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China E-Commerce & Social Media Customer Behavior Overview


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China E-Commerce & Social Media Customer Behavior Overview

  1. 1. China e-commerce andSocial MediaCustomer behaviorOverview
  2. 2. China is set to become the world’s next e- commerce superpower to become the largest online commerce market in the world:> estimated market size of $300 billion.> By 2015 reaching 44 percent of population> shoppers in China will grow to 329 million.
  3. 3. Much younger, on average, than their Westerncounterparts — have different expectations,preferences and patterns of behavior.
  4. 4. Chinese consumers are still price-sensitive and havepoor loyalty towards brands
  5. 5. High-spending consumers are looking for must-have seasonal items that aren’tavailable elsewhere, a growing demand for niche labels
  6. 6. Consumers in China have a lowerbaseline knowledge of fashion productsand are ravenous for informationan opportunity for retailers to engagethem more frequently with content andadvice
  7. 7. BUT
  8. 8. Chinese shoppers trust information andrecommendations from their peers onblogs, social networks and user reviewsites far more than official brandcommunications
  9. 9. Chinese consumers will become loyal toan e-commerce company because ofhigh quality service
  10. 10. Social Media as a Customer Care and influence platformCustomer InsightBrand Awareness Integrated Interactionconversation is the key to good performances
  11. 11. Digital Consumption
  12. 12. Sina Weibo is the right place where to structure the brand communication with high possibilities of success in terms of engagement.More than 300 million users
  13. 13. Sina Weibo is already part of Chinese pop- culture thanks to celebrities presence
  14. 14. Digital Influence
  15. 15. Conversation is the key to good performances on Sina Weibomore than 130,000 brands are active on Sina Weibo
  16. 16. As on Facebook using Sina Weibo luxurybrand can educate customers to the brandvalueE.g. make-up advice, influence about haute couture products, sharingcatwalk, events and backstage photos, brand content, sweepstakes
  17. 17. Reward VIP customers or fun to create a real engagement
  18. 18. Lancome share interesting tips aboutmake-up and personal style, and educate consumers on how to choose and use products to get the perfect look
  19. 19. Louis Vuitton chose to focus on high- standards, sharing high-quality videos,pictures and previews of their classy events. Integrating Weibo with the Youku video platform
  20. 20. The fashion magazineELLE China frequently involves the community on the social network inchoosing which star orwhich model to put inthe cover for the next issue.
  21. 21. Burberry ask questions and organize polls related to the brand and to consumers’ lifestyle, and – most important thing – they listen to their online communities, often re-sharing contents that their follower post
  22. 22. “It’s all about involving them every single day” Jeff Yurcisin, manager at
  23. 23. THANKSMy Blog: www.womarketing.comTwitter: @womarketingTo learn more about Sina Weibo: Sources: /