign contact history informationApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 37
  38. 38. Outbound campaign calls in all sorts and flavours • Voxtron Communication Center supports all types of outbound algorithms** Preview outbound available, progressive, power, predictive Q4 2012April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 38
  39. 39. Outbound campaign calls in all sorts and flavours • Voxtron Communication Center supports all types of outbound algorithms*April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 39
  40. 40. Manage your direct and routed communication separately• Direct (personal/private) communication: – Refers to contacts (calls, emails, faxes,…) that the initiator sends to a specific person within the organization by • dialing a DDI (direct dial-in) for making a call or sending a fax • sending a message to a personal e-mail account• Routed communication: – Refers to contacts (calls, emails, faxes, web chats,…) that the initiator sends to an organisation, not knowing (and caring) who treats the request by • dialing a general number for making a call or sending a fax • sending a message to a general e-mail account • entering a web chat session via the corporate web siteApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 40
  41. 41. The Voxtron SIP Phone: how does it work?• Voxtron SIP Phone is a soft phone that can be integrated into the Voxtron Client and can be visible or can be hidden by the agent April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 41
  42. 42. The Voxtron SIP Phone: easy-to-use and cost saving• Intuitive design – Call history (missed calls, received calls,...) – Voice Mail – MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) – Telephone book (integration with Outlook) – Speed dialing – Transfer calls• Advantages – Cost saving in telephony hardware • The Voxtron SIP Phone replaces any hardware IP Phone • The agent only needs his/her PC to log on • The contact center agent can log on from everywhere he/she wants – Time and cost saving in TAPI licenses • TAPI functionalities are included in the Voxtron SIP Phone, so no TAPI licenses are needed anymore • The sometimes difficult implementation of TAPI drivers on the PBX will be avoidedApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 42
  43. 43. The Voxtron SIP Phone licensing• CTI IPTel Provider license is needed• Voxtron SIP Phone connections to the CTI IPTel Provider are licensed in a degressive wayApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 43
  44. 44. One central point and web basedINSTALLATION, ADMINISTRATION ANDCONFIGURATIONApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 44
  45. 45. Installation Center• Installation via the Internet or from a DVD• Easy-to-use overview of installed modules, instances and the servers on which they are installedApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 45
  46. 46. Centralised configuration and administration in the Web Center Integrate your own business applications Configuration Installed of selected modules moduleApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 46
  47. 47. 4 types of users in the Web Center User Instances Administration Configuration Super All   Administrator System Assigned instances   Administrator Administrator CC instance which   they are part of Team Leader CC instance which *  they are part of * Administration rights for the agents of his/her team or for all agents of the contact center he/she belongs toApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 47
  48. 48. Administer and configure easily your own contact centerCONTACT CENTERApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 48
  49. 49. Users• The administrator adds a user into the contact center by running through different parameter sets: – Personal settings (name, e-mail address, template, team,...) – Permissions (with respect to monitors, fax center, e-mail handling, reporting, ...) – Skills (select and assign a knowledge percentage) – Interactions per queue (free seating, types of interactions, ...) – Filter display info in activity and waiting monitor – Fax (enable/disable, sender/receiver number, archive (yes/no), ...)• Templates can be used to speed up this configurationApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 49
  50. 50. Team leaders• Can assign contacts in the waiting queue to a specific agent/queue• Can log on/log off/pause agents in the activity monitor• Receive warning messages if contacts wait too long in the queue• Extensive permission settings per team leader in the Web Center (create skills, agents,...)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 50
  51. 51. Teams• A user can belong to no, one or more teams• A team is a logical group of users• No skills are assigned to a teamApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 51
  52. 52. Skills• No limit is set on the number of skills• Administrator can define the relative importance of a skill (compared to other skills)• Skills can be set as „mandatory‟: – A contact can only be routed to an agent having that skill – Mandatoriness can expire after a certain configurable timeApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 52
  53. 53. Contact codes• Purpose of the contact codes is the qualification of the customer contact – Did the customer call for product x , service x,…?• Agent selects the contact code when the customer contact has finished• You can gain an insight into the type of questions treated by the agents, thanks to the contact code reports• Contact codes can be set generally and/or per queue Contact CodesApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 53
  54. 54. Pause reasons• The administrator can define an unlimited number of pause reasons• Example pause reasons: lunch, meeting, toilet break• Default pause reason = the pause reason selected in case of: – User inactivity since x seconds – User fails to take a contact although marked as available• You can consult historical and/or real-time statistics on the number of agents out of office,...April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 54
