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We proudly present to you our Annual Report 2019/20.


TOGETHERNESS is a big theme as I reflect upon the year - it is a journey of remembering that we achieve absolutely nothing on our own AND that we are not on our own. We must be willing to tear down the walls we have built to protect ourselves, to shed the old energy and allow curiosity to take us into new, exciting, collaborative and co-creative spaces. When we take the risk to open ourselves to the GRAND ADVENTURE we begin to experience how similar we all are - we awaken to the spirit of UBUNTU - I AM because WE ARE - and we extend ourselves into this beautiful shared experience.

We meet most of our beneficiaries at a crossroad, between the dark and the light, at the far edges of their experience. We extend an invitation to them - a call to adventure - to take the leap, to step onto our life-changing platform and Awaken the Leader within. It is such a humbling experience to walk the journey next to them as they transform from deep within… UNLEASHING GREATNESS.


Welcome to our Annual Report 2019/20 - I am so glad you are here ♥︎

May you enjoy our year in words and pictures. And may you feel inspired to join us in our vision… as a Shareholder in the Well-Being of our Society.

with Love, Karina

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  1. 1. I AM BECAUSE WE ARE THE SMILING ONE FOUNDATION ANNUAL REPORT 2019 - 20 0 8 0 - 4 7 0 N P O P B O 9 3 0 0 3 4 4 1 7
  3. 3. CONTENT | ANNUAL REPORT FOREWORD By our Founder OUR YEAR In a Blink OUR TEAM Active 2019/20 CHANGE AGENTS IN THE MAKING SA Prisons CHANGE AGENTS Travel Companions Entrepreneurship CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE SA Schools Ravensmead High Michausdal SSS ARMY OF SUPPORT Our Sponsors FINANCIAL REPORT & GOVERNANCE Board of Trustees WE WELCOME YOUR SUPPORT Call to Action MISSION STATEMENT We are deeply passionate about people and their development. UMUNTU NGUMUNTU NGABANTU We meet people where they are at. TOGETHER we unlock potential.
  4. 4. FOREWORD | BY OUR FOUNDER Dear Friends of our SmilingOne Foundation TOGETHERNESS is a big theme as I reflect upon the year - it is a journey of remembering that we achieve absolutely nothing on our own AND that we are not on our own. We must be willing to tear down the walls we have built to protect ourselves, to shed the old energy and allow curiosity to take us into new, exciting, collaborative and co-creative spaces. When we take the risk to open ourselves to the GRAND ADVENTURE we begin to experience how similar we all are - we awaken to the spirit of UBUNTU - I AM because WE ARE - and we extend ourselves into this beautiful shared experience. We meet most of our beneficiaries at a crossroad, between the dark and the light, at the far edges of their experience. We extend an invitation to them - a call to adventure - to take the leap, to step onto our life- changing platform and Awaken the Leader within. It is such a humbling experience to walk the journey next to them as they transform from deep within… UNLEASHING GREATNESS. ALL IT TAKES IS A MOMENT TO TAKE OFF ON THE RIGHT PATH…. Welcome to our Annual Report 2019/20 - I am so glad you are here ♥ May you enjoy our year in words and pictures. And may you feel inspired to join us in our vision… as a Shareholder in the Well-Being of our Society. WHEN WE AWAKEN TO A GREATER PURPOSE AND ENERGY OF WE IT IS DEEPLY HUMBLING AND NOTHING LIKE THE “I” COULD EVER ACHIEVE. With LOVE, KARINA
  5. 5. OUR YEAR | IN A BLINK OUR VISION | CLARITY Social Cohesion, Crime Diversion & Prevention “We are continuously developing as a community. We thrive on shared values, shared challenges and equal opportunities. We walk united in diversity, each one of us knowing that it starts with a better ME (my individual responsibility) for a better WE (our shared responsibility). We are committed and passionate about contributing to the wellbeing of everyone in society. We build bridges instead of walls. WE ALL OWN A SHARE IN THE WELL-BEING OF OUR SOCIETY! 1 PRISON 2 CHANGE AGENTS (PAID) 1 VOLUNTEER 20 INMATES 160 PROJECT HRS 2 SCHOOLS 3 CHANGE AGENTS (PAID) 2 VOLUNTEERS 80 STUDENTS (INTENSIFIED) 2235 STUDENTS (EXPOSURE) 2240 PROJECT HRS 4 CHANGE AGENTS (PAID) 250 EDUCATIONAL TRAINING HRS
  7. 7. CHANGE AGENTS IN THE MAKING | SA PRISONS ONE OF OUR GREATEST PRIORITIES IS TO EDUCATE MORE CHANGE AGENTS, TO BUILD A STRONG TEAM OF RELATABLE ADULTS WHO CAN INSPIRE PERSONAL VALUES-BASED LEADERSHIP AMONGST YOUTH-AT-RISK. By Change Agent Luyanda Msutwana Millions live with anxiety… the illness often leads to smoking, drugs, alcohol abuse, suicides and families that don’t get along - children get exposed to uncertainty, violence and crime every day. Some end up joining gangs to feel a sense of belonging. You can imagine the future of the next generation. How will they be if they live in such a society. The whole world is facing this challenge. I used to be one of the victims of myself - of the criminal I turned into be. I used to go in and out of prison. I had friends who were released from prison… and before long went back to prison. The challenge of peer pressure used to control me, but now I am the one in control of my emotions. I am in charge. I have seen the difference in me by leading by my values. It is easy for me to relate to the inmates in our project. I am an example of