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CHAMPIONS Impact Report 2011


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Barely 6-months into its roll-out since July 2011, The CHAMPIONS has made significant impact in the lives of more than 10,000 youth in Kuching, Sarawak. The CHAMPIONS Impact Report 2011 showcases the 4 Key Outcomes achieved in less than 6-months, the impact within the social environment of the youth and the sustainable Accelerator Strategic Plans for 2012. This report is free for download. Any reference made from this report must be given due credits to its owner. For more information, get in touch with Ms Foo Zhen Cui at

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CHAMPIONS Impact Report 2011

  1. 1. champions are made from something deep withinA DESIRE, A DREAM, A VISION-Muhammad Ali
  3. 3. ABOUT THE CHAMPIONThe Champions is an outreach effort to create Agents ofChange among young people whom will drive positive socio-economy impact in communities and organizations thuscontributing to the nation’s growth.The Champions are young people aged 18-30 whom; • are Visionaries filled with Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations, to drive social impact in their community; • are Agents of Change; Purpose-Driven, Selfless and Courageous; • will be our Transformation Catalyst – giving back to the Community, driving organization growth and leading WITH ONE VISION, CHAMPIONS ARE VISIONARIES the Nation.The Champions is powered by the young people of Sarawakthrough peer-to-peer influence and youth volunteerismspirit. The programs in Champions are designed with a keyfocus towards holistic youth development; building apositive impact in the social and economy environment in AGENTS OF CHANGEthe lives of the young people in Sarawak.The team believes in youth, their confidence and their willpower to drive impacts. TRANSFORMATION CATALYST
  4. 4. ACHIEVED KEY OUTCOMEFor the first time, youth in Sarawak are effectively engagedfrom ground up to not only participate but to co-createtheir social environment.Champions gave young people the platform to build  Improved inconfidence; step out and step up to make things happen.The Champions identified four elements that are relevant Personal & Emotional Well-beingand important to the growth of the youth - community in The Champions create a sustainable support environment toSarawak. Education, Arts & Sports, Social Capital, Culture & facilitate young people’s growth. The Champions believes inUnity. the will power of young people to drive impacts in the community. Through various youth-led programs and activities, youth learned from mentors and other young peers on developing themselves. They became more //EDUCATION resilient and optimistic, and improve their emotional health and self-esteem. //ARTS & SPORTS //SOCIAL CAPITAL  Improved in Social Well-being //CULTURE & UNITY The Champions recognizes the desire of the youth who wants to do something for the community. The drive and eagerness to learn are the one thing that formulates Champions. The Champions are encouraged to look beyondFrom these four elements, The Champions has themselves, and be selfless, always contributing back to theimplemented several programs that benefitted and community. In the past 6months of The Championsimpacted the growth of the youth in Sarawak. The programs programs, it is observed that the quality of youthare entirely conceptualized and implemented by The relationships improve, in particularly with their friends andChampions whom are young people aged 18-24, from community.different background and education. END
  5. 5.  Enhance Connection with the Social Community The Champions encourages young people to appreciate the environment surrounding them. We are what the environment mold us to be. All Champions have their own social cause that they champion i.e. Girl Empowerment, Education, Sports, Arts Appreciation; Champions give back to the community. Throughout the 6months, it is noticed that their knowledge, awareness and appreciation towards the social community improve. Increase in Enthusiasm and Confidence in Learning We believe in young people, their confidence and their hunger to learn. All elements of Champions, are engineered to help and assist young people to learn, relearn and unlearn from their daily lives, mentors and peers. Champions encourages young people to be brave, to love, to dream, and to make things happen. Through leadership roles, team building activities and program coordination; the young’s attitude towards learning improved, became more confident, and are more capable learners in life. NO MATTER HOW TOUGH IT MAY BE; WE CAN MAKE IT THROUGH, TOGETHER.
