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Nerea's family


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Published in: Education
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Nerea's family

  2. 2. ME My name is nerea I am 11 years old I live in foios I haven't got any brothers or sisters) My favorite colour is red My favorite subject is maths I can ride but i can't fly I have long brown hair , I have brown eyes
  3. 3. MY MOTHER She is my mother Her name is Veronica She has got green eyes and brown hair She can drive a car but she can't play de piano
  4. 4. GRANDMOTHER She is my grandmother Her name is Luisa She has got brown eyes and brown hair She can ride a bike but she can't play de piano She is beatiful She likes watching tv series She works in valencia
  5. 5. MY FATHER He is my father Hia name is  Casimiro He has got brown  eyes  and brown  hair  He can drive but  he can't play the  violin
  6. 6. GRANDFATHER He is my grandfather His name is Benito He has got blue eyes and brown hair He can run but he can't play thee guitar He works in Albalat dels sorells -valencia
  7. 7. THE END