change. It is possible! By educating more Change Agents we shape a movement which will contribute meaningfully to people’s lives - so they may perceive the challenges of life in a positive way and create opportunity out of it. In our SmilingOne Prison Processes we plant seeds; seeds that grow and feed the souls that are lost. Our main objective is to help the inmates understand that each and everyone of them are special and valued - irrespective of them being in Prison. The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) personal values-based leadership program guides them towards an understanding of Self and challenges them to step out of their comfort zones. The journey brings them to a crossroad, to take responsibility for their actions. They visit past experiences and begin to listen to their emotions. Challenge becomes an opportunity for growth - challenges are there to teach us great lessons. I have experienced those participating to become more and more curious to explore. The engagement and commitment speaks for itself. I keep inviting them to embrace and cherish the change they are about to make.
  8. 8. Today was my last visit in Pollsmoor. I am going to miss the sessions there and the guys in the program. They have learned me so much and I really appreciate the open and honest communication we have had.  
 It was a great last session and once again I learned some new things about them and we had another look back on some experiences they have had when they were just children. Listening to these stories and their view on life has given me an understanding of how people can end up like that in prison. I see now that the environment and the people around us while we grow up plays a big role in our lives and how it can be hard to break out of that and change your life.  
 It has been such a privilege to be a part of this project and I will never forget the experiences they have given me. It is very special for me to get to know these people and to see how we have build a relation based on trust and honesty. So thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! VOLUNTEER ANJA MORTENSEN Law Student from Denmark
 JUNE 29TH - AUG 10TH 2019
  9. 9. CHANGE AGENTS | TRAVEL COMPANIONS 1. We facilitate CIRCLES OF CHANGE (COC) in highly challenged South African communities with our personal values-based leadership program: THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL (TRI). 2. We educate CHANGE AGENTS who facilitate dynamic COC processes within their communities which include: prisons, families, schools, youth at risk, businesses and organisations – in society at large. 3. Our CHANGE AGENTS are ROLE MODELS who also assist the important phase of re- integration, reducing the recidivism rate by helping parolees to build the bridge back into society, back home into their families and communities. 4. We are an EMPOWERMENT ARM for our beneficiaries, their families and communities. We do not do it for them. We do it with them. ”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The COC empowers the entrepreneurial journey of each student towards sustainable livelihood, operating in an abundant exchange. 5. We strongly believe in SUSTAINABILITY and that everything brought to a community must be able to stay and be nurtured within the community for continuous learning and growth. OUR VISION IN ACTION
  10. 10. CHANGE AGENTS | TRAVEL COMPANIONS By Change Agent Franklin Esau: Three years ago, I moved to the Eastern Cape - embarking on a Journey that would touch my life forever. As a SmilingOne Change Agent, my heart and mind was already geared towards looking for a Project when hitting the green blossomed grounds of Eastern Cape, in a small town called Cradock.  After a while, I realized that there was a huge distance between adults and teenagers. I wondered why. My curiosity led me to the Michausdal Senior Secondary School. It is special to have ignited a school project that makes SmilingOne proud… proud to have journeyed with so many beautiful Students, Teachers, and Parents. Read full article in CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE section
  11. 11. CHANGE AGENTS | ENTREPRENEURSHIP A huge part of the Circles of Change™ coach educational journey of a Change Agent is to spark and develop an entrepreneurial spirit which both serves the in-house project led by each Change Agent as well as the life-changing projects they will give birth to and bring to the Global Village as Conscious Community Enablers. Two of our Change Agents have taken the big leap… - Marco Simons has started his own venture and allowed his passion in sports to become the driver in his next chapter. - Bradly Hess has stepped into his next chapter with a personal values-based leadership toolkit filled to the brim. He is building muscles in the HR arena - taking his studies into a more practical expression. On the side he is running a small handy man business. We thank them for their incredible contribution and wish them all the best. May they go from strength to strength - and as they unleash their greatness may it ripple and touch those around them, so that also they feel inspired to unlock their potential. WE CONTINUE TO OFFER PAROLEE SUPPORT TO OUR SMILING ONE CHANGE AGENTS AND HELP THEM BUILD THE BRIDGE BACK HOME INTO SOCIETY, WHILE BEING GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO STRETCH THEMSELVES INTO AMAZING PROJECTS.
