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Rosie Clarke - Answer me this!


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MCG’s Museums+Tech 2016 presentation
Morning session #3
Rosie discusses experiments from the Museums at Night event by Culture24

Published in: Technology
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Rosie Clarke - Answer me this!

  1. 1. Answer me this! Museums at Night questions & experiments Rosie Clarke, Culture24
  2. 2. We bring arts and heritage organisations together to do amazing things they couldn’t do on their own. A small and dynamic team of writers, thinkers, producers and publishers who love arts and culture, understand digital and believe that cultural organisations have a vital place in a better world.
  3. 3. Museums at Night The twice-yearly UK festival of after hours events in museums & galleries
  4. 4. Our challenges • Improve how we provide information to our network and the public • Save money • Generate income to support the festival • Use our time more productively
  5. 5. Streamlining our email newsletters - plus a handy tip
  6. 6. Multiple mailing lists • Mailchimp charges monthly based on total subscriber count • Lots of careful data work • One integrated list combining sector and public email addresses • Segmentation by interests and behaviour
  7. 7. Newsletter signup forms • One set of signup form questions • Following best practice: people add themselves, receive a double-opt-in email
  8. 8. Re-engagement campaign Toprojectsubscribers
  9. 9. Re-engagement campaign Tosector subscribers
  10. 10. Re-engagement campaign Buttons instead of text
  11. 11. Re-engagement campaign Last chance!
  12. 12. Simplifying data capture • Competitions and giveaways using online form-builder
  13. 13. Wufoo-Mailchimp integration
  14. 14. Results so far • Smaller list with fewer people on it • More engaged: open and click rates up • Less time spent adding people to mailing lists • Continuing to research and analyse
  15. 15. Generating income online
  16. 16. Lessons from our first crowdfunder • Who might fund it? • Pick the right platform, where your audience already is • Articulate the NEED: core proposition should be easy to understand • Must be relevant to them • Very time-consuming
  17. 17. Museums at Night crowdfunder • Keen to tell a story, give people the chance to donate in order to make a difference • Suggested specific sum • In your area • Result: more events
  18. 18. Window of opportunity • Motivated Connect! voters • Set up organisation page and fundraiser on JustGiving
  19. 19. Integrating the Donate link • Connect! voting widget • Museums at Night website • Email newsletters • Email signatures
  20. 20. Successes • Appealed to sense of community • Over £300 from individual donors • Museums at Night People’s Fund: invited museums to apply for £100 bursaries to support creative event programming – Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh – the Infirmary, Worcester – Geffrye Museum, London
  21. 21. Challenges • Not easy tracking donations • Only get donor contact details if they supply: most are anonymous, so can’t build relationships • JustGiving monthly fee • A few people gave more than £3 – now we nudge higher
  22. 22. Tiered giving
  23. 23. Live chat
  24. 24. Our challenge Could we simplify our response to enquiries down to a single interaction?
  25. 25. International prospective visitors
  26. 26. Connecting schools with local museums
  27. 27. Reassuring new visitors • If doors open at 6pm can I turn up later? • This event says Sold Out, how can I join a waiting list? • Is this venue accessible for someone partially sighted? • Can you recommend something in the East Midlands – the more unusual the better? “The T-Rex rampage is one you'll always remember!”
  28. 28. Dealing with technical issues • Do you have any examples of previous events? • Difficulty with simple event searches: “I can’t see any events in the South East” • Where do I click to vote in your competition? • This is asking me to prove I’m not a robot? • “Why isn't the map on your first page clickable and scaleable? It's no use at all. It might be better to remove the map, rather than confuse people.”
  29. 29. Challenges – you’ve got to be online!
  30. 30. Benefits of live chat • Saves visitors time • Saves us time • Free • Improves conversion rates • Builds relationships “I was just wondering if you have posters I could print about Museums at Night to hang in my workplace. Not running an event, just want to inform staff about you guys on our noticeboard.”
  31. 31. Three experiments: what next? • Continue to develop our email newsletters • Fundraising: planning a new physical reward donors can own • Live chat is on now at • Social media Thunderclap announcing Museums at Night festival launch
  32. 32. Thursday 27 – Saturday 29 October
  33. 33. Thanks very much! @rosieclarke