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Chat is a digital agency that specializes in developing social media solutions for top-tier brands. Chat helps clients become part of the conversation; befriend their customers and enhance their social experience and connections.

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Chat Social Media Solutions

  1. 1. Social Marketing Solutions for a Social World
  2. 3. The Web has become social.
  3. 4. 58% of the global population is part of a social network 500 Million users: 250MM are on Facebook and MySpace
  4. 6. Social media is transforming how consumers communicate
  5. 8. Even Baby Boomers are going social
  6. 9. Women are more active on social media
  7. 10. Social Networking is about connecting; about sharing experiences and expressing our identity.
  8. 11. Social Networking is about communicating in multiple mediums and formats.
  9. 12. … about discovering and sharing cool content with friends 300,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube and the web every day Social Networking is YouTube is the 4th most visited site in the U.S. [Alexa]
  10. 13. Social Networking is … about being part of multiple networks and interest groups Myspace is the 3rd most visited site in the U.S. [Alexa]
  11. 14. Social Networking is … about getting immediate tweets from those who matter
  12. 15. Social Networking is … about having multimedia conversations and expressing who we are Facebook is the world’s largest social media network [Alexa] 65% of visitors are “addicts” returning daily [Quantcast]
  13. 17. How can Brands become part of their customers’ social experience?
  14. 18. How can Brands become part of their customers’ social experience? Social Advertising Groups & Pages Branded Applications
  15. 19. Effective social advertising links consumers with interesting brand stories reflective of their social passports
  16. 20. Brands can convey messages to opt-in enthusiasts through micro pages that enable a new branded social identity mark
  17. 22. Social Applications offer a scalable brand platform that allow users to experience the brand and share the experience with their social friends.
  18. 23. Chat’s Branded Enhance consumers’ social connections by providing rich brand contexts.
  19. 24. Chat’s Branded Provide social value Connect users with friends Outlet for self-expression Entertain & engage Viral networking utilities Collect social intelligence Embody the brand’s message
  20. 25. Social Application Projects
  21. 36. Users earn points for using the App : + 20: Adding the application + 10: Recommending the App to a friend + 10: Creating an event + 10: Setting daily meals + 10: Achieving a challenge + 5: Creating a new challenge + 5: Updating their weight + 5: Accepting an exercise evite + 5: Sending a Steps gift Reward & capture users for Brand engagement
  22. 37. Opportunity to Partner with leading health brands
  23. 41. Will your brand become a leader in the social revolution?
  24. 42. Social Marketing Solutions for a Social World