  13. 13. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE @MICHAUSDAL | BY FRANKLIN (continued) In 2018, we started our Pilot Project at the Michausdal Senior Secondary School. The Principal, his staff and the community welcomed the idea of personal development for the Students with open arms. With a great ‘pilot’ year and really good feedback, we established a Partnership with the School. During the same year we invited the DG Murray Trust to support the School Project - ‘Together We Can Do So Much More’. We had many conversations with the potential sponsor; we refined the ‘5 Key Objectives’ for the project and developed our ‘Child Protection Policy’. In November 2018 our application for funding was approved and we were given green light to launch the project officially. As we review our year we are so appreciative of the profound growth process it has been for all of us. It has helped us as SmilingOne to understand factors that contribute to student drop out; the factors that play a role in the students disengaging from academics - their school career - distancing from their parents and adults. The process showed us how to best tackle the school drop-out challenge. As per feedback from the school - there was a significant decrease in the school drop-out rate that year - a wonderful testimony of the impact the Change Agents have in the school environment. The incredible results were part of cementing the partnership we had already built with the school in the ‘pilot’ year - we became integrated into the school’s day to day operations. - In daily Exposure Sessions we reached the broader community of Students. They engaged in ‘open dialogue’, building the skill of having a dialogue. Many of the students were not used to talking about their challenges. It is such an important skill for them to strengthen, to become more open and share with one another. The light touch dialogue allowed us to tackle day-to-day topics and subjects that were challenging for them. It became a space of motivation and learning about self. It build on the bond between students and school culture became unified - they were now understanding each other on a different level. It also directly impacted their level of engagement in other classes. - Another great support muscle the students were invited to build happened in the intensified one-one session spaces where they were asked to bring a buddy. This was in particular for students who did not have the courage to sit in big group sessions yet. We practiced that challenges are part of our lives - we all have them - so let us approach them and work on them together. The buddy system brought Students closer and formed friendships. It assisted in breaking down the vicious cycles of bullying, teasing and gossiping, cycles which had been severely damaging for the school culture. The changed mindset of the Students had a positive impact on School Culture. - In our After School Club the Students became aware of “who they are”. They started to understand that they are not their environment or circumstances, that they can rise above it and connect to a new Self Identity. It made them more involved in their own journey. Instead of being the victim and just another number in the statistics, they started to champion themselves through their challenges - evolving through an inner drive, a motivation - putting it into change. They took responsibility - they took the driver seat in their journey. ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  14. 14. TACKLE learner disengagement by establishing a nurturing and relatable adult in a school to facilitate intensive personal development with learners. IMPROVE school culture through light-touch open dialogues with learners. SUPPORT family relationships of learners who show high risk of dropping out. BE ORIENTATED to work with children/learners through the SmilingOne Child Protection Policy & Engagement Guide. DIVERSIFY funding for the project moving forward. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE | 5 KEY OBJECTIVES 1 2 3 4 5 RAVENSMEAD HIGH SCHOOL, CAPE TOWN & MICHAUSDAL SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, CRADOCK (TWIN PROJECTS) CLARITY DIRECTION FOCUS PURPOSE SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIPS CREDIBILITY PROGRESS CONNECTION COMMUNICATION INVOLVEMENT PRESENCE SHARING TOGETHERNESS UNIFIED GOAL CHAMPIONS SELF MOTIVATION CONFIDENCE CLARITY DEDICATION ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  15. 15. