Starter 5 th B


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Starter 5 th B

  1. 1. My name is Celia, I’m 10 years old. I’m medium height, my eyes are brown and I’ve got curly brown hair I’m from Spain, I live in Ciudad Real, in Ronda de Alarcos street My birthday is on the 27th of Febraury
  2. 2. I’ve got a sister her name is Sofia, She is 13 years old She’s tall and she has got red hair, Her birthday is on 12th of September This is my mum, her name is Feli, She is 44 years old, she is medium height and her hair is brown. Her birthday is on 8th of January This is my dad, her name is Toño, He is 44 years old, he is medium height and his hair is brown. His birthday is on 27th of March
  3. 3. I like reading I don’t like cauliflower My favourite colour is blue I love drawing I do gymnastics I can play the tuba My best friend is Emma, she is 10 years old.
  4. 4. She’s medium height and her hair is brown. Her birthday is on 15 th of January She likes playing the tuba Project by: Celia Martinez Villanueva 5º B ABOUT ME
  5. 5. My name is Emma . I´m from Spain, I live in Ciudad Real. I go to gymnastics lessons ... and I go to a music school. I play the tuba
  6. 6. I´m tall . I am wearing a purple dress and black shoes . My birthday is in January. I’m ten years old. I´ve got one sister. My sister’s name is Sol. She is four years old
  7. 7. My dad is Manuel, he´s forty-five years old and he is an artist My mum is Paqui, she´s forty-two years old and she is a nurse. My best friend is Celia, she´s tall and she plays the tuba with me
  8. 8. I like music, nature, animals, I like pasta, I like going to the cinema... I don’t like salad, I don’t like Mondays... By Emma Plaza Acosta 5th B
  9. 9. ABOUT ME I’m Fernando. I’m ten years old. I live in Ciudad Real, I am from Spain. I have a brother, his name is Alfonso, and I have a sister, her name is Teresa. My school’s name is C.P.Ferroviario. I’m tall. I’ve got blond, short and straight hair. I like sports. I play football with my friends, and I play handball in Pio XII club. I study piano at the music school. In the afternoons, I go to the Parque Gasset with my friends. Sometimes I ride a bike with my father and brother at the weekends
  10. 10. About me My name is Javier Pardo I’m from Spain I live in Ciudad Real I’m tall. I’ve got short, dark, straight, hair. I’ve got a big mouth, a small nose, big black eyes, small ears and big feet. My birthday is on 25th September. I’m 10 I’ve got one brother. My brother’s name is Adrian I like pizza. I don’t like fish My favourite colour is red I love football and handball
  11. 11. I am Jonás Pérez Martín I´m from León (Spain) I live at 26 Alarcos street -I´m tall, I´ve got short straight blond hair. -My birthday is on nineth of May, I´m ten years old. -I´ve got one sister and one brother, my sister´s name is Carmen and my brother’s name is Luis. -I like pasta and burgers, I don´t like handball or salad, my favourite football player is Lionel Messi, I love playing football.
  12. 12. My name is Mar and I am from Spain. I live at 57 Saturno Street. I´ m tall , I’ve got brown hair, and brown eyes My birthday is on 11th June, I am 10 years old. My school is Ferroviario, and my father is a teacher there. My mother is a teacher too, she teaches in Bolaños. I like drawing but I don’t like salad
  13. 13. ABOUT ME. Hello, my name is Rodrigo and my surname is Astilleros Sánchez. I am ten years old. I was born in Ciudad Real. My father’s name is Ricardo and my mother’s name is Monica. I have got a brother. His name is Gonzalo. I live in Ciudad Real. My address is Tablas de Daimiel Street. I like playing handball. I’m tall. I have got blue eyes and short blonde hair. I like pizza and soup but I don’t like vegetables. I love dinosaurs and going to the cinema.
  14. 14. ABOUT ME My name is Tomas I am 10 years old I am from Spain I live at 67 E Carretera de Fuensanta Street I am tall I´ ve got a big bedroom, one truckle bed, a lot of books My birthday is in July I´ ve got a naughty brother I like football, tennis... I love my phone, my fish, my hamster, football matches ... My mum is excellent, fantastic, beautiful, My dad plays football he´s big, he has got long hair and green eyes...