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10 Books All Content Marketers Should Read


Published on - If you are in content marketing, then you MUST READ these 10 books to gain a better understanding of your career as a content marketer, communicator, thought leader, and copy writer extraordinaire.

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10 Books All Content Marketers Should Read

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  2. Check out the best reads to improve your content >>> Whether you’re just starting out in content marketing or you're a veteran looking for a few new tricks, add these titles to your bookshelf for a shot of inspiration.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  3. Epic Content Marketing Joe Pulizzi 1. The head of the Content Marketing Institute explains why good content is essential for attracting customers, and takes readers through the process of curating and creating effective content.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  4. The New Rules of Marketing & PR David Meerman Scott 2. This book is chock-full of advice for developing your brand’s reputation and authority online, including platform-specific tips for social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  5. Social Media Explained Mark Schaefer 3. Discover the psychology and sociology behind social media and formulate the best strategy for your company. Each chapter has a series of questions to help you create your own social media plan.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  6. Optimize Lee Odden 4. Pick up Lee Odden’s book for his top tips on combining SEO, social media, and content marketing to improve your results, measure your success, and demonstrate the business value of all your efforts.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  7. Jab, Jab, Right Hook Gary Vaynerchuk 5. High-quality content isn’t enough when it comes to attracting customers — it needs to be placed in the right context in order to convert. Learn how to present your content in a way that will nurture leads and win new business.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  8. The Fortune Cookie Principle Bernadette Jiwa 6. Brand strategist and award-winning blogger Bernadette Jiwa teaches you how to tell your brand’s story and establish powerful emotional connections with your target customers.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  9. Blah Blah Blah Dan Roam 7. What do you do when words just aren’t enough? Explaining complex concepts, making ideas memorable, and grabbing your audience’s attention sometimes needs the perfect visual. Learn how to liven up your content with visual media.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  10. The Power of Visual Storytelling Ekaterina Walter & Jessica Gioglio 8. Visual content is becoming increasingly important for capturing and keeping your customers’ attention. Discover the best strategies to guide your marketing videos, infographics, presentations, and other visual media.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  11. Everybody Writes Ann Handley 9. Bestselling author Ann Handley offers best practices, tips for reluctant writers, and a “Things Marketers Write” section with specific guidance for 17 kinds of content marketers often create.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  12. How to Write Short Roy Peter Clark 10. In the age of Tweets, Snaps, and status updates, marketers must be convincing and concise. This guide will teach you how to write compelling headlines, Tweets, blog posts, and more, so you can pack more punch with fewer words.    Where  Work  Gets  Done.  
  13. That’s not all! Discover more must-read books for content marketers on the Wrike blog: Click here
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