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE | STORIES Interview with Female Grade 10 Student (After School Club Participant): she shared that she has come to the program, to find ways of dealing with her teenage issues. This has over the months improved and she admires her support from her classmates. This has also developed her confidence and it has helped her open up and communicate more. She told me that she wasn’t an open person before and never liked talking to others. She shared that she was also very aggressive because of the teasing at school. She said that if it wasn’t for the After School Classes she would have dropped out of school because she felt she had no support in her challenges. She said as a girl in Michausdal Secondary School you are always known and fit in when you engage in sex, drugs and parties. And that was not what she was into – and she never thought that she would have a positive group at school that would approve of her idea and lifestyle. This she found in the program. Interview with TRI Exposure Student “C”: She is one of the students who has been changed through TRI exposure sessions. The student never talked to anyone about her problems. She used to experience a lot of depression - it was so serious that she got blackouts inside and outside of school. She never knew that her fathers death, was the thing she couldn’t let go of. Until the Change Agent one day shared a story about the meaning of death and life for him and how letting go, was something he also struggled with. This helped the student to begin a process of accepting her own challenges. Fortunately she was in a class where Franklin visited a lot. In this way she could absorb more of the TRI concepts and learn to uncover her emotions. She made sure in time to get a buddy to accompany her to see the Change Agent. In these one-on-one sessions she learned the importance of opening up. She found ways of breathing again and a safe space to release her hidden emotions. Two teachers who are very proud of her, share that “C” is starting to live her life more positively and that she is no longer involved with fights. ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  16. 16. Interview with Male Student (Grade 10) | After School Club: He is a dedicated student. He chose to attend the programme because to him the Change Agent’s life changing story inspired him. He was at risk of dropping out, as he was a very rebellious child, who found meaning in going out to parties and get drunk. He said if it wasn’t for the Change Agent, he would have never had the self-motivation to move on. He stayed committed in the programme - it improved his trust, communication, dedication and responsibility. He says he still faces many challenges, but he has a group to fall back on and this inspires him to be a better person. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE | STORIES Our Volunteer Anja shares: I have been 6 weeks in the Project at Ravensmead High School, seeing how 'The Responsible Individual' concept works at school. What was surprising to me, is that it works for people in Prison, Students at High School and also for me - in my personal life, in my career which is Corporate work in Denmark. I saw how well it works and how big of an impact it has. I have been working closely with them and seeing how these concepts have been working in their own lives. And how big of a change they have made for themselves, which makes me very proud of them. ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  17. 17. Teachers Mr De Reuck and Mr Lucas highlights the value they see in the Change Agents, their presence and how they address aspects with the Students that is changing the way the Students show up in other classes. It is assisting them in a major way. The Teachers have all seen the effectiveness of the Change Agent approach and understand that in time it will lead to a big change in the school system (school culture). Vice Principals: Mr Taylor & Mrs Landsberg They are so supportive of the project and the Change Agents. They both share that SmilingOne’s approach adds a new and very important angle in improving school culture. They like to refer Students to the After- School Club classes, supporting and believing in the potential of the Students. Mr Taylor is grateful for this as he in many cases is left with just a few options to be used to address the offence of Students. The project now serves as an intervention program at the School. Ms Landsberg applauds the Change Agents and the TRI Program. She believes that this is the new approach that Ravensmead High School should invest in. The Students deal with Challenges that the Teachers cannot get to. The Change Agents play a pivotal role in the direction that Ravensmead High School needs. “I love the idea that the Change Agents go to the Family houses of the Students” – Mrs Landsberg shares. “That is where the Change Agent also gets to see deeper aspects of the Students”. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE | FEEDBACK FROM TEACHERS ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  18. 18. Interview with the family (mother and grandmother) of two of the After-School Club students (C & A). The mother shares that she is always happy to see the Change Agent and happy about the house visits. She shares that “C" was a girl who liked to be on the streets and with her friends. There was a definite lack of communication between herself and her daughter. It made her sad and at times depressed. She was very happy that she enrolled “C” into the program. Changes at first were not evident but as time progressed and the house visitations became more, she witnessed how her child became calmer and more responsible (the grandmother also shared about this). “C”s changes were so profound that the curiosity of her sister “A” was ignited - it resulted in her enrolling in the program as well. With this happening the mother observed how the family came back together as one. “A” shares, she is happy that she is a part of something so amazing and that she will not give up on herself. She shares that the program has created a bond of communication between her and her sister; it had been lost before. Now they have an open relationship and can focus more on their school work. They help each other in many areas of their lives. Their grandmother is thankful for the role the Change Agent is playing in their lives. She notices just how helpful and responsible the students have become. This has been important and created a bond of trust with the grandmother and the students. The family appreciates the strengthened trust, openness and platform of communication and individual responsibility at home. