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Marina's family


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Published in: Education
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Marina's family

  2. 2. ME My name is Marina . I am 11 years old . I live in Albalat dels Sorells . I haven't got any brothers or sisters . My favourite colour is purple . My favourite subject is art . I can sing but I can't ride a horse . I have long brown hair and brown eyes . In this picture i'm wearing a dress I think I am pretty and funny .
  3. 3. MY MOTHER She is my mother . Her name is Mihaela . She has got brown eyes and long brown hair . She can cook but she can't ride a horse . In this picture she is wearing a blue thirt, blue jeans and black and wite shoes . Her hoby is cooking . She works in Valencia .
  4. 4. MY FATHER He is mi father . His name is Veselin . He has got brown eyes and short brown hair . He can ride a bike and cook , but he can't ride a horse . In this picture he is wearing a white t-shirt and blue and white socks . His hobby is riding a bike . He works in Valencia .
  5. 5. MY COUSIN He is my cousin . His name is Plamen . He has got brown eyes , brown short hair . He can play football but , he can't play basketball . In this picture he is wearing a pink shirt , blue jeans and red and white shoes . His hoby is playing football .
  6. 6. MY DOG He is my dog . His name is Toby . He has got green eyes and long brown hair . He can swim but he can't walk on two legs .
  7. 7. THE END . I LOVE MY FAMILy .