  6. 6. “The Champions changed my life to come forward more boldly in front of many people. Through the programs, it open my mind on how we can all work together, even if we came from different background and we, as the young change makers want to prove that we can change, to become a better Champion in our lives! I am more confident that I can lead after attending the camp that provides very valuable key lessons of life that no one else can give it to me. I want to share this experience to other people around me, starting from my family, friends, community and all the teenagers whom are less motivated, less daring to show their spirit…” Zanna Lee Nelly, 19Story of a champion
  7. 7. 2011 programsEMPOWERMENT SERIESChampions: Empowerment Series is a series of interactiveand inspiring sessions for the young hearts in Kuching,Sarawak. The sessions focuses on notable entrepreneursand personalities to share their experiences,accomplishments in work and personal lives.More than 500 youth from the various campuses attendedthe weekly series held in an unorthodox and chill-out set upin Bing! Coffee. SPECIAL TITLES IN 2011 • ARTS & ITS FLAIR • JOURNALISM • ENTREPRENEURSHIP • FOOD & BEVERAGE • HOSPITALITY • HUMANITARIAN • FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE • YOUTH EMPOWERMENT
  8. 8. TESTIMONIALS This is indeed a program that serves well the community of young people in Kuching, to inspire, to enlighten and to launch. -Maclean PatrickSpecial Thanks to our Through such activities, business leaders can inspire youthsInspiring Speakers through their experiences and encouragements and offer• Ramsay Ong• Charles Arthur valuable advise at the same time gain an insight into the psyche• Maclean Patrick of the younger generations.• Georgette Tan -Donald Tan, Singgahsana Lodge Kuching• Halfi Idris & Team• Gracie Geikie• Donald Tan• Anna Wee• Chris Junior• Dicky Lee• Jason Lo• Jonathan Quek• Bernard Hor
  10. 10. CHAMPIONS BOOTCAMPChampions “BootCamp: Introductory Weekend” is a 3-day, 2nights Youth Engagement and Volunteerism program whichgathers 120 youth influencers and leaders in Sarawak. Itwas held on the 9-11 September 2011, at Yayasan Sarawak,Jalan Sultan Tengah.The theme of this BootCamp: Introductory Weekend is“Empowering Selfless, Purpose-Driven & Courageous Youth”.The objective of Champions Bootcamp is;• to introduce an enabling youth-friendly environment of The Champions to the youth;• to empower youth on their roles towards the growth of the socio-economy development in the state and the nation and;• how they could play a proactive role voluntarily in ensuring a healthy and competitive state of economy in Sarawak. A platform to share, listen and support youth in their growth in personal & emotional wellbeing
  12. 12. “Champions inspire me to be more confident when communicating with other people in English. Before this, I was always cautious when speaking in English, afraid of judgments and criticism from other people. But after joining this camp; I think it doesn’t matter whether it is English; as long as you have the confidence, you can make it. Throughout the journey as a Champion, I’ve learn that we need to always STEP FORWARD AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN DO IT. Cause no matter what it is, we are the champions; and champions never stop! To all the Champions out there. Remember, We are AWESOME! :D” -Zufizah Jazman, 19Story of a champion
  13. 13. 19&20 November 2011 Civic Centre, Kuching, Sarawak BREAK FREE 2011 aims toBREAKFREE2011 • Unite the youth ofis Sarawak’s first and largest Sarawak;inter-varsity youth festival. • Inspire Youth to be moreThe concept and design of RICH (Responsible,the event are spearheaded Independent, Confidentby Champions; as a team and Healthy) and;whom have came together • Revolutionize a positiveafter the various programs growth in life of theheld months before. young people.
  14. 14. Futsal Challenge Martial Arts DemonstrationOpen Stage & Youth4Unity Concert X-Flow & Parkour
  17. 17. The differences champions makeChampions offers young people the opportunity to make newfriends, get out of their comfort zone, to learn new skills, to 90%overcome challenges and to achieve in many ways. For many, 86% 88%it’s an exhilarating experience that leaves them proud,motivated and energized. It gives them something to look 56% 68%forward to everyday. For some, the experience is so powerful 45% 46%that it completely changes their outlook on life and transform 38%them as an individual. 30% Personal WellbeingChampions is a movement which provides young people a Personal Wellbeing Social Wellbeing Before Champions Social Enthusiasm & Environment Confidence After Championssense of belonging, and an opportunity to contribute and be Chart 1: Observational Differences on Youth Behavioral Changesignificant in the society. One of the impact we measured Please take note that data are collected via observationalwas the positive effect it had on young people’s overall research. Research interpretation may defer from personal opinion.satisfaction with life. CHAMPIONS BROADENED THEIR 23% Social Wellbeing HORIZONS, PARTLY BY GIVING THEM THE CHANCE TO SEE THEIR OWN CAPABILITIES IN UNTESTED GROUNDS
  18. 18. How Champions Impacted Me… I enjoy with new things, Though only an infant program of 6months; the feedback experiences, chances from from our partners and young people whom have been champions and i feel that, as a involved have been tremendous and encouraging. youth i need to do something to my community and keep learning 50% and enjoy myself at the same Social time.. Yeah, it increased my level Environment of confidence somehow.and I feel AWESOME :) TQ! So champs, ask not what your country can do for you, bt ask yourself wht u cn do to Our observations has shown that the experiences in The ur country. :) – Sarah Razak Champions provide a significant boost to young people’s personal, emotional and social well-being. The skills they learn and confidence they develop in their own capabilities enable them to achieve in new ways and make them a more effective individuals at school and in workplace.well before this i was notuse to be friendly withfriend and i got not manyfriend..but afterChampions, I have gotmore friends and am more 44% Confidence Enthusiasmfriendly than before.. Champions in the year 2012, vows to see greater impactwhen i join the Champion, and changes as an individual and the community at large.I feel amazing and I can bemyself..Awesome man..gochampion.. - Julian