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE | FEEDBACK FROM HOME VISITS ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  19. 19. All it takes is a moment... for many youth at risk they walk a fine line between the right and the wrong choices... I connected with a group of boys who were bunking school... ditching the opportunity for education... We had an honest conversation about it... what it really means to be active in ones education and why they would choose not to invest... why they felt they weren’t important enough to be invested in... They listened deeply... instead of blaming everyone else we started to look inward... Actually it’s up to me to show up... it’s easy to have excuses…. They were intrigued by the new angles on their behavior... All it takes is a moment... invest time in offering more angles to our youth... help them expand their minds and choose their hearts... All it takes is a moment to take off on the right path ❤ Karina CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE | ALL IT TAKES IS A MOMENT ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  20. 20. CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE @RAVENSMEAD | BY THULANI Gangsterism, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy had become a huge challenge and center of the schools' culture in South Africa – especially in Western Cape where the gangsters had taken over the communities. As for Ravensmead High School, the Gangsters' popularity and behavior were rapidly growing. With most of these students coming from low- income households, they face life challenges that are extremely difficult. Students have no one to talk to; it easily leads to them becoming disruptive at School, disturbing School Culture. Honestly, in our research we have discovered – the rebelliousness is a big ‘cry out’ from Students seeking attention, not knowing how to deal with their challenges. The disruption of School Culture brought huge disconnection between Teachers and Students, and after having facilitated intense sessions, we realised that the Students had also disconnected from their families and parents. After receiving great feedback from the Principal and School Management on our engagements the previous year, we were happy to provide our Support and Service to the School in 2019. Our initial objective was to breach the gap between Parents, Teachers, and Students. It grew way beyond that - connecting Students to School Culture, Parents getting involved in their Children’s development, and Teachers understanding more of Students, outside their academic commitments. Our After School Club Program - divided into three groups from Wednesday to Friday - had been emotional and educational, bringing the students to a level where they connected and related into each others stories during sessions - understanding that struggles are not just felt by one but by all. I am grateful to Change Agent Bradly Hess for pioneering this project. He had an amazing way to let others experience and feel the journey he had walked and the lessons he had learnt. A special bond was created with students, the school management and teachers as well as with our sponsor. It has been a wonderful experience to work alongside him, especially as I had been doing my TRI studies with him in Malmesbury Correctional Centre between 2016-2018. I was starting to find my feet in the project - responsible for Exposure Sessions and the admin of the project. After six months I was given the opportunity to take the lead when Bradly departed for his personal entrepreneurial growth journey. It was time for me to draw on my TRI Toolkit and let the Leader & Coach in me step up. The greatest part was that the students were already familiar with my presence. The project has helped me grow in confidence. Together with Change Agent Franklin Esau we are now embarking on our 2nd year of the Ravensmead School Project. SmilingOne, Ravensmead High School and the KIRSH Family Foundation shares a common vision to develop the Students, equipping them with a leadership toolkit to champion their change, navigate life and learning, and pave a pathway towards a successful career. Recently we gave a speech at a memorial service at the school. The big round of applause from the students and teachers affirmed that we had reached the hearts of the entire school community. ZERO DROP-OUT CAMPAIGN