  55. 55. General settings• Agent specific settings such as – Can the last agent log off or pause (y/n) – Can the agent pause his/her wrap-up time (y/n)• Routing strategy (define the mixture between skill based routing, time based routing and agent based routing by using slider bars)• Advanced routing strategy (enable multiple simultaneous contacts per agent)• Mandatory skills (time after which the mandatoriness is obsolete)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 55
  56. 56. Route your customer to the best suitable agent, in a minimum of timeROUTINGApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 56
  57. 57. Multiple (Universal) Queueing: how does it work? Sales Queue Sales Queue Support Support Free Agents Agent Agent Agent Agent Call Score Score Score Score Contacts Queued High Call Score Score Score Score Web Score Score Score Score chat Doc Score Score Score ScoreApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 57
  58. 58. Multiple (Universal) Queueing : how does it work?• All contacts (incoming and outgoing calls, faxes, emails, objects, web chat sessions) are sent to a queue• When an agent becomes available, the system calculates the score as shown in the previous slide (based on e.g. skills)• The contact with the highest score is transferred to the available agent• The complex algorithm takes into account skills but also: – Time: a contact gets more important the longer it is in the queue – Agent: contacts can be assigned to an agent when • this agent had no contacts for a long time • this agent has the smallest load • this agent handled a previous contact of the same customerApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 58
  59. 59. Advantages• You have a lot of different parameters available to ensure that the customer is routed to the best suitable agent – Time the customer is waiting (also historical waiting times) – Language of the customer – Customer number – The agent the customer last spoke to – Priority to e.g. VIP customers• You can easily manage peak moments by using the configurable overflow mechanisms per queue• You can monitor your agents‟ performance per queue (realtime and historical)• You can let your agents log on for different queues and interactions (configurable by the administrator)• You can define queue specific contact codes• Team leader can transfer a contact to another queue via the waiting monitorApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 59
  60. 60. Intuitive GUI, built to increase customer satisfactionINTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSEApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 60
  61. 61. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): start from your customer’slogic and build your IVR flow• You can: – solve the questions of your customers more quickly without transferring them to an agent – register a call back request from customers who don‟t want to wait for a free agent – link the call with existing customer data (e.g. customer numbers), in order to define a routing strategy or give more contact details to your agents to increase customer experience – store and retrieve voice messages (voice mail) – respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated (TTS) audio – Deliver 24/7 services to your customersApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 61
  62. 62. IVR• Intelligent Graphical User Interface (GUI)• Full set of powerful building blocks• No programming skills requiredApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 62
  63. 63. VoiceXML as an alternative to IVR• Voxtron Communication Center offers a VoiceXML engine that interprets VoiceXML and CCXML – This engine is accessible and configurable via the Web Center – Advantage of using VoiceXML is that you can activate several call flows at the same timeApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 63
  64. 64. Real-time monitoring of your KPI‟sDASHBOARDApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 64
  65. 65. Customise your own dashboard• The dashboard provides you with real-time statistics on your contact center (e.g. number of agents logged on for queue x, quality of service,…) • Highly customisable – a high number of available parameters – Customised RSS feeds • Design by using widgets – Charts – Gauges • Drag & dropApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 65
  66. 66. Dashboard exampleApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 66
  67. 67. Historic views on the performance of your contact center and insightinto your customer communication channelsREPORTINGApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 67
  68. 68. Historical reporting gives you...• Insight in your customers‟ experience (how long they had to wait for a suitable agent,...)• Insight via which channels your customers interact with your company (email, chat,...)• The possibility to integrate your current reports from other sources into the Voxtron Communication Center reports – One global view!April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 68
  69. 69. Available standard reports• Skill reports • All reports can be exported• Agent reports to• Contact code reports – .csv file• General reports – .html file• Login reports – .xls(x) file• Queue reports • Report access is configurable• Team reports on a user level• Campaign reports • Scheduled reporting:• Custom reports – Send to an e-mail address – Save to a folder• Time interval for each of – Configure file name and these reports can be changed file format• Printer friendly button – Schedule monthly, daily, quarterly, every minute (on specific days,...)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 69
  70. 70. Easy reporting configuration via the Web CenterApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 70
  71. 71. Example of a historical reportApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 71
  72. 72. Record your contact center callsRECORDINGApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 72
