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Youth's Role in Social Media and E-Commerce Growth


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A presentation given by Janette Toral encouraging the youth to form their start-ups serving the needs of their market last January 25 at Lingayen Pangasinan for the Creative Alliance Services ICT Seminar Series 2012.

Youth's Role in Social Media and E-Commerce Growth

  1. 1. Youth’s  Poten,al  Role  in    Social  Media  and  E-­‐Commerce   Growth   Jane=e  Toral   h=p://  
  2. 2. Despite  this  stability,  overall  engagement  is  on  the  rise.  Social  networking  now  dominates…   Select  Monthly  Online  Ac/vi/es  (%)     2009   2010   2011   Visi,ng  Social  Networking  sites     51*   53   82   Search       58   76   80   Instant  messaging     63   68   69   Internet  Portal     54   73   67   Visi,ng  public  chat  rooms   54   67   65   Email     63   65   64   Played  games  online     53   45   54   Listen  to  songs  in  music  websites   -­‐   -­‐   45   Downloaded  or  uploaded  music  files  online     25   37   37   Shared/posted  something  online  that  you  created   15   24   36   Ac,vi,es  showing  significant  increase  at  95%  confidence  levels  between  2009  and  2011   *  Note.  The  2009  figure  for  social  networking  includes  community  groups  /forums   Base:  Past  month  Internet  users  aged  10+  across  Na,onal  Urban  Philippines   Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2010,  2011  
  3. 3. The  backdrop  to  e-­‐commerce  in  Philippines   Tradi/onal   Presence  of   High  reliance  on   IT  and  Banking   counterfeits  and   inter-­‐personal   infrastructure   trade  legacy   knock-­‐offs   rela/onships   “evolving”   Lack  of   ‘accredita,on  and   Buyers  need   Buyers  feel   Low  levels  of   guarantees…by   to  ensure   the  comfort,   confidence/ default  modern   trade  actually   quality  by   dealing  with   trust  in   encourages   physical   known   transac,ng   des,na,on   inspec,on   vendors   online   shopping   There  is  an  inherent   reluctance  to  “trade”   through  the  Internet  Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2011  
  4. 4. Online  transac/ng  remains  in  it’s  infancy   Online  Transac/ons  (%)   3 1 2010 2011 Ques,on:  Have  you  purchased  products  online  in  the  past  12  months…  payment  could  be  online  or  offline?   Base: Past month Internet users aged 10+ across National Urban Philippines Source: Yahoo!-Nielsen Net Index 2011
  5. 5. Payments  largely  made  offline,  given  current  trust  and   comfort  levels  with  e-­‐payment   Payment    methods  (%)   Cash  (face  to  face)   53 Credit  card   36 Transfer  via  ATM/Bank   10 Internet  Banking   9 Deposited  cash  at  bank  branch   4 Online  accounts  such  as  Paypal   1 Cheque   1 Debit  card   1Source:  Yahoo!-­‐Nielsen  Net  Index  2011  
  6. 6. E-­‐Commerce  is  Growing  Source:  h=p://  
  7. 7. A  lot  of  sites  s,ll  don’t  sell  well…  
  8. 8. E-­‐Commerce  for  Youth  Market  by   the  Youth  Market!  
  9. 9. Help  me  belong…  Help  me  be  significant…   Source:  h=p://  
  10. 10. Home,  Hangout,  Hideout  Study  the  market  where  they  are.   Source:  h=p://  
  11. 11.
  12. 12. h=p:/mul,  
  13. 13. h=p://  
  14. 14. The  10%  (fans)  that  influences  the  90%   (mass  market)  •  Teenage  Pirates  •  Cashless  Innovators  •  Disrup,ve  Diva  •  Discover  the  social  currency  in  a  product   Source:  h=p://  
  15. 15. Disrup,ve  Diva  •  Social  tools  (product,  story,  usage  behaviors)   to  reclaim:   –  Social  space   –  Social  arrival   Source:  h=p://  
  16. 16. A=en,on  is  earned  –  not  bought  •  Build  your  fans  a  home,  community,  project  or   cause.   –  House  the  dialogue,  allow  them  to  create  own   context.   –  Connect  them  with  each  other  and  step  back.   Source:  h=p://  
  17. 17. Brand  vs.  fan  ambassador  •  No  more  big  ideas.  •  Ideas  from  ground-­‐ up.   Yahoo  Purple  Hunt  2009  
  18. 18. Lose  users  •  Isola,on  •  Risk  •  Loss  of  control  •  Youth  wants  many-­‐to-­‐many   rather  than  one-­‐on-­‐one.   Source:  h=p://  
  19. 19. Cashless  Innovators  •  Niche  groups  with  a  knowledge   barrier  to  entry.   –  SMS   –  Facebook   –  MP3   Source:  h=p://  
  20. 20. Co-­‐Crea,on  •  Youth  as  partners  rather  than  des,na,on.  •  Involve  youth  in  product  development  and   marke,ng  process.  •  Without  context,  content  has  no  meaning   –  “Where  am  I  in  this  story?”  •  We  don’t  buy  stuff.  We  buy  what  stuff  does  for   us.   Source:  h=p://  
  21. 21. We  buy  with   emo,on  and   jus,fy  with   logic  Source:  h=p://  
  22. 22. TV   PRINT   POS   CRM   digital   digital   digital   digital   social   social   social   social   game   game   game   game   mobile   mobile   mobile   mobile   Be  Useful  Changes  the  rules  of  engagement.  
  23. 23. We  need  more     e-­‐commerce  start-­‐ups..     Join  the    DigitalFilipino  Startup  100  Project!   Apply  now!   h=p://