  19. 19. 6months in a glance300 2261 9600 young leaders and influencers youth empowered to be a Champion volunteer hours from The Champions “ To young people, well- being is about feeling confident, safe and able to live a healthy fulfilling life. It’s all 45 18 1.8mil about feeling positive & effective, valued and supported. Well-being unlocksseconds FB average Industry stakeholders kilowatt of AWESOME energy respond rate and partners engaged generated young people potential to achieve whatever they put 38 7 2mil their minds at. Champions is a platform that encourages andmentors involved in The Champions public & private institutions participated earned media impressions spread across local &international media facilitates these growth. ”
  20. 20. Kuching started off as a livableWhat are they saying place when I first got here. But since I met The Champions and with things happening all the time, I can now say that I love and I enjoy being in Kuching! -Hanani Shukri Happiness kept me smiling, challenges as it will always make me stronger, sadness reminds me that I’m only human, success keeps me motivated, failures reminds me to be humble, friends and family love keeps me going. The Champions reminds me to continue to be determined, and persevere, because at the end, I will always prevail from any hardship. -Paul Racha
  21. 21. I first heard about the Champions from a friend of mine. He was going onabout this new group of young people who called themselves, TheChampions and they wanted to make a change in society. My first thoughtwas, “They won’t last.” Like most youths in Sarawak, I was skeptical when itcame to these things as most often disappear over time due to lack ofleadership or spirit.However, one afternoon he invited me to have a chat with MelodyBendindang, who was the youth specialist heading The Champions programunder Youth Works Asia.She shared and explained her vision of empowering local youths with theskills, knowledge and confidence through The Champions Program to breakout of the social norm here in Sarawak. Various planned events such as theEmpowerment Series, The Champions Boot Camp, BREAKFREE 2011 andothers all focus on creating a platform for the youth to chase their dreamsand be agents of change in Sarawak.I felt a sudden rush of excitement as I listened to her explain her vision. Icould see the enormous amount of potential this program had to effectivelychange the youth in Sarawak. By individually reaching out to each youthand asking them what they want in life and guiding them towards it, themethods used in the program to communicate with the youth would alterthe way youth looked and thought about each other, the lifestyle they live,our society, our state and our country. It could also open countless windowsof opportunities for aspiring young talent in all industries as the programessentially creates ‘bridges’ between the big players of industries withhopeful young talent.-Julian, UCSI Story of a champion
  22. 22. In the news
  23. 23. OUR PARTNERSChampions is fortunate to receive support from some of theState’s more influential organizations and individuals. TheChampions prove to be an effective public-privatepartnership that leverages on the strength of collectivesupport.A special thanks to all our partners that went above andbeyond in their support to Champions. A S I A Kementerian Pembangunan Sosial
  24. 24. conclusion Our vision in 2012In conclusion, The Champions program has impacted and Over the coming years, Champions will continue to striveempowered the youth of Sarawak and started a movement of and built on what we have learnt til date since the pastyoung people who are passionate in seeing a positive change 6months. In particular, we will look into the following:in their community and beyond. The Champions is still growingin numbers and creating even bigger impact as it goes on. • Continue to run impactful youth development programs with the Champions;The Champions hope to see more agents of change created • Focus on short-term learning outcomes, whilst buildingand be the transformation catalyst of the state and the nation. in more longer-term measures; • Consider the emotional and physical benefits of spendingAs more focus is directed to the youth of the nation, thanks to time in the natural environment, and how this helps toefforts of our beloved Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun achieve positive outcome for young people;Razak, The Champions hope that the public and private sectors • Expand our programs beyond Kuching, Sarawak togetherwill contribute more to the development of the youth in with the young people in a structured manner;Sarawak and help propel the economy and social growth of • Create a bigger and bolder year 2012 for the youngSarawak to move ahead. people in MalaysiaWith this, The Champions hope to continue its efforts indeveloping and engaging the youth of Sarawak andtransforming the landscape of the youth for Sarawak toflourish in the years to come.
  25. 25. 2012 in a nutshell
  26. 26. AWESOME YOUTH AWARDS (AWWYA 2012) AWWYA2012 recognizes grassroots youth on Significance & Awesomeness. Community Hero, Empower badge, Inspire badge, Youth4Unity award, Awesome Youth of the Year. SOUL HEART RIGHT BRAIN LEFT BRAIN EDUCATION LIFESTYLE INNOVATIONEMPOWERMENT LEADERSHIP CREATIVITY FINANCE INSPIRATION TEAMWORK ARTS SOCIAL MEDIA PASSION DREAMS UNITY EMPLOYMENT COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP 4 PILLARS OF “AWESOMENESS” - a holistic development model for youth. YOUTH ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY Campus Leaders Program • Community Champions • Anak Muda Sarawak (ambassador program)If you’d like to participate and support The Champions next year, please do drop us a line at or call us at +6011 1239 8163.
  27. 27. courageous, relentless, selflessWe are the champions
  28. 28. To a bigger Bolder 2012Champions Impact Report 2011 and its content are copyrights of The Champions © Youth Works Asia 2011. All Rights Reserved