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Mobile Workforce Applications for Home Health & Hospice


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The focus on better patient care by deploying the right support worker, at the right time to the right patient. Vortex Connect provides a suite of mobile solutions to manage a mobile workforce.

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Mobile Workforce Applications for Home Health & Hospice

  1. 1. Home Health Workforce Management Mobile Solutions Date: September 8, 2011 Contact: Colleen Wong-Sala 416 203 7787 x
  2. 2. 1. How will the application show the schedule to PSWs? What will it look like, what information will it include, how often is it updated?The Vortex Connect solution provides real-time access to both weekly and daily views in a smartphoneor tablet (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, iPad, PlayBook*) and web. As with all solutions provided byVortex user experiences translate effectively across iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Web.Access to schedules via different channels and the information is configurable. 2
  3. 3. 2. How will we know if the staff member (PSW) is working? Can we tell where the PSW is?Vortex Connect employee functionality extends beyond scheduling and task oriented information. Timeand attendance is a root component of the Vortex solution and tracking time via punch, sign in orflagging the status of a task are cornerstones of the Vortex application. The time and location functionscan be reported within Vortex or real-time pass through to a time and attendance and/or billing system.This gives the ability to calculate employee zero-to-gross pay and manage accurate billing moreefficiently.The smartphone device’s inherent capabilities, including GPS functionality is leveraged across all Vortexmodules and typically passed into the host time and attendance application along with a full audit trail. 3
  4. 4. 3. How will the application look to our PSWs to complete their flow sheet information and provide progress notes or a risk note.The Vortex Connect solution includes a core forms element that can be attached to any assignment orcalled up from a library for ad hoc creation.New assignments, either created in Vortex Connect or imported from a care system like Goldcare caninclude a template replicating the Flow Sheet or other required forms based on Assignment ,Type/Patient Type or be created/adjusted on the fly by managers. 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 4. How will the application look to our Coordinators (in the office)? How do they sign-in? How does it link with Goldcare or other similar systems?Manager login, will leverage the same login as used with Goldcare or similar systems, assuming the caresystem can provide authentication information via webservices. The web application is easy to navigateand use. 6
  7. 7. 5. How will the Coordinators see where their PSWs are and locate someone who may be close to an appointment that needs to be filled?Assuming punch data displayed by Goldcare or a similar system can include location information, GPSdata or simply comments fields we typically provide that data with our real time feed of punchinformation to the host system. 7
  8. 8. 6. How will the Coordinators send messages to the PSWs about open shifts or changes to shifts? How can PSWs accept a shift?Mobile Shift Connect module, either stand alone or integrated, provides Coordinators with an easy tomanage tool to send out open shifts to multiple PSWs in a real-time. Assignments are sent in thepreferred communication method for each PSW, either via email, SMS (txt messaging) or IVR(automated phone). This process replaces the manual efforts to fill shifts, gives employees an equitableopportunity, keeps priority and seniority in mind and provides a complete audit trail. 8
  9. 9. 7. Can the Coordinators send out an alert to their staff?Operation Connect Alert module leverages the same address book and user profiles to permitCoordinators and corporate users to send out email, SMS (txt message) and IVR (automated phone)messages to as many staff members or stake holders as required at the same time. This saves atremendous amount of time for users, communicates in multiple methods to ensure receipt andprovides real-time reporting on the message status, including if desired acknowledgement results. 9
  10. 10. 8. Bi –directional data flowVortex Connect’s preference is a real-time interface and 2-way communication, insuring the highestlevel of security and most up to date data in lieu of a push of data methodology. Leveraging publishedand vendor created APIs this is typically possible via WebServices as it is today with many 3rd partyapplications.Vortex Connect’s Harmony Middleware platform provides organizations with an environment to rapidlydeploy, interface and manage multi-platform mobile applications. The Harmony Platform is used for allVortex applications. 10
  11. 11. 9. What is involved in setting up the application? How much manual entry?The Vortex Connect Professional Services team takes care of all setup with the functional/subject matterexpert support of the Preferred Team. In addition, data integration beyond what might be availablefrom Goldcare or similar systems would require data feeds via CSV, etc. in lieu of data entry. Phase 1 – Rapid Core Deployment Deployment Profile Phase 2 – Goldcare Integration • Pilot Group Deployment Profile Phase 3 – Full Deployment Operations Connect: Data Connect • Core features • Pilot Group Extended (Late Fall) Operations Connect: Alerts Connect OC:DC, OC:AC & MSC Deployment Profile • Core features • Integrated employee data, shift/assignment • Enterprise Wide (Winter 2012) data inbound/outbound with Goldcare OC:DC, OC:AC & MSC Mobile Shift Connect • Core Features • Additional Features Required Integrated into CoreVortex Connect operates on a Fixed Cost contract with our clients to eliminate the concern of anyhidden costs. Our project methodology usually encompasses a multi-stage interactive approachincluding Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment.Our solutions are deployed as Saas delivery model which limits the risk and costs to our clients.10.What is the security on the device? What if it is lost?As mentioned, the real-time integration of the system ensures that security is the priority, a lost devicebecomes useless as the user wouldn’t be able to login without a password avoiding a breach.11. What is the battery life of the device? What geographic areas will we have problems with connectivity?The impact on battery life of the Vortex Connect solution on devices is negligible and has passedindependent audits for battery drain, data usage and security basis by both technology partners andclients. 11
  12. 12. 12.Based on your experience what challenges will we encounter with implementation?All stakeholders with the organization must be on the same page. Dedicated resources must beavailable from various departments like, I.T., HR, Operations and Finance to ensure that the projects arealigned with the business and I.T’s goals.13. Will Nurse Managers be able to locate their PSWs from their own device or only from the office?Vortex Connect values the manager’s need to be in the field along with his/her staff andas such has a manager focused module, Mobile Manager Connect, which provides theability for a manager to review the location of the punch of their PSWs.14. What other features does your application offer?Mobile Employee Connect  Time Off Requests  Balance/Accrual Review  Timesheet Review  Elapsed Time Entry  Timesheet SubmissionMobile Manager Connect  Approval Process  Timesheet Edit  Reporting  Time Entry/Punch on Behalf of EmployeesOperations Connect  Ad Hoc Creation, Copying, Archiving of Assignment  Assignment and Alert Templates  Real-Time Reporting of Assignments  Web-Access by PSWs to Forms 12