  22. 22. ARMY OF SUPPORT | OUR SPONSORS KIRSHFAMILY FOUNDATION We are deeply humbled by the trust our Sponsors have shown in us and our vision. It is a gesture we really want to live up to and show ourselves worthy of through consistent delivery into our projects and by showcasing progress. “In Africa we have a concept known as UBUNTU, based upon the recognition that we are only people because of other people” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ENGELHORN | MORTENSEN | RUC | VARIOUS
  23. 23. Having been invited to Karina’s world and the Smiling One Foundation’s AGM 2019, I found myself being profoundly moved by everyones testaments. To witness the personal growth within each Change Agent and how that was being relayed over to the young people was inspirational. Listening to the level of deprivation and extreme challenges faced by the Change Agents - as well as the young people - and observing the depth of courage it took for each and every one of them to show up in their own lives despite their circumstances and internal conflict was to me extremely humbling, profoundly moving and infinitely inspirational. It left me with an unusual sense of hope. It bore testament to the fact that you really are not what has happened to you…but let's not underestimate the amount of work, effort, commitment, courage and support this involves. I was truly inspired by the length, depth and breadth of the SOF model and the sense of continuity in the requirement to contribute back to society giving meaning and purpose to people’s lives. Teaching and leading from a place that one knows and understands. I realise how this essential mirroring is of profound and unique relevance and I see this as a crucial aspect to SOF’s set of principles. I also deeply appreciate how this extends to the South African cultural heritage of ‘I am because we are' (Ubuntu). I am sure that holds a deep cultural resonance for each and every one of us. I have participated in the personal development world my whole life and we introduced anger management to the UK of which we still continue to run courses. Certainly we have run programmes within prisons and some of our facilitators continue to do so. Whilst we have worked with many corporations, government bodies and boroughs our main focus and passion has always been and remains the general public. It is rare for me to feel so affected by something and I think it is because SOF works with young people that left an impression. It felt like the earlier the intervention the bigger the impact on an individual’s life. Indeed, I wished I had such an opportunity when I was growing up. So, in this way, I felt moved to offer support to such a cause and the Trusteeship seemed a good way to be a steward of the work whilst I traverse two countries. I hope I can offer insight, objectivity, creativity or even just a good sounding board for the other board members to explore the varying aspects of running a foundation and I am sure things will reveal themselves as we go along where other skills can be used too. I thank Karina Andersen and Franklin Esau for the invitation and for accepting me as a Trustee for Smiling One Foundation and I look very forward to our journey together for what I hope will be a positive contribution to you all and consequently, the world. This is a privileged position to be in so I am so grateful to you all for accepting me into the Smiling One Foundation. Exciting days ahead! INTRODUCING MANUELA VIANA | BOARD OF TRUSTEES
  24. 24. GOVERNANCE | BOARD OF TRUSTEES AS A BOARD we are accountable for our standard of governance and therefore highly committed to ensure that we deliver what we promise. It begins with how we live our SmilingOne Dream, walking the talk and fuelling these values into building a strong and sustainable organisation. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT POLICY - the SmilingOne Foundations financial management is done in terms of the South African Auditing Standards and audited financial statements are available. Our external auditor HG Page (Company Practice No 964700) provide oversight and monitoring. QUALITY MANAGEMENT is integrated into the SmilingOne Foundations management system. Project monitoring and evaluation is part of our total Quality Management Policy. OUR CHANGE AGENT COMMITTEE is tasked with monitoring of all our COC projects. Each project undergoes monthly quality assurance through comprehensive COC feedback reports from the project as well an evaluation by the Chair of the Committee. FRANLIN ESAU RIDWAAN ADAMS KARINA ADERSEN FRANKLIN ESAU SmilingOne Change Agent Responsibility Coach Chair Person of The SmilingOne Change Agent Committee KARINA ANDERSEN SmilingOne Founder, COC Educator & Trainer, Author & Founder of  The Responsible Individual™ (TRI)   & Circles of Change™ (COC) MANUELA VIANA Co-Founder of The British Association of Anger Management - UK Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner CHANGE ON OUR BOARD: We are excited to welcome Manuela Viana who is replacing Ridwaan Adams. We say thank you to a treasured friend of our SmilingOne Foundation, we appreciate your wonderful contribution to our board these past years. It has been a truly enriching experience. We wish you all the best as you embark on your next chapter.