  73. 73. Recording• You can record your calls to – Monitor and coach your agents – Enhance customer experience – Have legal proof of the call – …• You can search for recordings via the Web Center, based on – Call properties – Call period – Call duration – Call type – (and all combinations of the above criteria)• You can (de)compress recording files to 25% of the original file size with the VoxRecording TranscoderApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 73
  74. 74. April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 74
  75. 75. Manage real-time, customise and measure your outbound campaignsOUTBOUND DIALERApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 75
  76. 76. Create fully customised campaigns • When creating a campaign, you can – Take into account several country specific legal restrictions • e.g. % nuisance calls, max. throughput time after the call is anwered by the callee,..., and this is customisable per campaign – Schedule in a specific range of hours, on particular days, and also in different time zones – Define an outgoing number, visible for the end customer – Define automatic reschedule rules when a call fails (on busy or no answer) (e.g. Reschedule a busy call max. 10 times every hour) – Enable manual blacklisting by the agent – Add skills (if you want for example that the calls go to native English speaking agents only)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 76
  77. 77. Create fully customised campaigns• You can switch real-time between the different outbound modi (preview, predictive,...)• Blacklists can be used in three different forms – Static blacklists (lists from within your company,...) – Dynamic blacklists (lists that are available on the internet, by e.g. the government) – Agent blacklists (lists of numbers that are blacklisted by the agent)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 77
  78. 78. Create fully customised campaigns• You can import your campaign data real-time – From an .csv or .txt file on a specific location – Custom data can be imported additionally to show to the agent – Import multiple (4) phone numbers (=1 record), phone types and skills• Authorised users can also export campaign data – To an existing or a new campaign – To a specific file – Several filters are possible (filter on record status and on call attempts)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 78
  79. 79. Intelligent prioritising mechanism for campaigns• Prioritisation between campaigns is done through weights given to the campaign priorities (by the administrator)• Given this weight, the % attempts that are needed for a campaign can be calculated and compared with the call attempts that are already done for these campaigns Campaign Priority Weight % % valid Difference Order attempts attempts needed done A 2 30 23%* 10% 13% 1 B 1 60 46% 41% 5% 2 C 2 30 23% 44% -21% 4 D 3 10 8% 5% 3% 3 Total 130 100% 100% 0% * 30/130April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 79
  80. 80. Measure and monitor your campaigns• Measure your agents‟ performance real-time by the number of preview outbound calls, handling time,...• Measure your agents‟ performance based on historical reports• Monitor your campaign performances real-time by having an overview on – Number of records (a record can contain 4 telephone numbers) that reached a customer – Number of ongoing records – Number of automatic/manual rescheduled records – Number of attempts blacklisted – ...• Monitor your campaign performances based on historical reportsApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 80
  81. 81. Integrate your current business applications. We will meet thischallenge. Guaranteed.INTEGRATIONSApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 81
  82. 82. Integrations from any possible business environment• CRM, ERP,... packages can be integrated into the Voxtron Client – SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel,...• Customise your own toolbar in the Voxtron Client• Display customised HTML pages in the Voxtron Client• Customise your reports/dashboards by integrating the Voxtron Communication Center reports/dashboards with reports/dashboards from your current environment• Customise your campaigns by adding, modifying and deleting automatically campaigns or campaign data• Use activity and waiting monitor information into your applications• Automate your Web Center administration• Create a web chat application on your website• Use information from the Voxtron Client into your own applications• Create your own client• IVR plug-insApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 82
  83. 83. Unify your communication channels with the Voxtron Client forMicrsosoft® Lync™ The Voxtron Client for Microsoft® Lync™ : One Integrated Client 100% 100% Voxtron Client features Lync™ Client features Presence synchronisationApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 83
  84. 84. Advantages 2 1. Connect your contact center agents with back-office Lync™ 3 agents 2. One Integrated Client 1 with contact center ànd Lync™ functionalities 3. Empower your existing Lync™ infrastructure to 4-5 a contact center with Voxtron‟s customer interaction software 4. Your agents can work with Lync in the same way as before 5. Unify your communication channels by using Lync pop ups to call, email, IM, conference,... combined with Voxtron‟s contact center functionalities (contact details, contact codes, reports,...)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 84
  85. 85. Scenario 1: Replace the traditional PBX with the Lync™ Server• User types – Lync™ only users – Voxtron Client for Lync™ agents• Typical use – You have a contact center that was working on a traditional PBX and you want to replace this with a Lync™ server – Your back-office will work also with Lync™, but without contact center functionalities Contact Center & CTI Contact Center & CTIApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 85
  86. 86. Scenario 2: Add the Lync™ Server into a traditional PBX environment• User types – Voxtron Client only agents – Lync™ only users – Voxtron Client for Lync™ agents• Typical use – You want to test the Lync™ server by introducing it for a small amount of agents and you want to keep the traditional PBX on top of the Lync™ server Contact Center Contact Center & CTI & CTI GatewayApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 86
