Ss fonality hud mobile solution_sheet aug-11


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Ss fonality hud mobile solution_sheet aug-11

  1. 1. Mobile Unified CommunicationsExtending communications to empower mobile usersIt’s no surprise that unifying your business communications helps remove the barriers between voice, email, conferencing,and instant messaging which allows employees to connect, communicate and collaborate in a manner that increases businessefficiency. Industry studies have proven that by unifying your business communications companies can:• Increase employee productivity by up to two hours a day through timely communications• Reduce operational expenses• Provide superior customer service and satisfactionMobility is yet another integral factor to unify yourcommunications. Quickly becoming the rule rather thanthe exception, a mobile workforce helps keep your businesscompetitive by staying connected to both current andpotential customers. A mobile communication solution enablesemployees to connect anywhere, anytime, on multiple devicesand improves productivity and responsiveness for both mobileemployees and their tethered colleagues. It lets the desktop boundcoworker retrieve decisions faster and be more effectivein support of mobile executives and customer-facing sales andsupport professionals.The small and midsized business appetite for mobility isdriving continued adoption of smartphones as the preferredequipment for mobile professionals. With roughly thirty-onepercent of SMB employees working remotely at least a portionof their time, business continuity and access to vital businessapplications, including communications, must be seamless asif they are in the office. Clearly defining your company’s mobileneeds is the first step in evaluating what type of mobile solutionworks best for both your employees and your IT resources.
  2. 2. Defining your mobile needs Today’s fast paced global economy doesn’t wait for you to be at your office to conduct business, and with mobility costs increasing roughly twenty percent each year, blindly throwing money at road-warriors or teleworker’s mobile phone bills is costly and inefficient. Can you or your employees relate to the following mobile discussion points?Key Features Include: • Multiple numbers, multiple devices Executives and employees alike are all too familiar with the situation of missing phone• Location options to calls from customers or colleagues due to managing multiple types of communica- direct inbound calls tions. Whether they are managing two or three separate phone numbers with their own• Control live calls or voicemail boxes, vital communications can end up in unmanaged accounts effecting transfer to desk or cell customer service and ultimately the company’s bottom line. phone• Voice over Wi-Fi calling • Corporate versus personal devices• Visual voicemail The clear delineation between personal devices and those approved for corporate use• Secure chat with continues to blur as work becomes an activity rather than a location. Employees want colleagues the flexibility to use devices bridging both work and personal activities. With increased influence over corporate mobility strategy, employees expect a seamless experience• Real-time presence between their personal and professional mobile environments. capabilities• Access your company • IT Complexity directory Staying current with rapidly changing mobile devices, their operating systems and services only compounds the complexity of managing a mobile platform in-house.• Virtual conference Alike, layering on additional projects (like managing an in-house mobile platform) to an rooms already strained IT resource may not produce the desired results your company and employees need.Contact CenterFeatures Include:• Monitor agents & staff activity “As an IT manager, I’m constantly working with our employees to ensure access to• Record calls on the fly critical business applications are available anytime, anywhere, yet operate within our corporate policy to insure compatibility and security. With Fonality HUD Mobile,• Log in and out of employees are able to use their own personal devices and the company can actually queues save money through voice over WiFi calling.”• Barge, monitor, - SMB, IT Manager whisper agent calls
  3. 3. Unified Mobile WorkerAvailable to download in both the Apple and Android app stores, this simple to operateapplication was built to mirror the user experience of Fonality HUD Desktop client. Inclusiveof all Fonality communication solutions, the Fonality HUD Desktop client merges your phones,desktop, and business applications into a single unified, easy-to-use interface and offersunique features including,drag and drop call management, employee presence, and securechat that can be integrated with Google contacts. The paralleled mobile client for yoursmartphone creates a unified mobile worker that has access to the same telephonyfeatures and functionality (including contact center features) regardless of location.Unified mobile workers benefit from:• One number access regardless of device or location• Find me/follow me instead of leave message wait for callback• Accelerated workflow and business processes• Company directories and Fortune 500 telephony features• One consolidated voicemail box - no more checking mobile-mail and office-mail• Real-time employee presence• Visual call status and call duration for each employeeWith employee mobility becoming the rule rather than the exception, it is important to addressthis transition with a clear and flexible business strategy. Fonality HUD Mobile enables you tostay fully informed and connected no matter where you are, making your business truly unified.Visit to learn more about how your business can benefit from a stress free,cloud- based mobile solution.Fonality is North America’s fastest growing business communications company and the onlyprovider of cloud-based, open source VoIP phone and Unified Communications solutions forsmall and mid-sized businesses. With a unique software model approach, Fonality providesall the features of legacy providers without the cost or complexity. Founded in 2004, Fonalityhas delivered more than two billion phone calls across the cloud while enabling more than onemillion users of open-standards based communications software. Investors include DraperFisher Jurveston, Intel Capital and Azure Capital Partners. Follow FonalityVisit for more information or call 877-FONALITY.