  25. 25. RAISED FUNDS: 509,650.00 
 2: THE DG MURRAY TRUST R110 500.00
 (2nd instalment of the R245 500 sponsorship)
 3: J. ENGELHORN R 50 000.00 SPONSORSHIPS R5,000 ABOVE 3: A. MORTENSEN R 42 000.00 4: VARIOUS CHANGE AGENTS R 83,150.00 6: RUC R 6,600.00 7: HG Page Auditing Discount VARIOUS OTHER DONATIONS R17,400.00 + VOLUNTARY ACTIVITIES BY OUR FOUNDER/TRAINER + VOLUNTARY ACTIVITIES BY OUR CHANGE AGENTS. EACH CHANGE AGENT ALSO MAKES A MONTHLY DONATION INTO A BUFFER ACCOUNT TO HELP BRIDGE ANY FUNDING GAPS (TO PROTECT INCOME OF CHANGE AGENTS). GOVERNANCE | FINANCIAL REPORT 10% 4% 44% 37% 5% Prison (educating Change Agents) Change Agent Activation SA Schools DGMT Chnage Agent Activation SA Schools KIRSH Change Agent Activations (other) Operational Raised in 2019/20: R509,650.00 Expenditure 2019/20: R457,322,25 Audited Financial Statements 
 available upon request! EXPENDITURE WHEEL The SmilingOne Foundation is a Trust and registered as a non-profit organisation established for the objective of carrying out the SmilingOne Circles of Change™ (COC) initiative for the benefit of South African high risk communities. The Foundation has since 2008 been echoing its impact throughout South Africa.
  26. 26. GOVERNANCE | FINANCIAL REPORT It has been an incredible year of progress and ‘showcasing’ what happens when we invest in THE CHANGE AGENT. Magic takes place! This is exactly what our report is about - the dividends of the investment being expressed tenfold in the many lives touched in the process - the awakening to so much more. The ripple continues. A life impacted will influence many more lives positively! And so it goes on…. Given the environment we find ourselves in - ridden with crime - and then adding the background of the potential Change Agent - a life of crime - it has not been the easiest ‘case’ to prove. It is however a case that is worthy of being given more substance to in light of the huge impact it has on our youth! In the early days of educating the first Change Agents we were still collecting the data - ‘producing the evidence’. We found these raw diamonds inside prison, they were gradually being polished through our Circles of Change™ Educational Engine and deployed into projects within their high risk communities. This year has been our 12th year of assisting in the unlocking of potential - polishing diamonds - each one of them has had an incredible funding of a Twin School Project based in Cape Town. One of our Change Agents joined in the conversation and shared his inspiring story - the diamond within him revealed. Thank you KIRSH for trusting in our Change Agent approach and partnering with us on this important quest of providing enabling platforms for our youth in high-risk areas so they can develop and strengthen their leadership toolkits and champion both their own change and inspire change within their communities. Diamonds are everywhere ! We humbly give thanks to J. Engelhorn, A. Mortensen and all who have contributed generously towards our sustainability. We cannot do this without you. Sustainability & Partnerships continue to be a key focus for us. It is what allows us to continue our groundbreaking Change Agent work in South African high-risk communities - breaking through the extremely debilitating victim mentality - cultivating mindsets where ‘Challenge as Growth Opportunity’ is a guiding principle. “I am NOT what happens to me! I CAN Champion my Change & Activate the Leader within.” In Gratitude, Karina contribution to make. This unique quality was an important factor when the DG Murray Trust team chose to sponsor us the 2nd time around - this time supporting our School Project in Cradock in the Eastern Cape. DGMT fully bought into THE CHANGE AGENT as a relatable adult, tasked to guide youth-at-risk towards championing their change in a ZERO Drop-Out Campaign. It has been an incredible learning curve to partner once again with a funder that challenges us in wonderful ways, to think so much broader and bigger. Thank you Shakira and DGMT for your great support and guidance throughout 2019. Quality was already a big obsession of ours - however our conversations stretched us even further to fine- tune our strategy in regards to project implementation and the qualitative data we were collecting and showcasing in our reports (aligned to the 5 key objectives). Partnering on a project with DGMT opened the door for other funding possibilities. An important area of improvement for us as a Foundation was to diversify our funding portfolio - this remains a strong focus. In early 2019 we met with the KIRSH Family Foundation to explore the opportunity for
  27. 27. #CrimePrevention SPONSOR A CHANGE AGENT IMPACTTHE FUTURE OF OUR YOUTH #CrimePrevention
  28. 28. WE WELCOME YOUR SUPPORT | CALL TO ACTION THE SMILING ONE FOUNDATION NPO: Registration 080-470 PBO: 930034417 Postal address: Contact us: PO BOX 31153 Karina: Tokai, 7966 Trust account: Donor Tax Deduction:
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