  87. 87. Overview of possible inter-agent interactions in the two scenarios VOXTRON CLIENT FOR LYNC INTERACTION TABLE SEE Voxtron only agents Lync only users Voxtron Client for Lync agents DefinitionsVoxtron only agents  Lync only users  Voxtron Client for Lync agents    • A Voxtron Client only agent CALL is an agent who only usesVoxtron only agents   the Voxtron Client in aLync only users   mixed environmentVoxtron Client for Lync agents    TRANSFER (Lync™-traditional PBX)Voxtron only agents  Lync only users  Voxtron Client for Lync agents    • A Lync™ only user is an CONFERENCE agent who only uses theVoxtron only agents   Lync™ Client in a Lync™Lync only users   environmentVoxtron Client for Lync agents    MAILVoxtron only agents • A Voxtron Client for Lync™  Lync only users agent is an agent who usesVoxtron Client for Lync agents   CHAT the Voxtron Client forVoxtron only agents   Lync™, which combines theLync only users   Lync™ Client with theVoxtron Client for Lync agents    Voxtron Client in a Lync™ FAXVoxtron only agents   environmentLync only usersVoxtron Client for Lync agents   Scenario 1 Scenario 2April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 87
  88. 88. Synchronisation of Lync™ states with Voxtron Client states• Map your agent‟s Lync™ presence state with his/her state in the Voxtron Client 1. Agent state in Lync™ is for example „Busy‟ 2. Result after configuration: The agent state in the Voxtron Client will be automatically adjusted to pause > busy Your agents will have a synchronised state everywhere ! April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 88
  89. 89. Synchronisation of Voxtron Client states to Lync™ states• You can map also Voxtron Client states to a default Lync™ presence state (if for example this state does not exist in Lync™) The out of office pause reason in the Voxtron Client will result after configuration into a default Lync™ presence state of „Away‟. Your agent‟s state will be synchronised everywhere !April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 89
  90. 90. Synchronising your Lync™ state while handling contact centercontacts• When handling contact center contacts (mail, fax, chat,...), your Lync™ state can also be adjusted to a specific Lync™ presence state – For example, if your agent is handling a contact center mail, you configure the agent‟s Lync™ presence state to go automatically to busy – For example, if you are in the wrap-up state after having handled a mail, you configure the agent‟s Lync™ presence state to go automatically to busyApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 90
  91. 91. Good to know...• For seamless integration, use a certified Lync™ phone to connect to the PC (only via USB!) – For a complete list, go to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/lync/gg278164• Voxtron is – Certified by Microsoft as Gold ISV – Cerified by Microsoft for the Silver Communication competence (Lync)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 91
  92. 92. Voxtron Communication Center in different flavoursLICENSINGApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 92
  93. 93. Overview on all price components – clear and straightforward Voxtron Communication Center Express/Enterprise Routing Voxtron Voxtron Client license IVR/VoiceXML options # Simultaneous Pay-per-seat # Lines agents (no named) Pay-per-use Degressive pricing Degressive pricing Degressive pricing Hardware and tools Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 Services and trainingApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 93
  94. 94. Express edition, tailored for SMEsEnterprise edition, tailored for large enterprises Express Enterprise – SMEs – Large enterprises – Core modules are for free – Core modules are licensed – Each operational module is – Contact Center module and for free Dashboard module are licensed – Operational modules can – No commercial limitations on be installed only number of instances and ONCE, except for the IVR number of users / ports module – Limitations in the number of users (250) and IVR ports (120)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 94
  95. 95. Routing license option 1: Interaction Log-in Units (ILU)• Interaction Log-in Unit (ILU) or pay-per-seat – For companies or BUs with heavy traffic per seat – Degressive per extra Interaction Log-in Unit (2nd, 3rd, ... interaction for same agent is lower in price) per agent, promoting multimedia users – Independent of which type of interaction you want – Degressive pricing on the total number of ILUs you buy. The more ILUs in total you buy, the less you pay per ILU – Supports peak licensesApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 95
  96. 96. Web chat session . inboundInteraction Log-in Units . web chat = 12 ILU User 1 Workspace A Inbound call . inbound = 8 ILU User 2 Workspace B Fax . inbound . outbound . fax . email User 3 . web chat Workspace C = 15 ILU April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 96
  97. 97. Routing license option 2: Routed Multimedia Contacts (RMC)• Routed Multimedia Contacts (RMC) or pay-per-use – For companies or BUs with low traffic per seat – Pay per routed multimedia contact (no direct contacts!) – Initial investment for basic infrastructure – Degressive pricing on the total Routed Multimedia Contacts you buy (inbound and outbound calls, faxes, emails, web chat sessions, objects)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 97
  98. 98. Web chat . inbound Routed Multimedia session . web chat Contacts User 1 Workspace A Inbound call . inbound User 2 Workspace B Fax . inbound . outbound . fax . email User 3 . web chat Workspace CApril 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 98
  99. 99. Flexible licensing Limited training Integration with enables targeting time for Voxtron Microsoft® Lync™ different markets users Advanced, Central Limited time to modular administration deployment architecture and configuration Extensive Multimedia Integration Interactions possibilities Scalable (call, social (SAP, Dynamics,.. media, email, fax .) , chat, doc)April 2012 Voxtron Communication Center 99
  100. 100. ContactYour contact details